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Pairing: Alex Standall x Reader

Request: “9 - Alex Standall”


9. “I am just protecting you.”

Word count: 1.547

Posted: 15th of May 2017

A/N: I miss my Alex imagines and I am having some feels right now. I need more Alex imagines, I admit! I miss that little inactive chicken nugget. Dude, post something on your social medias! I miss you. :(
Anyways, here’s another request from Aja and I hope that you like it. 
I hope you keep on supporting my writing, guys! I love you all so much and I thank you for the kind words, they really motivate me to write more and to think of the shitty things in my life less. Thank you so much.

P.S.: I am not accepting part 2 requests for my prompts imagines. Sorry.

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Warning: a little bit of angst, being drunk, swearing

“(Y/N), you’ve already drunk too much!” Your best friend, Alex, exclaimed as he stole the red plastic cup from your shaky hand. You had a blurry vision because you were already sleepy and you had to admit that you were also a little bit drunk.

Alex stopped you on drinking to impose you some limits, because he knew that drinking has never been good to people, mostly to you.

“Alex, you’re not my dad!” You slurred as you tried to snatch the cup back from his hands, but you had no success. The liquor spilt on the floor as Alex tried to distance the cup from yourself. “Fuck, Alex!”

You were in one of Bryce’s party to celebrate his team’s successful game the night before and all of the school was in his gobsmacking and enormous modern house, enjoying the music, the company and all of the bad things in life: drugs, cigarettes and alcohol.

“(Y/N), we’re going home!” Alex forcefully grabbed your hand as he put the almost empty plastic cup on the kitchen counter, a place where it would be a little bit difficult for you to reach.

“No, Alex! I still have to play that suck and blow thingy!” You drunkenly laughed as you pointed to the crowd that was doing the game.

“No, (Y/N)!” Alex protested, but his friends suddenly pulled him away, so he could leave you alone. You flirtatiously smiled to thank them and you carefully walked towards the group.

“Can I join?” You happily asked, feeling tired but happy at the same time. The feeling of being drunk was great as you didn’t have your problematic thoughts, you didn’t have to think of the stuffs that you were going through. You heard people cheering as you stood between Jeff, on your right, and Justin, on your left. You knew that the fun has just begun for you.

The game has started and people started sucking the card and they passed it on to the person on their right.

You felt enthusiastic and less pensive at that moment, you forgot everything in your life, mostly your feelings for Alex, as the alcohol took your mind’s control. You had no control of yourself and you knew that you needed someone to handle you, but who cared? The people around you were drunk too. They probably felt the same thing that you were feeling: they would remember something, but then their minds just would black out totally. Some of them wouldn’t even remember everything that happened during that night.

The game lasted for about two spins before the first card fell off your mouth. You were passing the card to Jeff and, because of your clumsiness or drunkenness, you accidentally let the card go. Even though you didn’t have the clearest mind at that moment, the rules were still clear to yourself: you had to kiss Jeff.

Your senses were awakened by people as they encouraged you to kiss Jeff. You were drunk and you had no problems on kissing any person at that moment. You were out of your control and that was why your best friend was being worried earlier.

“I guess we have to do this.” Jeff naughtily flirted with you as he grabbed your waist, he was a little bit drunk and out of himself too. You knew that Jeff has always liked you, but you loved Alex and you didn’t even know why you were doing this to yourself, but you went with the flow. After all, some party goers did this stuff often.

“It’s not a problem, Atkins!” You winked at him and you hyperactively wrapped your arms around his neck and you both closed the gap between the two of you without any problems.

You both shared a passionate and wet kiss as people made noise for your little hot making out session in front of them. You were both enjoying it as Jeff led you to a less crowded place. Little did you both know that there was someone who was getting his heart broken by watching the two of you, but then was called by his best friends to distract him.

“Let’s lead this thing in an appropriate place.” You bit your lip as you stunned Jeff with your sweet voice. He started giving you some wet kisses on your neck as you both found the way to an empty clean room.

You were both caught up in the moment that you both kept on kissing and left the door wide open. You and Jeff kept on making out as he led you to the warm and comfortable bed, falling on it, with him on top of you.

The things started to become steamy between you and Jeff. The heat in the room fogged up the glass window as the cold wind kissed it from the other side. You turned the tables over as you wanted to take the control of the thing. You couldn’t deny it, but you were both turned on, touching and caressing your body parts as long as you could.

“(Y/L/N), what the hell?” The pleasure that you shared with Jeff while kissing him was interrupted by your best friend, when he suddenly dragged you off Jeff’s body.

“What the fuck, Standall?” You faced him as you tried to protest for what he has done. You angrily pushed him away, but he was stronger than you. You were so drunk and weak, that you couldn’t move him, not even a little bit.

“We’re going home!” He loaded you in one of his shoulders as if you were a sack full of potatoes. Alex was surely thin and slim, but he used to work out, by Officer Standall’s orders, and his arms weren’t that weak as you thought.

“I don’t want to go home!” You protested like a kid, wiggling yourself to make him struggle. You continued on doing it, but you got tired of it as Alex started to walk out of the room. You peeked at Jeff, who was now sleeping peacefully on the bed, passed out, and you let out a heavy sigh as you thought that you deluded him.

You let yourself relax on Alex’s shoulder and you closed the door behind you, letting Jeff sleep peacefully. Alex walked in the middle of the drunk crowd and he made his way out of the suffocating place that you were both in.

He put you on the passenger’s seat of his car and buckled your seatbelt carefully. You had your eyes closed, but you still had the senses to feel Alex’s moves.

“Why did you do that?” You garbled as you felt the car moving. Alex didn’t drink at all and his mind was sober, meaning that you were safe with him.

I am just protecting you.” Alex shortly answered as he focused his eyes on the road, following the road’s speed limit. You weakly opened your eyes and stole a glance of his face: he had his forehead corrugated and a black aura surrounded his raging body.

