sorry it's not prettier


may the light forever shine upon us.


just like to point out that I’m cute with & without makeup and whether my hair is up or down thx that’s all


I want you to always remember me. Will you remember that I existed- that I stood next to you, here like this?

For shizuos 

Dean is being so hurt after a hunt that he can barely lift a finger, let alone leave his bed, so Cas remains by his side to take care of him. He changes his bandages and washes his body with a warm cloth, he cooks for Dean and feeds him, he gives him to drink with a straw and puts blankets over him and puts on movies and reads him a book if Dean can’t bear the noise of the TV, but still needs something to keep his mind occupied.

And in the night, Cas stays in a loveseat by Dean’s bedside and strokes the hair from his forehead and wakes him when he is thrashing and whimpering in his sleep, fighting against the nightmares that are terribly worsened by the painkillers. And he holds Dean’s trembling hand afterwards and tells him funny little stories in a low, gentle voice and doesn’t let go of his hand even when Dean’s not sweaty and panting anymore, but finally calm and drifting off to sleep again, making an occasional humming sound to show that he’s stil listening.

And one night, after a particularly bad dream that shakes Dean to his core, Cas even bends to Dean’s borderline wish and crawls into bed with him, blankets his shaking figure with his body and holds him in a cautious embrace until the morning breaks.

(When Dean’s wounds have healed and his body is free of the pain as much as his room is unfortunately free of Cas, it’s Dean’s turn to make a move, his task to wake his screaming angel from his nightmares and to crawl into bed with him  and to kiss his neck and to hold him until he finally falls back asleep.)