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Joe Sugg imagine || Over reaction. ||

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Ello loveeee i’m honestly in LOVE with the blog! Could u do an imagine which y/n and caspar had a movie night when joe was out for a meeting and and he was mad because he found y/n and caspar both fell asleep snuggling on the sofa? Sorry if it’s a bit complicated.

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Can you do one where the reader and Joe get into a big argument so the reader leaves and joe is mad about it so Caspar talks to him,calms him down and he goes to the readers flat to apologize but the reader is no where to be found? I LOVE YOUR WRITING BY THE WAY ITS FLAWLESS!❤️❤️💗

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A/N: Sorry these are taking so long guys & are probably terrible. <3

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“Casp. I’m dying over here.” You yawned for the fourth time in a minute as you sat on the couch with him under a fluffy blanket, having decided to do a movie marathon the entire afternoon and night until tomorrow morning where you’d stumble half-asleep to McDonald’s down the street for breakfast.

However, this time around you were exhausted. “I know, me too… A little.” Caspar had nestled back into the couch, his legs were up on the coffee table you had pulled over to the couch. You were sitting with your knees pulled close to the chest beside him, leaning against him as you yawned once more.

“Maybe, we should rest our eyes for… A few minutes..?” You asked while your eyes were already closing each word you spoke, drifting off. Your head falling to the side against Caspars shoulder, who looked at you and laughed.

“Lightweight.” He teased you while you were entirely dead to the world, he continued watching the movie, but soon his head started to bob and his eyes would close for a few minutes and he’d open them again quickly, before repeating the same procedure over and over again until he finally gave in, letting his head fall softly to rest on top of yours, falling asleep. Stirring in your sleep, as a natural habit with Joe, you wrapped your arm around Caspars chest, as you continued to sleep…

- - -

~ Joes P.O.V. ~

Getting off the night bus from central London, I had my backpack over one shoulder as I walked from the bus stop at the top of my street to the building my flat was in, it had turned late as my all day meets turned very long not to mention I stopped in to visit Marcus who was bumming around a little bit since Niomi had gone to Spain with my sister for a fashion week and was lonely. So I had a late supper with him.

Putting my keys into the lock of the door, I turned it and the knob opening the door, I walked inside yawning, putting my bag down. It was quiet… I looked around the dimly lit space, the television was on Netflix’s home screen and I could see the top half of (Y/N) and Caspars heads on the couch.

I walked closer and tilted my head, seeing that they were snuggled up to each other, (Y/N)’s face was nuzzled against Caspars chest and she had her arm around Caspars middle as Caspars arm was draped around her shoulders.

I felt some jealousy wash over me, not liking the scene in front of me.

“What the hell?” I asked loud enough it caused them to shift a little in their sleep.

“Hello?” I said again a little louder, which caused (Y/N) to move, opening her eyes in a squint, sleepily she moved her arms stretching a little and groaning into her yawn like a baby dinosaur. “Hi babe.” She smiled. I continued to stare at her…

“What’s going on?” I asked seriously and she looked around finally coming to a fully awake state seeing herself close to Caspar, she sat up a little moving away as Caspar started to wake himself.

“Movie night – but we were tired.” She explained to me not seeing the problem I was seeing, apparently…

“Why were you two so cuddled up? Was I interrupting something?” I asked darkly and I watched her expression change, looking from myself to Caspar and back in surprise.

“No!” She scoffed sounding offended. “Of course not, why would you even think something like that?” She asked quizzically as Caspar rubbed his eyes, “yeah dude we just fell asleep.” He’d heard the conversation while he was waking up.

“Sure didn’t look like you ‘just fell asleep’,” I used air quotes at them, “cuddled up pretty intensely when I walked in the door.” I didn’t know why I was getting so angry about this, (Y/N) had been my girlfriend for almost two years now and she’d never cheat on me… At least, I was pretty sure she wouldn’t.

“Are you really getting upset because in our sleep Caspar and I migrated to each other and ended up cuddling?” (Y/N) asked while getting up from the couch, the blanket that had been over the pair of them slipped off and they were both fully clothed in pyjamas which I was thankful for.

“How do I know it was in your sleep?” I crossed my arms over my chest and raised my eyebrow at them. “Are you being serious right now?” She asked me and I nodded, “dead serious.” My tone was dull.