“I was safe with Jeff too, Alex!” You protested in a calm way as you were so tired to start a fight between the two of you.

“You are drunk, just take a rest and I’m almost home.” He annoyingly answered with a dry toned voice. You hinted the indifference in his voice and you stopped asking things, still keeping your mind alive even though your eyes were closed.

The vehicle suddenly stopped and you assumed that you arrived in his family’s home. He carefully unbuckled your seatbelt as he quietly admired your peaceful face. It almost seemed that you were already sleeping, but the thoughts and your feelings for Alex kept you up and pensive once again.

“I was being protective, because I was jealous.” He caressed your face as you felt his hot breath against your skin, sending some shivers down your spine. “I love you, (Y/N), and it hurt me seeing you making out with someone else, in public.” He mumbled, fidgeting with his jacket as he confessed his hidden feelings to you.

You heard him sigh as he brushed his fingers on your lips, wishing that it was him who kissed you that night, wishing that it was him who you loved, obviously unbeknownst to your feelings for him.

“I love you so much.” He said once again as you felt some hot water sting your skin. Alex was vulnerable and you wanted to shout at him how much you loved him, but something suddenly stopped you.

Alex kept on crying and only God knew how much you wanted to open your tired eyes to confess your feelings for Alex too, but you were so afraid. Afraid of admitting everything, afraid of the consequences, afraid of what might happen next, although you discovered that he loved you back.

You were afraid to love Alex as you both considered each other as best friends for a long time, so you set some limits between the two of you, just like how he set you the limit for your alcohol intake, just how he limited his driving, following the speed limits imposed.

Maybe those limits between the two of you would help you, or maybe not. Probably not.


Ford in another room: WHY WOULD YOU LICK IT???

@pomrania said: Sudden random idea: RP!Stan hears someone say that it’s impossible to lick your elbow. He takes it as a cue to remove his prosthetic and do just that.

Stan, I’m sorry but that was a horrible idea.

She’s Dreaming

Here’s a Chenario for you! XD

I’m sorry. You’re not laughing. Let me get you a band-aid. I must’ve pricked you with my sharp wit.

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Dizzy circles and frayed ends, loud colors and bright noises. Unfamiliar footsteps and flickering lights and too many eyes. Lurking shadows and wicked pincers and panic and palpitations and–

     You sit bolt upright, panting, still shuddering from your nightmare. Is it still creeping towards me? Your skin is crawling, the hair on the back of your neck standing on end. Heart still pounding, you decide to get a drink of water. 

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“Who I Am Inside” Part 3

This day off was not going as planned. After dealing with those FBI agents, I’m on edge. To make things even better my boss called me in to receive some packages she ordered for the Library and sort through them. She couldn’t get them herself because the UPS was delivering them at 8 P.M and was babysitting her granddaughters.

I spent most of the day in the living room on my laptop typing, watching Friends, and eating an endless amount of popcorn with gobs of butter. At one point, I thought I would try to be productive, but everything was pretty much done. Getting antsy, I looked up stuff online about essential oils since I recently bought a diffuser. My absolute favorite recipe for it is 3 drops of lemongrass, 2 drops of peppermint, and 3 drops of lavender. It’s like inhaling heaven.

I also tried to look up strong connections at first sight, to see if I could find anything. Nothing popped up except love at first sight crap.

“Why am I even trying. It’s probably nothing.” I thought to myself

As the hours go by faster and faster. It was already time to head to the Library. I changed into a pair of skinny jeans, a black v-neck, my favorite cardigan, and my black pair of riding boots. Dressy, I know, but it all of it was lying in the chair next to the closet and I’m to lazy to look for anything else. Plus, knowing me, I would run into somebody I would know. Since I decided to pick up some stuff at the store afterwards.

I grabbed my keys and headed to my car. I got in and started blasting pandora with the aux cord. It took me only 7 minutes to get there since I live pretty close. As I hopped out of the car, I opened up the side door to the Library, and went immediately into the conference room. I turned on the light in there, since he usually pulls up this way when he delivers packages and sat in one of the comfy conference room chairs. Scrolling through facebook to pass the time.

As I sat there deep in thought, staring blankly at my screen, I heard a noise. It kept getting louder and louder. Until, I realized it was someone knocking on the side door. I ran to the door and he greeted me with a smile. He thanked me for signing, as he handed me the packages. I gave him a warm smile back, told him to have a nice night, then shut the door. I took the boxes back to the conference and organized them exactly how she wanted it. 30 minutes later I was done. Smiling to myself, realizing that I can go home now, I grabbed my purse and keys.

I looked around to make sure I got everything, when it seemed like I did, I turned to head home. Until I saw a shadowed figure out in the hallway, I gasped and yelled “Holy Shit!”. Quickly making out who the shadowed figure was, I grabbed at my chest, trying to calm myself down from almost having a full blown heart attack. It was Mike, the Library handyman. He was in his mid 50’s, kind of on the bigger side, and had light gray hair.

“Oh my gosh, Mike! You gave me a heart attack. Sorry for the language, but you scared me! What are you doing here?” I say frantically.

Mike never responded to my question. He just looked right at me. Like he could see my soul my soul or something. I was starting to freak out a little bit  because Mike was never like this. Always in a jolly good mood, and friendly. Reminded me of Santa.

I waited a couple more seconds before I started again.

“So, uhh Mike, watcha doing here?” my voice shaky as I uttered the words.

He came closer to me, still staring right into my eyes with a mean look upon his face. All of the sudden his eyes went completely black. I backed up into a table, hyperventilating, wanting to believe that this was some kind of prank. I knew it wasn’t when he made his way towards me.

