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  • relationship status: single and sad af
  • favorite color: green aquamarine
  • lipstick or chapstick: 100% lipstick
  • last song I listened to: 13 beaches by lana del rey. ♫ it hurts to love yoooouuuu but i still love youuuuuuuuu it’s just the way i feeeeel ♫
  • last movie I watched: interstellar, for the third time i guess
  • 3 favorite fictional characters: aaaaah this is so difficult, i love a lot of fictional characters ;_; well, i pick itachi uchiha from naruto, big boss from mgs and erwin smith from snk
  • 3 favorite ships: aaaaaaaah this is difficult too. i pick eruri, destiel and zack + aerith
  • books I am currently reading: i’m reading the song of achilles and i have so many books to read because i buy 38946489 of them. compulsive shopping

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Name/nicknames: Jelena/Vai
Gender: female I think
Height: 179cm 
Hogwarts house: Slytherin
Favorite color: Black (don’t say it)
Time: 2:55 (am)
Last thing I googled: the three musketeers 2011 watch online
Fictional character you’d like as a sibling: Percy Jackson, Jason Grace, Hazel Levesque, Piper McLean, Frank Zhang, Itachi Uchiha, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Junichirou Tanizaki, Shirota Mahiru… I’m sorry, was this supposed to be only one?
Number of blankets I sleep with: One or two, depends on the weather
Favorite Artists/Bands: Uuugh, Green Day, Arctic Monkeys, The 1975, Fall Out Boy, OLDCODEX, Halsey, P!kn, Mika, Twenty One Pilots, Panic! At The Disco and I guess frickin BTS, Day6 and BAP
Dream vacation: I have a list of 61 destinations, here are some most important ones: Singapore, Jamaica (again), Paris (again), Rome (again), Oslo, Venice (again), Athens, Shangai, Seoul, Yokohama, Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto
What I’m wearing right now: Hard Rock cafe shirt, red sleeping shorts, grey socks (and undies ofc)
When did I make this blog: um idk 2014?
How many blogs do I follow: 974 I really gotta clean that up
What do I post about: On here, “art” and occasional  personal crap. Side blog is for random rebloging of things I like and shitposting
Do you get asks on a regular basis: Nope
Aesthetics: Razor blades, pills, nooses, art supplies, fairy lights, sweets (especially cakes), headphones, black hearts, airplanes, passports, roads, lilies, sunrise

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