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Outside - Chapter 2: February, 2028
By Organization for Transformative Works

“Debeste!” he cried, grabbing his co-worker by the arm. “What on Earth is going on – is something happening this week?”

“Uhh…” Sebastian thought for a while, utterly unconcerned by the grip he was in. “Oh!”

“What is it?”

“My Zheng Faian friend is visiting soon!” announced Debeste. “I haven’t seen him in ages, it’s gonna be so cool!”

“That’s not-” Simon paused. It was his fault for not being specific, he knew Sebastian had trouble pinpointing topics on his own. “I’m glad,” he said, eventually. “Good for you.” If only he actually knew how to be pleasant, though.

“Uh, can I go now?” asked Sebastian.

“Oh, right.” Simon had forgotten he was even holding onto him. “Ah… I hope your friend enjoys his visit.”

“Thanks!” called Sebastian, and raced off.

Simon yanked at his own ponytail. Where was he? Towels? No, dammit, work. Work first, and then towels.

this update includes more lads, more lesbians, more panic attacks on the floor of a Kmart at 11 at night, and, finally, the pretence of a plot!

yes hello i just wanted to remind u all that allura is amazing and i love her


Finally, here’s the last part of the Valentine’s comic!

This is so late but I really didn’t expect for this to take me so long or to even be such a big project in the first place aaah

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starting a new fe game.jpg

fire emblem, whos gameplay style is essentially the same throughout all installments with minimal differences: anyway so heres how you move a unit and heres how you fight and heres how you access about 5 different clunky menu screens in this completely unskippable tutorial

anyone whos played at least like one game in this franchise:


(pt 1) nct 127 trying to convince you to confess to jaehyun !!

Re: Endeavor, shoes waiting to be dropped, and the problem with making light of serious things

Hi, I hate endeavor with every single fiber of my goddamn being and I worry about a potential redemption arc every goddamn day

Like… what the hell!! I don’t care about personal growth I don’t care about the fact that he’s a mirror to Bakugo he’s a child abuser and drove his wife to insanity and the only reason he isn’t in jail is because of his position of power- what the hell kind of message is that?? If someone is powerful enough they can get away with things like that with a slap on the wrist???

The fact that it goes against every moral of what it means to be a hero and how to ethically use your quirk the story preaches is like,,, THE ONLY LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL because I want to believe the author wouldn’t let it go without consequences. But then there’s all this redemption arc foreshadowing and Shouto learning to “tolerate” his dad, and I fear guys, I really fear.

I feel like we’re constantly waiting for another shoe to drop. The author builds Endeavor up as everything a hero shouldn’t be, we get Todoroki’s flashbacks, his journey of accepting his fire despite it being a reminder of his dad, we get all of that, and then… nothing. Waiting. Waiting. And each little tidbit we get in the next few arcs don’t look like they’re leading where I want them to.

The little things get me, like Shouto remodeling his room to look like home? It’s played off, like wow, look how extra Todoroki is haha. But he was abused there, he was forced to train inside there, that house should hold so many bad memories for him, but here he is, in a new place, away from Endeavor, and he still can’t sleep if it doesn’t look like home. What the fuck. That’s horrible. That’s so fucked up. But the narrative just whisked it away. It’s my biggest problem with this story that I love, where things are played off as a joke but once you think about them seriously for a hot sec they’re not a joke AT ALL. So you’re like… am I supposed to be laughing? Or is my gut instinct telling me this is serious going to pay off when some shoe drops. I’m talking that scene with Shoutos room. The way Bakugos mom talks to him. The way Mineta gets away with sexual harassment. Am I supposed to laugh? Or 300 pages later are they going to reveal that it was serious and I’m going to feel bad for laughing? I’m going to call this the bro strider syndrome.

When All Might fell, and we get that scene of Shouto walking in….. Endeavor in a rage…. I was like HERE IT IS HERE IT IS THE SHOE IS ABT TO DROP- and then, nothing. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. One arc later. Two.

I want to believe Endeavors going to get what he deserves. I want to believe the narrative won’t give him a pardon on account of his privilege. I want to believe he isn’t supposed to be a perfect mirror of Bakugo, but instead a worst case scenario to offset his redemption arc. (Because Bakugo deserves a redemption arc!! What the hell are y'all on that you can equate a grown ass 30 year old man abusing his wife and son with a child doing shitty things and being a bully- what… WHAT,,)

But instead every hint looks like that shoe isn’t ever going to drop. Or if it is, it’s going to topple over very… Very softly. I don’t even care if Todoroki’s arc is accepting his dad’s actions to move on yada yada IT DOESN’T MATTER HE NEEDS TO GO TO JAIL!!! Shouto can have that heartfelt convo through a phone and bulletproof glass for all I care, Endeavor can’t not get consequences for his actions. He isn’t above the law.

So. Here’s to hoping.

Hey, its me, your resident justin oluransi fan, with some thoughts on his anxiety that are probably 99% me projecting woops anyway here goes

-he can’t handle too many audio inputs at once? like if a video is playing and a conversation is going on he subconciously tries to listen in on the conversation and then it gets to be too much
-Parties are kinda hard because of the number of conversations going on but he’s got places he can go if he cant handle it and its good to have holster there
-he gets fairly stressed if things are a mess! like the attic being a mess? it stresses him the hell out
-it was a little hard with holster living up there for a little while in the beginning, because he’s kinda a messy dude, but once he explained the situation holts tries harder to keep his stuff tidy
-on the note of holster, a brief segway: one of the few fights he’s been in at samwell was because some douches were making fun of rans’ anxiety stuff (basically invalidating his feelings) and he sorta punched them
-both of them
-a few times
-it wasnt pretty
-anyway back to ransom he’s been looking into stim toys because he fidgets a lot while he’s studying but he doesnt want anything super colorful and big, but thats what most of the stuff out there is
-he prefers stuff he can do with his hands, like sometimes he’ll roll the fabric of his shirt while hes studying or something
-holster got him a sleek looking spinner ring for their anniversary or his birthday and he almost cried. he mostly wears it when hes studying but also if/when he misses holster during class or wherever
-when he was a lot younger he carried around a real small rock in his pocket so he could kinda rub that when he was feelin Bad
-he has a hard time getting words out the way he means to sometimes
-am i projecting? yes


Today is the end of the Republic. The end of a regime that acquiesces to disorder. At this very moment in a system far from here, the New Republic lies to the galaxy while secretly supporting the treachery of the rogues of the Resistance. This fierce machine which you have built, upon which we stand will bring an end to the Senate, to their cherished fleet. All remaining systems will bow to the First Order and will remember this as the last day of the Republic.

star wars aesthetics - general hux (requested by @huxgenereal) (c)

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Waking Mina could have been considered a sin, and although Joey didn’t like doing so, today was too special a day to be sleeping in. His fingers traced the sunlight caught in her hair, a fond smile curling his lips, and his eyes flickered down the charm bracelet around his wrist. It had taken a lot of patience and careful movements to get it on her without causing her to wake, but it was worth it. He couldn’t help but think it fit. 

The bracelet was lined with things that Mina liked and memories that were all their own. That’s why he bought it. Music notes and roller skates, a sun and stars, a key and it’s lock–each held a meaning and a memory. Joey had no plans on bringing it up; he wanted to see how long it would take for her to notice once he woke her. It was more fun that way!

Mina,” Her name was sung like a song, lost in the strands of her hair as he pressed kisses to her head. “If you sleep all day, silly, I won’t be able to tell you happy birthday.”