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When the dust settles (RP with w1ldc4rd-secur1tr0n)

The battle of Hoover Dam had come to a head and erupted in a flurry of fire, bullets, and forever stained red with both NCR and Legion blood. The Courier had united those the two governments had stepped over to overthrow them with a hoard of extra firepower just under their noses.

The city was in a roar, lights and drinks with no need for the gate between freeside and the strip. Among them, Pip drifted back and forth between the casinos aimlessly. The celebrations all sounded like static in her ears, limbs heavy, and head feeling like it was full of sludge. She just sat on the steps of the Lucky 38 and put her head in her hands. “Just a few more days. Then we go to Arizona…”

i love the way you laugh by makesmewannatsss (vansandburberry)

“Think we can blow the classroom up?” Louis whispers.

Harry snorts, covering his mouth quickly and earning a glance from their teacher.

“Well? Do you wanna?” Louis teases with a grin.

…All of a sudden Harry is reaching across him as quickly as he can and grabbing the vial out of his hands…Just as their bottle bubbles over. And by bubbles, Louis realizes that there are literal bubbles, colored a tinge yellow and getting all…over…their desk.

It smells kind of weird, too.

“Fuck,” Harry curses under his breath and, wow, okay – maybe not the moment for this but Louis realizes just how much he appreciates that word out of Harry’s mouth.

Behind them, Louis can hear Niall laugh his arse off and whip out his phone to take pictures. “Gemma’s gonna love these!” he shouts.

[Read on ao3.]

Learning to Fall - Theoria

It had been a rather tiresome week, physically and emotionally. To be honest, keeping his emotions sealed was more exhausting than showing them probably would have been. However, that simple fact had not deterred Theodore from being rather closed off. After all, he was not the type of person to let others know how he was feeling or thinking. Always rather closed off, this was just another event that had made Theodore build yet another wall. Death was just another reason to be careful who he got close to and opened up to. 

The rather dreadful week had left Theo thoroughly exhausted. He’d barely slept a few hours since the day he got the letter about his grandmother. The lack of sleep was starting to take it’s toll on the Nott boy  - he hadn’t even finished all of his homework on Friday night like he usually did. Determined to get it all done before Sunday, Theo perched himself in a chair in the common room next to the fire, forcing himself to work on his assignments diligently. However, the warm fire and his tired mind and eyes were starting to play tricks on him. Theo had to reread the lines in his DADA book multiple times before they would even sink in, and he could feel the lids of his eyes getting heavier and heavier. A little sleep wouldn’t be such a bad thing, would it?

1D Hiatus: Day 247

* Louis meets fans in LA

* A video of Harry saying hello to some fans appears on Instagram 

* Pictures of Harry meeting fans in Dunkirk back in June come out

* Niall gets papped in LA, meets fans

* Louis complains on Twitter about people sending him disgusting WhatsApp messages, then he and Niall figure out that they could challenge those people to a rap battle and would destroy them in “less than 64 bars” (they’re sooooo good)

* Unseen pictures of the boys from a few years ago come out

* Louis’ sister Lottie posts a video on Snapchat of herself jamming to ‘End Of The Day’ in the car

* The boys are nominated for Best British Group at the Radio 1 Teen Awards

It’s Aug 16th, 2016.

Job searches || closed

Synthia walked into the dark dimly lit bar. Dancers all around vamps all around humans in the mix. Syn curled her lip in disgust seeing aacouple scamper. Off to the bathroom hurriedly. She was desperate for a job and she had her bar tending licence and she used to perform in for 5 years or so. She jumped away from a van making kissing noises at her and rolled her eyes. She walked up to the tall blonde sitting in a large chair in the back of the club. She sighed and looked at him. He was familiar but she didn’t pry through memories to try and figure out who he was. “I heard you’re the one to talk to about a job around here?”


Double standards:

Despite Riley having two seasons worth of romantic development with Lucas, it’s apparently totally plausible that she sees him like a brother, but totally impossible that Maya sees him that way. 

Riley falling for a concept? Totally possible.
Maya referencing a place when trying to prove that she still likes Lucas, which might suggest she fell for the moment and not him - nope, definitely not a thing. 

Riley likes Lucas because she’s acting like Maya? Makes sense.
Maya likes Lucas because she’s acting like Riley? No! That’s such bad writing! 

Despite the fact that thematically, Riley is meant to mirror Topanga and Maya is meant to mirror Lauren, this is completely impossible, because they once sat at the bay window together, and they sat in an order which suggests that Maya is Topanga. 

Let’s just all agree that every single one of these outcomes - regardless of who they apply to - are extremely shitty forms of writing. (except for the Lauren x Cory x Topanga sl. That one is fine. It’s just extremely annoying, because it’s between two best friends).