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The Rebound

It was supposed to be shorter (; ̄д ̄)

(Also posted on AO3)

Draco ran his finger along the rim of his empty glass absently. The edges of his vision swam as he looked up at the bartender who raised a single perfectly groomed eyebrow at him.

“Another?” she asked.

Draco closed his eyes briefly, squeezing them until they ached, “Bring me… whatever’s next on the menu.”

“Yeah, alright,” she smirked, taking his empty glass, “What did you think about the French 75 then?”

“Nice, lovely,” Draco said absently, not entirely sure he could remember precisely what the last drink had tasted like.

“One Dark n’ Stormy, comin’ up,” she said brightly.

Draco sighed he fished a few more muggle notes from his pocket and shoved it on the other side of the bar. She had been very friendly all night not that he was surprised. There weren’t many people in the bar on a tuesday evening, much less a sad drunk wizard who was likely overpaying a great deal because he honestly couldn’t be arsed to check the numbers on his flimsy paper money.

He ignored her attempts at conversation when she returned and took the tall glass of what tasted like rum and ginger beer. Draco was prepared to stumble through something approximating a conversation when someone sat beside him, ordering a rum and coke and sending her off.

Draco blinked, his brow furrowing, the voice beside him had sounded familiar. Draco turned slowly so his head wouldn’t fall off and found the other bloke watching him curiously. The other bloke that looked remarkably, disturbingly, identical to Harry Potter.

Potter tried on a hesitant smile, “What’s a pretty thing like you doing in a place like this?”

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An Unexpected Surprise - Cody Christian Imagine

Request by Anon: Hey! May you do an imagine where Cody and (y/n) rarely fight but when they do it’s a hell of a mess and the current situation is that he and the (y/n) are having a fight, a really big one bc he accused her of cheating on him, bc maybe she’s coming home late and she’s always on the phone, but what really is happeningis that the reader is organizing a surprise birthday party to him, so when he finds out he’s really regretful for thinking she ever could do that to him and a happy and fluff ending? 

Warnings: Arguments, being accused of cheating, some curse words

Word Count: 4,056

Author’s Note: I couldn’t help myself with this prompt. I hope you like it. 

My Teen Wolf Master List

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Cody’s POV

The first sign

It’s funny how time flies by when you’re not looking at the clock, but when you do watch the clock, time seems to move slower. I drummed my fingers against the kitchen table as I slowly watched the second hand take its sweet time to move around the clock. Y/N was 29 minutes late. She’s never late and I was beginning to get worried something might have happened. If she was working late, she would have called or texted me to let me know. But tonight, she didn’t and I couldn’t help but think of the worst.

Just give her one more minute, I thought to myself as I pulled out my phone. Instead of looking at the clock on the wall, I looked at the time on the phone. Why must the last minute take the longest?

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Ain’t Nobody In The World But You

Pairing/Characters: Bucky x Plus Sized!Reader, Natasha Romanoff, Tony Stark (mentioned)

Warnings: Insecure reader, swearing, virgin!reader, unprotected sex (don’t be silly wrap your willy)

Summary: Based off of a request.

Word Count: 3130

A/N: So I used some pretty harsh words in this one, this is just what I feel when I’m having a bad day… Hopefully those words don’t trigger you. Please send warnings I’ve missed into my ask box. I also listened to ‘You & I’ by John Legend while writing the smut.

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3 Billion Dollars [Part 5] - G Dragon Mafia!AU

Originally posted by big-bang-bitches

Summary: When your father owes 3 billion dollars to the mafia, he must repay his debt. Although things don’t go exactly the way he hoped.

Genre: Maybe fluff, most likely angsty

Warnings: Death, swearing, mentions of kidnapping I think

{part 1} {part 2} {part 3} {part 4} {part 5} {part 6} {part 7} {part 8} {part 9} {part 10} {part 11} {part 12} {part 13} {part 14} {part 15} {part 16} {part 17} {part 18} {part 19} {part 20} {part 21} {part 22}

A/N: Sorry for not being able to post anything lately, we had lost power due to 60 mph winds. I hope you like it! This one is a long one. Also, update on the Playlist Scenarios; Tumblr Girls will be posted tomorrow. I don’t know if I’ll have enough time to finish it by today. Sorry again for the delay and I hope you enjoy! 

~ Admin Brooklyn


Ji Yong knew you saw those girls. He knows that you’ve seen worse, but the feeling of anger and annoyance showed up when he thought of it. He tried protecting you for so long. He didn’t know how you would handle it. He still doesn’t know how you’re currently handling it. You were really quiet in the car, which wasn’t exactly unexpected, but he did expect for you to cry way more than you did. He was worried about you. He doesn’t want you to get hurt.

He looked down at the bodies on the ground. Blood slowly dripping out of the hole in their heads. There were four of them. Two topless hookers and two idiot men. They knew that someone important was coming. Everyone knew to be on their best behavior, but nope they decided to ruin not only their name but Ji Yong’s image on you.

“Hey, it’ll be okay. Trust me.” Seunghyun said, knowing what’s bothering him. Ji Yong shrugged, thinking of your face as he killed your brother. The pure shock and pain that filled your eyes. It was hard for him, but it’s not like he hasn’t killed before. “I know. She’ll have to move on sooner or later.”

“Ji Yong, come here for a second.” Mr. Kwon said. Ji Yong nodded and walked towards his father. Mr. Kwon was talking to three guys at the time. All of which looked like they had been through the worst things you could imagine. They were covered in sweat and dirt, and one of them was bleeding. Mr. Kwon didn’t seem too happy with what they said, despite the smile he gave them. “Yes, dad?”

“Now boys, please repeat to my son what you just said to me.” The boys stood in fear, nodding their heads at uneven, fast speeds. One of the boys went to open their mouths, only to have a hand clamp their mouth shut. Someone else spoke up. “They got away sir.”

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What the Hell?

Summary: A boy with a bat meets a girl with a hockey stick and it’s love at first swing. 

Author’s Note: Surprise! I wrote like 10 pages of this and I’m not even done! So here is part one. This is mostly backstory, nothing too exciting Fun fact: Dustin’s older sister was the one who taught him to curse…

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Old Love.

- Bobby x Reader

- Angst, fluff

- An exhausted Bobby learns the hard way to be careful with what he wishes for. 

- Random drabble I forgot to post.

- Random S/O: @masual , @muujum thanks for the kind comments 😍😍😘

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The thunderous slam of the front door this late at night could only means one thing, an overworked boyfriend fed up with the limitless list of things that’s wrong in his life. You understand his frustration of course, being worked to the bone without having a comeback in months would do that to even a saint. Adding the constant travel for show and lack of sleep had turned the boy with stars in his eyes into an insufferable grump. You never minded being his therapist, being the only person he could complain to without any filter. He’d often laid with his head on your lap, gritting his teeth angrily at one thing or another. You’d just let him talk with a hand smoothing comforting circles over his firm chest, melting his rage back into its cage. Some days he’d ask for your advice knowing just how unreasonable he could get, others, he simply needed a pair of ears. Although rare, sometimes the limitless list of things that’s wrong in his life includes you. 

You hadn’t expect him tonight honestly, not after the blow out last night. Curl up in the cold king size bed that might as well have been two twin beds for the past week, you stay quiet, listening intently to any little sound coming from the living room. Jiwon loves skin-ship despite that tough macho image on SMTM and explosive stages of Ikon. He continuously expresses his displeasure in Hanbin lovey dovey gestures but you know for a fact he loves it. He just couldn’t get himself to let the poor boy knows he secretly revels in every moment because Hanbin being the cheeky monkey would never let him live it down. With you in the privacy of your shared apartment, there was not a second spent here that he didn’t have some sort of contact with your skin. You don’t even know what was the point in him buying a bigger bed when he cuddles up to you at night so close, you both use a mere 25% of the spacious bed. Lately however, he’d come home late at night when you’re already asleep and fall into slumber as far away from your body as possible. 

An exasperated groan follows by heavy footsteps yank you out of your reverie of happier time. He was searching for something and for the sake of your peaceful sleep tonight, you hope he finds it soon. Sure enough, a mere second later, the bedroom door swing open with a bang resembles much of the one earlier made by the front door. In burst Jiwon, eyebrows furrow and that sharp jawline clenches under what must be a raging storm. You wanted so bad to just run up to him as always when he gets home and envelop him in a big hug, telling him everything will be okay. Tonight, you don’t dare with the fury that’s flashing bright red on that handsome face. 

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The Happiest of Accidents (Jared Kleinman x Reader SMUT)

More smut (shocking) so I’m combining 4 and 8 on my queue cause 4 was just Fluffy smut? And 8 actually had a plot.

 Requests by: anon Enjoy! 

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anonymous asked:

So, uh, HC about MC who's depressed and often being told that she's useless and not worthy to be loved and she being left alone by her friends, so she pretend to be a happy-go-lucky person. So she helped RFA heal from their pain because no one ever help her before and she kind of understand how they feel. How will RFA V Saeran react if they found out about MC's real self? Sorry, if it's sensitive topic.

Hihi~! Admin Effe has already written a depressed MC [here] but I wanted to write this again specifically for your request—one I haven’t written it yet, and two, I write for my followers! (These turned into mini-fics, I’m sorryyy…) 

In all, I hope that my writing can brighten up your day, whether it’s been good or bad for you, even if only a little bit. If it’s not what you wanted, I apologize 

Warning: Angst / Fluff


Whispers, ancient whispers are echoing in your mind, swirling together to build a bigger, greater boulder of pain to bring you down. You can feel yourself struggling to escape them:

“She’s so annoying sometimes.” Someone who you thought was your friend had said that, not realizing you could hear their hushed tone.

“Hahah! Why would anyone ever like you?” You force a laugh, playing along.

Yet another friend walks away from you. Not physically, no, but you knew that your bond was weakening yet again. Dammit, why? What had you done wrong this time?

And then there were the unsaid whispers. Things that you knew others thought about you. Things that you knew others felt about you. Things that you knew were being said behind your back. They didn’t have to say it your face, but you could feel it. And especially…

“You don’t fit in.”

Your heart throbs in pain, letting the words sink in again… “You don’t fit in.”

Your eyes flew wide open, meeting a dark ceiling. Eyes shifting to the window, you notice that it’s early morning now. The sun had not yet risen. But you were already wide awake—you wouldn’t want to fall asleep and return to that dream, anyway. Sigh.

Your phone beeps with a message. Right. You were part of the RFA now. Today was the party.

The entire time, you’d acted all cheerful, happy-go-lucky and made yourself easy to get along with—just like you usually do with certain friends whom you trusted to an extent. But truthfully, you felt numb and empty. Well. You were depressed, after all. Not that anyone noticed. Nobody ever saw through your façade, you thought bitterly.

But today, you’d woken up from a nightmare (or rather, bad memories…) You weren’t sure if you’d be able to keep up your act today. But you had to try. You couldn’t let them find out about your real self. You just couldn’t. You’d hidden it so well, you didn’t want to ruin all your hard work, all your pretense…

…But some things just don’t go with the plan, huh.


(sry about your heart when reading)

He was so excited to finally meet you—he spotted you as soon as you walked through the grand doors to the party.

“MC! I’m so glad you’re finally here. Look around, this is all thanks to your hard work, gosh, I’m so proud of you and” he continued to ramble, but you could only smile half-heartedly in reply.

You didn’t really feel up to acting all happy and touched. Your smile slowly turned into a frown as you fought with yourself, thoughts mixing inside your head. You thought about how you were annoyed with him for putting this pressure on you. You weren’t as amazing as he believes you are.

But you also argued that you couldn’t let him down because, well, he actually expects something from you. It’s just a bit too much, and it really wasn’t easing the unpleasant feelings you already had from the morning. If anything, it only gave you more stress.

“…MC? Is something wrong?”

You didn’t reply. You couldn’t. You were trying to hold back newfound tears from the sudden build-up of stress, and his question only pressured you more. You managed to force out, “I-I just need to go to the washroom. You gotta go when you gotta go, right?” Your attempt to lift the mood failed, especially considering how you felt so miserable you could hardly even look up at him.

He tries to stop you, but you just turn around and left hurriedly, unable to keep up the act anymore. You had to go before you ruined anything—all the lies you’d built up, all the bonds you’d finally made… You couldn’t lose it all in one night. You didn’t want them to see who you really were, and normally you would be fine but today you just felt like absolute shit.

Yoosung quickly catches up with you, following you into the desolated hallway leading to the washrooms at the party hall. He grabs hold of your arm, jerking you backwards.

STOP!” you shout at him, feeling all the stress finally build up and release into that one word. Only one word, and yet it was so emotional, so powerful, he physically shuddered, taken aback.

But the words suddenly fell out like a snowball rolling downhill. Even as the words left your mouth, you found yourself regretting every goddamn syllable that your lips naturally enunciated. “JUST STOP. DAMMIT, WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? You’re not my knight in shining armour, you’re not a prince who will save the day. You don’t even know me, so why the hell are you acting so close with me?” Angry tears were overflowing from your eyes, and you just couldn’t hold it back anymore. Broken. You were broken.

Yoosung was stunned, but quickly got over it, his surprised expression morphing into pain. “MC… I know I’m not the most reliable person, but if there’s every anything you’re upset about, I hope that you can confide in me too… I may not be able to deliver smooth lines like Zen, or promise anything in the world for you like Jumin, or take care of all your issues like Jaehee… but I can be here for you and listen. At the very least, I want to help you carry your burdens and make it easier for you, even if only a little bit…”

His sincerity threw you off. Why was he saying this? After you’d just yelled at him like that? And he hardly even knew you. God, he must be a saint or something. Something in your heart stirred, feeling moved by his words.

You started to explain after a moment of hesitation, “I have depression. Everyone around me never seems to like me, no matter how hard I try, I can never meet their expectations… So I pretend. I pretend like I’m okay and I smile and laugh and make jokes but I’m actually really, really sad inside. Sometimes, I’m okay, but some days, like today, I just lose the will to act.”

Yoosung listened carefully, his eyes never leaving you. He waited, feeling that you had more to say.

“And… I’m really touched that you would want to help me, but… Yoosung, you don’t even know me,” you say sadly. “You don’t know the real me. You’re in love with a fake person, she doesn’t exist. You don’t know me…”

But I do know you.” The confidence in his voice made you look up at him, and he held your gaze. “The MC standing right in front of me, I know her. You take your time to give thoughtful replies, you always try to avoid hurting others, you’ve helped me move on from Rika, gently pushing me to move forward without too much force or too little pressure.”


