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A Kiss-Dami Wayne


Damian wayne x reader, where she is about to ask damian out but she sees him kissing another girl(for a case or mission?) And is heartbroken but acts happy for damian? Please again


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I run across the rooftops, he’s finally off patrol. I jump onto the side of a skyscraper, my metallic claws sink into the walls. My excitement rises when I hear his voice. I flip off the side and land onto the roof I had jumped from. Today, I’ve decided to ask him out. I check that the rose is still on my belt, it is.

“Damian!” I giggle the moment my eyes land on him. He’s leaning against the building I’m on, arms crossed. I run quietly so I’m right over him. Ready to jump and scare him like I used to.

“Finally, you decided to show up.” He grumbles. I bite my lip, how did he see me?
“Alright, you got me-”

“Sorry, my mother wouldn’t let me leave!” A female voice rings in my ears. I look a few feet to the left. A girl who looks familiar runs up to him with a large smile.

“Really?” He rolls his eyes. I lie down on my stomach, hoping neither of them will see me.

“Aw, babe. Don’t be like this!” She kisses his cheek. My heart shatters, if only I knew it’s about to get worse. He kisses her back. I roll over onto my back, a sharp pain in my chest.

“Why?” I begin sobbing softly.

“What was that?” The girl’s voice asks. I cover my mouth with my hands, muffling the sobs begging to escape.

“Probably a bird.” Damian answers. I hear their footsteps slowly get farther from me. The image of them holding hands as they leave forces out a loud sob. I take out the rose I bought just for him. A waste of money.


I slam the manor door shut, tears prickling in my eyes.

“Y/n?” Tim asks from another room. “Everything ok?”

“Yes, everything is just GREAT!” I say sarcastically. Tim enter and frowns at my emotionally broken face.

“What happened?” He steps closer to me.

“Why didn’t you tell me Damian has a girlfriend?” I grow angry, not at Tim, at myself. How did I not see how uninterested he was?

“Girlfriend?” Tim think for a moment, then his eyes light up. “Oh, Abby! Yeah, I guess they kinda are dating….” He trails off. I shove him onto the floor.

“WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME?!” I scream. Bruce walks in, arms crossed.

“What is going on?” He narrows his eyes at me. Tim stands back up, he glares at me.

“Nothing, I just accidentally insulted her.” He takes the blame. Bruce raises an eyebrow at me.

“Tim, try to be more careful. Y/n, don’t hit him.” Bruce points at us. I bite my lip, the tears return. Bruce turns around and leaves, the tears fall.

“Y/n…” Tim reaches out for my shoulder. I full away, scared I would push him again.

“Just leave me alone!” I yell, running to Dick’s room. He’s with the Teen Titans and he usually lets me stay over in his room when he’s gone. I lock the door right as Tim’s face appears in my vision.

“Y/n, at least let me explain.” He pleads.

“What is there to explain. Damian will never love me, let alone like me in return.” I fall onto the bed. I begin crying into the pillow, the pain seeps into my heart.


There’s a banging on the door, it awakens me. I lift my head from the pillow, debating whether I should open it.

“Go away!” I growl.

“Y/n, it’s me, Damian.” My heart stops. Why is he here?

“Like I said, ‘go away’.” I bark.

“Let me in, Tim told me everything. You need to know the truth.” His voice is no longer strong and stubborn. It is now soft and full of care. I walk to the door, twisting the knob just like he twisted my heart. “Y/n!” His eyes light up at the sight of me.

“You have five minutes.” I snarl.

“FIne. No, I’m not technically dating anyone, it’s for a mission. I like someone else, anyway. She’s a criminal’s daughter, I needed to get close to her so her father would trust me. I would have told you, but we didn’t want to get you involved. You’re Selina’s apprentice, but our business is dangerous.” He takes a deep breath. “So, I’m sorry if I hurt you.”

“Good to know.” I look to the side, still pissed that no one told me.

“Y/n, I’m sorry!” He apologizes, again.

“I know.” I roll my eyes. He sighs and closes his eyes for a second. I start to turn away, but his hand gentle pulls my chin to face him, again. Before I can even say anything his lips are placed on mine. A sweet and loving kiss I’ve been waiting for. “Damian.” I whisper after pulling away.

“I like you, a lot.” He admits. “I couldn’t tell you, because I was scared I’d lose you to jealousy.” His brows furrow.

“Damn, for once you actually do something right.” I giggle. He smiles at me, something I’ve never gotten over.

A Disney Dream


Thanks to @iris-sanders-athena for editing this and telling me what to fix!(AKA BEING MY BETA)

Also, thanks to @iassureyouicannotwrite for coming up with this idea and letting me use the prompt!

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Word Count: about 1.1k

Warnings: V said hell like once

Pairings: Romantic Prinxiety (not yet tho)


Virgil was on his bed, listening to one of his favorite playlists with his headphones, and generally feeling calm for once. That was until he heard a knocking. The anxious mess was caught off guard and almost fell off his bed.

“Come in,” he muttered, still trying to recover from the shock as he put his headphones around his neck. Roman burst into the room, practically vibrating from excitement.

“Virgil, I just had the most splendid idea!” Roman announced. Virgil looked at him quizzically. “Since Logan and Patton are on vacation, why don’t we go on one too! It will be fun!”


“We just have to decide which place to go!” Roman finished, talking over him.

“Um,” Virgil replied. “Sure, Princey.” He was confused. Why would Roman of all people want to go on vacation with him? It was probably because Roman was bored and he was the only choice, he thought. But then why wouldn’t he just go himself?

The confusion must have shown on his face, as Roman stated, “I thought it would be fun to hang out together!”

