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Semi-hiatus notice! I guess this has been a long time coming given my lack of writing the past few weeks, but I was sick for a good two weeks and I’m really quite swamped at work because of it. That said, I’m trying to get back into my drafts little by little, so please bear with me a little longer? I’m not dropping any of my threads, I just need to find a little free time to write, that’s all.

Also: to the anon who sent me the prompt quote– that is lovely and I shall definitely fill it soon! :D

Thanks so much for the patience and I hope you’re all enjoying jalecmonth! <3 My dash feels like Christmas, haha.



CS AU: The knights of Misthaven finally catch the infamous Captain Hook and bring him to your majesties, Queen Snow and King David and her royal highness, Princess Emma, so he can pay for his crimes. But what if he’d met the young princess before? What if they fell in love?


The Oracle and the King should stand together always…for it is they who safeguard our world. (insp)


He woke tho


That guy, I’m standing right behind him and I’m holding the frying pan. But I can’t move. He shoots you, and then he turns and looks straight at me. He’s gonna kill me. I can’t make it stop. It’s never gonna stop. 

uh am i the only one who isn’t sad or heartbroken after today’s ep? like sure yuuri said what he said and there was angst but i mean come the fuck o n

do y'all really think this gorgeous healthy wholesome relationship that was being built up for 11 episodes is just gon be thrown into the trash in the last 2 seconds of ep 11

kubo-sensei wouldn’t do that to us - hell, yoi has proven time and time again that it cannot possibly do this to us

so let’s all chill tf out and wait for next week cuz i promise ya fam it’s all gon be gud in the end



WOW! what can i say? this year has been filled with ups and downs and all-over-the-places. i didn’t start this blog until late this year ( some of you may know me from @oftarth ) but i know i’ve made some good friends here and will continue to make some good friends for a long time to come. i’ve also hit a FAIRLY ADEQUATE MILESTONE for the month and a half i’ve been here, which is absolutely incredible… i still can’t believe you’re all interested in my interpretation of phasma: and most importantly, i can’t believe so many of you are interested in my friendship enough to talk to me, plot with me, and write with me. whatever favours you’ve done me –––––––––––– whether or not you know ;D –––––––––––– are greatly appreciated and will never be forgotten.

enough of that sappy stuff! ( as phasma would say: there’s no room for it. ) time for the list jldhjhf. this is in alphabetical order only and yes, i’m way too lazy to link your blogs, so some of you are on here twice/thrice/whatever. a big thank you to all of you, seriously. I APPRECIATE YOU.

sending all of you the universe’s most powerful force this holiday season!


and, last but totally not least, @ziinariya, who was my own personal cheerleader when i first decided to make phasma. xox *;

Except for the few, adorable moments he dedicated to kids, he walked that red carpet as if there was fire burning under his feet. Of all people, he had Simon Jones attached to his hip the entire time and that was only part of the horrible company he had to endure throughout the evening. And yet no Danielle, who’d be always so very willing, alongside him. Beautiful, but tense, dedicated to nicest fans but mostly detached, he might have nothing to promote but a dubious girl band project coming up and yet he could have made a good use of such a fitting opportunity to bask a bit in the spotlight, get a little more attention, spread his enthusiasm about his personal and professional moves. Instead he ran faster than Forrest Gump, chose not to discuss anything of what is publicly associated with him at the moment. Why? Is he as private and shy as Danielle shielding the wrong side of her face from the mean mean paps? 

One day it’ll end, but today isn’t obviously that day. And calling that a happy, free, willing Louis is like attending a Donald Trump convention and judging him a wise, competent, upright person.

If I Lived 400 Years... (M)

BTS; Hoseok/J-Hope

Genre: Smut | Fluff

Word count:  2.4k

Description: You and Hobi celebrate his birthday together.

A/N: Sinning + ultra cheesiness. I wrote this in like a day and a half and its 7 am and I haven’t slept yet so sorry if its horrible. Honestly I am god awful at fluff so I’m so sorry again. Um, @seokvie gave me the tummy fluff idea and it spread from there.

Happy Birthday to our dearest sunshine, Hobi!! ^^ 

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headcanon that ronan gets gansey very drunk one night and in his alcohol induced stupor, with ronan egging him on, gets giant raven wings tattooed on his upper back in jet black ink, all the way down the back of his arms to his elbows and the words “regis corvi” written vertically between the wings.

That’s the thing though, you never get over a band like this. It’s a tired comparison to The Beatles, but it works. My mom still gets hyped when one of the remaining Beatles does something, she still has all of their records, all those pictures and articles she cut out of magazines are still with her neatly packed away in a folder and stored with other important documents. It’s been almost 50 years. Something this great doesn’t end, it simply changes form. It’s passed on and shared growing greater over time. It becomes a part of history. It’s already history. It’s a journey that began with 5 boys on the stairs becoming 4 men conquering the world. It’s not over and it will never be over.