“Regardless if it was your real personality, it doesn’t change the fact that you’ve been here for me …and that’s why I’m in love with you. Even if I don’t know you, I do know what you’ve done for me. And if you’re concerned that we don’t really know each other, then it only gives me more reason to spend more time with you, so I can get to know you.”

You were speechless, the weight of his words sinking in. He really cared, and he really loved you. You could determine that much from the way he looked at you, affection laced with determination—the determination to stay by your side, even if you would attempt to push him away.

He gently pulled you in for a hug, with only a little force so you could reject him if need be. And you just melted into his warmth. Yoosung’s gentle love was just what you needed on a day like this.

His everything was screaming, I’m here for you.


You were reluctant to enter the party hall. You just weren’t sure if you’d be able to smile around everyone today. What if they didn’t like you? What if you messed up somehow?

Deciding to take a roundabout, you scaled the surroundings of the building. Maybe you would go in through a different entrance. And so you walked around the building in search of a smaller entry, where you wouldn’t have to be overwhelmed by the RFA as soon as you walked in.

The smell of smoke drifted through the air, and your eyes caught the sight of silhouette smoking a dimly lit cigarette behind the corner of the wall. Well, crap. You’d run into smoker territory.

The figure stepped out, and the moonlight helped you to faintly make out the smoker’s features. Red eyes.. white hair… wait a minute.

“Zen?” you unconsciously said aloud. Oops.

“Huh? What’s a lovely lady like you doing out here?” he said in surprise, immediately dropping the cigarette to the ground and stomping the fire out. “I’m sorry you had to see that. Are you… my fan?”

You frowned at his actions. “You really shouldn’t smoke so much. It’s bad for your health! Haven’t you paid attention to anything Jaehee’s said?”

Your familiar voice paired with your words made him realize who you were.

“MC?!” he exclaimed, eyes widening a fraction. Then, he cocked his head to the side as he lowered his voice to a gentler tone, “…What’s wrong?”

Startled by the sudden question, you furrowed your eyebrows. Had he somehow been able to sense your distress? It was dark out, so he couldn’t really see your expression, and you didn’t think you’d said anything to give it away.

Instead, you laugh lightly, “And why do you ask that?”

“Well, nobody walks around a building for no reason, when they could enter it instead,” he mused, a faint smile upon his lip. “There must be something preventing you from going inside.”

You bit your lip, lowering your eyes as you processed his words. He was right.

“It’s nothing, really,” you begin, but stop yourself. Zen was an actor. He must’ve seen through a thousand professional acts already; there was no way you could trick him with your lousy, weak acting right now. Not when your memories had haunted you awake. You sigh, “I just… had a bad dream.”

“About?” he coaxed, nodding in acknowledgement.

You shifted uncomfortably. “Bad memories, I guess?”

He approaches you quietly, reaching his arm towards you and stroking your cheek. “Well, I don’t know what happened, but if you don’t want to attend the party, you don’t have to.”

You met his eyes in surprise. “But… but I’ll let everyone down! They’ve been waiting for so long, and we put in so much work…” your voice faltered as you trailed off.

“If you don’t feel good, then you don’t need to force yourself to do anything. Your top priority is yourself, not the party or any other responsibilities you have,” Zen stated firmly, his hands on both of your shoulders to hold you close.

You find yourself nodding reluctantly.

He cast you a boyish grin. “Come on.”

The two of you end up ditching the party completely. Instead of attending the RFA party, you lost yourself in the night—lost, in the wind that blew against your face as Zen drove you around on his motorcycle; lost, in the carefree moment where you didn’t have to worry about anything; lost, in a night that you would never forget.

As Zen had taught you, it was nice to just unwind instead of forcing yourself to do things.


(I wrote this in HC instead, sowwy!! >_<)

  • As soon as she saw you at the party, her neutral, ‘work’ expression immediately morphed into happiness.
  • “MC!” she called out to you happily, rushing over to your side. She smiles at you, “I’m glad you could make it. Come, I’ll take you to the others. They’ve been waiting to see you.”
  • Her excitement makes you feel pressured to keep up your act around them
  • You excuse yourself to the refreshments table to grab a drink, really trying to avoid them
  • Instead, you wander off to the bathroom, washing your face. But water had dripped onto your clothes.
  • Frustrated, you slam your hands against the table. (Poor table!! What did it ever do..?)
  • Jaehee had just entered at that time, and was surprised by your outburst
  • “MC… please don’t hurt yourself.”
  • She looks sad as she says that, eyeing your pinkened hands from the impact of the hit.
  • As she quickly bandages your hand, she says softly, “I care about you, so please.. don’t hurt the person I love…”


Although he would never tell you, he’d been waiting for you to show up at the party since he arrived. In fact, he’d arrived early in case he could catch you, and he’s been eyeing the entrance ever since.

So when Seven exclaimed, “Oooh! MC’s finally here~!” Jumin had been the first one to greet you, walking off swiftly, a determined expression on his face.

“Good evening, MC,” he said stiffly despite masking a smooth voice. “I’m glad to see you’ve arrived safely. Thank you for… hmm?”

He pauses in the middle of his sentence as he notices how you’re not listening to him.

You were lost in your own thoughts, a mess of wondering how to react, what to say, and if you were looking as happy-go-lucky as you appeared in the chatroom. An unfocused smile was forced upon your face, to which was eventually dropped as you realized how the buzzing noise (oh my, Jumin, you’ve been degraded to a buzzing noise, Zen snickers) had suddenly stopped.

“Are you not feeling well?” Jumin asks you concernedly. “I could call a do-“

“No!” you exclaim. “No, it’s not that. I’m okay,” you reassure him.

Although you had told him that, he couldn’t help but worry about you. So for the rest of the party, he followed you around, observing your expression, action and movement. No matter how thick-headed he was, it didn’t stop him from detecting your sadness. (After all, he paid special attention to you!)

After the party, he approached you again, offering you a glass of wine to symbolize a celebration of your success. No words are needed to communicate, as he watches you down the glass. You were frustrated. You’d managed to hold off your irritation and sadness throughout the party, but you really couldn’t handle any more.

You decide to leave early so you could avoid interaction with the other RFA members, but Jumin follows you outside, offering you a ride home. “Please, let me escort you,” he says softly.

You stare at him questioningly. You could go home just fine.

“You know, hm, how do I put this,” he stumbles across his words. “When I’m sad, I have Elizabeth the 3rd with me… or I drink with a friend.”


“So if you’re not feeling well, I could accompany you,” he finishes.


What a roundabout way of offering to stay by your side.

And so you spend the rest of the night with him, quiet as you drown in his comfort.


You were dropped off at the parking lot of the party, and you sighed as you got out of the car. A red car beeped in the distance, and you naturally directed your sight to it.

A familiar man was leaning against the car, fingers tapping away on his phone. In an instant, your own phone buzzed in your pocket, and you smiled slightly at the notification.

Bringing your eyes back up, you called out, “Se-!”

He had already found his way to you. He’s insanely fast, wow. You were a bit awed by his sudden appearance, but quickly forced a smile at him.

He returned a cheeky grin, but it fell from his face when he noticed how your smile didn’t reach your eyes. “Is MC saaad~?” he pouted, poking both your cheeks at the same time.

You struggled to respond in a fun way as he had, but you found that you couldn’t even reply. It was hard to put your feelings into words right now. You just.. didn’t feel happy, to say the least.

Noticing the atmosphere, Seven dropped his act, a serious expression in his eyes as he analyzed your features. He’d already noticed how your tired tone, as well as how your eyes seemed dull today.

Instead of commenting, grabbed your hand, eyeing you for resistance. You didn’t really care, and let him. Quietly, you followed him.

Both of you were usually cheerful and childish in the chatrooms, and you’d gotten along really well, but you had also noticed how he was probably the same as you—faking his personality. That’s also why you felt so attracted to him. Because you knew that there was more to him than who he showed in the chatroom.

He took you in the RFA party building through a staff entrance, leading you up the stairs. You did feel a bit curious, looking around the fancy hallways as you passed them. The stairs were curved in a spiral, and you quite appreciated how it looked, although it wasn’t as convenient to walk on.

He took you to a large room, where you could see everyone down at the party. “If you don’t feel like attending, you can come here to watch how it’s going, at least. Take a look at what you’ve accomplished. You gathered so many guests through your own efforts, and you’ve made the party a huge success. You’re an inspiration, you know that, right?” he looks at you with a gentle smile, different from his usual goofy attitude.

But that quickly changed as he let out a fart.

“Awh, dammit! You have no idea how hard I was trying to hold it in!!”


You nervously eye the guests making their way around the party. Everyone seemed to be busy talking and you had no idea what the hell they were talking about.

A hand touches your shoulder, and you jump slightly, startled. You prepare a kind smile as you turn around, and find yourself looking at a familiar bluehead.

“…V? Is that you?” you ask in surprise.

“You’re MC, right?” he beams at you.

You could’ve sworn he was blind or something. How did he recognize you without having met you before?

As if he heard your thoughts, he explained, ”I’ve been getting eye treatment, thanks to Jumin. Well, he kind of forced me, haha. I’m slowly starting to regain my vision.”

You nod in understanding. That made sense.

Suddenly, he furrowed his eyebrows, a frown curling upon his lips. “Excuse me for being insensitive in asking this but… would you be alright with telling me what’s on your mind? You seem to be really down right now…”

You’re shocked that he can tell, even though you had made sure not to show any signs of it. How had he detected it immediately? Rather than covering up for it, you ask, “How did you know?”

His eyes sadden as you confirm his worries. “Well, I’ve always been sensitive to others’ feelings, but after becoming blind, I’ve become even more sensitive… Not to mention, my… my ex had depression, and the vibes you’re giving off are really similar…”

“I see,” you murmur, feeling awkward discussing about his ex.

“If you ever need someone, remember that you can talk to me, okay?” he says, making eye contact with you to catch your reaction.

You nod with a faint smile, half forced but half sincere. “Thank you. Not all days are good for me, and today was just one of them… But I know I’m not alone.”


You’d been on your way to the party, slightly dragging your feet in dread, when you were suddenly blindfolded and pulled into a van. What the fu-

“Good evening,” a creepy voice whispered in your ear.

Normally, you would have been freaked out, but today, your depression was acting up. You hadn’t really been looking forward to the party today anyway, so it wasn’t a big deal to you. In fact, you had sincerely dreaded going. And yeah, you’d just been kidnapped but god, you just felt so damn irritated right now.

“Take the blindfold off,” you growl.

“Hm. A feisty one, it seems? But, as you wish. I’m not here to attack you anyway,” the voice spoke again, before removing the blindfold from your eyes.

You glare at him with hate, anger and sadness. It wasn’t like you meant to direct all your bad feelings at him, but you couldn’t help it. There was no one else to take it out on.

But other than that, you stared out the window silently instead, with crossed arms. An awkward silence eventually overtook the atmosphere, and Saeran frowns, your negativity rubbing onto him. You were clearly depressed and frustrated. Secretly, he sympathized with you.

“Hrmmm…” he stares at you, then suddenly pulls the car to a stop. “Wait here,” he orders as he leaves the car.

Although you could’ve used the chance to escape, you didn’t. In a few minutes, he returned with drinks in his hand. “Here. For you,” he mutters, thrusting the drink at you.

He continues to drive, as you stare with wide eyes. This was… an odd situation. Why was he being so, well, nice?

Feeling your surprised stare, he casts an irritated glare at you. “I’m not heartless, you know,” he mumbles. “I can tell you’re upset. I’m not going to be an asshole right now. (Maybe later, but not now.)”

Eventually, you pull up to an open field. What an odd place to bring you to, you thought. Was there a secret base underground or something?

Saeran opens your door, and holds out a hand to help you out. What the- this was feeling more like a date than being kidnapped.

“We’ll stop by here first,” he said. “Just to let you, uhm, freshen up… or something.”

His cheeks were flushed with embarrassment. He clearly wasn’t used to cheering people up, but you found it kind of cute.

The two of you sat at the trunk of the van, staring up at the starry sky, relaxing in the cool night air.

By the end of the night, Seven would arrive and take you back, but that could wait until tomorrow. For now, you enjoyed your time with the odd, somewhat cute kidnapper.

Some things don’t go with the plan… but sometimes, it isn’t all that bad. You hadn’t planned on letting anyone discover your true self behind the happy-go-lucky act, or your true feelings… but in exchange, you’d gained a friend instead: someone who would stay by your side and fight your battles with you, even when you pushed them away. 

And although it wouldn’t take away your depression, nor would it make everything better for you… it was enough to make you smile for now. And now is all that matters.

Now It's Three In The Morning

She calls him up for a good time but something’s wrong. //loosely inspired by “why’d you only call me when you’re high” by arctic monkeys. fluffy, not smutty sorry. i was in my feels. 

Harry’s phone rang as soon as his eyes shut. After a long day, he had finally found himself in the comfort his own lonliness in his isolated flat. After a glass of wine and some day old spaghetti, and the possibility of his hand sneaking into his pants, he called it a night and headed upstairs to his room.

He often found himself drowning in loneliness not because he didn’t have an abundance of friends or because his art work wasn’t getting recognition. Quite the contrast actually; he was becoming well known in the industry and his company was proud of his achievements, and adding in his family support, he was the most grateful man there was.

Of course Harry’s main concern was his career, however when the nights were as peaceful and sleep inducing as this one, he yearned to roll around and meet the love of his life who willingly allowed him to cuddle into her warmth under her arm while he played absentmindedly with her hair, muttering sweet phrases against her neck.

Harry hadn’t had a proper girl under his wing in a few months, on the other hand, he was amazing at falling in love without a care in the world with the next girl he saw at every bar or club.

Just as his eyelids drooped, the annoying shrill of his phone permeated the silent room. To make his hectic life easier, he had assigned a different ringtone for every caller and usually, he ignored the typical three beeping one. However, this ring was different, one he looked forward to. The girl hadn’t called him recently and the thought of him not being able to please her was always in the back of his mind.

“‘Ello?” he tried not to make his words sound slurred with sleep.

Hey Harry. Did I wake you up?” Her sweet little voice whispered.

He rubbed his eyes with one hand and shook his head. “No no, love. How are yeh?”

Harry knew she didn’t want to have a proper conversation with him. She knew he didn’t really care how he was, or at least that’s what she thought. And he definitely knew she was never in the mood to be questioned about her well being or her parent’s. She only wanted one thing from him and that didn’t require words.

I’m fine,” she breathed. “Where are you right now?

“Home, love.”

A pause. “Could I, um—,” she stuttered, finding the best words to say: I need you to fuck me, please, I want to come over.

“It’s a li’l late, don’t yeh think?” he suddenly remembered, in an attempt to relieve the ache in his sweatpants.

