sorry it took so long this was my third attempt haha but better late than never!

The princess and the bad boy part 3

Hey everyone, Mr.E here and still alive! yay! sorry about the long wait but I decided to take the last month off from writing. I realized that despite the fact there were periods of time i couldn’t write for whatever reason, in the nearly 2 years (this june) I’ve been writing, I hadn’t actually taken an actual break. like a real break where i wasn’t concerned about what i was going to write. 

So i took one and I come back to you at the turn of the tide, refreshed and ready to go and what better way to start than a super late prompt for @starcoweek3 haha I’m so sorry i didn’t mean to be gone so long and i know this is so late but i hope you enjoy it

a special thanks to the person who left me a review on ff about this very idea. I really wish I could remember who it was but i can’t seem to find the review. I will update this with the info asap but for now onward with the story.

So in this third part of the au, Star’s parents are thinking of sending the princess back to Saint Olga’s and Marco isn’t having any of that but the real question is how far is our bad boy willing to go to keep star in his life?

Have an amazing week, stay awesome everyone! I’ll be back with my au of choice legend of zelda, maybe ladybug and a covy phantom thief au i’ve been obsessed with because damnit persona 5 came out. stay awesome everyone!

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