sorry it's dark but i like my room to be cave like


OKAY sorry i’m dumping this here

so i’m working on a layout design of the headcanon slytherin common/dorm layout. Like for each house it reflects the element. (like hufflepuff is basically connected hobbit homes and the ravenclaw dorm has a lot of marble and glittering ceilings like the great hall) But SLYTHERIN !!!!

  • already canon that it’s under the lake and idk if canon or fanon that came up with the idea of the ceiling of the main common room looking up into the lake casting a greenish glow.
  • also it’s a soft light so transition from the dark night into the morning is a smoother one (although the Great Hall is still a bit of a harsh slap in the face with its glass windows)
  • there are faint dripping noises (like in caves) and small waterfalls beside the steps that lead into the common room to help students calm down
  • there isn’t a torch in sight- even at night the lake still holds its glow.
  • as you go to the entrance of the actual dorm rooms, they descend into darkness from the look of it but when you put a foot on the first step, you’ve suddenly entered into an ancient cave that has partially carved out pillars that morph into the natural forms of the rock
  • again there is no need for torches when there are roots from magical plants that have stretched from the lake bed and engraved its way into the formations and glow when a magical presence is near. (doesn’t work on familiars but a magical essence is required. hence a book being summoned via accio will work just fine)
  • the years are divided by levels, with the first years at the bottom and seventh years near the top.
  • picture several groups of shaking first years as they’re lead into the darkness to their rooms.
  • picture them always using a buddy system (ex/ holding hands or a breadcrumb trail) if they have to go up to the common room in the dead of night - although there are at least several slytherins awake past midnight
  • slowly they get used to the dark, use their hands against the wall and memorizing every dip and crevice of the formations. The coolness of the rocks and soft glow of the roots calming their nerves. when they go out of their rooms at night, they are calm in that they never are alone 
  • as they work hard through the years, moving up in levels mirrors their successes (because failures are accepted and then adapted to turn into successions) 
  • there is always at least three common room meetings for internal-house conflicts and organization of study groups (for both in-house and out of house)
  • There’s a wardrobe of scarves, hats, gloves etc for those who are running late and don’t have time to go back down to their room to get it. (the wardrobe has a moth-repellant spell and a self-cleaning charm on it)
  • There’s always some form of caffiene in the common room (coffee, tea, energy drinks that muggleborns bring back from breaks etc) and several varieties of snacks to help with brain function.

I could go on but I’ll stop it here. I hope this sort of makes sense? If not I’m going to still draw it. feel free to add on?