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i know you’re dying to meet me, but I can just tell you this
baby, as soon as you meet me, you’ll wish that you never did

We made a new snk punk/band au (our last one was four years old?!) and I’m super obsessed with this version of hitch as per usual ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Ymir, Annie, and Hitch are in a girl band called ‘Second Chance’ and there’s a lot of lesbian ust.

"We’re Sorry, It’s Another Hansol Theory” Theory

So, Hansol posted a dance video on his Instagram! We’re (obviously) very, very happy to see him dancing again but like usual, we’ve been looking too far into it. And by we, of course, this was Rosie.

1. The room that he’s dancing in looks very similar to SM dance practice rooms, as you can see from his post and Lay from EXO’s posts.

And I know the pictures don’t look exactly the same but, without sounding too crazy, I’ve been staring at these pictures for hours, look at the sockets at the bottom of the wall, and the ballet barre is the same (and it’s usually rare to find the same ballet barre in two different studios - Beth)

We’re not saying it’s the exact room, but it’s very similar. Sehun has posted pictures of a similar room too. Dance studios in the same building tend to follow the same style, and it’s kind of unusual to find that style in other studios but, to be honest, dance studios never usually get overly creative with their designs.

It also doesn’t look like any of the rooms Park Ill (the other dancer in the video) has recorded in on his Instagram. 

2. The guy Hansol is dancing with,  Lee Ill, is a dancer from Prepix and worked with Ten on Hit the Stage and Dream in a Dream, and Black on Black which NCT did at the MAMAs and other award shows. There’s obvious links to both NCT and SM Station here.

Do we sound desperate yet?

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"There's only... one bed." Nico gulped and felt her cheeks getting warmer as she turned to Maki. "Guess Nico-chan will be sleeping on the floor."

you can feel it more if you listen to this

Aqours First Live Asks Masterpost

I’ve compiled answers to all the asks I got back when the Live Viewings were happening in February and March! I wasn’t going to answer them until I finished writing up my LV report (currently on hold until I have a big enough chunk of time to finish and release the next part), but since that’s taking forever and Anime Expo is coming up, I figured I should just answer them all now before it got too late. It’s been over 4 months… _(:3 」∠)_


I tried to write at least a couple of sentences for each to make up for the 3-4 month lag in answering, as well as lack of Shuka reaction pictures and tags for each individual ask (•̀ ∀ •́)ﻭ✧

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LISTEN Nolan who rly rly likes Nico but is super shy about making a move, even tho he knows Nico likes him too. They start with just lil things like Nolan casually putting at arm around nico's shoulders, or hand holding in private. Finally after a few days in Chicago, they're watching a movie in a the hotel. Nico shyly rests his head on Nolan's chest and wraps an arm around his waist. Nico looks up at Nolan to say something and he just looks so cute, Nolan ducks down and softly kisses his lips.

DANG. Okay so I was just reminded of the way Nolan looks at Nico, like the heart eyes? Incredible. Wow anyway this is the softest thing ever, my heart is gone, thanks anon I’m crying

My favorite book Legolas moment - hands down - is his reaction to the Balrog.  You may remember his steely-eyed gaze and silent awe/slight fear from the movies.  Legolas is often the silent staring type in the movies.  That’s his Appeal™.

However, book Legolas reacts a lil bit differently…

“Legolas turned and set an arrow to the string, though it was a long shot for his small bow. He drew, but his hand fell, and the arrow slipped to the ground. He gave a cry of dismay and fear. 

Then with a rush it leaped across the fissure. The flames roared up to greet it, and wreathed about it; and a black smoke swirled in the air. Its streaming mane kindled, and blazed behind it. In its right hand was a blade like a stabbing tongue of fire; in its left it held a whip of many thongs.‘Ai! ai! ’ wailed Legolas. 'A Balrog! A Balrog is come!'”

Yeah that’s right, he drops his arrow and starts screaming.  Sweet gentle Legolas is easily frightened by demons from the pit, okay?

(Sidenote: Gimli also screams and drops his axe so at least Legolas isn’t alone)

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Do you think, if a Warden that had romanced King Alistair had become Inquisitior, Ferelden would be in more concrete support of the Inquisition? What do you think would change?

Ok this got away from me, like, really fast, but any attempts to cut it down failed miserably so i’m sorry for how long this is

i think so! i think any warden-turned-inquisitor would have some more support, but especially so if they’re with alistair. most of ferelden’s hesitation and wariness of the inquisition is because, as josephine says, it looks like an orlesian organization split from the chantry. if the herald/inquisitor is in charge, it’s less likely to join with the rest of orlais to help take over ferelden

even if the warden is a complete ass throughout origins, they’re still revered as a hero and respected by the nobility, and especially if they’re the queen/royal mistress, i think it would be fairly easy to get the landsmeet’s support. i think the biggest obstacle would be eamon (he argued against helping his own kid saying that it’s because he loves connor too much to save him, so, i’m a bit skeptical about eamon really being helpful to anyone that isn’t himself), but he’s only one voice

there might be issues when the warden is just the herald, before becoming inquisitor. the landsmeet can trust the hero of ferelden, but if they’re not the one in charge, they might not be able to stop invasion plans. i imagine there would be some type of agreement that even if there’s a new inquisitor, they’re not allowed to raise arms against the crown, and if they do, ferelden can defend itself however it needs to