I searched around the room for the exit. As my eyes land on it, I looked back at him. His expression getting angry by the minute. Before I knew it, I was bolting towards the back door. Running as fast as my legs could take me, while fearing for my life. Unlocking the door quickly, and pushing it open with force. I pushed it so hard that tripped and scraped my knee. It started bleeding bad, but I got back up and ran faster as he followed.

I felt like I was in a horror movie as I passed the parking lot, and ran past the railroad tracks. I stopped at the stoplight that had shined a bright glow over the street. I looked all around to see if he was still following me. I cussed myself out in my head for not running to my car, but it was parked on the other side of the Library. I saw no sign of him, but still had a feeling that I would piss my pants since I was afraid.

I calmed myself down and tried to think of what to do next. I reached for my phone and pulled up the phone number that Agent Craig Ramirez gave me. He said “anything at all…”. I bit my lip and dialed the number hoping that he would pick up. I held the phone to my ear and looked at the Library from where I was standing. Praying that this man would answer…

Sam’s Pov

*A Few Hours Earlier*

Cas came to the motel as soon as Dean prayed to him. He looked a little out of it, since he had been doing some research for another case back at the bunker. He also told as he started watching “Friends” on Netflix and that’s why he was forgot to check his cell.

“Hello, Dean. Hello, Sam. What Is Up?” He said in his deep, voice.

“Cas we need your help on something. I was wondering if you knew of a Y/n Greene?” I asked.

“Y/n Greene? Is she important to this case you’re working on? He asked curiously

“Sam feels like he has a ‘strong connection’ with her or something.” Dean mocks while cleaning his gun.

“Dean you promised you would help.” I said, getting pissed off.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. So do you know her or not Cas?” asked Dean, gruffly.

“I’m not supposed to tell you.” Cas says bluntly

Dean and I shared a look with each other before pressing him on the matter.

“What do you mean you’re not aloud to tell us?” I asked Cas, confused.

“It’s against the rules.” He said, like we should know what that means

“Why is it against the rules, Cas?” Dean said, starting to get curious.

“You are supposed to figure out who she is, by yourselves.” He said, wanting this discussion to be over.

“Why can’t we just ask, you?” I said. Dean and I were trying to see if we could get him to spill the beans with annoying questions.

“It does not work like that.” starting to get annoyed. Dean and I pressed further.

“Why doesn’t it work like?” Dean asked, smiling to himself.

“I didn’t think you’d want another one, after Adam.” Cas said, completely annoyed.

Dean and I paused for a moment, processing what Cas just said.

“Wait, wait, wait a minute. You mean to tell us that she’s our sister?” I said, almost speechless.

Cas just realizing what he said, uttered the only word what he could think of.


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*Present Time*


“Hello, Agent Ramirez speaking.” I say in my best professional voice.

“Agent Ramirez, Agent Ramirez, are you there?” the distressed voice said, sounding like Y/n

“Y/n? Is that you? Are you ok?” I asked, fearing for the worst, especially after just finding out she’s my sister.

“Agent! Please I need your help! There was this guy an-” Y/n said practically crying

“I’m on my way! Where are you?” I asked.

“I’m near the Library, under the closets streetlight. Please hurry, Agent! I’m so scared.” she says, barely getting her words out between sobs.

“Stay right there! Don’t move ok! Everything will be fine! We are on our way!” I said in a calming, but serious tone.

“Please Hurry!” She says before hanging up.

I looked at Dean, who had the duffle bags ready to go. An unreadable expression on his face.

“Where to?” He asks, still not being able to read his expression.

“Library! Closest streetlight to it.” I say in a rush, as we exit the motel.

Y/n’s Pov
I never thought I would see something so horrible in my entire life. My work, my safe place, my second home. Burning down in giant red flames. The whole fire team was there and the police. The flames are almost too much to save anything. I felt dead on the inside. I told the cops what happened and they believed me completely after Mike told them he did it. I didn’t understand how his personality changed in such short of amount of time.

All I could think about was what he said to me. After he set it on fire.

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“Everything you love will burn to the ground, everyone will die who you love, all these people will suffer just at the hands of knowing you. All these people will suffer because of the person who you really are. None of my people will stop until you are truly miserable. If it’s the last thing we do.” He said this right before he shot himself in the chest.

I saw black smoke come out of Mike’s body and go into the ground. He was still breathing, but he barely looked alive. Then that is when police showed up.

I shuddered thinking about the events I just witnessed. Not even hearing the two agents approach me from behind.

“Are you ok, Y/n?” he asked with that same caring tone again.

“No.” I spoke so soft. I didn’t even think that they could hear me.

“We need to talk, Y/n. Would you be willing to come with us? We can protect you.” Craig said, softly.

I looked back at the Library and saw that the flames were just not letting up. My heart feeling like a wilted rose. Until I couldn’t stand the scene, I turned my attention back to the men. We walked over their car and Eric opened up the back door for me. As I sat down, I saw Eric give me a sympathetic look. Looking like he understood exactly what I was going through. After Eric started her up, we drove down the road and out of sight from the Library.

I couldn’t help but feel that everything was about to change.

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Date Night

Ship: Lafayette x Reader
Word count: 1601
Request: Hey! Can I request a jealous reader and Lafayette please? And also a happy ending please! Thank you!-Alpha
Note: It’s been a week, I got distracted with school. Sorry it took so long to get back to posting, hopefully I’ll post more this week but no promises.
(G/C)= given color

It was a beautiful day out, the skies clear and the temperature neither hot nor cold. You’d just gotten out of work when you’d gotten a text from your boyfriend to meet him at a nearby park. You two often went on strolls there whenever you had no where else to go. You enjoyed these so called “strolls” you two went on, although you didn’t do much it was always great spending time with him, talking to him. Sometimes to two would walk around for hours.