“You don’t trust me, so you think I’m cheating on you with Caspar? Because we fell asleep watching a movie?” She asked me with disbelief. I couldn’t help but shrug slightly. “Maybe.” I admitted.

“Wow…” She whispered at me while I looked from her to Caspar who had taken to standing up himself looking at me unsure of what to say. “Dude…” He said shaking his head at me.

“What? It’s a possibility isn’t it? I’m not over reacting about this at all…” I looked between them again with a seriousness on my face.

“I, I just can’t believe this.” (Y/N) put her hand up waving my accusation off, “you really think I would cheat on you?” She asked with a sudden sharp tone and it took me back,

“Who knows anymore, you might.” Even I was starting to disbelieve what was coming out of my mouth.

“Okay, I see how it is.” She nodded, shaking her head she moved to walk by me but I felt myself stopping her by putting my hand on her arm, she was glaring at me.

“Don’t touch me.” She muttered pulling her arm away.

“You’re getting defensive because you have been cheating, haven’t you?” I asked quickly and she looked at me, “I can’t believe you think that little of me that I would cheat on you! Especially with Caspar! That just goes to show how much you really think of your friends and girlfriend doesn’t it?” She raised her voice.

“I’m just saying the evidence was pretty clear.” I gestured toward the couch and was met with a scoff from (Y/N). “Are you kidding me? You think two people who’ve fallen asleep on the couch is enough evidence to start speculating cheating?!”

“I’m just telling it like I see it.” I muttered, as she yelled at me.

 “Honestly, if you can’t for a minute even understand why you’re over reacting … I can’t… I just… I have never given you any impression that I would cheat on you and you should know me well enough that I would never do something like that… Right now, I’m just beside myself a little bit that you’d think that way… Especially just coming home out of the blue and snapping around it, you must have been thinking stuff like this for a while.” She told me putting her hands into the air, shaking her head, “I’m going home…” she grabbed her hand bag and stepped into her shoes, leaving the flat. The door slammed behind her.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Caspar asked me and I looked skeptically at him. “Me? You’re the ones who were snuggled up together on the couch like some happy couple.” I countered his question with a statement and he continued staring at me with a half open mouth of shock.

 “You honestly think that I would have some kind of affair with your girlfriend? Or that she would cheat on you? What the hell is wrong with you man?” Caspar asked.

“Maybe! Caspar you are a man-whore.” I felt unsure now as I looked at my best friend who crossed his arms, “yeah, maybe! But not to my friends girlfriends!” He pointed out gesturing to where (Y/N) had been on the couch. “You’ve lost it, absolutely lost it.” He shook his head at me. 

“What’s going on that you’re so … I don’t know – being a prick recently?” He asked me.

I stared at him and he kept his eyes on me. “Nothing.” I muttered feeling like a totally rodney the more time went by, I had completely and utterly over reacted…

“Well, something… You don’t just come home one day and started throwing accusations around.” Caspar pointed out and I sighed. “I don’t know… It’s been two years and I guess I feel a little like why hasn’t (Y/N) gotten tired of me.” I admitted honestly and Caspars face had lightened a little. “What?” He asked confused.

“Yeah, I mean I’ve not had a girlfriend this long before and I keep thinking she’s going to get tired of me eventually and why she hasn’t already is beyond me.” I couldn’t help it. “I mean, look at her Caspar she is beautiful and she could pretty much have any guy she wanted so why the hell is she with me?” I questioned more myself as I spoke out loud and Caspar rubbed his forehead, “Joe; she loves you.” He pointed out what I already knew. “I know that… But I don’t understand why.” I said.

Caspar kept watch on me as he walked to the kitchen part of the flat and got a bottle of Fiji water from the fridge – he took a sip before he spoke.

“So you’re insecure and you think that starting a fight about her cheating on you with me is the right thing to do?” He asked with one eyebrow raised in my direction and I muttered looking at my feet and the floor. “She’s just perfect and I’m so…” I shrugged unable to think of a word that described what I was feeling like right now. 

“Who cares if you’re so… Whatever you feel like you are, you just walked in and started snapping over something little. Now you’re girlfriend is gone and you’re standing here looking like a big idiot.” Caspar said while he walked over to me now and stood beside me, putting his hand on my shoulder. 

