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EMMA OMG SO I MOVED TO A NEW SCHOOL THIS YEAR AND HAD TROUBLE ADJUSTING TO IT, I WAS LITERALLY GETTING C's IN EVERYTHING. THEN EVENTUALLY STARTED GETTING B's. Then I got pretty sad because my Chemistry test a couple weeks back I went down to a C again, all because of anxiety during my exam. Like I blanked out even thought I knew everything. BUT MY OTHER CHEMISTRY EXAM THAT I DID TWO DAYS AGO I GOT AN A+ ITS MY FIRST A+ LIKE OMG.Sorry if this is annoying but I just wanted to share it with someone

AYE! I’m so proud you got an A+!!! What an amazing achievement! Congratulations!! :-) I hope you can keep improving on your grades in other classes too! xx

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tenrose + 29 ?

WHOA, sorry this is like hours late! I was on mobile and I didn’t expect I got anything. Thank you!!

433 words, human AU

29. “Can I take you on a date?”

“So…” The Doctor began, fidgeting, “Can I take you on a date?”

Rose gaped at him. 

He hastened to continue, “Well, that’s—if you don’t mind, that is. No pressure, really, I don’t want to make you feel like you have an obligation. I just thought, ‘Hey, maybe she wouldn’t mind?’ and I—”

“Doctor,” Rose interrupted. She placed a hand over his, where it was threatening to completely throttle an innocent jar of preserves. He met her eyes with a slight grimace, relaxing his grip. “What’re you talking about?”

He regarded her then, some of his nervous energy melting into confusion. “I—Did I say the wrong thing somehow? Rose, I’m asking you on a date.”

She rolled her eyes. “No, I know that,” she said.

At her response, the Doctor looked hurt. His immediate thought was that she was rejecting him and it must’ve shown on his expression, because the next thing he knew she was sitting up. Something in her eyes shifted, a thought clicking in place.

“Doctor, look around you,” Rose said. She gestured at their surroundings. “Tell me where we are.”

He answered automatically. “The park. Why?”

She sounded like she was explaining a particularly difficult concept to a particularly troubled child. “What do you think we’re doing at the park?”

“Having a picnic, obviously. Rose, I really don’t get how this is supposed to—”

“And who decided we’d be having a picnic in the first place?”

“Well, I did.”

“And who brought all the food?”

“I did.”

“Who drove us here?”

He paused. “I… I did.”

Rose waited for him to continue, to get the big picture, but it flew right by him. “Can’t you see it, Doctor?” she finally asked. “We’re already on a date.”

“Oh.” His eyes widened, “Oh.”

“Yeah.” Her lips curved into a teasing grin. “Took you long enough, you plum.”

The Doctor gave her a sheepish smile, rubbing the back of his neck. “I figured you thought we were just hanging out as mates. So… if this is a date… then what does that make the others? The, uh, planetarium? The aquarium?”

Rose nodded, “They were too! And the fair, the museum, all those movie nights…”

“Were they any good?”

“I wouldn’t be here now if they weren’t, now would I?”

“Right, right—of course—yes,” he babbled. Then he caught her eye. “Do you want to go on another one?”

Rose scooted up closer to him and bumped him playfully in the shoulder. “Let’s finish this one first, yeah?”

The Doctor bumped her back, a grin breaking across his face. “Yeah,” he beamed.

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You know what I like you! I love how you made it clear when you started talking about Louis and rainbows that it wasn't a dig at Harry. I've been seeing a lot of people be bitter about it and start making posts basically diminishing Harry and his pride, but I like how you said its not a competition (it's really not and whenever I see Harry wave that flag I know he's waving it for his husband too) so yeah sorry for the long ask but just wanted to say you're a good bean 💚

I’m sitting here and I’m trying to find a way to answer this lovely ask. 

Thing is I’ve been bitter in the past. Not blaming Harry, but I’ve been bitter about their situation. I kept it for myself and thought long and hard to reach the following conclusion. 

Harry and Louis are two separate people in a different situation, who happened to be a couple. To take away from Harry’s magical moment would be something I wouldn’t like from myself. Harry is an lgbt+ closeted artist himself and the fact he can carry rainbows and wave the flag proudly is a good thing! It’s a good thing because 1) it must be very liberating for him 2) it creates a safe space for us. I love him for the flags. 

