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Hang Up - Requested (Ashton)

Hello, so Anon requested (could you make an imagine where your on the phone with your boyfriend ashton and you get annoyed for a small reason and hang up on him and he calls you back to settle things out) again Hayley (masht0ncak3) wrote this one, however i (Chelsea) did add a little in (I checked it was okay with Hayley first of course), so yeah we hope you like it. 

‘Hey babe’ Ashton had rung you, since he’s on tour and you haven’t seen each other for 3 months.

'Hey, how’s tour?’  You sat down on your sofa getting comfy since you knew you’d be on the phone for a while.

'It’s amazing, the fans are getting crazier each night’ You smiled, it made you happy that he was enjoying himself, but in the back of your mind you couldn’t help but think maybe he wasn’t missing you, he was out having so much fun that maybe he just didn’t miss you at all.

'Yeah I’ve seen the pictures, some of the girls seem so dedicated and loyal’ You would never admit it to Ashton but sometimes you got jealous and self-conscious when looking at the pictures of him and the fans. You couldn’t help it, some of them were gorgeous and with him being so far away you worried that he’d cheat on you but you’d come to your senses and realise that Ashton would never do that to you.

'Yeah they are, it’s weird that people actually love our music’

'It’s amazing I don’t see how they couldn’t, they’d be crazy not to’ he laughed a little and you know your doing a good job of hiding how affected you are.

'Thanks babe, how’s home?’

You sighed ‘It’s alright, gets I get a little lonely every now and again but I’ll cope, I watched your interview the other day..’ you cant help but bring it up, the words coming out before you had time to think about them. Normally you loved watching their interviews because it made you realise just how lucky you were to have all four of them in your life but this interview was different though it didn’t put a smile on your face at all.

'Oh yeah, it was a great interview’

'Was it really?’ you answered harshly.

'What’s wrong babe?’ You could hear the concern in his voice as he spoke.

'One thing you miss back home Ashton?’ You repeated the question they had been asked in the interview.

'Babe’ He started but you cut him off

'Don’t babe me Ashton, do you not miss me? At all?! You could have told me that I didn’t mean anything to you rather than playing along. I get it your out living your dream having fun’ you feel the tears coming to your eyes hurt mixed with anger.

’(Y/N) it wasn’t like that, I just didn’t want the boys winding me up about it, you know what they’re like’

'Yeah I do Ashton but do you realise how it made me feel? Thinking that you didn’t give a shit about me! I’m stuck here and you can’t even say you miss me in an interview’ you cry, thinking back to how your heart felt heavy watching the video.

'I do care about you, I miss you so much babe I just wasn’t in the mood for them to start making comments about it on TV’ he tried to explain and any other time you would have agreed, you wouldn’t have made a big deal about it but this weeks been crappy and your taking it out on him.

'Whatever Ashton, I don’t want to hear your excuses’ you spit.

You heard him sigh through the phone and you could picture him running his hand through his hair something he does when he is annoyed or frustrated ‘(Y/N) please listen to me’ he tries again but your don’t want to hear it.

'I’ve gotta go’ You said and hung up not wanting to make the argument worse. You threw your phone onto the bed and decided to go for a run to clear your head. You got changed and headed outside.


You got back and grabbed your phone seeing 10 missed calls off Ashton and text messages asking you to pick up and saying sorry. You sighed and your phone began to ring again, you answered it.

’(Y/N)? Finally, Where have you been? I was so worried’ his voice is a little groggy and you hope he hasn’t been crying.

'I went for a run Ashton, not into a prison full of murderers’ you replied bluntly.

'There was no need for that’ he sounded hurt at your tone.

'I’m sorry’ you sigh, exhausted from your run and your anger towards him, tired of being alone, tired of missing him all the time.

'So am I. I shouldn’t have said I didn’t miss you just to keep the boys quiet. It wasn’t fair on you, I miss you so much babe, you know I do’ he explains.

'I miss you too Ashton, im just missing you so much and you not saying you missed me it really hurt. I thought you were going to break up with me or that you’d found some else…I just…..god I miss you so much’ you cry, letting him hear how much you miss him, the feelings you had been hlding in for months.

'I know, I should have thought about your feelings. I don’t ever want to loose you okay? I love you so much (Y/N) I don’t ever want anybody else. Baby  please don’t cry’ he begs, sniffing a little himself. You smiled, you’d never get tired of hearing Ashton say that he loved you. It was the best feeling in the world knowing that the person you love, loves you back.

'I love you to Ash’

‘Do you forgive me?’

'Of course, tell the boys I said hello. I need to go shopping now though’

'We’ll facetime when your back? And we can sort for you to come out a spend a couple of days with us really soon’

You nodded ‘Okay, I love you’

'I love you to, and I miss you lots’ he whispers.