Yeah, fuck, I know it’s late. It’s almost 3 I think..really need it, please Harry?” She whined and for a moment, Harry thought she was crying. Her voice was nasally in the worst way and voice quivering. Either that, or she was extremely needy in her skin.

“Do yeh ‘ave work tomorrow?” he sighed, scratching the back of his neck. The last time she had work in the morning was a mess.

No! No, I don’t Harry and it’s snowing so I don’t think I’ll have work the day after tomorrow either.”

Harry wasn’t the type to be easily manipulated but her voice always caused a great deal of harm to him, particularly the mess in his pants. With a couple of more pleading suggestions from her mouth and offers, he gave into her offer and allowed her to come to his flat. He made sure to remind her to drive safely, he didn’t know if she was high or drunk or sober, because the roads were becoming quite icy as the temperature continuously dropped.

Harry didn’t bother rushing to tidy up his house because they’d been through his before. She was just going to trudge upstairs to his room and watch him remove his clothing was she mimicked his actions.

When she finally arrived at his doorstep, Harry allowed her to enter his home without getting a proper look at her face. “Hey.”

“Hi. Sorry to bother you,” she cracked a smile and glanced up at him to make sure he wasn’t perturbed. To her relief, there was a smile on his face also, and an arm extended towards her. She graciously accepted his tight hug and continued to his bedroom.

“Not a bother at all,” he assured her, walking behind her. He took her coat and carelessly draped it over his couch as he walked by it.

“Your room so looks nice,” she exclaimed as she walked into the dimly lit room. Harry had recently hung up a couple of his favorite paintings and redecorated the furniture. He was quite proud of the result also. She landed on his bed on her back, arms stretched like an eagle. “Got a bigger bed too!”

Harry chuckled and nodded, taking it upon himself to straddling her waist, leaning down. The mischief in her eyes heightened as he placed a fake pout on his face. She loved it when he was playful. “Yeh like it?”

She gazed up at him with a small smirk, latching her hands around his neck, allowing her eyes to watch him carefully. “I like it very much.”

She pushed up and grazed her lips over his. Her tongue outlined the edges of his lips slowly, relishing in the taste of his skin. She murmured, “I would love something else too.”

His fingers dig into the skin of her waist. “And what’s that, hmm?”

She dragged her lips across her jaw to her ear where she promptly suckled on his earlobe. “I would love it..if you fucked me.”

A low moan fell from the man’s lips, unable to take it any longer, pressing his lips to hers in a frenzy, sucking harshly on her bottom lip. Her sweetness was driving Harry insane, breaking him apart by the seams of his sweatpants, threatening to tear him down. It would only be so long until he was pressing her hips into the mattress while he pounded into her to relieve any stress he had building up in his chest from the last time they met up. She tasted faintly of red wine and Harry wanted to suck on her tongue, but he had to release her before he let his lust get a hold of him.

“Harry,” she gasped as one of his veiny hand wrapped around her neck, holding her in place as he peppered rough kisses to her neck. His tongue swiped over her salty skin, preparing for a bite.

While Harry was in the process of bruising her delicious skin, basking in her moans, he hadn’t realized her legs had wrapped themselves around her waist. Her limbs held him down against her and it was enough for Harry to draw back and prove his dominance.

“Take these off, now,” he growled, fumbling with her belt buckle.

Hastily, she pushed him away and undid the buckle, handing the belt to Harry who discarded it by the foot of the bed. She loved when he became rough with her. His long fingers unbuttoned her jeans and quickly dragged them down her legs, throwing them in an aimless direction across his bedroom.

His shirt followed, adding onto the pile, and her nails raked down his exposed torso, feverishly pressing kisses to the tattooed area, letting herself get a taste of him once more. “Such a good girl,” he cooed softly, throwing his head back as she trailed her kisses farther up his neck and jaw.

Finally, she reached his lips and pressed one heavy kiss to his swollen mouth, suddenly torn away from him.

“Harry!” she whined when he thrust her back into the mattress, taking a quick moment to walk into his shared bathroom.

“Minute, love. Need a rubber,” he called back, breathing heavily. His eyes caught onto a box of condoms he had recently purchased, thankfully.

He came back and saw her sit up in his bed, arms crossed against her chest. She watched him quietly untie his sweats and push them down his legs, grasping the bulge in his boxers with one hand. He didn’t roll the rubber on immediately, choosing to sit by her.

She didn’t latch onto him the way he expected, instead opting to continue watching the way his tattooed jumped every time he inhaled sharply. Her finger absentmindedly traced his sparrows and the small freckles that littered on his skin.

“Y'alright?” he muttered, brushing her bangs off her forehead with his pinky.

She nodded and removed her hands from him. She pointed at the rubber sitting adjacent from her. “You’re gonna put that on right?”

He blinked. “Yeah, of course. Why wouldn’t I?”

She just nodded and rose to her knees, sliding her hands back into his hair. She found herself in his lap, caressing his lips with hers while his large hands pressed her closer to his crotch. With a roll of her hips, she had him a panting mess underneath her, something that made her smile.

“So beautiful,“ he murmured, cupping her cheeks.

She hesitant with the next kiss. His dominant lips overpowered and she allowed herself to be kissed feverishly. Then, she drew back from him, choosing to sit back on his bare thighs and tilt her head questioningly at her. “What?”

He opened his eyes and frowned. “What?”

“You just said something,” she pressed, dropping her hands into her lap, nervously wringing them.

“I called yeh beautiful?”

She slowly nodded, a pout settling on her own lips. The dampness between her legs was impossible to ignore at this point but his words were confusing to her.


He seemed bewildered and couldn’t believe what she just asked him. Quite frankly, she felt stupid for asking too, regretting it.

“Why can’t I say tha’?”

“Because we’re just sleeping together.”

He nodded and removing his hands from her waist, leaning back on his arms. “I’m aware.”

“So you can’t say stuff like that!”

“I said yer beautiful not that I’m in love with yeh,” he snorted, rolling his eyes. She felt a pang of hurt strike her heart. He seemed annoyed and probably didn’t want her to stay any longer. She seemed to have that kind of affect on her friends lately. Nobody wanted her to stay.

“You’re right, sorry, sorry,” she sighed, bringing herself closer to him. Her fingers tangled in his curls again, shifting him closer until their lips touched.

She was distracted. Far more than she usually was and Harry could feel it in her kisses. It was almost as if she wanted to ask if she could kiss him or slither her tongue back into his mouth, the way she was doing moments prior to the abrupt statement.

So he pulled away from her and sighed. “What’s wrong?”

She hummed in confusion. “Nothing. Why?”

“You just seen a little… off today,” he clarified.

The light in her eyes slowly dimmed into a dull speck. Her hands were still pressed worriedly under her shirt, toying with the fabric. “I’m okay, Harry,” she breathed, pressing her forehead against his. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.”

“Then nothing’s wrong. Kiss me, please.”

“Alright..” he still seemed a little apprehensive but pressed his lips to hers once more before laying her down.

He grasped her wrists in one hand and locked them above her head, using his other hand to push her shirt up her torso. His lips continued to assault the already forming angry bruises, grinning to himself at how he easily was able to get her squirming underneath him. Her t-shirt lay besides her head, and he began to search behind her back for the clasp of her bra.

“No don’t,” she breathed when his fingers found the metal. He should have been disturbed by her constant talking. He hated when his girls interrupted him. All he wanted was to show her a good time.

“Hm?” he hummed, biting down on her skin. She tasted so damn good, he could stay like this all day.

“Don’t take it off,” she said far more clearly now.

“I always take—” he began but was cut off by the trembling girl.

“Well, not this time.”

His heart sank slowly as she spoke. The best part of being with her in particular was her beautiful figure. he wanted to object and question further but instead, he sighed and nodded, muttering, “That’s alright. No problem.”

His fingers picked up on the small foil, using his teeth to rip the flimsy paper open. One of his hands was still around her wrists, holding her down.

“Harry,” she said, attempting to break free from the bond. He glanced down at her to show he was listening.

“I wanna put my shirt back on,” she whispered so quietly it was hardly audible for Harry but he released her hands as soon as she spoke.

“Yeh want to leave?”

She shook her head and quickly sat up, throwing her shirt back over her head. “No no, just wanted to keep my shirt on. It’s a little cold.”

Harry didn’t bother reminding her that he always kept his flat a comfortable temperature during the winter but he didn’t think she wanted to listen to it. When she was done adjusting the cotton shirt, she looked up at him expectantly.

He simply knitted his brows together. “What’s goin’ on? And don’t say there’s nothin’ because I know there is. I think I know yeh well enough to be able to tell when yer upset.”

Her face visibly fell. “Nothing is wrong Harry, I’m telling you. I just want to keep it on.”

“Did someone say anything to you?” he insisted, releasing any part of her body he was touching and settled back on his heels. The movement caused panic to arise in the girl’s eyes.

“No! Nobody said anything. It’s just a little late and I’m tired and I really—”

“Shouldn’t you be at home then?”

“Harry, no I wanted to be here—”


“Because I wanted you and you said I could—”

“Are you upset at me? ‘Cause I know I haven’t called yeh in weeks.”

“Stop interrupting me!” she suddenly yelled causing the man in front of her to flinch. His jaw clenched.

“Don’t raise your voice at me.”

The girl felt extremely small but apologetic too. She was taking her anger and stress on an innocent man, dragging him into the mess. Why the hell was she yelling anyways? It wasn’t his fault she fucked up numerous times. But she couldn’t control her whirlwind of emotions right now, no, she needed a scapegoat and Harry seemed more than appealing.

“Sorry!” she exclaimed quietly, defeated. She dropped her head to her chest so he couldn’t catch her quivering lip. “No, I’m not upset at you. I have no reason to be.”

“Then why are yeh bein’ so weird?”

“Harry, all I want is to be here right now alright? What’s so bad about that?!”

Her voice was thick with emotion. Harry hadn’t noticed her eyes welling with tears but he caught the first drop that began traveling down her cheek.


“If you don’t want me here, you could tell me to leave and I will. I won’t force you to—”

“I never said I wanted you to leave!“ 

“Well you’re not going to do anything with me now!”

“What are you going on about?” he sighed, rubbing his temples.

“I’ve ruined it. You don’t want to sleep with me anymore, right? Why did you keep fucking asking what was wrong, I was fine before! You’re so stupid sometimes, H!”

It was so wrong. It wasn’t his fault.

“I don’t even know what I did!” he exclaimed in a pit of confusion. His head was starting to throb at the banter. She suddenly wrapped her arms around her shoulders and shifted away from the man.

“Look what you’ve done!” she cried, covering her face with her hands, knees pressed to her chest defensively. Her soft cries were enough to tug at Harry’s heart, a frown still etched on his features. He was wary to touch her, still confused and cautious.

“What did I do? I don’t understand. I’m not telling yeh to go home,” he said slowly. “I merely was asking what happened.”

Her voice was muffled. “I didn’t say anything was wrong and you’re not supposed to ask me what’s wrong! All I wanted was to be here.”

“And yer here now, poppet. Why can’t we continue?”

“Because I ruined the mood.”

“What? No yeh didn’t. We could still do it, if yeh want.”

Her small head raised and she peered at him through her lashes. “I don’t want to anymore.”

Frustration was building up in his chest but he refused to show it. “Well, alri’.”

She knew he was disappointed but she couldn’t halt her crying. Every emotion she had felt this past week was coming back to bite her in the butt and she couldn’t do anything. She wanted to say it wasn’t his fault but she didn’t have the voice to anymore. He walked around his bed and placed the articles of clothing back on his body while she watched him. Her jeans were carefully placed besides her and Harry threw the open condom in the trash.

“Sorry,” she whispered.

“Don’t be sorry, love. Nothing to apologize for,” he muttered and he sounded agitated. Her suspicions were refuted when he rubbed her back softly once he sat back next to her, smoothing the ends of her soft hair.

There is,” she hiccuped. “I woke you up.”

“I told yeh already. Yeh didn’t wake me up. I had just finished work.”

“You were tired and I made you let me come here for no reason!” she ignored his statement and more tears slide down her jaw. He hadn’t noticed before but being this close to her made him notice that her eyes were already puffy and lips bitten raw. She wasn’t only crying because of Harry’s discomfort or how she couldn’t relieve his ache.

“But that’s not it is it? There’s somethin’ else.”

Her head softly hit her knees, still sniffling. “Nothin’ else.”

His hand bunched in her hair, tugging lightly at her roots to encourage her to look up at him. He hated not seeing her eyes and being able to read her every emotion. “Love…tell me, please? At least lemme try to help.”

She continued crying, Harry’s hand slipping out of her hair in defeat. “Yeh want me to make yeh some tea?”

“No,” she whispered.

“Well if yeh don’t want to talk to me…”

“I messed everything up and I keep messing it up,” she blurted suddenly. “Ruined everything this week, can’t do anything right anymore!”

If it was possible, the girl’s body because racking with heavier sobs and muffled cries. Harry’s hand only rubbed her back more gingerly, sighing softly as he finally collected her in his arms, rocking her slowly against his chest.

“That’s what it is then? Bad week?“He was secretly relieved that it wasn’t something worse.

"I used be able to make friends so easily and I can’t do that. I’m not even good at my job. My mummy hasn’t called me in weeks and you’re the only person who’s bothering with me right now,” she whimpered. “And now you’re my therapist.”

He let out a chuckle at that last statement. “I’ll be yer booty call and ya therapist. Nothin’ wrong with tha’.”

She raised her head, face contorted with sadness and wet lashes. "You’re more than that, Harry.”

Harry didn’t think he had it in him, but he held himself back from wiping her tear stained face and pressing his lips heavily to her mouth. “Yeah?”

She nodded. “You’re my friend.” then she added with a little panic in her voice. “Right?”

Harry admitted he didn’t know her much besides the fact that she had a sweet little moaning voice and her body could do wonders. He knew that she had a warm mouth and a pleasuring remainder of her body. If that’s what defined a friend, then that made her dictionary quite flawed. Her huge eyes kept staring at him until he reassured her. “Of course I’m yer friend!”

Her features visibly relaxed. “Good.”

“Yeah, poppet, and yeh don’t need to be upset. I wasn’t that tired and yeh didn’t wake me. In fact, I haven’t got a work day tomorrow.”

The girl’s hands inched towards the waist of her jeans. She toyed with the silver button and zipper. “I don’t have work either.”

“Yeh told me.”

Oh.” She quietly played with the button while her tears dried on the apple of her cheeks. She didn’t continue so Harry spoke.

“Tell me about yer week.”

