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Benophie AU: Roadtrip

(Ben footage from x)

“They’re still here!”

“So’s Magnussen. He should be at dinner, but he’s still in the building.”


Coatlock = a ship I think we can all agree on.

I apologize for this mess; I’m tired and couldn’t get this stupid idea out of my head. Enjoy.

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Daily Doodle #12 - January 12, 2017

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If Ben & Sophie did a romantic movie together
Where We Are, Where We Started - Chapter 30

Will stares down at his slice of pizza, but his elbows remain propped up on the table. He doesn’t make a move to pick it up.

“So,” he says, face contorting in confusion. “We don’t get to see Mr. Washington anymore? Last night you said he would spend more time with us.”