(Y/N)’s Rose

Author’s Note: This is for i-know-wrath-and-ruin (a person that is literally the bee’s knees) who requested a Thranduil x Reader story that takes place at a ball. This is probably like the first fanfic(do you even call it that?) I have ever written so obviously, I have no idea what I’m doing. But nonetheless, enjoy the cheesy crappy fluff :)

Quote for the story: “It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important.” -The Little Prince 


         You groaned on the inside. You wouldn’t do it out loud of course, considering you were at a very special elven ball. And even though you were dying of boredom and the fear of talking to the higher class elves, you wanted to be polite. 

          You were a simple servant of King Thranduil and years after his lovely wife passed, you had the duty of watching over the mischievous yet altruistic Legolas. You didn’t really see it as work, considering that there was a special place in your heart for the royal family. But there were times where it was hard. Not just because Legolas would be a handful at times, but because of the king of Woodland Realm. When you got close to Thranduil because of your responsibility for the young prince, you began to notice the little things. His rare but genuine smiles, the way he looked at Legolas when he made him proud, the way he walked strong even though the kingdom rested on his shoulders, the perfect shade of blue in his eyes, and his perfect handsome face. All of these things made you madly in love. But being the way you were, you knew that you would sit forever in unrequited love. Although it hurt, you made the decision long ago that the way things were just had to be. He had a wife he loved before, he was a king, and you were, well, you. It could never happen. 

          “Dance with me, (Y/N)!” a voice interrupted your thoughts.

          You looked down to find the same prince who you almost thought of as your own. 

          “Legolas,” you smiled at him, thankful that he saved you from just standing alone. “I would love to dance.”

          You took child’s hand and he began to wiggle your arms to the beat of the music. You giggled at this, considering that is was very informal and the other elves must have thought it was quite embarrassing. But you didn’t. Legolas was the one of the few people you felt completely comfortable around.

          As the song went on, you took turns twirling each other and skipping arm in arm. You felt happy and disconnected from your problems. It was as if with every swivel of your foot and shake of the hip was slowly taking away all your worries. But that soon changed. 

          The song slowed into something more romantic and intimate. But before you could process what was going on, a very attractive elf was at your side.

          “May I have this dance?” Thranduil asked politely, hand ready to take yours.

           Your heart began to race and thoughts flooded your mind. Unike before, you were suddenly aware of everything that was happening. You began to search for the right words, stuttering. But luckily, a very good archer was by your side.

          Legolas giggled. “Of course!” 

          The small elf then lifted your hand to be held by Thranduil’s. Your face heated at the sudden contact that was so foreign to you. He then gracefully took you further into the crowd of dancing elves. As you put your hands into position and began the steps, thoughts began to rattle in your head. 

          Why would he ask me? Do I look okay? I might be a bit sweaty from dancing with Legolas. My hair could be falling out from it’s braids too. Doesn’t he know that people will be looking? They might think less of him for dancing with a lower-class elf. Is this to embarrass me? No, he would never do that. What is he going to say? What am I going to say? Do I make eye contact? Maybe If I look somewhere else it will be less awkward. Does he think this is awkward? Oh no…

           “(Y/N),” he said, tearing you from your thoughts. “I just want to thank you for all that you have done for Legolas. I know that his mother’s death did not do him kindly.”

          You were taken aback by the sudden praise. “I am only doing it because it is my duty.” 

          “No, you do much more than that. You have been like a mother to him. And for that, I am very thankful. Because of you, I know he will grow into a good man.” 

            You had no idea what to say. The work you put into taking care Legolas was just something you would’ve done for anyone you cared about. And you cared for both Legolas and Thranduil. 

            So you went with, “My king, I have no thoughts on what to say.”

           “Please, you can address me as Thranduil. You deserve at least that.”

            “Thank you, Thranduil.” 

            He smiled that rare smile that you fell in love with. “Not only do I want to give my thanks for my son,” he broke eye contact and, was that a blush? No, probably the lighting. “but I also want to thank you for making me feel happiness once again. Ever since my wife-” he paused, trying to find the words. “Well, I just have not been myself. But my interactions with you have given me merriment. You have a particular glow about you and you are quite humorous for one who is so shy. I…I wish to know you more. And I think that is only right because we have been around each other for sometime now.”

           Your heart wanted to sing. This was everything you needed to hear. Were you dreaming? most possibly. This could not be real. But, it was.

           You could not contain your smile. “And I you.”

           He smiled back.