You could easily spot the tall Frenchman with his shoulder-length curly hair tied into a ponytail from afar, leaning against a lamppost with a hand behind his back. He was talking to another girl who had her back to you, smiling. You could hear the two laugh from a distance. It wasn’t a surprise, you knew Lafayette was a flirt. He was one before you two started going out, and although it did in fact lessen, he remained one after you two started going out. It was just the way he was, it seemed he wouldn’t even notice he was flirting at times, however you couldn’t help but feel jealous whenever you noticed.

The thought melted away from your head when you noticed you and an even wider smile spread across his lips than the one that was already there, his warm chocolate colored eyes growing even warmer. He seemed to dismiss the girl before making his way towards you, keeping a hand behind his back.

“Close your eyes,” he said with a thick French accent as he approached.

“Why?” You asked, unable to stop the grin from your lips.

“If I told you then it wouldn’t be a surprise,” he teased.


You closed your eyes before feeling him gently sliding something in your hair, fiddling it a bit as if trying to position it correctly.

“Okay, now open them.”

You opened your eyes to find him standing in front of you with a huge bouquet of your favorite flowers in your favorite color. You assumed he had put one in your hair. The smile on your lips grew as you pulled him into a tight hug squealing,“thank you!” before taking the flowers. They were gorgeous.

“Anything to see that beautiful smile, mon chéri,” he said, planting a kiss on your cheek which inevitably made you blush. You tried to hide your face by smelling the flowers but it was to no avail. He chuckled having already noticed your reddened cheeks.

“How about we go put these flowers in a vase so they don’t wither?” He suggested, and you didn’t twice before agreeing.

You two talked about your day as he walked you home, an arm wrapped around your waist, making each other smile and laugh.

“Hey, the Hamilton’s are hosting a party tonight… I was wondering if you wanted to come along with me?” He said rather shyly as you two arrived at your house, standing outside your door. You found it adorable whenever he got shy. His accent got a bit thicker, sometimes he would even mix French in with his English.

You opened the door before turning back around to face him and smile, pressing a kiss to his lips. “I’d love to.”

He smiled with a childlike joy, embracing you in a tight hug. “I’ll come pick you up later then,” he said happily before kissing you goodbye.


You were just finishing getting ready when you heard a knock at the door. “Just a second!” You said loudly, quickly finishing up. You wore a/an (G/C) dress/suit that wasn’t too fancy or too casual. You hadn’t had the chance to wear it yet so you seized the opportunity to do so tonight.

You opened the door to find Lafayette standing there in a/an (G/C) suit, which you couldn’t help but notice looked amazing on him. But honestly, what didn’t look amazing on him? His hair was pulled into a tight bun. He looked perfect.

“My my, vous regardez belle,” he smiled, taking your hand and making you twirl around. You loved hearing him speak French but you understood not a single word he said. He knew that fact already, so he repeated in English this time,“you look beautiful.”

“You look astonishing yourself,” you smiled, letting him lead you to his car.

It didn’t take too long before you two arrived at the Hamilton’s party, your arms linked as you walked in.

“(Y/N)!” Eliza said with a smile before pulling you into a tight embrace, followed by Hamilton who added,“It’s nice to see you here, (Y/N).”

You weren’t very close with the Hamilton’s but they occasionally invited you over. Nonetheless, they were always so sweet and polite whenever they saw you.

“It’s nice seeing you two as well!” You said with a smile.

You admit, the two knew how to host a party. The place was amazingly well decorated and organized.

Everything went great at first, you and Lafayette danced and enjoyed yourselves. Afterwards you went on to talk with a few people you recognized as he went off to talk with a few of his friends.

It was when you went in search of him later that things started to get worse.

You finally found him sitting at a table with another girl, once again the two laughing. You tried to ignore the emotions currently trying to change and made your way to go sit near him.

“Hey!” He said with a smile as you sat besides him before engaging in his previous conversation once more. You didn’t even get the chance to say anything back.

The two were talking about something, you couldn’t figure out what it was they were talking about though. The only thing you did understand were the constant compliments they threw at each other, which made you feel uneasy, almost as if you weren’t supposed to be there. Of course, that was ridiculous but…

You tried to join their conversation a few times but were dismissed. Eventually you became downright sick of Lafayette ignoring you, so you got up and left.

“Hey, (Y/N)!”

You turned to see John Laurens making his way towards you. “You alright? You look angry and sad.” He made a face as if trying to imitate your expression and you couldn’t resist a weak laugh.

“Yeah, I’m fine it’s just…” You snuck a glance at Lafayette and he got the cue.

“Ohhh, I see,” he said, observing Lafayette. “Someone’s jealous.”

You nearly smacked him. You knew he meant no harm but you were already in a bad mood.

“I’m sorry!” He laughed.
“It must be tough, though. He really is a big flirt, but honestly you should just tell him. He’s probably more than capable of understanding.”

“Yeah but…”

You took a good look at the two sitting together. Had he even noticed you’d gotten up? You felt both extremely angry and upset.

“How about you go take a walk? That might help,” John suggested.

You nodded before making your way outside. There was a nice little garden outside with a few benches. You slowly paced around a bit, taking a deep breath. Your hands were shaking from anger. He ignored you, he’d never done that before.

You’d been outside for barely a few minutes when you hear someone say,“(Y/N)?” You of course immediately recognized the French accent.

“You get tired of talking to the other girl?” You said, not looking at him.

“I noticed you were gone and came to find you,” he said innocently.

“Why would that matter? Didn’t seem to make a difference to you when I was there.”

“What? Of course it did!”

“You straight up ignored me!”

You half shouted that last sentence, actually stopping and looking up at him as you said it. You felt your face go warm and your vision blurred a bit. You lowered your gaze and turned around so he wouldn’t see the tears which escaped your eyes.

You two stood there in silence for a bit. It was dark out so he probably couldn’t see how much your shoulders were shaking. You felt kind of bad, a bit selfish, but you really couldn’t help it.

“(Y/N),” he said softly, putting a hand on your shoulder.

