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Out of our list of Star Trek hotties, who gives the best oral and why?

Sara, what a wonderful, wonderful question. Sorry this took me so long, my dear! I wanted to give it the time and attention it deserved.

Obviously, the following post is not safe for work.

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Snowbaz prompts 2-6?

DEAR LORD I AM SO SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG school has been Kicking My Butt and i totally just,, didn’t finish this. for a month. I AM SO SO SO SO SORRY BUT HERE IT IS

(the prompt lists is here) but 2-6: fluff; growing old together

words: 980

warnings: theres some angst in there be ready but its not too bad

i’m so sorry this took so long anyways please don’t hate me here is ur fic

-jules ( @periheliones )

(as always, under a cut)

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4, Zarya/Mei (if you're feeling it!)

Dear Zarmei Shipper who sent me this, sorry it took me so long.

4. “I can never tell if you’re hitting on me”

Mei adjusted the straps of her pack where snowball softly whirred and chimed as a cold breeze rushed into the orca with the opening of the doors. The sun reflecting off of the snowy Nepali peaks was nearly blinding, and Mei took off her glasses and started rifling through the pockets of her coat. She finally managed to find and pull out a pair of polarized prescription goggles from one of her interior pockets. Mei wiped her goggles off and put them on and blinked a few times to adjust to the now amber-tinted light, she glanced up to see a smirking Zarya.

“You don’t have to wait for me, you know,” said Mei, zipping her coat back up.

“This is your mission, no?” said Zarya, looking out at the village, “I still have many reservations about this place. I believe it is best not to be alone.”

Mei tugged on her gloves, “It’s not dangerous. It’s actually much safer than most of my other weather station diagnostic missions. Master Zenyatta said that the Shambali actually helped maintain my station over the years since pilgrims would sometimes take shelter in it.”

Zarya let out a short ‘Hmph.’ “I will believe that, zayka moya, when I see it.”

“Zai-ka my-a?” Mei repeated the words, “What does that mean?” 

Zarya seemed to catch herself then, itched at the scar above her eyebrow and said, “Ehhhh ‘talk.’ It means ‘talk.’ I will believe that talk when I see it. ” 

“Oh!” Mei was delighted by this, “Perhaps we should zai-ka my-a more! Then I can learn more words!” 

Zarya snorted and seemed to be holding in a laugh.

“I said it wrong, didn’t I?” said Mei.

“We—” Zarya snickered and held in a laugh, “We will work on it. Zayka moya.

“Zai-ka my-a?” said Mei.

Zayka moya. Moya,” said Zarya.  

Zayka moya,” said Mei.

“There! Excellent!” said Zarya.

Mei giggled. “I have a good feeling about this mission!” she said, stepping out the door of the orca and immediately falling waist-deep in snow.

It was several weeks later when Mei was sitting in her workshop, working on tweaking Snowball’s repulsors and quietly saying “Zayka moya,” to herself.

Zayka moya,” she said, mindlessly, trying to make it sound more like Zarya. She made her voice a bit huskier. “Zayka moya,” she said. When she attempted to make her voice sound more like Zarya’s she felt a bit sillier. “Zayka moya,” she said in a normal tone of voice.

“Greetings, Mei-Ling Zhou,” she heard a voice from the door and turned around.

“Oh!” Mei glanced up from Snowball and Snowball sprang up from her worktable and hovered over to Orisa soft snow flurries trailing underneath it, “Hello, Orisa,” said Mei, with a slight wave. “Doing another security sweep of the Watchpoint?”

“Perimeter security is optimal,” said Orisa, who hesitated and then brought up her hand in a thumbs-up. Mei gave a thumbs-up back, which seemed to please Orisa that she had done the correct gesture.

“Is there something I can help you with?” said Mei.

“I heard you speaking,” said Orisa, “Efi has recently installed a new translation module and I was…confused.”

“Oh yes–” Mei sheepishly, “Sorry about that. I was just practicing. My Russian’s not very good.”

“Ah. Understood,” said Orisa, “Query: What situation necessitates the repetition of the phrase ‘My Bunny?’”

Mei sat, dumbfounded, “…What?”

“You have been repeating the phrase ‘My bunny’ in Russian,” said Orisa. 