She let out a long sighed and sagged her shoulders. Her fingers relaxed and were drawn back into her lap. She seemed to battle with her feelings as to whether or not she should place her burdens on Harry’s shoulders but he seemed more than willing to lend her an ear so she opened her mouth. One glance into Harry’s light green orbs made her realize that he was going to get it out of her no matter how painfully boring it was. She liked that about Harry.

“I met a guy.”

Ouch. That shouldn’t have hurt as much as it did for Harry who’s mind was already reeling with images of the beautiful girl in front of her with another man, holding his hand, kissing him, being in love with him. “Oh?” he tried to appear nonchalant. “What’s wrong with him? Is the package small?” he joked, playfully rubbing at his clothed dick. 

“I never got to know. I went on a couple dates with him a few weeks back. He was nice. But,” she took a deep breath, “he made me feel a little weird. He said I didn’t look like a writer but more like, and I quote, ”those girls who probably cheat on their men with friends with benefits.’“ and I got really angry.”

Harry blinked in disbelief. "That’s what yeh call nice? I’m a bloody saint then.”

She ran a frantic hand through her hair. “No! He was so nice and charming and he was so good with words. But then he suddenly said that and I got up to leave from the restaurant and he began yelling things at me.”

Her voice cracked at the end of the sentence, eyes welling up again. Harry’s hands itched to cup her cheeks but he held himself down again. It was too unnatural.

“What kind of things?”

“Just stuff about how I looked. How my body couldn’t possibly be worth his time and that my personality was boring and that I dressed like a cheap whore. Nobody even said anything to him!” she blubbered, using her hands to gesture around her to pitifully prove how much it hurt her. Harry briefly remembered a time where he was in bed drunk with her and she had painfully admitted to him that she despised her body and thought it was crazy how Harry kissed on her. He had told her she shouldn’t worry about it and he didn’t think she was being serious until now.

She didn’t let him say anything, continuing: “He said I didn’t have an alluring body and that I probably didn’t write good and that I would probably sleep with anyone I met.”

“Love,” Harry cut in, shaking his head. He couldn’t resist cupping her cheeks between his palms, drawing her in closer. “None of that is true. Yeh do write amazing and yer body is so fuckin’ beautiful. Yeh had my attention the moment I saw yeh.”

She didn’t reply, wringing her hands again, glancing around the room anxiously, her breathing shallow and labored. “Yeah?”

“Yes, fuck, of course love. He was so bloody wrong, so so wrong. Yer so much better than all that.”

“Even though I slept with you the night I met you,” she muttered.

He sighed. “But look at us now. We’re friends now. That wasn’t going to happen with him. And yeh trust me, don’t yeh love? It’s different for us.”

She looked like she believed every word but Harry couldn’t be sure so he continued verbalizing his frustration. “And yeh don’t need to be insecure with y’body. I’ve told yeh, y’have the most fuckin’ sexy figure. Isn’t that enough?”

“It is,” she pouted and Harry had to kiss that red mouth. Thankfully, it started moving again.

“My company also called me yesterday and said the editor mentioned my work wasn’t really on par and that I rewrite a couple scenes but they ruin all my hard work and they don’t see it!”

“Yeh can tell them to fuck off and do whatever yeh want. And send me a copy ‘cause I want to read that shit,” he grinned, running his thumbs through her wet lashes.

“Harry,” she whined, letting her head drop to his shoulder. His palms began rubbing her back again.

“Would love to read it, that’s all.”

She didn’t say anything for a while. She simply inhaled his musk, eyes fluttering shut. Now that she was a deflated balloon with no emotion left to spill, she felt at ease, extremely calm. A couple minutes later, Harry felt of pair of lips at his neck. “Thank you.”

“None o’ that love. We’re friends remember?”

He felt her lips curve upwards as she nodded. “That’s why I’m thanking you. You’re my only friend.”

They stayed like that for some time, leaning against each other and Harry was sure she was asleep until she sneezed softly into his chest, muttering an apology. It suddenly hit Harry that the night had made the girl has lonely as him. They were both the victims.

His hand was still scratching at her scalp, small moans of approval began falling from her swollen lips. She had also mentioned to him when she was drunk that she loved when people played with her hair and who was he to deny her of such simple happiness. His fingers were locked in her strands, happily tugging away, earning groaned from the girl. “’M gonna fall in love with if you keep doing that,” she had once claimed and Harry only continued the movements with a smirk on his face.

“Hey,” he began suddenly, glancing down at her.

“Hi,” she replied sleepily.

“You didn’t really come over to sleep with me right?”

She chuckled and tilted her head to gaze up at him. Her eyes were dripping with sleep which Harry found adorable, but didn’t say anything.

“Actually, my only reason to come here was to fuck you.”


“Not very cute, sorry.”

“Do you still want to?”

Her eyes averted to the alarm clock resting on his side table. 4:03. “Reckon it’s a little late now. I’m sleepy.”

“Later then,” he said cheekily before drawing his covers back. “Lay down, love.”

She yawned and shook her head. “I’ll go home, don’t worry.”

“Oh I’m not worryin’ love, I’m pretty well aware that you cannot drive in a blizzard.”

“What?!” Her head raised long enough for her fingers to tug back Harry’s dark curtains behind his bed post to peer through at the empty street. Sure enough, snow blanketed the streets, not a trace of car tracks anywhere. “I didn’t even—”

“So lay down. Unless yeh want tea.”

She laughed softly. “Don’t want your damn tea.”

He only shrugged and removed his shirt once more, ignoring her look. “Yer loss. I can make a pretty mean pot of jasmine tea.”

He slid into the space next to her under the sheets, a small grin on his face, dimples proudly displayed. His eyes fluttered closed but he still felt her eyes on him.

“You’re sleeping with me?” she gasped.

“I’m expecting yer mouth around m’cock when I wake up, so yes.”

His smile only widened when he heard her small giggle and her body shift under the covers. “Thank you for letting me stay.”

He nodded, popping one eye open. “Say “thank you” once more and I’ll bend yeh over the counter tomorrow morning.”

“Thank you for everything Harry!” she was quick to yell, another giggle falling from her lips.

“That’s my girl.”

The girl watched Harry fall asleep besides her with fascination. Usually she fell asleep before the man because of how tired he would make her body. She suddenly wished she had always been the last to dive into the deep sea of slumber. Harry didn’t move, already knocked out. She simply sighed and closed her own eyes.

Waking Without You

just over 1700 words, a continuation of this. Trigger warning for unintentional drug overdose. 

Even hates waking up without Isak.

Since they moved in together it hadn’t really been an issue.  Sure there are the odd night when Even visits his parents and ends up staying the night, or Isak parties too hard with the boys and ends up passed out at Jonas’, but Even is lucky enough now to be able to say he wakes up almost every day tangled up with Isak.

This is why when he stirred in the middle of the night and found himself severely lacking a sleepy snugly boyfriend his lips pushed into a pout.  Was it too much to ask for to just have one night where he got to cuddle his boyfriend for the night before they had to deal with a new day’s bullshit?

His annoyance, however, flew out the window when he heard retching coming from their bathroom.  It wouldn’t have been a surprise to Even if Isak had caught some bug going around; Isak had hardly slept the past couple of weeks and his immune system was probably through the floor.  It didn’t help that he ate like shit.

Even was beginning to realise that it was a miracle Isak wasn’t sick more often.

He took a breath and rolled himself out of his duvet cocoon, ready to go comfort his boyfriend.  He grabbed a hoody off the floor and pulled it on to keep the chilly night air from biting at his sleep warm skin and crossed the flat.

“Baby?” He croaked out, too tired to be embarrassed by his sleep roughened voice. He could still hear retching when he knocked on the bathroom door.  He figured Isak hadn’t heard him and pushed the door open, unaware that his world was about to turn on its axis.

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Your Favourite Shitty Student

| Warnings: Smut, teacher kink, and daddy kink. |



She sighed as she sat up from the grass and stretched her back. She was sitting behind her school, why? Because she wanted to piss off her favourite teacher.

She decided she had held out long enough to promptly annoy him, and decided to head to History, the class he taught.

She inhaled before opening the door to his classroom, she was 27 minutes late, but she didn’t care, she wanted all the attention from her teacher that she could get. And the best way to get attention from a teacher, was to be a shit student.

Turning the knob, she walked in, and all eyes landed on her, except the teachers, he didn’t even need to turn around to see who it was.

“Miss [Y/L/N], see me after class.” He said in a tired voice, clearly irritated by her actions, but she just grinned.

“Yes, sir.” She took her seat towards the front of the class and the teacher continued his lesson, though, she wasn’t paying attention.

She was too busy admiring the way his white button down shirt and black jeans fit his lanky body, and how his chocolate brown eyes followed the words he scribbled onto the blackboard. How his large hands gripped the chalk he was holding, how his brown hair swept to the side. This teacher was unlike her others; he was young, laid back, and extremely attractive. Everything about her teacher drove her insane. She bit her lip to hide a smile as she thought of all the ways his hands could hold various parts of her, and how soft his pink lips would feel on hers.

Suddenly, the bell rang, and while the other students gathered their things to go home, she sat still, wondering if her teacher would address her and tell her off or if this would be another silent detention like the last three, leaving her to her thoughts, her filthy thoughts.

As soon as all the students left the classroom, the teacher sat back down at his desk, and began scribbling something onto some papers, he was grading them, or so she assumed.

10 minutes passed and he still hadn’t said anything, but unknown to him, he was driving her wild.

Every once and awhile, he’d mess with his hair, ruffling it, making it stick up in spots. Or he’d crack his knuckles, the sound echoing through the near empty room. And most importantly, he’d loosened his black tie and undone a few buttons on his shirt.

This fucker was killing her softly, so she decided to be bold, unusually bold. She stood up from her desk, and walked over to her teacher, leaned down, and laid her hands upon the top of the desk.

He didn’t look up from what he was doing, he just continued to look down through his glasses at the work he was doing. She spoke up in the most sensual voice she could muster. “Guess what, Mr. Howell.”

He raised an eyebrow, still not looking up at her. “What is it, Miss [Y/L/N]?”

She leaned down even further, hoping to force him to look at her.

“I’m not wearing any knickers.”

She smirked to herself, quite proud she had managed to state that without stuttering or turning red. Mr. Howell, however, was not phased by this. At least, not to her.

‘What a dirty student I have.’ He thought as he shifted in his seat.

She wouldn’t give up though, she’d sat through his tortures for too long, and he was going to learn what she thought of him.

She walked around his desk, behind his chair, and wrapped her arms around his torso, straightening him in his seat and resting her chin on his shoulder. “You fucker, don’t you realise what you do to me?” She whispered in his ear.

He removed her hands from his body and swiftly got up from his chair. And suddenly she realised how tall he actually was. He stood at over a foot taller than her.

“Miss [Y/L/N], I don’t know what’s gotten into you lately. But I am your teacher, and you don’t need to talk to me this way.” He spoke, but he didn’t sound angry, he sounded somewhat disappointed. However, she wasn’t about it stop anytime soon. She grabbed his tie, and pulled him down so she could look into his eyes. “Shh, Mr. Howell. I want this, I want you. I don’t fucking care if you’re my teacher. I need you.” She emphasised the last three words by whining slightly, brushing her lips against his.

“I don’t want to get arrested.” He said quietly, guiltily enjoying her attention. She smirked, “You won’t, if we’re careful enough.” She pressed her lips against his, and he kissed back, placing his large hands upon her hips. She let go of his tie and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. She pulled away from the kiss and whispered into his ear, “Sit back down.” As she walked over to the classroom door, locking it and rolling down the blinds.

She walked back over to him, and straddled his lap, slowly grinding her bare core against his clothed crotch, causing the area below her to get harder. “I wish you knew what you did to me.” She whispered into his ear as she kissed down his neck. “I wish you knew how I touch myself at night, thinking about how our bodies would fit together-” She kissed his collarbone. “-or how you sound when you’re pleasured-” She unbuttoned his shirt and yanked off his tie. “-or how you’d feel inside of me.”

He gulped slightly, shifting underneath her as she felt his member twitch uncomfortably through his jeans. She just laughed, and crawled off of his lap, fiddling with his belt buckle. She slid down his jeans and underwear in one pull. She got on her knees in front of him, and took his member in her hands, pumping it slowly.

“You know, Mr. Howell, you’re a hell of a lot bigger than I ever imagined you’d be.” She smiled and kissed the tip of his member, causing him to moan softly.

Slowly, she took his length in her mouth, his member hitting the back of her throat. She bobbed her head slowly, as his hand found its way to her hair, gripping it tightly.

Leaning his head back in pleasure, he closed his eyes and moaned out occasionally. She started going faster, and his moans became more frequent and louder.

“Fuck,” he stuttered out. “I can’t last much longer.” She smirked and bobbed her head faster, him coming unglued under her.

He came in her mouth, and she swallowed it all. She smiled fondly at her teacher, and sat back down on his lap, rubbing his chest softly.

“You taste good, daddy.” She said as she kissed his lips softly. A faint blush upon each of their faces. As one hand cupped her cheek and the other laid upon her thigh, rubbing it as softly as she was rubbing his chest. They shared a slow, passionate kiss.

But then, the class phone rang, startling both of them and breaking them apart, a line of saliva connecting their pink lips. She broke the string of saliva while he reached for the phone, clearing his throat before answering it.

“Hello? Yes, she’s here.” He looked up at her and mouthed 'It’s your mum.’ She nodded, laying her hands on his shoulders, rubbing them softly, his hand still on her thigh as he listened to her mum on the other end of the line.

“Yes, I had her stay after class for being tardy, yes, she has detention for a week, yes, I’ll send her home now. Okay, bye.” He leaned back up and hung up the phone, looking at her fondly. “Sorry for giving you detention.” He smiled.

She just laughed. “It’s fine, as long as I’m the only person stuck with you.” He nodded. “Oh trust me, you will be.”

She got up from his lap, and they both stood. He pulled his trousers back up and she began fixing his shirt and tie. He smoothed out her hair and kissed her forehead softly.

“You’re a naughty girl, you know that?” He smirked as he rested his forehead upon hers, playing with the hem of her skirt.

“Yeah I know, but I’m your naughty girl.” She kissed him, and walked to her desk to pick up her bag. Walking to the door, she turned around and looked at him.

“Oh, and Mr. Howell?”

“Yes, [Y/N]?”

“Open my desk when I leave.” She waved at him and left the room.

He stood by the door, watching her walk down the hallway and out the front doors. He walked over to her desk and saw a piece of paper, sprayed with her favourite perfume, and neatly folded with “Mr. Howell” written on it.

He unfolded the paper and grinned to himself when he read it.

