sorry it's kinda bad ;u;

here's what happens.

1. feel body positive for once
2. eat a lot
3. wait until the self hatred inevitably comes back
4. regret EVERYTHING.

guilt is horrible

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Namjoon does like pineapple on pizza, he said it once on a v-live chat, I think. Also, as a picky eater myself who also had a strict mom that pushed me to eat in a similar way, it's not something that is always easily controlled, it's just the way we are and too many people don't get that. A lot of picky eaters are super tasters and are more sensitive to the taste and texture of food. Most eventually gradually grow out of it but still have a few things that will make us gag even as adults.

So as a result I feel like there’s no need to be annoyed with a picky eater unless they are directly inconveniencing you, e.g. expecting you to prepare a seperate meal to accomodate them instead of simply making their own.

I get that but like… there is shit that straight up makes me wanna barf n i still eat it ?? like I guess u can’t force anyone but… idk in my family’s culture food is how you express urself like… if I make you food I’m putting a lot of love into that like it means so much to me, so like… idk that’s where picky eaters grind on me like ? idc about other stuff but if someone makes me food I would force myself to eat it bc to reject it – to me personally and I understand ppl are different culturally – is incredibly disrespectful

I know a lot of you followed me for sns. And now I’ve become one of those “kpop fangirls” so tbh even though ik a lot of you won’t read this don’t feel bad about unfollowing me or at least blocking the got7 tag. I’m sorry but they have helped me love myself the same way sns and yoi have, and right now they are the ones I’m addicted to. Because I have no concept of healthy obsession. I’m sorry, but also thank you for sticking around if you choose to.

you’re always playing with lighters and talking about how it’d feel to have the fire in your belly. so that’s when your best friend tells you about the fireball hidden in the back of her closet. she gets you a chaser and you take your first shot.

t’s fucking nasty and the face you make has her cracking up, she tells you that you’ll get used to the taste, and adds a wink for emphasis. she and you take turns with the shot glass, sliding it back and forth across the kitchen counter. you’re starting to feel the fire.

you guys take a trip to her back yard and you jump into the pool fully clothed, the water’s freezing but it doesn’t matter. the fire is radiating through your body now. and you know she feels it, too. everything’s bright for once. you’re happy and you’re drunk for the first time and you’re with your best friend. you’ve got something hopeful in your bloodstream. there’s that bright teenage hope you always looked for, it’s right here.

it’s easy to love this story because it hasn’t happened to you, but god you wish it has. you know how the fire feels, but we’re not talking about the same kind, are we? you’ve got all the pain, the kind of shit that singes your skin and puts you in the hospital for a month. you know how to take a shot of fireball- you’re definitely used to the taste, used to that burn. and it’s sad. you still haven’t felt that bright, teenage hope. you don’t know how it feels to be warm but not on fire.

so now you’re picturing yourself as the ‘you’ in this story and you see yourself with your best friend, or maybe a lover, living out a beautiful moment and you’re wondering if you’ll ever feel that kind of flame in your belly.

—  let’s see if you burn (9.4.16)

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