“I’ve been what?” said Mei. 

[BTS] reaction to their S/O being a natural talent but not wanting to do anything with it

Dear anon thank you for your request! Sorry it took so long to answer, but it’s finally here and I hope you and all our other readers will like it. I’m only gonna do it for the Hyung line, because we have many other requests. I hope you don’t mind. If lots of people want the maknae as well, I might do that one later too. Here we go:

Jin: He would be so proud of their S/O is a natural talent at dancing. He can’t really brag about his own dancing talent since some of the other boys are way better than him, but you’re dancing is at a whole other level. The moves come so easy to you, it’s like you’re not even trying at all. He would persuade you to do more with it and maybe even becoming a professional dance. But if you didn’t want that then he wouldn’t force you. Just know you will have a fan for life with this guy by your side. He would brag to the other members about your dancing tho!

Yoongi [Suga]: One day when you visited the guys in their dorm you saw a piano standing in one of the rooms. The boys were still practicing one of their dance routines, so you just went into the room with the piano and started playing one of BTS’s songs. Yoongi went to the bathroom when he heard faint sounds of someone playing the piano. As a pianist it intrigued him to see who is playing. When he was almost there he recognized the song, it was Autumn Leaves. He peeked a look inside the room and saw you sitting behind the piano, eyes closed while playing. Taking in the musical notes into you. A grin started to form on his face. He was gonna keep this a secret, the way he saw you now. That look would be his and only his alone. He would ask you later if you played any instruments and if you said yes, he would ask you if you planned on doing anything with it. But he wouldn’t tell you should do something with it. He would let that decision up to you.

Hoseok [J-Hope]: He came home one day, tired of practicing for their upcoming tour. Hoseok heard music loudly playing from upstairs. Just when he was about to open the door to your bedroom the song changed from a cute ballad song to Cypher part4. You were loudly rapping along. Hoseok waited behind the door grimacing at how you were rapping. Proud that you could keep up with them. He openend the door halfway the rap. “Y/N, I didn’t know you were a rapper? Wanna do it with me sometime?” You let out a shriek because you weren’t expecting him to come home sooner today. “Hoseooook! Don’t just come barging in like that!!” You pouted. “Also I am not that good tho..” Hoseok came closer and hugged. “Don’t be so shy jagi. Anyway when my honey booboo feels confident enough im gonna record a song with you.” You pouted while saying: “im not your honey booboo!”

Namjoon [Rap Monster]: You and Namjoon weren’t together for that long. You met him at one of the fan meetings and he secretly asked for your phone number. And that’s where it all began. Now you’re dating for two months. He invited you to come over and watch him record one of their songs in the studio. Since it was almost dinner time, you made a little something to eat together. It was the first time he would eat something you made. He didn’t know yet that you enjoyed cooking as much as Jin does. After the recording session you gave him the food you made, and surprised Namjoon took it from you. “Y/N! This is so good!!!! Why didn’t tell me sooner you were this good at cooking?? Jin’s food is nothing compared to this.” Without giving you time to say anything back he kept going on and on about how great it was. “you should deffo become something like professional cook or something like that British guy on all the TV shows. Hey you know what?? Why don’t you go on one of those show. I swear you could win.” You laughed at his enthusiasm. “Namjoon, tbh I’m not that good. Maybe I’ll do that when I’m really good but rn i’m not thinking it’s something for me.” He looked at you for a sec and said: “well if that’s what you think. But I’ll have you know that I’m gonna enjoy your every meal.”

-Admin Tae

Red bracelet

Originally posted by seugcheol

A Mingyu soulmate!au for me please? Yah know the red string stuff /I’m so sorry I can’t remember anything about the red string I just heard about it when I had a vacation in Japan/ㅠㅠ thank you dear

A/N: sorry this took so long but i really love how it turned out and i hope you do too!

wc: ~4K

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A Better Look

I’m SO sorry this took me so long!  I’m still winding down the busiest week at school.  Anyways, I wrote this as a request for @macyl0819!  Hope you like it, dear!  Enjoy! xx

Imagine:  I was wondering if you could write a Hufflepuff reader with Fred Weasley.

