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Nights like these

Okay so this is my first imagine on here sorry if it’s not what you wanted

Person: Justin

Date night was tonight, well last night I should say. It was pass midnight and Justin and you went to the movies and were suppose to go to dinner afterwards, but you some how ended up at the park.

“Just slide down already!” Justin laughed while looking at you.

“Do you know how freezing that slide must be?” You asked while laughing at him. He chuckled and climbed up one of the small ladders. You gasped while looking at him.

“My hero has arrived!” You sighed dreamily. Justin chuckled and grabbed your hand.

“If you aren’t gonna go down the slide then let’s go on the swings.” He said while pressing a small kiss on your knuckles. You blushed and nodded your head. You both head down to the swings and sat on one of them.

“Push me Justin?” You asked while kicking your legs back and forth. He walked over to you and pushed you. You squealed in excitement causing Justin to let out a small laugh.

“Justin catch me when I jump!” You shouted wanting to know if he would do it. He ran in front of you and stopped the swing.

“Hey you were suppose to catch me genius.” You giggled at him.

“Yeah but what if you fell or something?” He asked while playing with a stand of your hair. You mumbled a quiet “True.” and looked at him. You noticed something when you looked at him. He hadn’t stopped staring at you ever since the date started. He’s been looking at you as if you his whole entire world, and you were.

“I’ve had fun tonight.” You smiled at him.

“Good, that’s good” He said while tucking the strand of hair behind your ear.

“You’re gonna kiss me now aren’t you?” You asked once you realized how close you two were.

“Only if you want me to.”

You smiled lightly and closed the gap between you two. As cliche as it sounds, the world slowed down as you took in the moment. You two fit together like two puzzle pieces that finally came together. You both pulled away with smiles on your faces.

“So how about we go to the movies again tomorrow and-”

You shushed him and held his hand. “Let’s not talk about tomorrow, let’s focus on right now.” You said while hugging him. Justin smiled and held you.

“I love you.” He said while kissing your forehead.

“I love you too.” You said while enjoying the feeling of you two just embracing each other.

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I just started a double degree (engineering and business) and holy shit I regret everything. THIS IS ME SCREAMING INTO THE ABYSS. I DONT KNOW HOW I'LL EVER MAKE IT TO MY FINAL YEAR


Here’s a few things I wish I’d known before I started my double degree (+ a few things which have kept me sane since then!) 

1. Coffee. 

  • I started my degree as a ‘social’ coffee drinker. 

2. Student Discounts 

  • Reap the benefits of student discounts. Seriously. 
  • Know where the cheapest coffee is, transport subsidies, printing subsidies, student sales, student flights! 

3. Shit happens, things change. 

  • Just because you hate something now, doesn’t mean you can’t love it later. The upshot being - just because you love something now, doesn’t mean you won’t hate it with the feverish passion of a thousand burning suns later. 
  • Your interests will change. Your goals, both academic and personal will change. That’s ok.
  • Find something that motivates you to complete each degree. You may enjoy both your degrees equally. You may prefer one over the other - particularly if you’re still completing tedious core units for one degree whilst you get to do much more interesting advanced units for the other. Remind yourself why you’re doing this degree. Why are you doing double the workload, why is it worth the late nights, caffeine overdoses and the concurrent deadlines? Assess each degree independently of the other and find something which motivates you to study in that field. 
  • In my case, I was very demotivated halfway through my degree. Honestly speaking, in my 3/4th year, I was ready to drop my other degree and graduate with a single. I only continued my other degree after going on exchange (read: more holiday than study) and when I could finally do advanced units which were interesting to me. 
  • For others, changing degree (yes, even in 6th year) was the best choice for them. They’re much happier now, and much more driven - and it was their experience throughout their double degree that helped them realise their passion in another field. Sometimes, finding out what you hate is just as important as finding out what you love.  

4. Save a first year unit for the end of your degree 

  • Ok, I shit you not. 
  • If your degree structure allows you to save an elective first year unit for your penultimate or final year, do it. 
  • Sure, its strange to walk into a class of freshers. When you inevitably have an ‘ice breaker’ exercise, watch in sick fascination as the majority of the class whips their head around incredulously as you introduce yourself as a “fifth year student” 
  • BUT BOY THE REWARDS ARE SWEET. For example, having a reduced workload so you can focus on your advanced units. Easy marks because you already know half the shit, and if not, you know where to find it. 
  • You already have half the transferrable skills (report writing, referencing, critical analysis, knowledge of HOW THE FUCK TO SUBMIT AN ASSIGNMENT THROUGH YOUR UNI SERVER) to do well. You could probably skip all the intro/ getting to know your way around the library resources classes. 
  • A relaxed class and a healthy boost to my GPA? Sign me up. 

5. Use time to your advantage

  • One of the things I’m grateful for is time. 
  • Its a long degree. Instinctively I knew this when I signed up - 5 to 7 years is a long time. But I only truly felt how long a period that time was when my friends with shorter degrees graduated and entered the workforce. And whilst I enjoy what I study, the mechanics and routine of going to uni and sitting exams etc remains tedious. 
  • But heck, I am grateful for the time and opportunity I’ve had to figure shit out in the safety of university. 
  • Professionally, I know the ins and outs of graduate job hunting. I have had the opportunity to ‘test run’ interviews etc, and learn about more opportunities with each passing cycle - the fairs, the assistance you can get at uni, the whole recruiting circus. I have a well established study system that works for me, featuring keyboard shortcuts, shitonnes of sticky notes and my weight in coffee. I know where to ask for help and I know which areas of campus are the best study spots and which places to avoid during mid-sem hell. I know what events my student society runs, and I know when there’s free breakfast during semester. I’m confident. I’m certainly not ready to face the workplace, but I’m more prepared that I would have been 3 years ago.  
  • Personally, I’m more confident in my identity and what direction I want to take in the future. I know what I like, what I dislike, and what I’m willing to sacrifice/invest for what ends. I’ve learnt a lot about how I handle stress, friendship and 8am non recorded classes (read: not well). 
  • Also, FIGURE OUT WHAT YOUR HIGHER DEGREE GRADUATE REQUIREMENTS ARE BECAUSE YOU HAVE TIME TO FIX THINGS. Do you need practical experience to graduate? Do you need to complete an internship unit? How many units of each degree do you need to complete? Have you completed the correct number of majors for each degree? Find out early, so you can amend your study plan. 