“Here’s my number, call me tonight, and by the way, Mr. Howell? I love when you wear your glasses, even though we both know you don’t need them.

- Love, [Y/N], your favourite shitty student.” 


You and Harry usually don’t fight so when he doesn’t come home after an intense screaming match you can feel nothing but an intense worry for your harry 

It was rare for you and Harry to fight, your home was generally filled with music and laughter over Harry’s bad jokes, but instead tonight it had been filled with yelling anger and words you didn’t mean. You couldn’t even remember how it had started anymore, you were so worked up and you stomach in nots that you didn’t care who had started it you were just hurt longing for the peacefulness your house no longer possessed. In the rare occasional the two of you fought harry would leave for a few hours to clear his mind meeting with a friend or just walking around your area, but when it got to midnight and he hadn’t returned part of you started to panic. You knew both your words had been harsher than usual, said with more intent of harm than to prove yourself, an almost sick feeling raised in the pit of your stomach as you laid in bed watching the clock tick minute by minute.

Instead of waking up to Harry’s warm hands around you and soft spoken apologies, you were meet with the cold half of his bed, a sore throat and an even bigger pain in your chest. That pain only grew more and more as you got ready for your day, the house feeling so empty and cold without another body in there humming to music as you do your seperate morning routines. This lead to overthinking as your work day went on, worry etched your face as you tried to concentrate on your work more worried about if Harry was safe than the report sat on your desk. A small voice in the back of your mind kept speaking to you this is your fault, you spoke the words and now you deal with the consequences.

It was lunch time before you decided to call his phone, you had no idea on what you’d say if he answered, but when you were meet with his answering machine you no longer had to find out. Harry wasn’t one to let the phone ring out if he didn’t want to talk to you, he’d just decline the call and move on, this made you nervous and a little uneasy a million scenarios filling your head. Was he cheating last night and still with her, did he get drunk and pass out somewhere, was he hurt and in an operating room somewhere your last words to him lingering in his head like they were in yours. These thoughts weighed heavy on your mind and left a sick feeling in your stomach, they were carried around with you for the rest of the day growing as you called his phone two more times meet with the same response.

You were sat on the couch no idea what time it was. You’d gotten home from work, the flat dark and silence, the stillness of your home making it clear Harry hadn’t been home. You had made your way to the couch and you hadn’t moved other than to take your heels off, you just sat and stared at the tv that was off and felt the flat grow colder and colder. You hardly noticed you were shivering your lips almost blue, you head was in absolute overload in thought, you’d occasionally lose train of though and go to grab a blanket or turn some lights on but you’d quickly go back to your state of self pity and be pulled back into your mind.

The sudden flash of light filling your flat is what snapped you out of your trance, your wide eyes like a deer caught in headlights flashed to the door where he stood. His eyes scanning the dark apartment and landing on you, he wore the same clothes from last night and carried that leather bound journal that despite your 3 years of dating you’d never seen the inside of.
“Hi, sorry its late ” he spoke walking to put his keys on the counter the question caught you off guard, it was almost like he’d forgotten what had happened last night. Your eyes followed his body, you were flooded with relief, he wasn’t hurt physically, he wasn’t in a hospital somewhere in a surgeons table. Your loud sob filled the silent apartment, a sob you didn’t realise you were holding in, you were suddenly aware of how cold it was, and how you’d been holding everything in after the argument.
“ Aye, love whats with the tears?” Harry was kneeling in front of you he took your hands in his placing a kiss on your thumb.
“ I thought you were dead Harry! In a ditch somewhere or, or in an operating room, or sleeping with someone else!” you yelled anger suddenly filling your shaking body snatching your hands away from his.
“ You didn’t come home, you didn’t answer your phone! I was so worried” this time when you tried to yell your voice failed you and your sentence came out weak and mumbled. Before you could protest this time his arms were around you puling you onto the floor and onto his lap as he leant against the couch shushing you as you sobbed.
“ Im sorry, I’m so sorry baby” his words soothed you while he pulled a blanket around the two of you, you were finding warmth in his your face tucked into his neck.
“ Here lets get you warm, this place is fuckin cold. I thought yeh’d want time to cool down so I stayed at Nicks ’n’ forgot to charge my phone last night then spent my day in meetings. I should’ve borrowed someones phone pet”

You pulled your head out of his neck and stared into his eyes a while later he looks hurt, your words from last night fill your head, you’d been so horrible to him and yet he’s here holding and comforting you.
“ Im sorry I said what I did last night I was a proper bitch” you mutter your voice hoarse from all the crying you had just done, you place your hands on either side of his face, its warm and familiar you press your lips to his forehead gently.
“ Yeh weren’t the only one, I was a right dick” you smiled leaning your head against his.
“ I love you, even though you were a right dick” you chuckled sitting back against his legs.
“ I love you too, even if you worry so much you almost turn the apartment into a freezer”

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If you are an incoming freshmen you are bound to change this year! You went from being top dog in middle school, to the bottom of the food chain in high school. I hope that this masterpost can give some tips to incoming fishies!

First Week Advice:

The first week will be a confusing time for you, but no need to fret! Here are some things that will help:

-Try memorizing your schedule before your first day

- Most schools will have a designated group of upperclassmen you can ask for directions or help (My school has a program called PALS, and they all wore PALS shirts so we could recognize them)

- Most teachers will be giving back some form a syllabus and they typically require parental signatures so get those signed ASAP

- Take the first week to make at least one (1) friend in each class

- Exploring the school before your classes start will be super helpful for getting to know your surroundings!!!

- First impressions matter! Look presentable, be polite, and helping out your teachers will make a great impression on your character.

Friends, relationships, and all that jazz:

Freshmen year comes with a lot of change which typically involves your personal relationships.

-Do not worry if your friend group changes. Freshmen year you typically gain and lose friends but that’s just what happens. (My freshmen year I lost my friend group from middle school because they started doing things I wasn’t into, and I never saw them because of band. That’s okay though because I have a new friend group and I love all of them!!)

- Alright so I know the dating pool just got a WHOLE lot bigger but there is one rule you must live by: DO NOT DATE SENIORS!!!!!

- Dating a senior will usually end up in heartbreak as typically they just want to use freshmen for sex. Even if they are a genuinely good person, the age gap is quite wide for your age, and they will be graduating that year so why even torture yourself that way

- Just be careful when dating and try to have a good judge of character when it come to upperclassmen!!

- Also most freshmen relationships are a joke and will end up only lasting a month or two lol

- Try getting upperclassmen as friends!!! It’ll be a little harder at the beginning but as long as you mellow out by second semester I promise you can have upperclassmen friends!!!

- Having Juniors as friends is super helpful because you can get rides, and advice early on. Sophomores will be easier to be friends with because they aren’t technically upperclassmen yet, but they could give you connections to other upperclassmen

- Getting into extracurriculars is another great way to make friends!! (literally band is my entire social existence lmao)


Going into freshman year you may notice a great change in your work load so it’s important to do most of the following.

- Figure out a method of organization that works for you! I personally have a homework folder, an expanding file folder, and then spiral notebooks.

- Starting either a bullet journal or a planner will be incredibly helpful!!!!

- Please turn in all your HW and have minimal late grades!!!!

- Study for ALL tests, quizzes, etc.

- Do not be afraid to ask for help from teachers because they want to see you succeed

- If you get a teacher you have heard awful things about (not just strict but like a teacher who doesn’t teach) try your best to switch out of their class!!

- Doing pre-AP, AP, or higher level classes is always a benefit, but do not take on more than you are capable of!!!!!!!

- Take notes and keep up with your textbook readings!!

- Establish good habits like things I mentioned above!!


Most freshmen end up looking like turtles with how stuffed their backpack is. You really don’t need that much stuff.

- If your school does block scheduling then only take the things you need for that day! (ofc make sure you are actively putting the right supplies in or using two (2) different backpacks)

- Only take things that are essential for you!!

- Some things may include:

           - Calculator

           - Spirals

           - Pencil bag

           - Binder, HW folder (whatever your method is, I personally don’t recommend binders)

           - Tampons, medicine, hair bands or brush, glasses, ID, etc.

           -  Laptop (when needed)

- Avoid bringing textbooks if you don’t a locker to put them in!

- Having a lightweight backpack will make you feel much better, trust me.

-Always having a phone charger is helpful

Other/ general advice:

- Try not to be obnoxious and loud; upperclassmen will like you more

- Don’t be afraid of change!!

- Starting volunteer work early is super helpful!!!

- Talking to your counselors is uber important

- Let go of middle school drama; you will feel much better

- Establish good relations with your teachers!! You might need a recommendation from them one day!

- Looking at colleges early never hurts

- Try to get as much sleep as possible; you need it

- It’s perfectly okay to make mistakes! Learn from them!

- Give yourself time to relax

- Having a pair or two of headphones will be a lifesaver!

- Ask your parents for a house key if you don’t have one yet!!

- Always bring water! Also snacks!!

- Be involved!!! Do something worth a letterman jacket or something that will make memories!!

Alright bby’s make sure to relax and have fun this year! Being a fish isn’t all that bad if you know how to do it right!!

This is my first advice post so im sorry its sorta awful and i also did it while high on painkillers bc i just got my wisdom teeth out

Laws Of Bygones

My ten minutes break from real life and STH fics, so you get another quick fic. For @lavengadoraaa who is as mad about Mafia AUs as I am about h/c. This one has reincarnation + mobs + soulmate AU because that’s the trifecta.

The tragedy about mobs was that their stories always began with somebody’s funeral or wedding. Happy would say that they were the same, but Happy was working with his ex-wife who had asked his boss to kill him in grief; his opinion didn’t exactly sound unbiased. The tragedy remained, therefore, in Tony’s eyes that a mob’s story always began with a gathering that had bad music and worse food.

If Tony were to write the story, it would begin with a bad idea. And an explosion, though both went hand in hand when it came to him. Anyway, it would always begin with somebody saying they didn’t have a choice before doing something stupid.

“Rhodey shot Wilson,” Pepper announced as she walked into his office, her heels sinking into the scarlet carpet, “He says he had no choice.”

Like that.

“Any good news?” Tony leaned back on his high chair and looked up from his monthly report of the warehouses they were monitoring.

“Wilson survived,” Pepper said and sank into the dark chair opposite to Tony, toeing off her heels and shooting Tony a wry look.

The good stories began with bad decisions, Tony mentally corrected himself, but the great ones began with bad decisions that led to worse consequences. Like an officer surviving a bullet from a mobster.

“Any witnesses?”

“It’s Rhodey,” Pepper raised an eyebrow and Tony nodded in acceptance.

“Fair enough, no witnesses then,” he commented, stretching his arms and linking his hands behind his head, “What’s the problem then?”

“Rogers is the one on the case now,” Pepper said with a pinched look and a cutting glance, “And he’s pissed.”

“He’s been pissed since he got into that uniform,” Tony snorted, “Shouldn’t have made it two sizes smaller.”


“Pepper,” Tony returned her tone before sighing, “Why do you nag me about things you can handle with one hand tied? You’ve handled Rogers before. You can do it again.”

“No, you’ve handled him before,” Pepper corrected him with an amused grin, “I’ve handled your mess and clean-up. Which I hope I never have to do again”.

“It’s good to hope, Potts. The world runs on hope,” Tony grinned and tilted his head to observe her, “Really, Pepper. What’s the problem here? So Rogers is on the case. Do the usual. Pull Rhodey in, put either Viz or Happy out as bait, and throw in a bone of either Hammer or Vanko’s latest news for Rogers to catch. You know the drill. You created the drill.”

“It’s not that simple this time”

“Why not?“

“Hammer threw out a bone against us,” Pepper took a breath and held Tony’s gaze, “Tony, he leaked Spider-Man’s identity.”

Tony heard the whirring of a drill somewhere downstairs, the faint strains of Equinox from the jazz bar next door, and the soft chime of a customer entering the salon above them. He heard them all but only through the rush in his ears. 

 Mob stories were great and made good legends. But Tony would never write one at the cost of a kid’s life.

“Fix the set-up,” he said in the tone that only came out when he dealt with death and monsters above it, “It’s time to distract Officer Rogers through a meeting with a bigger bone.” 

 Pepper, like she always did, simply picked out her phone and prepared for the worst.


 Steve turned off the radio when he reached the defunct warehouse 12 on Carter Street. Radiohead’s Optimistic dwindled into silence as he looked out his window and considered the place.

To an untrained eye it would look like just another warehouse; abandoned, dormant, and quiet in its existence. Steve knew better though. He had seen a lot many good men walk into such warehouses and walk out on shoulders of their friends, in cold coffins. He had heard a lot many stories and lived a lot many tales of injuries and scars that came out of such warehouses. They weren’t always abandoned. 

They were a test of survival. 

“All units stay alert,” he whispered into his hidden comm and opened his car door to get out, “We can’t afford any mistakes." 

 His shoes crushed strewn pieces of glass and gravel as Steve walked to the door of the warehouse and eyed the red shutter button on its right end. He pressed on it but nothing happened. If Natasha’s intel were true, he was supposed to meet a whistleblower on the Iron Legion, the mob that had made the department look like headless chicken with every case they lost them in. Sam had come close to nabbing one of its members last week but had been shot in the shoulder for his efforts. Steve knew that it was unfair to be frustrated, but he wished Sam had seen the man’s face at the least. 

 The whistleblower he had come to meet today was an ex-employee of Stane Industries, the company that Iron Legion had destroyed to the ground a few months back. Natasha said that he had been personally hurt by the mob’s boss and had escaped by the skin of his teeth. It was understandable then why he had been hesitant to come out in the open. Steve just hoped that the man, Knight Natasha said his name was, could come through for them now. 

 Steve pressed the button once more and heard some noise from within the warehouse. He moved back and tensed up, one hand close to the gun on his hip. The shutter rattled in a minute before Steve saw it open up, the place dark inside.  

"Are you Steve Rogers?” a voice asked and Steve tried to find a form in the darkness. 

 "Yes, do you have some light?“ he asked, eyes still trained on the source of the voice. 

 "Uh, yeah, I think so, wait a minute,” the voice coughed and Steve heard a small swear before a sound of victory. There was a click of a lighter and Steve took a step forward as the fire of the lighter slowly brightened to reveal the face of a man. 

 "Hi" the man smiled awkwardly and looked around Steve’s shoulder, “Sorry, are you - you’re Steve Rogers, right?" 

 "Yes, and you are Mr. Knight?” Steve asked and the man nodded. His eyes seemed to be darting around Steve’s surroundings and Steve cleared his throat. 

“Do you want to go inside or…?" 

 "What? Oh! Sorry!” the man fumbled and moved inside, “Watch your step, there’s a bump I think, yeah sure, come in." 