“Okay,” Virgil responded hesitantly.  “Where do you want to go? There are not many places that we’d both enjoy.”

“Well,” Roman took a pause for dramatic effect, “I was thinking Disneyland!”

“Why Disneyland?” Virgil asked.

“What do you mean ‘Why Disneyland?’ You are obviously a Disney fan, the ‘Dark Sides of Disney’ video shows that Jack Smellington,” Roman teased.

Well, that was true, Virgil did love Disney, though probably not as much as Roman.

“Well, I’ve never been to Disneyland, so I guess it might be fun,” Virgil slipped, forgetting he was sitting in front of the biggest Disney nerd in existence.

“Forgive me, but did you just say,” Roman practically yelled, “that you have NEVER BEEN TO DISNEYLAND?! THE MOST MAGICAL PLACE ON EARTH?!” Virgil was caught off guard and almost fell off his bed for the second time that morning. “That’s it, start packing you Emo Nightmare! We are going to Disneyland and having the time of our lives!” Roman dashed out, Virgil assumed to go start packing himself.

“Well, that was weird,” Virgil thought to himself, as he got up and stretched. He went to his closet to start choosing outfits to wear, when he remembered he didn’t know how many outfits to pack, in fact, he didn’t even know how long they would stay. He reluctantly opened the door and went to go ask Roman, when he found him in the living room with a notebook on his lap. Instead of packing he was furiously scribbling something down. Virgil cleared his throat to announce his presence.

Roman jumped. “HOLY MOTHER OF CROFTERS!” He screeched, much to Virgil’s amusement. “You don’t sneak up on people like that, Charlie Frown!”

Virgil snorted. “That the best you got Princey?” he said, a challenge in his eyes.

“Hardy-har-har Brad Pitt-iful. What do you want? I’m making a plan for what we’re going to do each day! We need to go on as many rides as possible!”

“That’s great and all, but we haven’t even planned how long we’re staying there, genius. I think a week should be more than enough.”

“Are you crazy?! What about all these rides we won’t even be able to go on! The shows we won’t see! Plus, we’ll only have 5 days, going there and back will take two days out of our precious time!” Roman whined, like a spoiled 5-year-old.

“Fine Sir Sing-a-Lot, nine days take it or leave it.”

“A month.”

“Are you crazy?!”

“Alright, 2 weeks,” Roman said, “at the least.”

“Nine days.”

“OK,” he sighed, “but we are waking up VERY early my chemically imbalanced romance!”

Virgil rolled his eyes. “Fine, Prince Underarm Stick.”

They continued firing back names until Virgil realized that neither of them had even started packing yet.

“Hey, Romano, we need -” Virgil gestured towards their rooms- “to start packing, ya know.”

“But I barely started the plans yet! I still have to pick the best hotel with an indoor pool for my relaxation needs, list the rest of the places we have to go to, how long it takes to go on each ride, how much time it will take to get from ride to ri-”

“We can do that later,” Virgil interrupted, grabbing Roman’s wrist and pulling him off the couch.

After finally getting Roman to start packing, Virgil went to his room to start himself. He went back to the closet and picked out an outfit for each day, 2 pairs of pajamas, his favorite hoodie, swimwear, and other clothing needs. On his bed were his headphones, sketchbook/art supplies, phone, and charger, which he grabbed and put in the suitcase, along with the clothes. He went to his bathroom and grabbed a hairbrush, a toothbrush, and his eyeshadow and eyeliner and put it into a makeup bag he painted purple and black. After putting everything in the suitcase, he sat down on his bed and thought about the places he wanted to go to, as he slowly drifted off to sleep.

onho; omegaverse; "Birthright" (part 2)

Title: birthright (part 2)
Pairing: onew/minho (some side jonghyun/minho, onew/jonghyun)
Rating: nc-17
Word Count: 15k+ 34k+
Warnings: a/b/o // omegaverse, angst/dark, smut, non-con, mpreg, knotting, underage abuses and sexuality mentioned
Summary: an omega, one reluctant to perform his birth duty, is put under the care of an alpha not familiar to him.

|   part 1  |   part 2  |   part 3  |   part 4  |   part 5  |   part 6  |   part 7  |   part 8  |  part 9  |   part 10  |   part 11 (end)  |  

a/n: 1/30/16 update – as this story has been a long wip, i‘ve revisited this chapter in several edits. special thanks for previous help from @satellite-night. and thank you to readers still around, especially those who will take time to read this all over again. lol thank you, it means a lot. please forgive any remaining typos, as this has not yet been proofed in full.

i hope readers enjoy. feedback and comments are appreciated. ;u; thank you.

As the two part, Jonghyun tilts Minho’s chin to the side, gazing knowingly at mark. His soft, tearful expression twists bitterly.

“You are mated?”

Jonghyun steps back, arm rubbed, smile forced. He takes off for work, waving a weak goodbye. The sudden shift in the beta is confusing.

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This is Kelvin, and oc for the AU made by Kodak. We’ve been talking about this lovely fellow for the last four days or so, and I kind of had to draw him and also write something for him I guess?? (Sorry if he’s ooc or if the drawing isn’t what you thought it would be, and sorry this took so longggg)


“So remind me, Tord,” Edd grumbles as the pair walk up another flight of stairs. “Why are we going to the top floor of the complex? Can’t your friend or whatever just bring what we need to our floor?” He might be a little tired from climbing several flights of stairs; somebody really needs to get to fixing the elevator.

Tord shakes his head and chuckles. “Kelvin isn’t somebody who you want to owe anything,” He stuffs his hands into his pockets and shrugs. “And I wouldn’t put it past him for him to consider bringing down a couple plants to your room as a favor.”

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