“Don’t touch me.”

He ignored that and instead pulled you into a firm hug, and despite having told him to not touch you, you made no attempt to leave his embrace, instead burying your face in his chest. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to, I swear… I’d never want to upset you. Je suis désolé.” He sounded genuinely upset and sorry for having made you upset:

“I-it’s fine,” you said, your voice shaky. “I’m sorry for shouting.”

He laughed, swaying from side to side a bit before placing a hand underneath your chin to lift your head up. He wiped away the tears on your face before giving you a slow, gentle kiss, one of his arms around your waist and another cupping your cheek.

“How about we go back inside and have a dance. After I’ll take you home and you can get some rest,” he suggested when he pulled away from the kiss, resting his forehead on yours.

“Only if you come home with me,” you said, burying your face in the crook of his neck.

He laughed, running a hand through your hair. “Of course I will.”

You two lingered there for a little while before you let him lead you back inside, holding your hand.

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I just listened to your voice for the first time today and I thought you were putting it on. But like I listened to more and realized that is your actually voice. And I have to say is that you're precious and hope that you're never hurt by anyone for the rest of your life. ;-; I'm sorry I made such a foolish dumb assumption.

.__. I’m sorry .. 

I get stupidly nervous over really silly things (recording myself, talking in voice chats etc) so my voice gets kind of shaky and i tend to lower my voice a lot. ech. I’m sorry. i am frequently told I sound like i’m about to cry haha

(also, my laptop mic is bad and spikes easily so I have to keep my voice down anyway to prevent ear bleeding) 

I can try to speak a bit louder next time! 

If I was to set up some kind of pop-up shop, would people be interested?

I have some really cool pieces of jewelry, clothes, books, soft toys and knick-nacks I don’t want to give to goodwill or something. I am willing to sell them for pretty cheap, just to cover the postage cost and also to give me a little bit of money as I’m trying to save up for a big move to get out of an abusive environment.

Some examples:

DM/reply/or send me an ask if any of this sounds interesting to you!

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47 with jimon 😊( you dont have to do this if you dont have time ) You are amazing and I love your blog

47. “No one needs to know.”

There’s a lot of ways Simon thought his and Jace’s first kiss would go.

Because, let’s be real, although Simon had never actually expected it to happen, his brain loves betraying him and fantasizing about these kind of things regardless. And for some reason, he always expected it to be rough. Simon thrown against a wall after a particularly bad mission, Jace yelling at him, coming closer and closer until he would finally kiss him. Or Simon, for the first time in his life, unable to actually form any words, would grab Jace’s t-shirt in frustration and haul him into a kiss.

He never thought it would be like this: Jace’s hand on his cheek, gently lifting up his face. Jace’s eyes, showing a hint of hesitation probably for the first time in his life. Jace’s other hand, slowly coming to rest on Simon’s hip. Jace’s lips, coming closer, closer, closer, until they finally softly pressed against Simon’s.

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Forever Yours

Since my recent headcanon was such a big hit, and since I had a lot of pleas for fanfics, I decided there was no choice but to write a little short drabble about it.  If you haven’t seen the headcanon yet, you can find it HERE.

Hope I did it justice!  Enjoy!

Storybrooke survived…for reasons she didn’t quite understand yet, but it survived and she still couldn’t quite believe it.  She thought she’d never see it again, but here she was…standing in Henry’s bedroom of their apartment, as she watched Hook place a sleeping Henry on the bed.

Her yellow bug crossed the town lines in the middle of the night and although a part of her wanted to drive straight to Regina to get some answers, she knew that they all needed sleep.  If they were going to save her parents…they needed to rest, so whatever the plan was…it would wait till morning.

“He’s out like a light,” Hook finally said he leaned back and frowned down at him.  “I almost want to wake him just to be sure he’s okay.”

Emma chuckled softly as she pulled the covers over him. “He’s fine…he can sleep anywhere and through anything.”

“So, I see…he’s a good lad.”

“The best,” she agreed as she swept back his bangs before placing a kiss on his forehead.  “”Let’s head back downstairs…I don’t know about you, but I could use a drink.”

“I could always use a drink.”  He waited for her to walk past him out of the room before he gently closed it behind them.  “But you should get some sleep, too, Swan.”

“Sleep is a bit far for me at the moment, but a large glass of red could change that.”

He followed her down the stairs and into the kitchen.  “Should we let Regina know we’ve made it?”

“I’ll call her first thing in the morning.”  She took down a glass and then turned to him with raised brows as she took out another.  “Are you joining me?  Or will you stick with rum?”

“I’ve been known to enjoy a decent glass of wine from time to time in the last three hundred years.”  He shrugged off his leather jacket and draped it over a chair and then accepted Emma’s freshly poured glass with a smile.  “Thanks.”

She held out her own.  “To defeating the wicked witch of the west.”

“If anyone can do it…”  Their glasses clicked and a pleasant ring echoed.  “We can.”

“I hope so.”  They both took a sip before she gestured him over to the den where she sat on the couch, scooting over to give him room.  “Something tells me a bucket of water won’t do the trick.”

“Why on earth would it?” he asked, shifting his body slightly towards her.

She did the same as she lifted her knee up and tucked her foot under her other leg.  “It’s just what happens in the movie, Wizard of Oz…yellow brick road, munchkins, flying monkeys.”

“You lost me, Swan.”

She smiled softly.  “Sorry…I’m sort of having a surreal moment.”

Hook took a sip of his wine but kept his eyes on hers.  “Is it weird being back?”

“Yes,” she said with a slight nod.  “The moment I took that potion my memories just came rushing back…it was kind of an emotional whirlwind that made me lightheaded.”

“Aye…I had to steady you a bit.”

“The hug helped,” she admitted almost shyly.  She took a sip of her wine and let out a shaky sigh.  “It…calmed me.”

