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i got some predictions!! woo!!!! ok here we go:

ozzie and eddie start out the episode by just having a freaking shouting match, complaining about how much they hate each other and how they wish the other one was dead probably. maybe we get an accidental admittance of like “i never wanted you to die but youve hurt me too much now and its unforgivable” bc you gotta love those spur of the moment ‘didnt mean to say that’ moments. 

so eventually after a whole bunch of shouting and pouting they finally decide to tolerate each other at the very least, since it seems like theyre in this for the long haul. they finally come to the decision that they cant get out on their own and grudgingly agree to work together to escape

eddie decides to do what he does best: be annoying. he gets the attention of the guards somehow, leading to figure A of him laughing here:

seems like hes hammin it up again, bein all dramatic as he’s so wont to do. 

but so…

im thinking, maybe he and ozzie are faking my wonderful penguins death? i mean, the guards can probably find out pretty easily that they want to freaking murder each other; it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch for them to believe that eddie somehow killed oz when theyre 3 feet apart. 

and that leads to figure B:

one mr oswald cobblepot laying on the ground looking schemey or… something.

theory: ed pretends to kill oswald, gets the guards attention through being his awful over the top wonderful riddler self, and somehow manipulates them into opening the cage to check on ozzie - at which point our favorite bird probably rips their throat out or something.

so at this point ozzie’s free but you know who’s not? eddie boy of course. which means oz has to agree to let him out of his cage (and hes been doin just fine), because theyre definitely both out and about together later in the episode. so ed probably has to convince oz to open the door please. maybe he finally starts being nice to him again and promises not to try to kill him anymore. maybe theres a temporary cease fire, so they can both get out alive then kill each other on their own terms.

anyway, ozzie lets ed out and they go on a lowkey super sneaky rampage around the court of owls compound, killing whoever they find on the way (which will of course be tons of fun for the whole family). this might be where figure C comes in, but also who really knows:

then they probably get discovered and surrounded at this point, leading to….

figure D:

theyre obviously angry here, and definitely shouting at someone. whom, you might ask? no clue. my prediction is that the court finally realizes these two idiots are loose and they end up getting surrounded, leading to ozzie ranting to the entirety of the court of owls in great detail about just how hes going to make them pay. theyre probably in some amount of trouble, considering mister green flamingo man even looks pretty somber. ((note: where even is this. are they even on court territory anymore))

so how do they get out of this?? enter deus ex machina: fish mooney.

ok ok thats unlikely (but it’s my one wish that the queen returns to save both of their sorry behinds). either way, someone else probably shows up to save them (maybe ivy, maybe ozzies whole mini army, maybe jimbo and co. who knows. 

anyway, they most likely escape somehow and so begins the plot of literally every single character in gotham vs the court of owls.

also anyway, im probably completely wrong! but this is my best guess as of right now so i guess we’ll see next monday 🐧❔

Destiny Week Day 1: Ghosts

i want to see my little boy (here he comes).sai

I like the idea that ghosts are private things. They’re part of your soul? spirit? light? I mean they’re with your 24/7, live in your metaphysical backpack and bring you back to life on a regular basis so I imagine guardians are fairly protective of them. If a someone trusts you enough to let them touch their ghost, that’s a pretty big dang deal. 

Huge thanks to @destinyweek for these prompts!

People Grow Apart

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader 

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Word count: 1,199

(A/N: I’m thinking about doing a part two but I'm not 100% sure yet)

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“12?” Jungkook asked as he stared at his math homework in complete confusion, his body sprawled out flat on his bed.

“ did you even get that answer?” you asked in complete shock as you looked at your working to compare it with his. You tapped the desk you sat at in deep thought before Jungkook spoke.

He let out a frustrated groan before closing his math textbook lazily. “let’s take a break” he said before turning over onto his back and staring at the ceiling. 

“you really don’t like math do you?” you asked as you scooted your chair closer towards the bed.

 He let out a shaky chuckle before shaking his head. “not one bit..buts its fine, I’m not gonna need it anyway” he shrugged as he sat up excitedly.

 “do you think ill make it as an idol?” he asked worriedly as he searched my face for an answer. 

“well, of course you will idiot if anyone can it’s you” you smiled as his face lit up with happiness.

 “promise you’re not lying? I swear to God Y/N if you’re just saying that cause I’m your best friend ill die” he exclaimed as his shoulder slouched in anxiety. 