 "There’s no light?” Steve asked, even as he moved inside, following Knight’s lighter. 

 "Oh, um, yeah, the fuse kinda went off,“ the man chuckled awkwardly, leading Steve inside, "You don’t always check warehouses before renting them, right? I mean, there’s no website or recommendations or anything for them. You just grab the first empty one you get." 

 "Right,” Steve said and looked around him, finding nothing really visible in clarity, “Do you think we could find something else to get some more light first?" 

 "Oh, uh, sure?” Knight turned around and looked at Steve, “Do you, um, have a flashlight or something?" 

 Steve nodded and reached into his pocket to grab the pocket flashlight, taking it out and switching it on. Knight brought up a hand and shielded his eyes when the light hit him directly. "Oh sorry, here, sorry,” Steve lowered his torch and Knight switched off his lighter, bringing his hand down to look up at Steve again. In the better and slightly brighter light, Steve caught a good look of the man and felt himself freeze. 

 The man had the most gorgeous pair of warm brown eyes and a jaw as sharp as a knife. He wore a pair of black rimmed glasses but they did nothing to hide the startling wonder of his eyes, large and expressive in every blink. Steve was never the kind of man to let his emotions loose during a job but there was something about the slight smile and twinkle in the eyes of this man that made his blood sing. Some pull in that face that hit Steve’s gut like a faded laugh. 

 "Hi, okay, now I see you,“ Knight smiled shyly, an awkward and soft tilt of his lips, and Steve had to squash a rising temptation to keep his eyes on those lips.

 "Yeah, I see you too,” Steve replied dumbly and pulled himself together when the man’s expression turned mildly confused, “So, Mr. Knight, I’m glad that I finally found you. Do you have something good for me?" 

 "I don’t know about good,” Knight huffed ruefully and shrugged, “But whatever I’ve got, I’ll give it to you.” Steve was sure that it wasn’t intended to sound flirtatious but he still had to will his interest down before nodding. 

“I’m all ears" 

 "Oh, um, I just start talking?” Knight blinked at Steve and Steve shrugged.  


 "Okay,” the man cleared his throat before looking back at Steve seriously, “I met Iron Man, the boss of Iron Legion, when I was working with SI. He, uh, he had some problems with my boss and I guess decided one day that he was going to settle it once and for all." 

 "The reactor blast,” Steve chimed in and Knight nodded jerkily. 

 "Yeah, that,“ he took a stuttering breath, "Stane told his employees to leave him alone in the research basement and asked just a few of us engineers to help him work on one of our oldest projects, the Arc Reactor. One of us, Doctor Yinsen, said that we couldn’t weaponize the reactor’s energy since it went against the oldest policy set by Mr. Stark -" 

 "Anthony Stark? I thought he was dead in that jet crash over Afghanistan?,” Steve frowned and Knight laughed humourlessly. 

 "Oh he died alright,“ he shook his head ,"but not before sending an announcement through his PA, Ms. Virginia, that the arc reactor project’s weapons section would be shut down. Virginia spoke about it to Stane but…I guess they had some altercation. Anyway, Virginia was fired the same day and Stane never made the announcement public." 

 "But Yinsen knew about it,” Steve surmised, now engrossed in the story. 

 "Yes, he had been close to Stark and he knew about it,“ Knight sounded sadly fond when he spoke before his voice grew bitter, "He told Stane that he was going against the policy set by Stark but Stane was adamant. He fired Yinsen and then dragged him out of the basement when the man wouldn’t leave. We all…well, we never saw Yinsen again, so I assume Stane threw him out for good.”

 "How did Iron Man know about this?“ 

 "I’m not sure,” Knight shook his head, “We were working on the reactor and transferring its energy into a miniaturized core Stane had arranged when Stane got a call and he took it.” Knight took a deep breath and looked Steve in the eye. “Stane looked like he’d heard a ghost, Mr. Rogers,” he said in a hushed voice, “Nobody had ever seen Obadiah Stane lose control but that day he almost did. He said just two words before rushing out of there like a bat out of hell." 

 "What were the words?” Steve asked and Knight’s mouth twisted. 

 "Iron Man" he said and ran a hand over his face, “I didn’t see anything else till the ceiling broke and Stane fell into the reactor, burning to a crisp. But as we all ran from there, I stumbled on the miniaturized core and before I could do anything with it, I felt someone hold my shoulder." 

 "That day I looked into the eyes of Iron Man, Mr. Rogers,” Knight said in a haunted voice, “I see those eyes in my nightmares every night. Those lifeless, piercing blue eyes. They had no soul. No emotion in them. It was like staring into a dead man’s face. Cold. Robotic.”  

“And you can identify him?” Steve pressed on. 

 "In my sleep,“ Knight said confidently. "I remember him like I remember my own face." 

 "That’s good,” Steve declared and reached down into his pocket to bring out the declaration form he had brought with him, “I’m really glad that you finally decided to come out, Mr. Knight. This will help us more than you could know." 

 "Of course,” Knight smiled a bit before eyeing Steve curiously, “May I ask a question though?" 


 "Why do you want to catch Iron Man so much?" 


 "I mean,” Knight shrugged a bit, “apart from him being a mob boss and such, why do you want to catch him? What do you see wrong in him?" 

 "Everything,” Steve answered as he found the form and brought it out, “He’s a threat." 

 "To what?" 

 "Freedom,” Steve replied and shook the paper open, offering it to Knight, “Iron Man and his gang are a threat to the freedom of people. They’re selfish, uncaring about those who fight for the good, and unworthy of their power." 

 "Really?” Knight asked as he read through the form, “And who decides that?”

 "Decides what?“ 

 "The part about them being a threat to freedom,” Knight began pacing as he read the form with a small frown, “You said they’re a threat to the freedom of people, right? Which people? The ones who threaten the freedom and lives of others or those who are threatened every day? And why are they selfish or unworthy of their power?" 

 "Because they break the law at their whims,” Steve frowned, suspicious at the turn of the conversation. 

 "The law?“ Knight stilled and laughed lightly, "You think that the law is worthy, Officer Rogers? That wearing a blue uniform makes people right while wearing a suit makes someone wrong? The law shoots those who hold a gun, Officer. Is that still right if the one holding the gun was just someone trying to save his family from a seemingly weaponless man with power? The law questions based on things they see, but do they ask the real questions about what they saw? You speak about freedom, but you don’t tell me who’s freedom you protect." 

 "Mr. Knight…" 

 "Iron Man doesn’t ride in cars with sirens, Rogers,” Knight smirked sharply, eyes glinting, “and his team doesn’t wear medals of honour to parade. And yet, he managed to stop a war monger while the law seeks to protect men like Stane.”

 "Who are you?“ Steve asked and pulled out his gun, training it on the man in front of him.

 "The one you’ve been looking for,” the man grinned and in one swoop, came closer to whisper, “And the one you’ll never stop chasing." 

 Steve was about to pull the trigger when the man whistled and Steve realized quite late that he had been lured into the warehouse on purpose. An explosion from behind him, pushed Steve forward and made him lose his balance. The other man moved away but not before Steve’s outstretched hand caught hold of his hip and ripped the shirt when he fell. He tried clutching at the waist of the man but the flashlight had been knocked out and Steve was stumbling into the ground. He heard a gasp though and felt his own hands burn when the man slipped through his fingers. 


 "Run!” a new voice yelled, before Steve could get up and run behind the source of the sound


 "Not without you!” strong fingers clutched at the sides of his face and a warm but bloody mouth pressed against his lips ,“Not without you, beloved!" 

 "Please -" 

 "Live or die, we do it together, my heart,” another kiss was pressed into his mouth and he felt the heartbeat of his dearest in that second. 

 "Together,“ he whispered even as they heard the yells of the soldiers geowing louder behind them

Steve heard the sounds of barrels falling and snapped out of the strange flash of a weird haze. 

 "Odinson! We’ve got runners!” he yelled into his comm and scrambled to his feet, feeling shakier than a normal fall should warrant. 

 As he chased out of the warehouse, into an empty lot, Steve felt a mixture of remembered sorrow and regret meld with a present fury and betrayal. His palm tingled as he tried to block out the memory of a bloody kiss and the sight of warm brown eyes. 

 He had failed. Steve didn’t know why he felt like it wasn’t the first time.

Highway (Part 9)

Originally posted by winter-barnes

Summary: There’s a charming man that enters the diner like he owns the place, like he owns the town. And when he’s calling you baby doll, with a devilish smirk on his face and a twinkle of silver in his baby blues, you know you won’t be able to stop yourself from falling for the infamous Bucky Barnes.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Wordcount: 2,908

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When Wanda Maximoff came knocking on your front door, the sun had just about reached its highest point in the baby blue sky. The brunette had rushed herself right out of bed just to come at noon, just like she promised she would, because there was something you weren’t telling her and what Wanda wanted to know, Wanda would eventually know.

And this was a fact that you knew all too well; it was an obvious trait in your good friend that was clear to absolutely everyone that was close to her. She was a gossip monger with no boundaries, but you’d grown to accept and love that about her.

So, at precisely noon, when the knocking at your door burst through your invasive thoughts, you lowered the volume on your television and rushed over to the front door, knowing that your good friend would simply knock incessantly until her knuckles bled. When you opened the door, Wanda grinned in relief and lifted a rectangular pink box.

“I brought donuts,” She chirped as she stepped over the threshold of your front door and onto the hardwood floors of your quaint home. She kicked her shoes off and shoved them next to yours before she rushed into the living room and placed the box on the center table. Wanda made herself right at home.

“Lemme go get some napkins,” You spoke with a chuckle, the smell of the fresh donuts filling your nostrils and the area that Wanda resided in. She smiled at you and nodded when you disappeared into the kitchen for a few moments to grab a few napkins. You’ve seen Wanda eat mountains upon mountains of glazed donuts before, and where the breakfast foods were involved, she was a pig.

When you returned to the living room, you plopped yourself down betwixt your friend and the arm of the small couch. You get a few seconds to raise the volume of the comedy show that was playing before Wanda spoke.

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Meet her

Derek arrives back in Beacon Hills getting a bigger surprise that he expected.
Characters - Reader x Derek
Word Count - 758

‘You’re back?’ You said breathlessly as you saw Derek sitting there, you couldn’t tear your eyes away, he had grown his beard out more, gained more muscle but he still looked like the Derek you fell in love with.
‘Yeah.’ He said, smiling slightly. You wrapped your arms around him, and he done the same.
‘I’m glad your safe.’ You commented before you pulled back and took a seat next to Lydia. Once everyone was sitting around the table, you saw some familiar faces. You were all talking about what was happening when your phone went off, you brung it out and stood up, everyone watching you.
‘Guys I’ve got to go.’ You said as you looked at them knowing they would understand, they all quickly glanced at Derek and nodded.
‘Someone will drop by and catch you up later.’ Scott said and you nodding smiling, before turning and leaving. You could feel Derek’s eyes on you.

You opened the door and were taken aback when you saw Derek standings there.
‘What are you doing here?’ You asked surprised.
‘Catching you up.’ He said, you nodded.
‘Thought it’d be Scott or Lydia.’ You said as you smiled at him, he raised an eyebrow.
‘They all had prior engagements.’ He said as he stepped inside as you stepped away from the door, you closed it behind him. You walked towards your living room, Derek close behind. You motion toward the chair and he’d take a seat.
‘What’s the plan?’ You asked, he watched you with his eyes as you took a seat on the couch.
‘We know where they are hiding, we plan on taking it tomorrow night.’ He said, you nodded.
‘What do you guys need me to do?’ You asked him, he looked you up and down before continuing.
‘They said, you’ve to do the usual whatever that means.’ He said, and you nodded. Notting in your mind to call Melissa once Derek was gone, to make sure it was okay, knowing that Scott had probably already asked her.
‘What exactly do you do?’ He asked, you opened your mouth to speak but you heard small footsteps approaching, Derek looked alarmed but took in your calm but slightly tense posture.
‘Mummy?’ You heard, you could feel Derek watching you closely.
‘Yeah baby?’ You said as she walked into the He cling room, glancing at the strange man on the couch before walking over to you. You kicked her up, setting her on you lap.
‘Bad dream?’ You asked her. She nodded cussing up into your chest.
‘It’s okay, I’m here.’ You said as you rubbed her back. Derek couldn’t take her eyes of her. Her eyes were bright green and her dark hair contrasted, when he looked at you, he could hear your heart beating faster and the he knew, she was his.
‘I better get going.’ He said quickly as he stood up, you nodded standing up, knowing he had figured it out, with Lexie on your side, he head tucked into your neck. You followed him over to the door. As he opened it he looked between the two woman in-front of him before walking away.
‘I’m sorry.’ You whispered knowing he’d hear you, before sighing and closing the door.

‘You never told me.’ Derek said, his voice cracking as he looked at the little girl playing with toys. You were surprised you would hear from him, thinking he would have left again. Since it had been almost a week since that night.
‘You left.’ You said as you glanced at him.
‘You could have called.’ He said, you looked up at him.
‘You didn’t have a phone.’ You said, he blinked twice before looking at you and then down at the ground.
‘You’re right.’ He said, before he looked back at Lexie and watched her.
‘Does she know about me?’ He asked breaking the silence.
‘Yeah, I told her everything about you.’ You told him honestly, you told her that he was away on work, but he never forgot about her.
‘Really?’ He asked surprised, you smiled slightly watching as his eyes light up.
‘Why not? I mean yeah I had my doubts you’d come back but after all its Beacon Hills.’ You said as you took his hand and led him into the room.
‘What are you doing?’ He asked, not moving, you turned back around and smiled at him.
‘I think it’s time for Lexie to meet her dad, right?’ You asked him, he nervously looked at you and then to Lexie before nodding slowly.

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First [13]


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© 2014 Katarina Jones


She contemplated the idea again and again through her own blonde-headed hair. Come on Lara, just get it done with, go to his room and face him.

But it wasn’t just as easy as her head pictured the scene. It was obvious. Something was up with her bigger brother and she might be the cause of it. Did he see her panting and screaming yesterday night at the cause of her friend?

The small thought of it made her sick to her stomach. She didn’t want him thinking that she had no interest on him whatsoever or that she broke their agreement to the whole “you own me” plan.

She stopped her hand from shaking and grabbed the doorknob. No. She had to knock first. Nervous gulps followed one another as she clenched her fist and knocked two times on the door, before she let herself into his room.

The typical manly scent was always filling his room, making it his temple and Lara’s dangerous grounds.