Originally posted by obviouslyphelps

The burrow was restless and stirring, even in the early hours of the balmy summer morning.  Hazy sunlight swept across the golden plains which paved the way to the quirky structure, weaving in between each individual weed and stalk like a continuous ribbon of warm light.  You could faintly pick up the soft rustling of the reeds near the brook, accompanied with the damp bristles of a course brush scrubbing away at stubborn cookery.  Your eyes, heavy with the remnants of a good night’s rest, blinked open in an expected response to the humble noises and warm glow of a new day.

“Psst.”  Your sleepy daze was broken in a near instant with the uttering of a simple nuisance.  Sighing deeply and slowly, you rolled onto your opposite shoulder and propped yourself up. You blinked in the adjusting light.

“What d’you want, Fred?” your throat was dry and scratchy, but the dewiness in the fresh air spilling through the open window offered welcome relief.  As you adjusted to your new state of awareness, you could see a fond smile growing on Fred’s lips.  He stood in the doorway of Ginny’s bedroom that you’d been sharing, propped against the doorframe like a grinning ginger giant.

“S’bout time you joined the realm of the living, now, don’t ya think, Y/N?” his bare freckled arms crossed across his chest as he gazed down at you with an unbelievable amount of mockery dancing through his liquid eyes.  Your responding smile was lazy and carefree as you yawned and stretched your arms above your head.

“I suppose I could go for a spot of breakfast,” your eyes flicked to his quickly and your smile dropped suddenly as you caught sight of the quaint cuckoo clock on the wall.  

“Merlin’s beard, I’m meant to be helping your mother with breakfast right now!” you jumped to your feet and all at once became very conscious of the fact that you were clad only in a thin ivory tank top and matching pajama shorts.  A flourish of pink spread across your cheeks; Fred was chuckling under his breath and shaking his head.

“Honestly, Y/N, you’re too sweet for your own good,” he grinned.  “Mum’s been through with breakfast for a while now.”

As you grasped at the blanket covering your slender body, you bit your lip and felt your eyebrows knit together in concern.

“Oh, dear…I wanted so much to show my thanks for your family’s hospitality,” your hands slid onto your cheeks in worry; they were warm and flushed not only from your emotional response, but also from the steadily growing heat of the summer day.  Fred shook his head once more.

“Not to sound like a poof, but you’ve been a good friend to Ginny for years, and we’re all grateful to you for that,” Fred rolled his eyes and looked faux-disgusted at the words tumbling from his lips, which then curled into a smile.  “No need to fret, silly girl.”  It was your turn to let the familiar tingle of a genuine smile take over.

Clutching the blanket around you like a grand cape, you stepped past Fred into the hallway.

“It’s funny, Fred,” you started as you trotted down the stairs.  “You’re sweeter than you let people believe.”

Fred followed close at your heels and chuckled.  Your eyes shot open to the fullest when you were suddenly hit with a burst of cool air as your cape of wool disappeared from around your shoulders.  You gasped at the unwelcome sensation and stumbled on the steps.  As your heightened senses prepared for your inevitable fall and consequential pain, you felt a pair of strong arms grip your waist like a vice.

Eyes wide, you turned your head to find Fred holding you.  His eyebrows were the highest you’ve ever seen them, whether from concern or surprise. Your eyes darted down to his foot and the wool blanket that resided underneath it, then narrowed at his prankster actions. He chuckled as he set you upright.

“It seems you’re wrong, Y/N. Clearly I’m the git everyone else believes me to be,” he winked and threw the blanket over your head, tramping down the stairs and laughing almost maniacally.  Before reaching the bottom, though, his eyes shifted to you for a split second, just to make sure you weren’t truly injured after all. Satisfied and relieved to see you continue down the stairs from underneath the blanket like a child, he smiled softly and trotted into the den.

You were blushing under all of that wool, and you knew it wasn’t from the heat of summer anymore.  You were thankful for the mask that hid your pink cheeks and amorous little smile.

Your stomach moaned in protest as it attempted to settle the uproarious battle between the pumpkin juice and eggs that Mrs. Weasley had all but forced down your throat.