“Jungkook, I swear I’m not lying! You’ll be great, I can see it now” I said nodding my head happily. 

Jungkook has always been the talented one out of the two of you so you knew he’d make it big. Even though you were extremely happy for him it didn’t help that you also had a massive crush on the dork and have had one for a while. Your face suddenly dropped at the realisation that Jungkook would have to leave to pursue his dreams.

 “what’s wrong?” Jungkook asked as concern flooded his face he scooted closer to the edge of the bed. 

“does this mean we can’t be best friends anymore?” you asked sadly as you stared at the floorboards beneath you. 

“no! of course not, who else would I be best friends with?” he asked confused as he scratched his head in confusion.

 “I mean…you’ll be so far away and probably way too busy to even talk to me” you stated as a small tear rolled down your face. He was quiet for a while until he held his pinkie in front of my face.

 You tilted your head to the side in confusion as he cleared his throat loudly. “I, promise that I will never stop being Y/Ns best friend just like she will never stop being mine” he stated loudly. 

You laughed happily before nodding your head and joining your pinkie with his. You don’t know what’s going to happen in the future but for right now, yours and Jungkook’s relationship remained strong.


“Hey Y/N didn’t you have a best friend called Jungkook?” Kasey asked you as the two of you watched the new BTS comeback. A lined smile came across your face as you nodded your head. 

“hey isn’t Jungkook from BTS from the neighbourhood?” she asked as you continued writing your English essay and she reached for more chips. You nodded your head again as she looked between you and the T.V.

“weird…” she whispered as her brain calculated the sum she had been given. Suddenly a gasp escaped her lip; she pointed to the singing boys and back to you.

 “no freaking way!” she exclaimed in disbelief as you nodded your head not looking up from your laptop.

 “Anyway, we should probably start heading out, we don’t want to keep everyone waiting” you say as you grab your jacket. 

“especially, Dara, she gets so mad when she’s hungry” Kasey said shivering from personal experiences. You laughed as you guys made your way down to the streets.

 You and Jungkook haven’t really spoken in around 3 years, it’s not like you haven’t spoken at all, there is the odd hellos and hows life, but that’s about it… Your prediction was basically correct, he was just too busy.

 “Y/N I’m going to go by that handbag really quick, just wait here I’ll be back!” she said quickly before dashing into the store, not even waiting for a reply.

 You sighed deeply as you rested your back against the store’s glass window, it wasn’t ice cold but cold enough to have you wrapping your arms around your body in hopes to warm up. As you gazed up at the night sky, you closed your eyes quietly listening to the footsteps of people around you.

“Y/N?” you heard a soft surprised voice speak. As you opened your eyes and looked for the source of the voice. A mature Jungkook stood in front of you, eyes opened and mouth slightly hung open in shock. 

You stared at him with the exact same expression he was staring at you with. “er- Jungkook hey? how’s it going? I didn’t know you were back” you asked the boy as he looked you up and down in shock.

 A small blush came onto your cheeks as he examined you after 3 years of not seeing you. 

“y-yer I’m good thanks, were just arrived like an hour ago, I was er going to text you actually…how are you?” he asked sheepishly as he looked everywhere but your eyes.

 “iI'mdoing good actually…yer almost graduation time so…” you answered not really sure what to say to him anymore. It would have been awkward if you hadn’t known each other for so long.

“what are you doing tonight? Do you maybe want to hang out?” he asked as he scratched the back of his head nervously. 

You mmed sadly as you shook your head “sorry, but ive actually got plans. What about tomorrow?” you asked back as he copied your previous action.

“we have rehearsal…are you free any other time this week?” he asked hopefully.

 Going through all the stuff you should do this week you shook your head sadly. 

“Looks like were both busy” he chuckled, remembering our conversation from ages ago. You chuckled along with him admiring that laugh you so very much loved.

 “Y/N im ready-“Kasey piped as she walked out of the store suddenly stopping as jungkook came into view. 

“Maybe next time” he whispered as you nodded your head sadly.

“You’re doing really well by the way, I knew you’d be good” you smiled at him before you and Kasey started walking towards were your other friends were waiting. 

As you glanced back you saw him staring at the two of you, he gave you a small wave goodbye and he sighed and started walking in the opposite direction. 

“why did it feel like that’s the last time you two are ever going to talk?” Kasey asked hesitantly. 

Your shoulders rose and down as you took a deep breath of air.

