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@fragilecapricorn asked: live in chicago northern downpour vs bush hall northern downpour

                                            A Roth Frye Playlist

Welcome To the Jungle

Welcome to the jungle. We take it day by day
If you want it, you’re gonna bleed, but it’s the price you pay.

Glory and Gore   

But in all chaos, there is calculation.
Dropping glasses just to hear them break 

I walk the Line 

I find myself alone when each day is through.
Yes, I’ll admit that I’m a fool for you.  

Maybe Tonight 

I’ve known you like a siren song that warns
I have been informed you could be the death of me  

Bedroom Hymns 

This is as good a place to fall as any.
We’ll build our altar here.

Bottom of the River

 Hold my hand.
Baby, it’s a long way down to the bottom of the river.  

Blood on My Name 

Oh, Lazarus, how did your debts get paid? 

Furnace Room Lullaby 

All night all I hear is your heart.
How come, how come?

Sorry its plain. My music tastes and all over the place so this made it hard. Links go to youtube. Please check them out. Some are actually covers.