“And me as well…it felt good to have my Swan back.”

Her eyes held his as she felt her heart pitch painfully in her chest.  “Your Swan?”

“You’ll always be my Swan…no matter what happens…believe that.”

Her eyes flickered to his lips for a moment, remembering how they felt on hers, wanting desperately to feel them again.  “Can I ask you something?”


“When we were saying our goodbyes…you told me that there wouldn’t be a day that went by that you wouldn’t think of me.”

“I remember.”

She found herself leaning closer and closer to him.  “Did you?”

He didn’t answer right away.  Instead, he set his glass on the coffee table, took hers and set it next to his.  He leaned closer to her as he lifted his good hand and touched the side or her face…his heart tumbled when she closed her eyes and leaned into his touch.

“Look at me, Emma…I want you to look in my eyes so you’ll know I’m telling the truth.”

She circled her fingers around his wrist as her eyes fluttered open and met his. 

“Every second of every day that we’ve been apart…I’ve thought of nothing but you.”  A tear spilled onto her cheek and he wiped it away with a sweep of his thumb.  “You were always in my mind…right there…your voice, your face…the way you smile when you let your guard down…the way you glare at me when I make a sassy remark.”

She laughed at that, causing him to smile as he dropped his forehead to hers.  “This year without you has been bloody awful, Swan…but thinking of you…and hoping that one day I’d see you again got me through it.”

He closed his eyes as he pressed his forehead more firmly against her.  “I hope you have no plans to get rid of me anytime soon, because I refuse to spend a single moment without you in my life.”

“Hook…although I didn’t remember you this past year…I’ve missed you…you miraculously have become a part of my life…a part of me…and I don’t want that to ever change.”

He tilted back from her so that their eyes could meet.  He smiled softly as he tucked her hair behind her ear with his hook and when he saw her eyes move to his lips he found himself leaning towards her.

When their lips were inches apart, he paused and gave her a teasing look as he lifted a brow.  “If I kiss you right now, are you going to knee me in the nuts again?”

She smiled…fully and brightly as her eyes sparkled with amusement.  “Oh, there’s always a chance, Hook.”

He grinned as he looked at her lips. “I guess I’m willing to risk it,” he murmured moments before covering his mouth with hers.

A soft sigh escaped them both as their lips absorbed as Hook slid his hand to the back of her neck, while he felt her fingers shift through his hair.  He pulled back only to go back for more…again and again, nipping softly at her lips as if she was a delicacy that could only be cherished and savored.

She opened for him and took in a shaky breath at the feel of his tongue sliding deliciously over hers.  She could taste the wine on him and desperate for more she leaned eagerly against him as her arms circled around his neck.

She didn’t knee him in the nuts, but she sure packed a punch, as he had no choice but to hang on for the ride.  His fingers gripped her hair, his hook arm pushed hard against the small of her back…groaning at the feel of her pressed up against him.

“Emma,” he gasped when they finally pulled away…breathless.

“Stay.”  She gripped his leather vest to keep him close.  “Don’t go back to your ship…or Granny’s…stay.”

“I had no intentions of leaving,” he murmured before pressing his lips to hers once more and lingered as lifted her hair with his hook and let it slide through the curve.

He sighed as he leaned back against the couch, bringing her with him until she rested her head on his shoulder.  Their fingers linked and rested comfortably over his heart and his other arm circled possessively around her.  

“Close your eyes, love,” he murmured in her hair before pursing his lips, breathing in her scent.  “Sleep.”

She closed her eyes and let out a deep, contented sigh.  “Hook?”


“If I’m your Swan…you’re my Hook.”  She snuggled closer as she breathed in his scent.  “You’ll always be my Hook.”

Overwhelmed, Hook simply rested his cheek against her hair and closed his eyes.  “That’s right, Swan…that’s right.”


Request -- Hi, I was wondering if you could do a fluffy Sam one where the readers having a nightmare and Sam hears her and comes to check on her and they end up falling asleep together. Thank you, and I love your writing!

(I hope that you like it! xx)

Sam hated the nights when he just couldn’t sleep.

He had shifted around on his mattress too many times and still couldn’t find comfort, even though the bed he was on was much more comfortable than the worn-out ones that he slept on in various motel rooms. Throwing off and on the covers didn’t seem to be doing the trick either. He had to hold back a loud groan of frustration as he finally just sat up and ran his hands through his undoubtedly messy hair, giving up on the idea of yielding to unconsciousness.

Worry was what was keeping him up, as usual. As a hunter, let alone a Winchester, not a single night could pass without at least an hour or two that was filled with anxiety about what was to come. The walls in the bunker were surprisingly thin, and he could usually hear that he wasn’t the only one agonizing over the future. Dean’s footsteps, heavy because he still wore his boots to bed just in case something urgent happened in the middle of the night, could customarily be heard as he paced around his bedroom in the early morning. Another ordinary sound was you mumbling comforts to yourself as you tossed and turned on your bed, causing it to creak, haunted by your fears of what lied ahead. Sam always wished that he had the courage to come into your room and hold you in his arms, even after you fell asleep with your head on his chest. You had always been the one the most affected by the happenings of your and the Winchesters’ daily lives.

Sighing to himself when he couldn’t hear any of the normal noises, indicating that he was the only one having trouble sleeping, he adjusted his pillow and wrapped his covers around him. He was about to lay back down, but a single sound that reached his ears had him sitting up straight: one akin to a whimper. When nothing followed it he assumed it was his imagination, but it was a few seconds later when he heard it again prior to words that he couldn’t make out that were tinged with fear.