 “Probably because it was” you sighed as you took in the last memory you would have of your childhood best friend. 

“I guess people really do grow apart” you whispered to yourself.

 As you entered the restaurant filled with people of your present and very near future; the feelings of the boy from your past lingered in the back of your mind. 

sunlitallegory-deactivated20171  asked:

Do you know of any angel-like cryptids?

flying humanoids are somewhere in between cryptids and ufo sightings, most of which dont have wings but occasional sightings crop up of winged humanoids

mothman often gets called either a guardian angel (warning of disaster), an angel of death, or a fallen angel. it’s actually a very popular theory about mothman among people with a more religious perspective.

theres also various supposed sightings of angel-like beings in space

aside from that, there arent many cryptids with a strong resemblance to angels. a minor one is sometimes when mythology of fairies is looked into from a cryptozoology standpoint, they get connected to angels. also theres about a million theories about aliens actually being angels, or vice versa

if you want to go into more of the realm of personal opinion, the crawfordsville monster  always reminded me of the older, more terrifying depictions of angels. like with the large size, multiple wings, and a giant eye. (though it mightve been a very..wild misidentification of a flock of birds)

that’s all ive got off the top of my head, sorry it isnt much

Bring him back- peter pan imagine

You caused pans death, he needed your heart as the thing he loved the most and you rejected him for the good of storybrooke, now theres hope to bring him back. You and felix are estatic and cant wait to tell emma but emma and co dont agree to your idea.

“Emma now…please”. She shot you a confused look before nodding “ok ill be one second”. You and felix walked into her office and calmed youself, you knew you shouldnt be hopeful but how couldnt you be. You felt like this small opportunity was the greatest thing to ever exist,you felt a part of you was missing now he was gone, every morning it was a few seconds before it hit you that he was dead and those were the best seconds of your day. But now this nightmare might be over, you could bring him back. Emma came in a few minutes later followed by hook, snow and charming. “Hey y/n do you want my parents and hook here too?”. “Yeah…i don’t mind i just need to ask or tell you an idea i had” you babbled. She nodded and shut the door “okay y/n whats up”. Unsure of where to start you went to the beginning “rumples alive”. “Yeah we got that, neal gave his life for his”. You sensed the tension in the air as she said that but carried on. “We thought rumple had died, we thought he and pan both died with no hope of return but now he’s back, he returned”. They all looked at you blankly so you carried on and bit the bullet “if rumple survived then that means pan might’ve, he might still be well and alive”. Their eyes flashed briefly with fear but your tone showed you were thrilled by the idea. “Y/n i know you…cared somewhat for him but we have no way of knowing that”. You frowned disgruntled but carried on “rumples the only proof i need, if he did it pan can, i know he can, and if he did i want to help, we want to find him”. David and hook shot you warning looks at that, snow looked at you with sympathy and emma looked uncomfortable. Felix stepped closer to you and met their stares. “Y/n if he’s alive he’s dangerous…” David started. “You don’t know that, the dagger might’ve effected him, taken away his magic, all i know is he might be alive and i could see him again”. Hook shook his head as snow tried again “y/n if he’s alive who’s to say he’s not just more angry at you all, he might not be changed, if he’s trapped that might be the safest thing for us and y..”. Snow stopped when emma gave her a look. “Were you going to say its be the safest thing for me?”. She shook her head but you ignored her “pan would never hurt us, even after what i did to stop him, if anything he would understand the sacrifice i made and by rescuing him that would just prove our loyalty further, to always do whats best for him”. “Your loyalty to him? Y/n you shouldn’t be loyal to him, neither of you should, not after what he made you do” hook said. “He didn’t make me do anything, it was always my own choice” felix spoke up and you nodded “he never laid a finger on felix or me”. “I don’t think thats something you should brag about” David hissed. “Im not proud but don’t blame peter its not his fault”. Hook chucked at that and felix turned to face him “what are you laughing for pirate?”. “Just the naive girl, who was it who told you to kidnap Henry? Who was it who told you to pretend to be sick so he’d trust you? on who’s orders did you kill half my crew? it was pan, it was all him and i know you think you love him but i promise you don’t and now he’d dead i say good riddance”. The room was filled with silence and tension. Felix responded by grabbing hook by the neck, drawing his dagger. Hook flinched and struggled with his grip but felix over powered him. “Take it back, take it back now pirate” felix was shouting. You stood transfixed as charming and emma tried to disentangle hook and felix who were now both fighting. They finally got felix off hook and pushed him backwards. You caught felix and steadied him, “felix stop”. Your voice broke and they all turned to look at you. “All of you stop it”. Snow and emma looked worried and David was staring at you, his eyes wide and sad. “You can sit here and tell me that i don’t or shouldn’t love him, hey maybe your right, in years to come i probably wont dream about him every night, relive his death in my brain constantly, think of him as soon as i wake up and last thing before i fall asleep, think about him whilst trying to live normally, bite my tongue when people insult him and hold back the tears when people cast his name into a conversation as if it were dirt, hide the pain i feel every day because it was me who killed him, it was me who did it, after all he did for me, its the deed that i will regret to my grave but you all celebrate as if i didn’t loose someone i cared for, as if he wasn’t a human too”. They all watched you and felix was crying softly “y/n why didn’t you come to me? Why didn’t you tell me how bad it was for you?” he asked. “How could i felix, i cant grieve because it was in my control to let him live and i chose to kill him, its all my fault”. Felix hugged you and you saw snow also looked close to tears, emma and charming looked touched and hook looked awkward. “I know we shouldn’t look for him, after all he’s done to you, but isn’t that what heroes do, the right thing, i know he caused you all pain, but i know he’s good, i know how i felt with him and all the kids he’d saved, he’s helped you all before and i know theres some good in him, he will never be a hero but he wont always be a villain, as theres a chance he’s alive, I’m going to look for him because your right, who says i truly love him? All i know is i cant go on without him”. The room was silent for a few seconds before snow broke it “okay we’ll look for him”. Hook and charming made a noise but charming nodded when snow shot him a look. “I apologise for what i said to the two of you” hook told you “i truly am sorry your grieving and you’ve lost someone you love, i know how horrible this is, but all i can say is I’m not sure about this”. Turning to emma he asked “what do you think love”. “I say we look for him” she said simply “y/n and felix believe they can make him listen and i believe them, he loved her thats why he needed her heart, if he loves her he’s bound to listen and if not…guys you’ll help us stop him if he tries anything, yes?” Emma asked turning to you. You and felix looked at each other before nodding “yes we will” felix told her. “Well in that case lets do it”.