Louis can’t do that. But I won’t blame his closeted partner for that. I’ll blame the homophobia in the industry and part of the fandom (because unfortunately I’ve seen horrible things the past two days). 

As we said, it’s not a competition about who is more proud. This isn’t chart numbers. This is about something way more important for me. I don’t know how others think and feel and I won’t judge them for their sentiments. This is how I see it right now. It took me some time to reach certain conclusions, so I don’t know if I even deserve this wonderful ask.

All I know is that if you ask me right now, I love both Harry and Louis as individuals and artists, both of them give me strength with the way they show their pride (one waves rainbows, the other tattoos triangles on his skin) and all I want for them is to be happy and successful. 

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i legit dont understand why people rag on the sumo anime style, its the most appealing in years, if not ever, from all the pkmn seasons to me. it made me want to watch pokemon for the first time in ages

for real though, it’s so pure and fun and bouncy and fluid and just wholesome. look at this boys face and tell me you don’t know exactly what he’s feeling 

I do understand a preference in style is fine, but, uh, just some of the replies i’ve gotten (from like two weeks ago so i’ve had plently more since lmao) on a gifset. 

so yeah, there’s preference and then there’s being blinded by nostalgia. I’m betting some of these people haven’t followed Pokemon for a while, which is fine, but it’s such a headache seeing this stuff over and over in my activity when it’s coming from people who don’t seem to have room for any other opinion. 

but yes, I totally agree! I love the style! if anything I feel like S/M captures a lot of OS in its humor and it translates well to it. Seeing OS characters/Pokemon just confirmed that for me! 

Regarding Kentin and Evan and the new episode..

Just wanted to say something about the last episode… I think “What happened?” and “I don’t know” are the best words to describe it. At first Evan seemed nice, he had me squealing a lot.

When he started bothering Rosa I was like “Uhh dude. Ik ur cute. Really cute. EXTREMELY CUT—” i’m gonna stop myself right there. “I know you’re cute, but she has a boyfriend, give her some space, that’s clearly bothering her”

Then he kept going and I was like “Man, uh, that’s enough. I want to like you, please”

Then when he stopped, and actually realized, he apologized, it was… Weird. He acted like he regretted it, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt

Now, Kentin…




…Kentin. yes, uh…

Tsss.. He was an ass.

“Younger boys”? What?

What the hell were you thinking? That’s Iris’ fucking brother! Is that because of Evan or..?

Then Alex and Armin told us about what happened at the club, and the fight he almost caused.. “Uh… That.. was a pretty dick move.. Kentin. What the hell”

Throughout the episode, Kentin just kept disappointing me. I was REALLY disappointed. This is not Kentin.

This is NOT Kentin.

Is it because of Evan?

Is he jealous?

What the hell happened to him?

There were just so many questions, and I was REALLY HARD trying not to get mad neither at him ot Evan.

At the club… Tshh..

What…just happened there?


That IS NOT Kentin

He just started acting like that since he knew about evan being the twins’ older bro



After what happened with Evan at the club, he seemed to also be regretting what he had done after Candy did the thing. What happened there? And i’m just so confused. When Kentin ran off and broke our friendship… Because of this?

I’m sure he was probably blinded by rage or something.

And after it finished, I’m just really confused.

I don’t know what to think of Evan

I don’t know what to think of Kentin

I don’t know what to think of anything anymore


What happened?

I don’t know.

i havent been super on here- sorry everyone especially those with requests- because of (you guessed it, class haha) but remember for those who were around when i was so upset about it

honestly? everything *is* harder, and its only going to get harder. but. i actually have a passion for what i do now and i feel a lot more inspired

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you were almost like the break of light
when my strength had worn away

and you can lean on me
like i’ve leaned on you

@sharpworksamurai your song moved me™ so i felt compelled to sketch along to it :3c

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Since it's on it's way: imagine having to explain April Fool's Day and/or the concept of pranking one's friends for the sake of amusement. Like, maybe the aliens understand setting something up in regards to honing reflexes or something, but things like whoopee cushions and complex Rube Goldberg machines to fling shaving cream at someone just baffle them. Also the concept of a prank war in space is just amusing.