“Please, have some more, dear! You’re so thin,” Mrs. Weasley begged, making a grab for the skillet sizzling atop the stove.  You covered your mouth and let out what you hoped to be an inconspicuous burp.  Fred snorted over his bowl of porridge and smirked at you.  You bit you lip and offered a little smile.

“No, thank you so much, Mrs. Weasley, truly.  It’s all been so amazing,” you carefully lifted yourself from the creaky chair, adjusting to the new load you’d taken on at breakfast.  

You nearly waddled to the screen door. Although the smells of the buffet behind you were absolutely delectable, they also doubled as overpowering given the amount you’d just eaten.  The refreshing outside air, which wafted through the door, washed over you, offering great relief.  You closed your eyes and breathed the outside world in deeply.

With such disregard to everything around you, you hadn’t realized that you’d been standing in the doorway long enough for the Weasley family to retreat to their respective rooms.  You didn’t mind; it was a beautiful day.  Why shouldn’t I enjoy this?

With a swift little squeak, the screen door opened and you waded into the tall green grasses.  The untamed almost wild quality possessed by the burrow was something you always admired. There never would exist a better home for an entirely Gryffindor family.  Even so, as a Hufflepuff yourself, you never felt out of place. The environment was inviting, the people even more so.  You took your time to drink in the sight of it on your last day.

“Dallying, are we?” You let out a breath and rolled your eyes at the sound of the familiar snarky voice. Before you could retort, your sassy words disappeared with two arms sliding around your waist.

“Fred, what are–?” you craned your neck to look back up into his warm brown eyes, but only for a moment before your view changed.  His freckled face got progressively smaller as he lifted you in his arms, nearly above his head, as if you were a doll.

“Fred!” you squirmed a bit in his firm grasp in protest.  He promptly shushed you and somehow was able to maneuver you to perch on his broad shoulder as if you were a prized parrot.  Your heart was racing as the ground appeared miles below your dangling bare feet.

“Please Fred, put me down, I’m afraid!”

“Oh, live a little, Y/N,” Fred chuckled lightheartedly and kept an everlasting strong hold of your hip beside his head.  His fine red hairs tickled your exposed skin, and you found your hand inadvertently knotting into them for balance.

“Ow!  Relax, Y/N, my goodness,” he winced and continued laughing as if it were all a joke.  You squirmed more, embarrassment evident on your reddening cheeks.


“Merlin’s beard, look ahead!” his voice was laced with struggle and slight annoyance, but a smile never left his ruddy face.  You huffed and dragged your narrowed eyes away from Fred’s smugness, setting your sights to the horizon.

Your mouth dropped open a bit.  The sight was incredible from your perch.  The sun danced above the rolling golden planes in a burst of brilliance contrasted with the stark blue of the cloudless sky. The gentle breeze moved through the tall grasses like a wave and caressed your flushed skin like an old lover.

“I thought you might want a better look, you’re always staring at it so bloody much,” Fred chuckled and patted your thigh.  You swallowed.

“It’s beautiful…I just enjoy coming here so much,” you tore your gaze away from the transcendental sight to look down at Fred.  “It’s such a familiar, loud, and beautiful place…for all the right reasons.  I know I don’t share entirely in your family’s vivacious and fiery lifestyle, but I’ve always felt I belonged here.”

With your hand tangled in Fred’s peppery locks, you could almost feel the soft smile tingling on his lips.  You had to smile yourself at the thought of it, of him. You always had tender feelings for Fred, perhaps much more tender than a young woman should have for her best friend’s elder brother.  Ever since he’d accidentally slipped a dungbomb into your school bag, mistaking it for Ginny’s, and he was wracked with guilt, he’d somewhat had a special hold on your heart.  You could still see his brown eyes, wide with worry at his mistake but still glimmering with a whimsical playfulness and a mischief that struggled to stay away from the rest of his face.  You giggled to yourself.

Fred glanced up at you.

“What’s s’funny?” before you could respond, you were airborne, tumbling through space until you landed in a set of strong arms.  Blinking in disbelief, your eyes crawled up to meet Fred’s.  He was smirking as he held you close to his broad chest.

“You do belong here by the way,” Fred remarked, matter-o-factly.  You blushed and gripped at the soft cotton of his nightshirt, which still clung to him even in the late hours of the morning.  Your mind raced with possibilities.