Before she let Adrianne take over her last night, that scent only made her desire grow bigger for him. But now…it just made her sick to her stomach knowing that she had risked everything that she was working for; her first time with Lucas

Lucas was lying down on his bed, the glorious being of his, filling her entire stomach with butterflies. No Lara, no. That isn’t what you want to feel. You only desire Lucas for sex; no feelings.

The image of his strong muscles being hidden by his black shirt, made her forget about it all and just go and fulfil all his manly needs. But it wasn’t the right moment for that. Not now.

His eyes were glued to the phone in his hands. He was watching something that prevented him from noticing Lara’s presence and he was obviously too entertained to acknowledge her.

Lara slowly walked over to his bed, remembering all the good memories of the last few days and tried to make as much noise as she could with her footsteps so he wouldn’t get startled when he saw her.

But that wasn’t the case. She coughed and strange noises to see if he would finally glance up, but Lucas wouldn’t budge. He was acting as if he was oblivious to her being.


His dark blue eyes narrowed up to her and quickly snapped back to his phone’s screen, completely disinterested in whatever she had to say or do. Whatever he was watching was more interesting than talking to his sister. “Mm?”

“Listen Luc,” Lara began, her voice shaking a bit with nerves, “I know you told me to not to-”

Lucas sighed and looked up, locking his phone and placed it beside him. “It’s okay Lara,” he interrupted her, his eyes holding no emotion.

“What?” she blinked slowly, feeling out of bound and completely out of her league. She didn’t even feel like an eighteen year old; she felt like a child getting chastised for stealing cookies out of the forbidden jar.

“I said its okay,” he repeated, slowly as if he were talking to a small child, “Let’s just forget about everything,” his dark eyes snapped up to hers and he clenched his jaw, “every single thing that happened between us.”

Her eyes widened and she felt her heart beating quickly with fear. “Luc-”

Lucas shook his head, the anger he felt the night before coming back to haunt him. He couldn’t believe that she disobeyed him. He had given her strict, clear orders of what was going on between them and she couldn’t hold unto her end of the bargain. “I said to forget.”

“But I don’t want to forget!” She cried out, sounding like the child he was making her feel like. “I don’t know why you’re so angry at me! I didn’t do anything!”

And that did it.

Lucas stood up from the bed, his face turning into a dark scowl as he lowly whispered, “You didn’t do anything?” Lara shook her head, her heart beating faster than conga drums, “So you don’t remember what happened yesterday between you and Adrianne?”

He was inches away from Lara, towering over her shaking figure as he bit out every distasteful word that left his lips. He was beyond pissed. “Do you need a reminder?”

A single tear slid down her cheek, leaving behind a gold trail as she shook her head and bit her lip to keep it from trembling. This always softened Lucas up; it should get the trick done. But Lara thought wrong.

This time she’d have to do more than bat her eyelashes and pout her lips; she had crossed the line.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered.

Lucas snorted, shaking his head as he stepped away from her and sat back down on the bed. “Sorry doesn’t cut it; get out of my room, Lara. I told you the conditions of me helping you with your shit; you followed everything I said, and I’d teach you everything I knew.” He scoffed, “But even that you couldn’t do.”

Lara glared at him, crossing her arms over her chest as she finally got fed up with his attitude. Yeah, she had gotten freaky with her best friend, but it wasn’t like she shoved a dick up her “virgin tunnel,” like Adrianne would call it.

“You told me that no other man could see me, Lucas; you never said women couldn’t.”

He returned her glare, clenching his jaw even harder as he realized that she was right, but he was still angry and stubborn. “So now you’re into women?!”

“No,” she groaned, throwing her hands up in the air, “it was a one-time thing, Luc. We were both horny and had alcohol in our system. Besides it’s not bad to experiment, I was just trying out something different.”

He rolled his eyes, huffing immaturely and began cursing under his breath.

She smiled, realizing that she finally got the upper hand again and watched as her step-brother ran his fingers through his brown hair, dishevelling it into a sexy mess. Lara crawled on the bed, smiling seductively and whispered, “I want you to be my first in everything.”

When she reached Lucas, she bowed her head and pressed her lips against his, kissing him slowly and teasingly. Lucas placed his hands on her waist, putting space between them and even though his eyes spoke a different story, he said, “You’re not being forgiven that easily.”

Lara nodded quickly, her soft blonde hair falling over her shoulders and slightly tickling Lucas’ collarbone. “Of course…anything. I’ll do anything.”

“Yes you are,” Lucas stared deep into her eyes, his own shining with such passion and hunger that it reflected off hers. “Get on your knees.”

She frowned, not really catching on as Lucas stood up and stood in front of her. “W-what?”

“On. Your. Knees,” he repeated, growing irritated. Lara quickly nodded, getting on her knees as Lucas pulled her towards him and placed her head right in front of his hard bulge. “Do you see this?”

She nodded once more, her heart beating excitedly in her chest as she realized that her brother was going to give her another sexual lesson.

“He’s your friend,” Lucas whispered huskily, taking her hands in his as he felt his hard cock through the fabric of his sweatpants.

Lara giggled at him, more from anticipation than anything else, but it made his eyes snap open and he glared down at her. She quickly sobered up and gulped. This time there was something different in the atmosphere; Lucas was being dominant and she didn’t know whether to be excited or afraid.

He wasn’t going to hold back.

“I’m serious, Lara. You will not use anything else to pleasure yourself but this.” Using her hands, Lucas took his grey sweats off, sliding them down his toned calves and Lara licked her lips, eyeing his thick shaft through his boxers.

He was completely constricted and he needed immediate release and she wanted to volunteer as tribute.

“When we’re done here, you’re going to get your vibrator and hand it to me. You will not use your hands to touch yourself; you won’t use anything to pleasure yourself, do you understand me?”

Lara frowned, her heart speeding up at the thought of not climaxing every night. “B-but,” she sputtered, unable to form a coherent sentence.

“No buts,” he growled, “if you can’t do a simple task then how the fuck will you learn?!”

She quickly nodded her head and whispered, “But what about when I’m horny?! What the hell am I supposed to do then?!”

He smirked. “You come to me. I will be the only person to touch you, see you naked, feel you; anything sexual that is done to your body will only come from me. You can tell Alex at the moment that you’re going away on vacation.”

Who the fuck was Alex?!

Oh…her imaginary boyfriend, right.

“I prohibit you from seeing Adrianne without me being there. When you have friends over, I want your door open; I swear to god, Lara that if you let someone else touch you, no matter the sex, I will make sure you regret it.”

She didn’t know if she was just insane or stupid, but Lucas managed to make her pussy drenched by controlling her the way he was. She gulped nodding as he stepped out of his boxers and his cock stood at full attention.

Lara’s blue eyes widened as she stared at the monster before her. It would probably break her in half to have his throbbing shaft thrust inside her, but it would be worth it.

“Open your mouth,” he commanded, not sounding like her loving brother whatsoever. He sounded like some BDSM master.

Lara did as she was told, closing her eyes when Lucas placed his hand over them and then placed the tip of his head in her mouth. The musky male taste on her tongue made her panties heat up worse than molten lava. She needed to shove her fingers in her pussy and bring herself to a glorious climax, but if she dared go against Lucas’ word—well she wasn’t even wishing to find out.

Lucas smirked deviously as he slid the tip of his head around her mouth, pre-cum slowly oozing out and as much as it was killing him to have his cock in her mouth, but not have her do anything; he was going to teach her that he’d be the only thing she’d want in a long while.

“Kiss it,” he whispered, biting the inside of his cheek to prevent himself from chuckling. He knew that his requests were a little bizarre, but he wanted her to submit to him completely.

Her soft plump lips puckered against his head, slowly peppering kisses against it and slowly grabbed the base of his shaft to slide more of him into her mouth. Lucas closed his eyes, grunting in pleasure as Lara’s hot tongue grazed across him, making his knees weaken.

He gulped, letting his head fall back into his shoulders and huskily grunted, “Suck on it like-”

Lara cut him off by sliding his shaft into her mouth. She didn’t need him to give her similes; she just wanted to do it. Lucas groaned, entwining his fingers in her blonde hair as she sucked on him eagerly.

“Fuck…that’s…fucking amazing…”

Her lips turned into a grin around his cock and Lucas began to slam his hips into her face. Lara gagged as his entire length went inside her mouth, but she quickly tried to adjust to him as he kept slamming his hips into her.

There was no mercy at all in his actions.

And Lara loved it. That was all she wanted; for Lucas to treat her like his bitch.

“That’s it, baby,” Lucas breathily praised, “suck on your brother’s big dick.”

At the filthy words leaving his mouth, Lara moaned. She loved it when he spoke that way; it turned her on more than the fieriest chambers of hell. Lucas groaned, the vibrations of Lara’s moans making him go overboard.

He held unto her head, keeping her in place as he began to face-fuck her. Lara shut her eyes, feeling his cock filling with cum and gagged. Her throat would surely constrict in pain later on, but at the moment she adored the submissive position she was in.

She would do anything Lucas proposed without a doubt.

A long string of sperm shot into Lara’s mouth and her eyes widened as Lucas fastened his thrusting hips and almost suffocated her with his length. It sounded painful, but it really wasn’t.

For all she cared, he could hold unto her throat and slam her against the wall as she shoved his dick up her tight virgin hole. Then again, during a sexual high the body was more open to pain and Lara sometimes was a masochist…

The mind-blowing orgasm that broke through Lucas was so powerful that he almost fell to his knees. The anger mixed with lust made the cumming feel like a drug that he never wanted to end. It was glorious.

Lara swallowed his entire seed, licking her lips as she stared up at him with wide “innocent” eyes and gave him a smirk as he leaned against the bed to support himself. After regaining his normal heart beat, Lucas raised his eyebrows at her and said, “Get on the bed.”

She didn’t think twice about it, she simply climbed unto the bed and continued licking her lips. Lucas really did taste good. He must’ve been eating lots of pineapples lately…

“Open your legs,” Lucas practically growled, his voice deepening with desire.

Lara did as she was told; trying to control her breathing after Lucas gagged her with his length. She watched as Lucas got down on his knees, slowly pulling down her pyjama pants. As her bare pussy came into contact with the cold air and Lucas’ breath, she shuddered.

“Mm,” he moaned, running his nose up her smooth thighs, “at least you listened to something I told you to do.”

He was referring to her not wearing any underwear.

“I want you to tell me something, Lara.” She looked up at him. “Did Adrianne make you feel good?”

The tone of voice he spoke in told her that she should say no, but his eyes challenged her to lie. She was stuck in between two walls. “I…”

Lucas bowed down, sliding his tongue into her slit slowly and parted her waxed pussy lips. “Did she make you feel like this?”

Lara arched her back off the bed, groaning as Lucas began to lap at her dripping cunt, licking her as if she was candy. Her legs rose off the bed, wrapping around his strong shoulders as she moaned loudly and tightly grabbed unto her breasts.

He was tempted to pin them away from her chest, but he was so concentrated on her delicious taste that he chose to ignore it. His tongue flattened against her heat, sliding in between her folds and teasing her clit in the process.

Lara cried out, filled with such ferocious passion that she thought it would shatter her into a million pieces. If this was what her brother had to offer, she couldn’t wait until he showed her the rest.

Her fingers tightened around his smooth hair as she pulled him closer to her, grinding her hips into his face as he ate her out. “Fuck, Luc that feels so fucking…unf!”

“Did she suck your pussy like this?” he whispered, as he ran the tip of his tongue up and down her entire length. “Did she shove her tongue deep into your little pussy like this?”

Lara groaned, wishing that he didn’t have to prove anything to her, but groaned and yelped when he nibbled on her lips. Her entire frame shook as wave after wave of orgasms tumbled down on her, making her feel stunned.

Lucas wrapped his lips around her small clit, sucking on it until she thought it had lost all circulation and her legs shook with pleasure. Her clit was literally so sensitive at the moment that it felt completely numb.

“No one will touch you now, Lara; you’re mine. This pussy is mine; you are mine, do you understand?”

“Y-yes,” she gasped, closing her eyes and squeezing her breasts tightly. Her back arched and twisted as she cried out in bliss.

Moans and groans echoed throughout the room as Lara cried out Lucas’ name, swearing that she was thinking of him when Adrianne touched her sexually and it wasn’t until she climaxed so hard that her eyes rolled back into her head and she blacked out that Lucas believed her.

He was good at what he did.

And his sister knew that now.


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soulmate!svt | minghao

a/n: i’m starting with minghao bc ive been dying over him lately and yet he isnt one of my two biases from svt ajdhsjdh (those jihoon and mingyu) anYWAYS also ive had writers block so i figured a bullet point thing would be nice to start off with ^^

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soulmate!au: common name/nicknames of your soulmate appear on your skin. the larger the names/nicknames are, the more often they’re called it.

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Fanfic where Betty is distancing herself from Jughead? Like she's thinking about breaking up with him cause of all the serpent stuff... Then Jughead does some big romantic gesture (you could decided whether its a gesture or whether its just Jughead telling Betty why he's so in love with her) and Betty realises she could never leave him. Sorry its long lol

So I wanted this up yesterday but I suck. I trawled through my prompts to see if I could find anything that I could write as a (now belated) birthday gift for the wonderful @peacelovebughead because she deserved some birthday love! And then it got super angsty, so I’m sorry, love! But yeah, this is for you - happy birthday again, Jess!

Betty sighed as she gripped her phone harder, pressing it closer against her ear as it continued to ring. She felt like she heard the incessant noise so often lately that it was ingrained into her head. Her lower lip began to tremble and she pulled it between her teeth, biting down hard to hide the motion. She wouldn’t cry, she refused to cry.

“This is Jughead, leave a message.” The clipped tone of her boyfriend’s voicemail settled heavily over her heart.

They promised they’d try. They told each other, whispered into the creases of each other’s skin shrouded in the shadows of FP’s trailer, that this wouldn’t change anything. It showed in the way Jughead would drop his jacket every time she stepped foot in his line of sight, relieving his shoulders of the leather burden that Betty could feel across her own back like a crushing weight whenever she glimpsed the green and red embroidery.

She thought it would be a relief to see him remove his newly accrued armour in her presence, peeling back the layers he’d so sardonically told her he was in possession of that one night in a Pop’s booth, until he was her Juggie again. But, if anything, it only set her more on edge, confirming the sneaking suspicion that he was playing two sides now, both feet sinking in quicksand and spread across a rapidly widening chasm.

For the first few weeks he’d shown up outside the front step of Riverdale High, leaning against his dad’s truck, one leg casually crossed over the other, as he waited for her to finished cheerleading practice or work on the Blue and Gold. His dark curls and deep flannels stood out against the white snow, beckoning Betty towards him with a magnetic pull that had only been increasing in strength the longer they remained together. If she thought about it, she’d always felt that feeling.