Thrnawxh watched in confusion as Human Frankie attached some sort of transparent film to the entryway, snickering to themself and occasionally looking over their shoulder as if fearing they were being watched. It put Thrnawxh ‘on edge’ as the humans would say.

In xir experience, if a human was worried, anyone else ought to be terrified.

Eventually, xir worry won out, causing xem to ask what Human Frankie was doing.

“It’s the first day of April.” Human Frankie said, baring their teeth in a show of either aggression, or bizarrely enough pleasure. Usually Thrnawxh would be able to guess which one it was based on a human’s statement, but this one made no sense.

“Also known as April Fool’s day, and oh boy does Sara got something coming for her.” Frankie continued, apparently having no idea that xe didn’t understand their explanation. What’s worse was that Human Sara apparently had something hunting them.

“And this device will stop Human Sara’s would-be attackers?” Xe asked, not sure how that would work, but xe had seen humans accomplish much more demanding things with seemingly worse odds.

“No, no what I meant is that Sara doesn’t-” they began before pausing, seemingly to reconsider whatever they were going to say. “You remember when I explained human humour to you, right?”

“Yes, when I believed you were ill because of your stomach contracting while you looked at an oddly shaped root vegetable.”  Thrnawxh confirmed, not seeing the relevance.

“Great. So this is a joke. I’m going to play a prank on Sara, because it’s April’s Fool’s day.” They said, though some of the words didn’t seem to translate well or at all to xir native language.

“I do not understand,” xe said, looking up at them in a way xe hoped Human Frankie would realise was questioning. Xir hopes were however not high.

“Shit, right okay. Erm. So a prank is a trick - you know what a trick is, right? Good. It’s a trick that you pull on someone because it’s funny, or like today, because it’s tradition. Sometimes they’re mean, but unless you’re a dickhead, they’re just funny. Like… shoving a pie in someone’s face, or pulling cellophane across the doorway and having them walk into it. Just, harmless fun, you know? And April Fool’s day is the first day of April - that’s one of our months; one of the sub-parts we divide the time it takes for our home planet to orbit the sun into. So it’s the first day of that sub-part, and it’s tradition to prank people.” Human Frankie explained, giving a small nod when they were done as if confirming what they’d just said.

“Why?” Xe asked, getting only a shrug in return - a signal of uncertainty or non-commitment. “What purpose does it serve?”

“Oh, no no purpose. I mean, maybe it did at one time? Superstition or what ever, but it’s just fun.” Human Frankie said before delving into a story of a prank they and a friend did on an authoritarian learning monitor when they were younger.

The story itself was interesting, though Thrnawxh was hardly able to focus when xe had so much new information to process about human behaviour.

Xe certainly had a lot left to learn.

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #37
  • Phil: *gets Dan a whisk for Christmas*

@chainedintimacy a réagi à votre billet “i wanna do one last drawing for the night to destroy my wrist nice and…”

Some gayness possibly? Though don’t hurt your wrist too much! If it does hurt, you should ice it after! ;w;

My hand is beyond the icing point rn

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first off, i want to say that i legitimately love every single one of your supercorp fics and have read them perhaps way too many times. in particular, i've read fall A TON. so you're great and i hope writer's block enjoys the ass kicking you're gonna give it. second, if you've got the upper hand on writer's block and want to, i've got a prompt: supercorp and doing charity work? or legit anything you come up with. i will take anything.

It was funny how utterly inconspicuous a hairnet could make one look. All the make up and hoodies and caps pulled down low in the world have not been able to do what an apron, a pair of latex gloves, and a simple hairnet have been able to do.

Then again, perhaps it wasn’t about being inconspicuous but just the plain absurdity of finding Lena Luthor—heir to LuthorCorp and sister to the notorious Lex Luthor—volunteering in a soup kitchen. Who would believe her even if she admitted it to their face? Just the other day she’d been caught on camera wearing a dress that cost more than most people made in a year—someone who could waste money like that could surely hire someone to volunteer at the soup kitchen, or at least donate lavishly (as the Luthors were wont to do) and dispel the desire to freely offer services entirely.  

