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breathing techniques | minzy and sungjoon

A cold breath on her neck, the scent of alcohol and nicotine mixing in the air and a finger of a hand that discreetly found its way under the short black chiffon dress, hooked around the side of the panties create a tension. White teeth sink into the fair skin and she lets out a gasp; of pleasure, pain, it doesn’t matter to him. The lust guided monstrosity of what one would consider a human being despite all the debauched insanity implanted in him can’t bring himself to care.

His nails scratch into the sensitive thigh, hand holding the heel decorated leg of his pretend colleague above his hip, a sickening smirk tugging on the satisfied features. Red marks soon become evident, hips snapping forward as the relentless creature grinds on the woman, teeth drawing blood on her neck, fingers of his free hand pulling the feminine dress down.