Even when she was little, Jughead would always be there. Betty chastised herself for not realising it sooner, in the moments when they were asleep in his childhood bed. She pressed herself tightly against his warm side as she watched his eyelids flutter, face beautifully relaxed and slackened in sleep. Running her fingers across his soft cheek, over his parted lips, Betty had memorised every quirk in his features; the way his mouth permanently tilted at the corner, how one nostril was slightly bigger than the other, every single perfect placement of the moles and freckles against pale skin. The pads of her fingers continued their travels, over his sternum, barely brushing his chest. Jughead stirred slightly, nose scrunching adorably as she tickled him with her feather-light caresses. Whenever she’d cried over Archie, or tucked herself into a corner beneath the wooden slats of his tree house, he’d find her. Sitting somewhat awkwardly beside her, he listened as she talked without interruption, letting the dam finally burst. He was always bringing her back from the edge, the one she’d been tiptoeing along for as long as she could remember. And now it was her that was making him fall between the cracks of the town, pulled under by the current of North versus South.

The first time he missed a pick up he’d text her. He had stuff to take care of. Betty was well educated enough in cinema and literature to know ‘take care’ was never code for anything desirable. She chewed her lower lip all through practice, tearing the skin until it tasted metallic against her tongue. Cheryl snapped at her more than once for being distracted but she didn’t have it in her to be ashamed for making them run late. Her fleecy, pink jumper had just settled back over her shower-flushed skin when her phone buzzed in her locker.

Pop’s? Twenty minutes? The familiarity of the words, knowing he was safe enough to text her, relieved some of the choking tension in her chest. She hurried to collect her things, scrambling with her bag as she flew down the hallways, icy wind hitting her damp hair and making her shiver as she stepped through the front doors to an empty parking lot.

Betty’s fingers were nervously playing with the straw of her vanilla milkshake when the bell above the door finally signalled his arrival, hair dishevelled and distinctly beanie-less. She blinked, so used to another sight that it took her aback for a moment. She didn’t even notice the jacket at first. He slid in opposite her, not before leaning down to place a chaste kiss to her cheek, cold lips against flushed skin sending a shiver down her spine. He grabbed a handful of fries from the basket in the centre of the table, offering her a smile as he chewed.

“Sorry I couldn’t make it earlier,” he offered in way of apology, choosing not to expand further. The rustle of leather on vinyl caused her eyes to snap down suddenly. He followed her gaze, lifting his arm slightly as he looked down at himself, as if unaware that he’d put the clothing there himself. He squirmed uncomfortably under her steady eyes, tugging at the lapels in a way that made Betty think he couldn’t decided what to do with himself.

“It… It’s cold, Betts,” he muttered, as he chose not to discard the garment, fingers whitening as he gripped at the fabric.

“I didn’t ask you to take it off,” she replied, voice light and indecipherable. He narrowed his eyes slightly. She widened hers. He nodded, not quite sure whether he was being played.

“Okay,” he said slowly, running his fingers through his dark waves.

“You’re not wearing your beanie,” she stated, not raising her voice in question. Jughead sighed, looking out of the window as he rolled his bottom lip between his teeth, scraping the skin roughly.

“What we’re just gonna sit here and discuss my wardrobe now? Was Veronica too busy for that conversation?” he snarked, tone holding more venom than he’d intended to shoot her way. She started, uncomfortable prickle spreading throughout her body. Shame replaced the hardness around his eyes. “Sorry,” he mumbled, dropping his gaze to the tabletop like a scolded toddler. She blinked a few times, fists uncurling, shaking her shoulders and straightening them minutely as she stood. Jughead’s eyes snapped up, mouth parting in fear as he expected her to leave. She rounded the table, tapping his bicep in an indication for him to move over. He did so, arm winding round her waist as soon as she was settled beside him. Her fingers lifted to his hair, running through the free curls, fingers scratching delicately against his scalp as he let out a mild hum of appreciation.

“Just means I get to do this,” she smiled, ducking her head to meet his nervous blue eyes. He lifted the corner of his mouth in return, gaze flicking from her eyes to her lips before they leant towards each other, pressing their lips together in a light but reassuring kiss.

She almost missed him the first time he showed up to take her home on his bike. He was leaning against the side, timid smile gracing his lips as he caught sight of her honey gold hair.

“What’s this?” she asked, slowing her steps as she cautiously approached the vehicle, eyebrows knit in concern. Jughead turned to look over his shoulder, as if confirming that she was seeing what he was seeing. A hand came up to rub the back of his neck nervously.

“Err, it was a gift. Some of the guys needed the truck and I still wanted to pick you up. I didn’t think you’d mind,” he shrugged, eyes gentle but still guarded.

The guys. The phrase bounced uncomfortably inside Betty’s head, the casualness causing her to bristle.

“I-I don’t know, Juggie,” she said cautiously, looking at the shiny chrome and thinking it reflected in the same way as the black ice currently coating the Riverdale roads. Jughead sighed, standing to his full height as he placed a palm on each of her shoulders.

“Come on, Betts. It’s fine, I know how to drive it. You’re safe with me,” he coloured his words with a little more meaning that just road safety. “Live a little?” he tacked on, raising an eyebrow in challenge at her as his mouth quirked into a smirk. She rolled her eyes, shifting her weight from foot to foot as her mouth pulled into a betraying smile. He kissed her slightly wrinkled forehead before mounting the bike, holding out a hand to help her on behind him.

Her fingers ached by the time they made it to her house, stiff from the cold and the unrelentingly tight grip she’d had on his shirt the entire ride home. Sure, there was an element of freedom in the feeling of frigid winds combing its way through her hair, making her eyes stream as they blew through the town. But there was an hint of uncertainty in it all, some wary part of Betty’s brain clicking into overdrive as she felt every jolt, wobble and vibration beneath her.

The most disconcerting thing, she thought as she was watched Jughead speed off down the street, glad her mother wouldn’t be home to hear the loud revving of the engine and come to investigate, was how at ease Jughead had seemed. He gripped the handlebars with a practised finesse. His back was free of any kind of tension. He weaved easily through the traffic, slipping almost like a dark shadow across the streets of the Northside, only noticeable due to the bright golden light that clung to his waist.

It should have made her happy, that Jughead was finding his place in the town that had thrown nothing but hardship after hardship at him since he could walk. But she couldn’t let go of that feeling that a storm was coming, ten times bigger than the one that had already swept through their sleepy town life. And it might have something to do with the fact that she was caught in an unwinnable standoff with the unblinking eyes of a threaded snake the whole ride back.

He didn’t pick her up anymore. Hell, he wasn’t even allowed to come on school property, especially not on his bike, branded with the emblem of a much despised gang. When she had asked him, with little questioning in her voice anyway, if he was there he hadn’t been able to meet her eyes. But the blossoming bruise forming over his right cheekbone, swelling his eye slightly, and the blood on his knuckles already gave Betty her answer.

The local news was already reporting it - in fact, it was all they were reporting. It was the biggest blow out between the North and South sides that Riverdale had ever seen. Tensions had been boiling, pressure building up until no one could take it anymore and things just snapped.

“They are dangerous, Jug!” she yelled, ponytail swinging as she shook her head at his disagreement.

“They’re like my family, Betty, they’re the only people who have offered me protection…” She cut him off, her own blood beginning to boil like that which was currently running through the streets, getting washed into the drain by the ongoing thunderstorm that had burst through the heavy clouds. Her voice rose above the pounding of raindrops on the trailer’s roof.

“You call this protection?! You’re hurt, Jughead. You were thrown into the middle of a town-wide fist fight, and that is supposed to be protection? Your idea of family is pretty messed up if you think-” She cut herself off abruptly, eyes widening in panic as he visibly recoiled from her words. “I didn’t mean…”

“Yeah,” he laughed humorlessly. “You did.” He nodded to the ground, shoving his hands deep into the pockets of his jeans. “And you’re right, it is fucked up.” He met her eyes and the lack of anger there stole her breath. She ached to take the few steps that separated them but her legs wouldn’t move. “But isn’t it always?” he asked, defeated. Tears pooled along her waterline, over-spilling with little warning, leaving hot, itchy trails down her cheeks. She wiped them away furiously, material of her sweater scratching her skin red.

“You promised me, Jug. You said that this wouldn’t change anything between us,” she lamented, voice barely above a whisper. It wasn’t just the fact that he didn’t turn up to take her home, didn’t fetch Fred’s ladder to climb through her window anymore. He didn’t talk to her anymore. She could feel the hard shell he’d broken his way out of to be with her resealing around him, stronger than before. He shrugged his shoulders once.

“I guess I lied,” he murmured.

Neither of them was willing to let go. She’d cleaned his knuckles, pressed ice to his forehead and whispered soothing words to him as he curled around her while he fell asleep that night. But Betty knew you couldn’t escape the inevitable forever.

The beep of the voicemail echoed in her ears.

“Jug,” she sighed, hating the way her voice hitched. She took a breath before trying again. “Jughead, I haven’t heard from you all week. I’m really worried and I think… I need to see you, in person,” she choked out, casting her eyes to the ceiling in an attempt to keep the tears from falling. She didn’t want to cry anymore. She ended the call, flicking off the light in the Blue and Gold office before shutting the door and making her way to the exit.

Her breath caught in her throat as she looking up from the top step of the high school. There, in the parking lot a few feet away, was Jughead Jones. Her Jughead. He was leaning against his dad’s truck, one leg casually crossed over the other as he looked up at her, deep circles beneath his eyes. His beanie was planted firmly on his head, hands shoved in the pockets of his denim, sheepskin lined jacket, tired smile trying to tilt his lips upwards.

“Juggie,” she breathed as she made her way towards him with slow, evenly paced steps.

“Happy Birthday, Betts,” he murmured. Her shoulders collapsed with a disbelieving laugh.

“You remembered?” she asked, coming closer still. His brow furrowed.

“How could I forget?” he told her, hands reaching out to her timidly. She settled herself between his legs, palms coming up to rest against his chest, rubbing the fabric of his shirt between her fingers. “It’s the most important day of my year, “ he finished with unwavering conviction. Betty tilted her head, warmth spilling in her chest.

“Jug,” she whispered with a wry smile. He looked down, fingers tightening around her waist, as if his touch could stop the words from coming.

“I know what you’re thinking, Betty. And I’m hoping that you’ll just wait, and come with me,” he asked, looking up at her from beneath his lashes, eyes desperate. She’d go anywhere with him, at least there was a time when she thought she would.

“Okay,” she heard herself saying before she could even think. Apparently, she still would. They climbed into the truck, Jughead biting back his relieved sigh; he wasn’t out of the woods yet.

They drove in silence, Jughead leaving his palm upturned in the hopes that she’d lace her fingers with his. When she did his shoulders relaxed, bringing her knuckles to his lips to lay a delicate kiss there. He drove towards the river, parking up next to one of the trails that led into the woods and turning off the engine.

“Is this the part where you kill me?” she joked wearily, turning her teasing eyes from the trees to meet his. He smiled at her, letting out a laugh at her ability to still make jokes before opening his door and hopping out. He gathered up the blankets and the cooler from the bed of the truck and walked round to meet Betty.

“Come on,” he said, tilting his head in the direction of the trail. They walked, again in silence, only the rustling of wildlife and the rushing of the approaching river disturbing their quiet. Betty gasped as they broke through into a clearing just a few paces back from the river, not as deadly looking in the early spring. Tiny lights had been strung up throughout the branches, creating a million different constellations as their warm light bounced off the green leaves, trees just beginning to sprout blossom. Jughead shook out the blanket, placing the cooler down on top before settling down himself and opening his arms to her. She went to him, nestling between his bent legs, back to his chest, heartbeat over heartbeat. He pulled a milkshake out of the cooler and handed it to her. They sat for a moment, watching the moving of the water, cocooned in their private sanctuary.

“This was really nice of you, Jug,” she thanked him after a while. His arm tightened around her, as if he was sensing she was ready to flee. “You didn’t have to.” She picked at the styrofoam of her empty cup.

“Yes I did,” he interrupted hurriedly. “You’re my girlfriend, this is what boyfriends do,” he smiled into her hair, remembering conversations with her that felt like a lifetime ago. He felt the vibrations of her chuckle against his front. He licked his lips, suddenly dry.

“Betty, I’m sorry. I was scared that if I kept you as close as I wanted you that you’d get pulled in too deep as well, and it would be my fault if anything happened to you.” He pulled in a shaky breath. “I couldn’t give you up but maybe if you…” She twisted in his arms, eyes searching his. “I just wanted you safe,” he finished lamely instead. Her cool palms cupped his flushed cheeks.

“That’s all I’ve ever wanted for you too, Jug,” she implored. “And we were in this together, from the start. At least, I thought we were…” Betty’s confidence wavered, her hands beginning to slip from his skin. His fingers wrapped around her wrists, holding them there.

“We are, we still can be. This,” he cast his eyes around the clearing. “Is to show you that Riverdale isn’t the be all end all. It doesn’t have to be the way it is, we can change it, make it better. One day,” he swallowed, clearing some of the thickness in his throat. “One day we could make it out, together.” Betty let out the breath she didn’t know she was holding, leaning forwards to press a bruising kiss to his lips. His was thinking of a future - it was what she didn’t realise she desperately needed to hear.

“Also,” Jughead murmured after they’d parted. He reached into his pocket, pulling out a small velvet bag. Betty took it with shaking fingers, tipping the contents into her flattened palm. The tiny ring glinted in the lights. The silver metal was thin and light, a tiny three pointed crown making up the emblem on the front. She drew in a breath, picking the delicate jewellery up and slipping it onto her finger. She met Jughead’s eyes, his cheeks covered in a deep blush. “I don’t want you to feel like I’m claiming you or anything. But… I just wanted to give you something, as a reminder. I’m forever yours, Betty Cooper. Even if we’re further apart than we’d like to be right now, I’m still yours.”

Tears spilled down Betty’s cheeks and for the first time in months she didn’t mind that she was crying. Because Jughead Jones was hers, she was certain of it. And she was his.


Pairing: Shawn Mendes X Female Reader

Requested: yes | Hey! Could you do an angsty one where you faint while fighting with him because you haven’t eaten anything since morning? He gets all sad and takes care of you?
Word count: 1,070?

Warnings: BAAAD WRITING I also did this in like a half of an hour so this sucks and its unedited.

You sat in the living room watching one of your favorite shows while scrolling through your different social medias. By now your boyfriend, Shawn, would have come home by now and you two would have either eaten some dinner or have cuddled on the couch for a while.

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