And yet, for whatever reason—the hairnet, the inability to suspend disbelief, pure and unbridled luck—she was at one of the many soup kitchens scattered across National City, doling out mashed potatoes and gravy while listening to the woman in charge bark orders at the grocers and cooks who were working in the back, and not a single person batted an eye at her.

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I can’t get it up for a chick without a head or a chick without a body


He can’t be edgy all the time though, right..? 


Mercer’s Magnificent Mane™ appreciation post

Requested by ~Anon~



sweet @cytaoplasm. my dearest jin, i’m wishing the happiest of birthdays, even though it’s already passed. we haven’t known each other long. honestly a few days, but you’re already someone i wish to be closer with. someone i trust and would do anything for. so until your next birthday, be the most amazing you ever.


i love the despair designs !

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Drarry Prompt: (8th year) Where Draco ends up holding Harry's hand every time he is scared. This comes as a surprise to both of them.

Harry gaped at Malfoy, their fingers laced together. Malfoy was staring blankly ahead, his mouth twisted in a frown. Harry was too in shock to say anything. Too confused to move. The had been in Potions, somehow paired up together again, working on their Draught of Living death, when out of nowhere, his hand had flown to Harry’s, gripping it tightly. Harry had been mid-sentence, explaining how they could have used this potion during the war. He found himself unable to finish, his thoughts lost completely. He couldn’t focus with the warmth of Malfoy’s hand in his own. Harry could feel the other boy’s heartbeat, pulsing quickly between his fingers. He swallowed.



Draco shook his head roughly, as if trying to expel the memories from his head. His eyes focused around him and he realised he was sitting in the Potions classroom.


He turned his head, a sneer forming on his face.

“What, Potter? Can’t figure out a simple potion? The instructions are right in front of you.”

Potter looked like he was trying to hold back a laugh, as he raised their joined hands. Draco spluttered, a soft blush forming on his face. He ripped his hand away like it was on fire.

“Taking advantage of me? Just wait..” He trailed off. “Nevermind.”

Neither of them spoke the rest of the class,


It wasn’t until a Defense Against the Dark Arts class a couple of weeks later that it happened again.

They had been standing next to each other in the semi-circle, waiting for the Boggart to approach. Everyone already knew how to cast a Patronus, but their new Professor had decided it was worth going over again. Draco glanced over at Potter and caught himself staring. He frowned. Draco didn’t know how they kept getting stuck working together. Some inter-house unity bollocks. McGonnagall had decided that after the war, the students who returned needed to get along better and be more accepting of each other. Some Hufflepuff nonsense, as far as Draco was concerned.

Suddenly, it was his turn to face off with the Boggart. He gasped as it shifted and morphed in front of him, and all of a sudden Potter was standing before him, a cruel smile twisting his face. He reached for Potter’s hand, gripping it tightly.


Harry couldn’t move, save for his eyes darting back and forth between Malfoy and the imposter standing in front of him. He vaguely registered that Malfoy was clutching his hand tightly, but he couldn’t focus on that. Why was he Malfoy’s boggart? And then the Boggart Harry started talking.

“I can’t believe I saved you. I should have let you die in that fire. Should have let you die on that bathroom floor. Should have finished the job then.”

Harry noticed Malfoy start shaking, and then realised his own was shaking. He looked down and saw they were holding hands again. When did that happen? He tried to let go, but Malfoy was holding on so tightly he didn’t stand a chance.

“You weren’t worth saving! You just went right back to join Voldemort, then slinked away with your family, your tails between your legs. What good have you done since?”

Harry shook his head and stepped forward, catching the attention of the Boggart, as it changed again, this time into a Dementor. Harry sighed, shaking his head. Of course it was still the same, he still couldn’t get over that fear. The fear of fear itself, as Lupin had said.


The room was silent as the Boggart moved on, and Harry tugged on his hand that was joined with Malfoy’s.

“You know, I don’t regret saving you, right?” He said quietly.

Malfoy finally met his eyes and shook his head slowly, after some time dropping his hand to his side.


One week later, walking with Potter and Pansy in between classes, Draco was pushed against a wall. He turned around to face his attacker and it was some Hufflepuff Eighth Year. He didn’t know his name, but he knew his face. They shared most of their classes together. He didn’t even have time to reach for his wand before the larger boy had his out and pressed against his chest.