“We think he’s in here” emma told the two of you, “belle thinks this is the place they were sent”. You nodded and you and felix lead the way. Pan wouldn’t attack the two of you. You spotted the grate and emma passed you the potion you had to lay on the vault. You did it and immediately forest green smoke erupted from the vault. Felix grabbed you pulling you out of the way, a firm grip on your arm to keep you close. The smoke engulfed you all and you and felix huddled together as it buffeted you. You heard the others shout things and emma yelled your name but you couldn’t move, you could barely stay up. Then suddenly the wind and smoke vanished. You and felix turned to the vault and there he was. Stood on the vault facing away from you. You both gasped and grabbed onto one another again. Pan heard the noise and turned around slowly. “Peter” you whispered and he looked at you both. He stared for a few seconds before his face erupted into a smile and you flew at him. He wrapped his arms around you as you clung to him, making sure he was real, he was back. “Y/n” he whispered burying his head in you hair. You pulled back and he kissed you. Slowly and lingering making up for all the lost time. “I thought id never see you two again” pan whispered before you stepped away so he could hug felix. “Did you actually think you could get away from us?” Felix joked. “No and i never ever want to” pan replied snaking an arm around you. “So you not mad?” You asked. He shook his head “in my last few seconds it all made sense, im glad you both stuck together, i realise now i was wrong”. “Well thats a bloody relief” hook called and pans eyes darkened. He pulled you and Felix behind him as he spotted the others. “Did they follow you? Stay back, Ive only just come back, don’t attack or ill make you sorry…”. “Pan no” you shouted grabbing his arm “they’re with us they helped us rescue you”. “They did?” He asked. “Yes” felix replied “they tracked down your vault after we asked them to help”. Pan looked unsure so you slipped your hand into him and nodded “its okay”. Pan stepped forward warily and walked up to the others “Thank you for saving me”. “Its okay peter” emma replied “you know as long as you leave my son alone and dont try to take my sons again”. Pan shook his head “im sorry for that, truly, and ive got all i need” he smiled looking at you and felix “and id never give them up for all the power in Neverland, there all i need”.


if anybody asks me to explain british humour to them i’m just gonna show them this video 


I don’t know why I find this funny


7 years later and I’m still laughing at this…