“The burrow, I mean,” he chuckled and placed you gently on your feet once more.  “You know right well that you’re welcome anytime.”  Your shoulders sank a little, realizing he hadn’t simply meant you belonged in his arms.

“Oh, right,” you sighed and smiled softly up at him.  His face was radiant in the morning sunlight, every freckle and dimple dancing about like pure paint strokes.  Fred seemed to study your face thoughtfully.  Your cheeks burned as he piped:

“Y’know, you make the view here a little better, if you can believe it Y/N.”  Suddenly you were at a loss for words, and Fred turned on his heel towards the house once more.  Did he really just say that?  Am I dreaming?  You could only follow his lanky figure with your eyes, trailing after him in spirit like a lost puppy.  Truly you found yourself wanting nothing more than to be in his arms once more.

Before he stepped through the door, Fred turned his head to look back at you, still frozen in the midst of the summer heat and quivering grasses up to your knees.  He rolled his eyes.

“Well come on then, Y/N,” he quirked his head towards the house and you eagerly skipped forward, as if attached to him like a puppet on strings.  Fred held the screen door open for you and you stepped under his arm, smiling sunnily. His hand grazed your exposed hip.

“Meet me upstairs in a few, will you?” his whisper carried a hint of mischief and you bit your lip, continuing into the house.  You stifled how flustered he made you simply from the tickle of his breath against your skin.  I must play this game, and I must win it.

You waited at least a full hour before climbing the countless flights of stairs to Fred’s bedroom.  Assuming that’s where he’d meant to meet you, you took a deep breath as thoughts raced through your swimming head.  You raised your hand slowly and rested your knuckles against the smooth grain of the bedroom door before you.  Biting your lip, you pulled your hand back and prepared to knock. Before you could do so, the door swung open to reveal an all-too-familiar pair of smirking lips attached to a tall red-haired man.  You couldn’t help but smile goofily as your insides tightened.  He was dressed for the day at last, clad in a deep blue t-shirt, khaki trousers, and a far too smug expression.

“What a surprise,” his voice dripped with sarcasm and he struggled to keep from laughing at himself.  “Won’t you come in?”

He gestured his arms grandly, inviting you into the quaint room adorned with quiddich paraphernalia and practical joke objects.  Your flowing, lavender sundress moved fluidly as you walked through the doorframe.  To your enormous satisfaction, you caught a glimpse of Fred’s eyes twinkle as he watched you float about the room in your lovely dress.

You smirked.  Let’s have a little fun.  

“Do you like my dress, Fred?” you laughed musically and gave a little twirl.  Fred swallowed and broke out in a genuine smile.

“It’s almost as bloody lovely as you are,” he leaned back against the bedframe, crossing his arms and quirking an eyebrow.  You halted mid-twirl and blushed, your cheeks giving you away yet again.  Bloody Hell, just when I’ve got the upper hand.  Fred laughed before you could formulate a witty, or even a cohesive, response.

“You don’t have to be so nervous, Y/N. It’s just me, after all,” he grinned. You swallowed.

“Of course,” you stuttered, clasping your hands in front of you.  You hadn’t realized how nervous you were under your cool, coy façade.  Fred’s smile only grew.

“I suppose I know how you feel though,” he started, thoughtfully.  You tilted your head in confusion.

“Oh?”  He soon smirked.

“I mean, I tend to have this effect on girls,” he could hardly contain his snarkiness.  You rolled your eyes.

“Honestly, Fred,” you chuckled. “What did you want with me again?”

His easy-going smile faltered slightly at the simple question, and he cleared his throat.

“Right, erm…” he fidgeted and gripped the bedpost.  “S’just that I’ve known you for a while now and, like I mentioned before, we- I’m really grateful to you for being such a good friend to my little sister.”  You were a bit confused, as you didn’t know where he intended to go with this point.  He could obviously read the confusion on your face and he laughed dryly.

“Sorry that’s a bit irrelevant, I suppose,” he looked up at the ceiling searching for words.  “The point is that I guess I’ve grown very…fond of you.” You couldn’t believe your eyes. Fred was blushing.  His freckles stood out against the stark pink of his cheeks. He was not alone in this, though, as you felt your own face heat up.  Your heart fluttered at his words.  