there would definitely be better communication, like maybe sending word to denerim before infiltrating redcliffe castle. or, in the case where the warden also gets along with teagan, he’d go to haven first and send word to denerim from there; haven is much closer to redcliffe than denerim. the bit in the future would also be a lot more personal; the warden has been there before, and knew the people there. they’re husband/boyfriend grew up there (the storyteller in the village talks about alistair running around the village when he was a kid) (it’s so cute but so heartbreaking)

i know in my cousland-as-inquisitor fic, alistair is going to find out fiona is his mom. she’s not exactly subtle about it when you talk to her in skyhold lmao, and since the warden would probably know at least some of what happened in “the calling”, i imagine they’d put the pieces together fairly quickly, and talk to her about telling alistair

i don’t know enough about champions of the just to say anything on that (i’ve only played it once), but i think the inquisition could have asked for fereldan support getting the templars to talk to them, and then in the fighting

the winter palace would be fun though! walking in as the queen of ferelden or the king’s royal mistress is a lot different than the kid of a bann, or a mercenary. especially if alistair is with them. not that a lot of the orlesian nobility respect ferelden at all, and celene herself has no problem antagonizing ferelden as long as she isn’t held responsible for it, but i think it would add some weight to the inquisition’s presence, and they might not even need gaspard’s help to get in. and, alistair is great at drawing attention when he wants to, and is a lot smarter than the orlesians would ever give him credit for, so i think he’d be so helpful to have in the ballroom

also it would be so much fun hearing how scandalized they all are about it. gaspard would be so mad and regardless of the warden’s decision, i think alistair would have so much fun messing with gaspard. teach him not to mess with alistair’s favorite uncle lmaoo

for trespasser, i think ferelden would have an entirely different position. perhaps the landsmeet would still want the inquisition to close up shop, but it wouldn’t be for the same reasons. i think it would, again, be more because if something happens and the warden is no longer inquisitor, the next inquisitor might not be as friendly. alistair would probably work everything out with the landsmeet and inquisiton before-hand as well, so there wouldn’t be any surprises. there definitely wouldn’t be any complaining about the evil grey wardens taking over ferelden from certain in-laws 

orlais would probably complain a lot more and be less friendly, unless the warden did some serious butt-kissing. and more aggressive towards making the inquisition an orlesian operation, or directly under the chantry’s control, which are basically the same thing since the chantry has, historically, sided with orlais in international conflicts. then they could block the inquisition from helping ferelden, or even send them off in an invasion

… all in all, i think it would make a lot of the first half of the game way easier, and the second half way harder. orlais would likely block the inquisition as often as possible into investigating the western approach, emprise du lion, the exalted plains, and the emerald graves, but it would be much easier to get assistance in crestwood, the fallow mire, redcliffe/therinfal redoubt, and the storm coast

(and, mostly off-topic, but i think it would be funny to see the warden take the keep in the western approach, pick the amulet off the venatori leader, and go hahaha fuck because look! kitty’s back! demons never die and thedas is a hellscape)

Why is it that I can whip out 3k+ words in one sitting if I’m inspired by a fic idea, but I soon as I sit down to start an essay for school, I suddenly can’t even muster a coherent sentence?  ╥ ╥

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sideways heart and peter maximoff 💙

dumb dumb by red velvet

“Like a mannequin, / everything is so awkward /
I should just act like I do normally / but whenever I see you, I act so stupid”

Peter had a crush on you the moment he saw you at Xavier’s and, despite what many people thought, Peter was way too awkward to even approach you. He maintained a mostly professional relationship with you, talking to you during training and during lunch in the lounge. It took him months to even work up the courage to just start joking around with you.

When he did, your smile and laugh was what stopped him in his tracks. He hated that he froze around you when he should just be able to speak; it wasn’t like you were some incredibly famous singer or something, you were just y/n. The problem was that you were so beautiful Peter couldn’t even think.

One day, he spoke to Warren and finally worked up the courage to actually ask you out on a date. He was nervous beyond belief, shaking as he made his way to your room. Peter raised his hand to knock, hesitating for a moment before pushing aside his fears. You opened the door with a smile on his face and Peter could already fear himself freezing.

“Hey, Peter! What’s up?” You smiled, leaning against the doorframe. Peter smiled back awkwardly and stuck his hands in his pockets, nervously fidgeting with some string in them. He stuttered for a moment, then sighed, running a hand through his hair.

“Okay, well, uh, first, sorry for acting like a complete freakin’ idiot around you. Like, all the damn time. It probably weirds you the hell out and I don’t blame you, I’m pretty stupid.” He chuckled. You shook your head at his comment.

“You aren’t stupid at all, Peter. And I find you quirks absolutely endearing. It works for you.” You spoke. Peter felt like a mannequin, just frozen there as he heard your comment. You found him endearing? Realizing he had been standing still for a moment, Peter opened his mouth to actually speak.

“T-thanks. You’re really, um, endearing too. Like, really, really endearing. God, that sounds fucking creepy. Sorry. Anyways, I was kind of wondering if you wanted to go on, like, a date sometime?” He asked. Before you had even processed what he said, Peter rushed a few more sentences out.

“We can just be friends though if you aren’t interested because, like, I don’t blame you at all and it’s fine to just be friends. We can hang out as friends. You’re probably not into weird guys with silver hair who freak out every time they’re around someone they like and that’s completely understandable so yeah-” You cut off his quick speaking by pressing a quick kiss to his cheek. The silver haired boy froze for what must have been the millionth time today.

“I would love to go on a date with you, Peter. Text me the details, ok?” You nodded, closing the door and leaving Peter in the hallway to process the events that had just taken place.