“You need to go and have a really proper talk to her about how you feel… But first you need to calm your tits about everything and apologise before you do some damage you can’t undo.” He told me wisely.

“Yeah,” I nodded again as I came to terms with how less than twenty minutes ago I was a total tool to my girlfriend and best friend, who despite that was standing here calming me down and giving me advice about the situation.

“You better go soon to.” Caspar looked at the clock and I wasn’t sure why he was. “I hope she accepts my apology.” I looked at him and he smiled. “I’m sure if you’re sincere she will…” He flashed me a thumbs up and I cracked a small smile. “Thanks buddy.” I really meant it. “Don’t worry about it.” He waved it off.

“Thank you, no really. And I’m sorry.” I added which made him laugh. “I forgive you, but I’m the least of your worries, go.” He ushered me toward the front door and I left the flat…

… I arrived at (Y/N)’s house after taking two busses and walking a good ten minutes up a slight incline, since the night busses were running the 87 didn’t stop directly across from her building it stopped two stops before at the bottom of the hill.

I buzzed her flat number from the locked after 9PM security doors of her flat, but I wasn’t getting an answer. “Babe, it’s me – please open the door.” I said through the microphone, hoping she would answer but she didn’t. I buzzed the security office and they answered me; 

“Hello?” They asked and I knew they were watching me from the camera. “Hi… It’s me Joe… (Y/N)’s boyfriend in flat sixteen. I haven’t got a front door key.” I hoped that would be enough to get me by the first set of doors, I had a key to her flat. “I have a flat key.” I added, holding it up on my keychain of keys. 

“Oh Joe, come in – you’re usually with (Y/N).” He pointed out buzzing the door open which I pulled open and walked inside toward the elevators by the security post. “Thank you.” I waved to the posted security guard for the large building of flats. “You’re welcome.” He nodded, we both knew each other… In that passing by one another for two years kind of way.

On the second floor I practically ran to number sixteen and knocked first, before I used my key opening the door I walked inside; “Babe!” I called, figuring she was ignoring me, I looked around the flat it was dark and it felt empty. “Babe?” I called again looking around the rooms and it sunk in that she wasn’t here…


After Dean kills Abaddon, Sam questions him as to why he didn’t clue him into the fact that Crowley warned them it was a trap, and also as to why he decided he needed to kill Abaddon alone. He gives the above explanation, Sam scolds him for trying to protect him again, and Dean explains he was worried Abaddon would nab him and use him as a bargaining chip.

But was that really what he was afraid of? Let’s look at the entire quote, and what he’s really saying…

First time I touched that blade, I knew. I knew that I wouldn’t be stopped. I knew I would take down Abaddon and anything else if I had to. And it wasn’t a hero thing, you know, it wasn’t…it was just calm. I knew, and I had to go it alone, Sammy.

As evidenced by the look of bewilderment on Dean’s face when Sam did finally manage to snap him out of it, killing with the first blade gives him absolute tunnel vision. It allows him to kill what needs to be killed, without anything standing in his way. I don’t think Dean was afraid that Abaddon would capture or hurt Sam…I think he was afraid of what he would do to Sam.

In the sneak peek of 9x22, we see that Sam is sleeping with his gun in his hand. If they were in a motel, this would be completely reasonable. We’ve seen both Sam and Dean sleep with weapons under their pillows, at the ready, plenty of times. But in the bunker? Where it’s warded against every evil thing imaginable, and they are in a “Bermuda triangle” or sorts, unable to be tracked using GPS? What is Sam so afraid of? The only other person in the bunker at the time is Dean, and I can’t help but think, even if on a subconscious level, that Sam is fearful of what Dean might do to him.

I’ve been speculating that perhaps Dean will kill Sam accidentally in the season finale, so overcome with bloodlust he is unable to control himself, and the speech at the end of 9x21, and now Sam sleeping with a gun in his hand, only stands to reinforce my belief that something like this may happen. Also, if we’re right about who Cas is holding Dean back from attacking in 9x22, this is definitely what I’m putting my money on for the season finale.

See also: someoneworthfinding’s spec on Cas sacrificing himself to bring Sam back to life, as it explains what I think would come next.