It didn’t take him long at all to discern the voice and realize that it was yours, connecting the dots and instantly coming the to the conclusion that you were having a nightmare. At this understanding, he threw his legs over the side of his bed and got onto his feet, shivering once in the cool bunker air. He practically ran to his door as your soft cries turned into shouts with a bit more volume in them, each one putting another dent in his heart. When he got to your door there wasn’t any hesitation as he opened it, thanking his lucky stars that it wasn’t locked before running over to you. In just an instant, he saw that tears stained your face, your hair was in a wild entanglement around your head, and that one of your hands was around your throat as if you were having trouble breathing.

Y/N,” he whispered urgently, a frightened edge to his voice. He brought a hand to your forehead, pushing back your hair from your sweaty forehead as he continued to call your name. “Y/N, please wake up…”

Your eyes shot open, and even though Sam couldn’t see them well, he was sure that terror dominated your irises. A scream almost left your mouth as you saw the dark figure at your bedside., but the familiar feeling of his hand on your face, rough and calloused and comforting, kept you quiet. A sob left your throat then, as the images from your nightmare began to flood your mind once more and wouldn’t disappear from behind your eyelids, and you threw your arms around his neck. Sam wrapped his arms around your trembling body, closing his eyes and holding you against him as he rubbed your back.

“S-Sam,” Your broken murmur of his name washed over his skin as you buried your face into his shoulder. There was so much crimson staining his skin. Dean’s. Your own. You would never forget the look of emptiness in the brothers’ eyes and the scene of how the light in your own went out. The word inevitable ran at lightning speed around your mind over and over, and you felt as though you were choking again. “T-The…The b-blood—”

You broke off with another cry, your breaths dragging in and out in tattered gasps, causing your body to convulse against Sam’s. The younger Winchester hated hearing these sounds, hated to hear you suffer, and he could relate to each noise and each broken word all too well. After Jess burned in front of his eyes, after he’d seen Dean die over and over, after facing Lucifer and Michael in the cage…life just seemed to eventually be a nightmare of its own, not needing the aid of sleep to bring horror to its prey.

Sam shuddered against you, holding you tighter and braiding his fingers gently into your hair. “You’re alright, Y/N. We’re alright.”

He didn’t sound too reassuring when the words left his mouth, and he hoped that you didn’t catch the lingering doubt in his tone. Shaking his head subtly, he cursed himself; he was trying to comfort you as much as he could, but his own thoughts were darkening.

Luckily, what he said to you actually slowed your breathing down a bit, and tremors wracked your body as you caught your sobs in your throat, coming to grips with the separation between nightmare and reality. Your fingers, which were clutching at Sam’s t-shirt, loosened their holds from the cloth but you didn’t let go completely. You felt as if you pulled away entirely from Sam, you would lose him as your haven right now. You did raise your head, though, and backed off just enough so that you could look into his eyes.

Sam had turned on the lamp while you had been crying too hard to notice, and the light showed the misery in his hazel eyes. The autumn season inside of them had become a bit cooler in sorrow, but warmth was still present in them as he smiled at you. He was kneeling, so he had to reach up to wipe your tears away with the pads of his thumbs. You smiled back for just a second before your mouth fell again.

“I’m…” Your throat seemed to be blocked, and you swallowed hard before starting your statement over. “I-I’m sorry, Sam.”

Sam’s eyebrows became knit together in bewilderment, taking your hands in his. His own grip was a bit shaky. “Why are you apologizing? You have absolutely nothing to apologize for.”

“I woke you up in the middle of the night, I just poured my emotions on you, you don’t need this kind of trouble right now…”

You prattled on with your list of reasons, and he shook his head. “I was already awake, Y/N. And why wouldn’t I come here to help you?” At his question, your mouth opened then closed again, not a single words slipping out form in between your lips. “I care a lot about you, maybe too much for my own good sometimes. Dean and I are scared, believe me, and I can’t imagine how frightened you are.” He bit his lip. “The name ‘Winchester’ just seems to be curse. Normal hunters don’t experience what we do. I should be the one apologizing for associating you with us.”

“…What? No, no,” you mumbled in surprise, bringing a hand to Sam’s cheek. He closed his eyes and breathed in deeply at the sensation of your touch against his skin. “I was already messed up before I met you guys.” You managed a small laugh, but it was unconvincing because you didn’t put any heart into faking it. “I was always running from my fears, drowning them in whatever I could find for a temporary fix…but they were always there. With you and Dean, I have the strength to fight them.” You gaze fell to the floor. “But they always seem to haunt me one way or another.”

"They always do,” Sam spoke softly and honestly, the absolute truth in his words. Just by looking back into his eyes, you could see the terrors of his own that he faced at night, the ones that just couldn’t stay away. “But it gets better when you open up to someone about them. You feel…less alone, I guess, like you’re not fighting the battle all by yourself.” A small smile graced his lips as he strongly held your gaze. “I don’t want you to feel alone anymore, Y/N. I’m going to fight with you, for you, because you deserve that and so much more.”

For a moment you forgot how to breathe as his words, dripping with emotion, repeated in your mind. You slowly found yourself gravitating towards him in the next instant, him doing the same thing, and felt whole again when your lips met his. The loving embrace was sweet and a type of refuge in your mind, as the dark world melted away from around you and all that flooded your head was Sam Sam Sam.

"Hm?” he hummed against your lips when you whispered his name against his.

Pulling away gently and unhurriedly, you saw that your smile was mirroring his. “Will you stay with me? Please?”

Sam nodded, and stole another quick kiss from you. “I wouldn’t ever think of leaving you alone.”

You moved over to the other side of the bed as he stood up from his place on the floor, giving him room to climb in next to you. He pulled you to him before turning the lamp off, encasing you in darkness once more. You curled into your shelter, becoming an entanglement of limbs with him under the covers, and laid your head in the crook of his neck. The only sounds now were your tranquil breaths and calm heartbeats, the both of you filled with bliss.

“Sam?” you whispered, and the Winchester reveled at the way you said his name for a second before answering.


You raised your face kissed his jawline. “I’m going to fight for you, too.”

