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Steve Rogers and the Time He Watched Harry Potter For The First Time

Steve Rogers and the Time He Watched Harry Potter For The First Time
Steve Rogers x Reader
Warning: None

A/N: HEY GUYS ITS BEEN A WHILE HUH? I’m soooo sooo sorry!!! I’ve gotten a bad case of writers block and this is the only “good” one I had in forever. I hope you like it even though it’s not that good. I’ve gotten obsessed with Harry Potter so I decided to write this. As always, let me know if you like it !! Please give me your feed back on what you think and I will do my best on writing again! :) <3

“You have to watch this,"you said, flopping down next to Steve on your bed.

"What are we watching tonight Sweetheart?”

“THE GREATEST SERIES IN THE WORLD,"you screamed turning to your boyfriend and waving your arms around.

"And that is?"he says, quite amused at how you’re acting.

You leaned in and whispered in his ear,"the boy who liiiiiiiveeeed.”

“That’s the name of the movie?”

“OH MY GOSH STEVE YOU OLD MAN,” you screamed, falling back wards, opposite of him.

Steve chuckled,“ I’m sorry, what’s the name of the movie?”

He says this while he grabs your hands and pull you up.

As you sit up and you face him, you open your eyes.

“Harry. Potter.”

“Oh that guy,” he says, pointing to a poster you have on your wall.

“YES,” you scream, smiling big, happy that he finally caught up.

Steve laughed, he pulled you to where he was at and you sat in between his legs as he wraps his arms around your waist.

“You’re gonna love it,” you said.

“We’ll see,"he says, giving you a sweet little kiss on the cheek.

"We’ll start on the first movie, it’s called Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.”

“Mmmkay,"he says, hugging you tighter and snuggling his head on your neck.

"STEVE!"you yell,"pay attentioooooon”

“It hasn’t even started yet!”

You cross your arms over your chest and pout.

“Alright, fine,"he says.

As you two continue to watch the movie, you were in that part where the trio, Harry, Ron, and Hermione, were on the chess pieces.

You were now cuddled into Steve’s side, you look up to him and you see his eyes fixed to the screen with his mouth half open.

"So are you liking it s—”


He pressed his finger to your lips and shushed you again.

“Okay okay.”

When the movie finished you sat up and asked him,“ so did ya like it!?”

“Let’s watch the second one,” he says grabbing the remote.

“Stevie, it’s 12:54am, we have to get some sleep.”

You try to grab the remote but he puts it out of your reach.

“STEVE!"you yell, reaching for the remote,"GIVE. ME. THE. RE. MOTE.”

“NO,"he yells back, clicking play.

"Fine,"you said, not wanting to deal with this when you’re very very tired,” good night then.“

You hugged his torso and buried your head into his chest.

When you woke up it was about 12pm, you haven’t woke up this late in forever, but it’s your day off so it’s okay, and Steve was still up watching.

"You’re not done yet?”

“Shhhhhhhhhhh,"he says.

His eyes were red and shiny.

"Babe, you need to sleep,"you said, punching him in the arm. Which was a terrible idea.

"I’m almost done, give me an hour or two , I’ll be done.”

“Fine but you didn’t give me my good morning kiss,” you said closing your eyes and puckering up.

“Mm,"Steve said, not even looking at you.

You narrow your eyes at him and your jaw dropped. You cross your arms and say,” SPOILER ALERT, HARRY POTTER IS A HORCR—"

Before you can even finish your sentence, Steve’s lips were stuck to yours.

I think this is the first time he’d closed his eyes in HOURS.

When he pulls away, his eyes rolls back and he falls backwards.
Knocked out.

You shake your head and sighed.
“Oh Steve.
I told you you’ll love it.”

You cover him with a blanket and kisses his forehead.

“Sleep tight my love.”