6. Old habits die hard. 

  • In saying that, use the length of your degree to develop good habits. Figure out what study method works for you, find out whether you’re more engaged in morning or evening classes. Where’s a decent study spot on campus? 
  • Don’t be afraid to apply the skills you’ve learnt from one degree to the other. Whether it be research skills, note taking habits or otherwise. Keep in mind the differences between each discipline. 
  • Work smart. By the time you’ve reached 3rd year, you’ll be at the halfway point. You know what lectures are like. You know what tutorials are like. You know which textbooks are worth the buy and what assessment structure suits you. Don’t be afraid to exploit that knowledge to forge a better semester for yourself. 

Its a long journey. There’s going to be good days, shit days and then “fuck the world, what the hell is this” days. There’s going to be coinciding deadlines and  insane exam timetables. And that’s not even counting the late night existential crises in between. 

But you’re going to learn so much - both in an academic and personal sense. You’ll find out what you enjoy, what lecturers to avoid, what subjects bore you to death. You’ll meet so many people - inspirational people, motivational people, and some assholes. You’ll realise that fuck yes I can complete a 3000 word assignment the night before, and yes I can survive a 90% exam. 

Remember you always have the freedom to choose. You don’t have to do it all at once - go on exchange, take a semester off, find something to break up the tedium of study. Sometimes, the bravest thing you can do is to figure out what’s best for you and pursuing it. 

Good luck dear anon. You’re the first double degree anon to scream into the abyss - THIS IS ME SCREAMING ALONGSIDE YOU OH MY GOD YOU ARE NOT ALONE. 

All the best,


As promised, I made some icons out of mangacaps I colored! It’s the 5 icons above but with different background colors.

There are 20 icons of 100x100!

Since it’s only 20 icons, I decided to upload them directly on this post. But if you want to download them all at once, hit me up and I’ll post a download link!

If you want me to make icons of a particular character, just tell me.

Please reblog/like if you (plan to) use! Credit is not necessary but appreciated! c:

The icons are under the cut:

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Is there a strip where Romano joins the Allies? I know Himaruya mentioned South Italy fighting with the Allies while his brother stayed with the Axis, but I wonder if there was a strip featuring this.

No, there isn’t a strip about this, but Himaruya had stated previously that this is part of the reason why there are two Italys in the first place. I thought I had come across a translation for this, but I can’t find it at the moment… I have the Japanese source here:



The first part is a reader response saying that in class they learned how Germany and Italy became enemies at the end [of WWII], and how it’s a love-and-hate thing.

Himaruya’s response basically explains that Japanese textbooks don’t teach this, but that Italy was divided in WWII, and the South joined forces with the Allies, while the North stayed to fight with the Axis. But the existence of North Italy wasn’t known to the Japanese, so Italy sadly is seen as a traitor. And this is why there are two Italys in Hetalia.

Something like that. If I can get a better translation, I’ll share it.


Look, how happy those two are. Yeah, they are. In a few days, Veer and Ishita are getting married too. You’ll miss Ishita a lot. Very. Actually, you can come to our house to see Ishita. If you want, I can pick you up everyday, and you can have dinner with us. I’m a pretty good cook nowadays. Really? Really. So, taxi, catering…escort service, all in one. Wow…but all that daily drop, pick-up, drop, pick-up, drop… No? [shakes head] I’ll just have to find other ways to see Ishita. Actually, I think I have another way. What? Can you give me five minutes tomorrow? 

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I had a rubbish day today. Can you draw any of the Matsus smiling to cheer me up? Thank you

I’m sorry to hear that anon-chan! 

Here, take a smiling Jyushi

He found you some really nice acorns and everything! so cheer up, okay?

In drivers ed, you learn how to
put your blinkers on and dim
your headlights when you’re supposed to–
I wished there was a class like that
for people like you because holy shit
I don’t know where we stand.
You keep sending me all these signals
like I’m supposed to know what they
mean but they all seem alien to me
and I just don’t know what you want;
I am falling for you,
you are my head on collision
and my mind is the only seatbelt
because my heart
wants me to crash into you
but save me from
the broken bones and surgery,
spare me the heartache
and just tell me, just show me
that I’m not crazy–
give me a reason to believe
that maybe you and I are
something that could be.
—  You’ve got my heart on your dashboard

Hello, my darling!

I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been having a bad week! Here are some of my favorite fluffy 2jae gifs from debut until now, and I hope you feel better!

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ive talked to u a few times and you seem like youd be a really awesome tumblr friend, but you havent been on my dash recently and it makes me sad :(

I’m an awesome friend you’re right asdghkl ;) but seriously, thank you, I really love anyone talking to me so hmu whenever. Even just on anon if you feel more comfortable!
Yeah I haven’t been on as much, and when I have it’s mostly making up my queue or reblogging! Or just pointless shitposts or rants asfhjaj. I needed a break from tumblr for Reasons about a month ago, and I just stuck with it so I’m on less frequently now because I need to study for exams until July!