A smile appeared on Sam’s face again. His arms tightened around your waist, holding you securely against him and causing your warm breath to wash over his skin. He was already falling asleep in your company, now at peace with you next to him. “That’s more than I could ever ask for.”

First Time Request (Niall)

I lay on my bed, thinking about my boyfriend, Niall. We’ve been dating for 8 months and he hasn’t tried to pressure me into anything. Since I’m a virgin, I think he wants to make it as special as possible when it does happen. I smile at the thought, and realize that this is what I want. He knows that I’m a prude, and I haven’t done anything with a guy because I’m scared, but he doesn’t mind. I look over at the framed picture of us and smile. I’m ready. I look back up at the ceiling, smiling to myself. When Niall walks back into my room from the bathroom he lays back down and asks “why are you smiling so bright love?” I turn to look him in the eyes and say “I’m ready…” He arches an eyebrow and says “are you sure babe? You can’t ever get this back. I want to make sure it’s what you really want.” I smile even brighter and nod. I sit up and lay on his shoulder and say “I really want this Niall.” He runs his hand through my hair and says “okay love, we can do it.” I smile and lean up to kiss him, being flipped over gently so that he can show me the way. I bring my hands up to his bleach blonde hair, locking my fingers into the nape of his neck, pulling him as close as I can. His tongue brushes against my bottom lip, and I grant him the entrance. I slip my tongue into his mouth, admiring his gentle touch. He pulls away to pull off his shirt slowly, and then goes back to kissing me. I smile into the kiss, thinking of being touched by him. I bring his hands to my chest, wanting to feel his hands there to remind me of the last time he touched me here, making me moan. I pull away, letting Niall pull my shirt off. He throws it to the side and looks down at my silky smooth skin, covered with an orange bra, hearing him chuckle at the random color covering my full breast. I kiss him and feel his hands sneak behind my bare back, uncovering unseen skin. when he unhooks the back, I remove it and smile when he moans at the sight before him. he leans down and licks my left nipple, making my head fall back at the sensation. He lays me down and massages the one that he isn’t sucking on, and then switches. He pulls up and kisses me, smiling into the kiss. He pulls away and leans into my ear, whispering these words. “you’re so beautiful love.” I smile at his genuine words and pull his basketball shorts down, accidentally pulling his underwear along with them, making us laugh. I look down and see his hard, wide, and long length making me bite my lip, trying to contain myself. “you’re so big Niall,” he chuckles and says “you made me this way though babe.” I nod and feel him pull my underwear down, due to the fact that I wasn’t wearing any shorts in the first place. I bite my lip, nervous that there will be something wrong, maybe that I’ll do something wrong. Niall gives me one last kiss before slipping down my body to my dripping core. I look down and see him smirk before looking at my most private part, that is completely untouched by someone other than myself. I bite my lip, and look away from where he’s kneeled I between my legs, nervous about what he’ll think. Out of nowhere, he moans and I look at him and notice the long middle finger that’s about to slip into my core. I release my lip from my teeth, and watch his dazed expression stare at my most private part. He slips his middle finger in, making me moan loudly. “You’ve touched yourself before eh?” He ask fondly. I nod my head, and he slips his finger in and out slowly. “What do you think about when you touch yourself?” I bite my lip and let out a shaky breath, moaning his name as he thrust his finger in a bit quicker. “You…” I say reluctantly. He moans and and pulls his finger out, sticking it into his mouth and moaning. “You taste so good baby.” I smile and nearly scream when his warm lips come in contact with my clit. “Fuck Niall!” I yell in ecstasy. He chuckles against me, making me moan and arch my back. He brings his fingers up to my core and slips two in, being the most filled I’ve ever been, I wince. His fingers are much thicker ad longer than mine. He slides them in and out gently, and licks at my clit quickly, making me breath irregularly. “Fuck Niall, I’m breathing like I was the first time I met you.” he chuckles against my core, making me arch my back again. He thrust his fingers in a bit more quickly and I feel myself release all over his fingers without a moments notice. “Well fuck!” I yell as he rides out my orgasm. Once I’m down from my high, he pulls his fingers out from my center and puts them in his mouth. Moaning in appreciation. He slides up my body, and kisses me gently, while giving my left boob a good squeeze. I look at his heavy dick hanging in between us, and I bite my lip and involuntarily moan, knowing that soon I’ll be writhing in pleasure. He grabs a condom out of his drawer, and tears open the foil and slips the condom down his length. He grabs so lube and drenches his length with it. “This will make it less painful at first babe.” I nod and bite my lip. He leans over me and gives me one last kiss before slipping the head of his dick into my center, which makes me wince and slap my hands over to my face, covering its expression. “I’m sorry babe. If I could take away the pain I would.” I nod a shear him grunt, and he slips in a bit more. After a few minutes of agonizing pain and a few tears and kisses and words of kindness, I feel ready for him to move. I slip my fingers into the hair I the nape of his neck and let out a few shaky breaths as he thrust slowly in and out of me. He moans and throws his head back and says “fuck babe. You’re so wet and tight for me. Fuck baby.” I smile and moan his name when he thrust in and out of me a bit quicker. He hits a certain spot and I scream his name, being overtaken by intense pleasure. “Fuck Niall! Right there. Fuck. He thrust in quicker, hitting my spot over and over again perfectly. Soon I feel the familiar feeling rising in the pit of my stomach, and feel him twitch inside of me, and I yell his name as I come undone. He thrust into me as quickly as he can and feel him release his load into the condom. “Fuck love.” He thrust in slowly, clearly riding out our highs. As I come down from my high, I sigh and kiss him gently. “Thank you Niall. I love you.” He smiles and says “I love you too. You were great babe, any time.” I giggle and he slides out of me and lays down beside me. “You were breathing irregularly when we met at my meet and greet huh?” -Olivia xx

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