“You know, nobody would mind if I just hexed you right here. You shouldn’t have come back. No one wants you here.”

Draco closed his eyes and flinched, not able to defend himself, preparing for the worst.


Justin Finch-Fletchly? When had he developed such a mean streak? Harry started to protest, stepping closer to Malfoy, his hand reaching for his wand, when suddenly it was full of something. He looked down. Malfoy had grabbed his hand. Again. He couldn’t help the smile that started to form on his face, before he brought his attention back to Justin.

“You and I both know what will happen if you do that, and I don’t think you want to fight me.” He started, magic flaring in his veins. Justin’s eyes went wide, and he stepped back, shaking his head. “Whatever, Harry. He’s not worth it, anyway.”

As Justin walked off, Pansy turned to Malfoy.

“I can’t believe you were just going to take it, You didn’t deserve that! Everyone knows the position you were put in, they basically put your entire trial in the Prophet!” She sighed. “Come on, Draco. Let’s go to class.”

As they turned to walk away, Malfoy tugged Harry along. Either he didn’t realise he was still holding on, or he didn’t want to let go. Harry didn’t mind either way.


Eighth years from every house sat huddled together in their shared common room. It was Halloween and somehow Pansy had convinced Draco to participate in the movie night they were having. Some Gryffindor had brought a muggle movie in and Granger had figured out how to make it work without a… television? Whatever that was.

He somehow found himself on the couch, sitting next to Potter, Weasley on his other side. It didn’t bother him as much as he expected.


Harry could feel the heat of Malfoy’s body, his leg pressing against his, but for some reason he didn’t want to move it away. Seamus had brought in Nightmare on Elm street. Harry had heard his cousin talking about it with his friends once, but he had never been able to see it. Thank Merlin Hermione was clever and fixed it so everyone could watch.

He looked over at Malfoy, He had started growing out his hair more, it hung loosely around his face, kissing his cheeks. Harry blushed. He did not think of Malfoy and kissing in the same sentence. He didn’t.

He couldn’t focus the entire movie. He knew there was something going on with this guy going into dreams, but his thoughts kept drifting back to Malfoy. He was so present next to him, he couldn’t stop thinking of their thighs pressing together, their feet resting against each other. He was so preoccupied, he almost didn’t notice when Malfoy’s hand found his, gripping it tightly. He was too busy watching Malfoy’s face, watching his eyebrows shoot into his hair in shock. He swallowed and turned to face the movie, unconsciously stroking the other boy’s hand with his thumb.


“Um.. Malfoy?” Harry finally got his attention, after standing nearby for a few minutes, unsure what to say.

“Yes, Potter? Here to harass me?” He looked up from his book and raised his eyebrow at Harry.

“What’s going on? I mean, with the hand holding? Hermione is making me talk to you. I told her to mind her own business, but then Ron and Neville ganged up on me, too. Um.”

Malfoy scoffed.

“I’m sure I have no idea what you’re talking about. I think you should go.”

“I… don’t mind.” Harry struggled to get out. “The hand holding, I mean. I just don’t understand. You hate me.”

Malfoy just stared at him. Harry stood there for a moment before he cleared his throat and nodded sharply.

“Right, then. Right. Okay.”

He turned and rushed out of the library.


Draco caught up to Potter near the Great Hall.

“Wait!” He called out, coming to a stop a few feet behind him. “I… I don’t know. The hand thing. It just happened. And then again.”

Harry turned and frowned.

“So, what?”

“I mean, I don’t hate you.” Draco forced out. “I don’t think I ever did, not really. I think I was just angry. And jealous. And, well. I don’t think Pansy understands. What I had to go through. What you went through.”

Harry tilted his head to one side. Draco thought he looked like a confused puppy, and shoved down the thought that it was slightly adorable.

“But, why?”

Draco sighed.

“I’m not sure. That potions class. It’s like I was back in the war. You were talking about it and then I was there. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. And Defense? That boggart-” Draco clenched his jaw and looked away.

Harry stepped closer.

“It’s okay, you know. To be scared?”

Draco frowned.

“I’m not! Why would I be scared, Potter?”


His head snapped up at Harry’s use of his name.

Harry held out his hand and Draco took it, a slow grin forming on his face. Together, they walked into the Great Hall.

(now available on ao3)