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AN: HI YES I AM STILL ALIVE! So here is what happened: As you know, I spent the week in Disney World and was unable to post. Apparently, a hurricane decided to blow through Florida the exact day I was set to be leaving, so long story short–I didn’t get back to New York until a day and a half after I was supposed to. This took away from the one day left of summer I had before school started up again, so I was unable to post before I had to go back to classes. Sorry dears! But, I’m here now! Thank you anon for the request! *I do not own the gifs, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors! Xoxoxoxoxoxoxo :3

Pairing: Pietro X Reader & Steve X Reader

Prompt: Hi, i love your tumblr <3 so, I was wondering if you could do a funny one-shot with Steve-Pietro-Reader (her besties), where the reader (Tony’s daughter or niece) is going to college but she has been having anxiety attacks and they are helping her with jokes and giving support? I would love if you can write it, you’re so awesome!

((1~ I am SO sorry about how long it took me to do this one! Like I had said, the universe was not in my favor the past few days so I haven’t been writing at all. Thank you for waiting!

2~ I do not, and have never, had a panic attack before. So, please don’t get offended if I keep the details of it vague. Sorry about any inaccuracies!))



“Are you sure you’re alright?”

You rolled your eyes, though he couldn’t see it on the other end of the phone, and shuffled about in your room. The dorm was a mess; papers everywhere, binders and folders thrown over your bed, and the dirty dishes of late-night dinners littered your desk.

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