“Go on…” you pressed, leaning on the bedframe beside him.  He gazed into your eyes and the corner of his mouth turned up gently in a smile.

“Well, maybe you know what I’m getting at already…I can always tell you feel the same.  Your body language betrays you, love,” his breath tickled your nose and blew a few stray hairs from your face.  You bit your lip, producing a huge smile from Fred.

“See what I mean!” he laughed and you quickly withdrew your teeth from the center of your lower lip.  Flustered as you were, you smiled and giggled.

Fred’s hand crept around your waist and rested on your hip gently.  Your breath caught in your throat, but you pushed aside any nervousness and rested your hand on his shoulder.

“I do feel the same,” you whispered. He offered you the most real smile you’d ever seen and pulled you close to him.  You closed your eyes as you breathed in his scent of cinnamon, which played with the moist summer air that spilled from the windows.  For the first time, you could feel Fred’s hesitance. For the first time, you took honest initiative as you held his face in your hands, and confidently pressed your lips against his.

His lips welcomed yours and he blossomed under your touch, lifting you from the ground and into his arms.  The kiss was deliciously pure and warm.  You broke only for a moment and caught a better look of Fred’s brown eyes, dancing in the sunlight pouring through the room. You smiled with an immense amount of happiness; the view of the landscape just outside paled in comparison to the view of his smiling eyes.


“Soul-mates aren’t the ones who make you happiest, no. They’re the ones who make you feel you the most. Burning edges and scars and stars. Old pains and pangs, captivation and beauty. Strain and shadows and worry and yearning. Sweetness and madness and dreamlike surrender. They hurl you into the abyss. They taste like hope.” —Victoria Erickson


This was suggested by @gloster . Sorry dear that it took so long, I felt it’d be a good occasion to resume some of the most meaningful drarry moments. So I think it can be a good way to wish a Happy New Year to you and to all the drarry lovers.

anonymous asked:

how about foster the people - the truth? you might like it.

Thank you for the recommendation dear Anon (yes, I do like the song!) and sorry it took me so long to respond, I started this weeks ago and then set it aside to marinate while I was busy with million other things. Also, it’s not a small painting (51x35.5cm) and it’s pretty detailed, so, yeah took a while to finish :)

Foster the People - The Truth

I’m still “painting songs” so if any of you feel like it, send me a song recommendation in my ask and I will respond to it with a painting done in my abstract, colorful style (it might take me a bit longer but I will respond :)).

2 months ago, i finally made the jump     &     created a multi-muse, due to restricted free time     &     a dear need for better organization. it took me so long to take that decision, as, as you all know, multi-muse, though now more popular     &     accepted, often have a harder time fitting in – or so i thought     !     but boi was i wrong. in all honesty, i have never had such a good time rping as i do right now. creating a multi has given me the opportunity to rp in fandoms i probably would’ve never thought of joining,     &     write characters that i’ve always been dying to write, but was always too scared to make. i am so grateful for the response this blog has gotten & the support you guys have given me. it has given me the chance to forge beautiful friendships,     &     write with so many beautifully talented people. i’m just          so incredibly emotional, you guys have no idea how much your love     &     support means to me. it allowed me to truly enjoy rping again. so thank you thank you thank you. for bearing with my constant shitposting, for sending memes, for showing interest in my portrayals. you’re all so dear to me, i hope you know. 

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anonymous asked:

I live for the moments where Isak makes Even laugh.

hello my amazing anon! i’m very happy that you decided to send this to me. i’m sorry it took me so long to reply to you. i’ve actually written this reply in my head a hundred times, yet every time i end up feeling like no words can possibly convey what i want to say because i feel very strongly about this. i have so many emo feelings, dear anon. because it truly is the purest thing.

i know there are things a few giggles can’t fix, and i know i’ve said this before, but i think that if you are going to be with someone, that person should be someone whose presence relaxes you. someone who makes you laugh at the dumbest things because you just feel so good and comfortable with them. comedians and funny people can make you laugh, but it’s very different, i don’t think they make you shine. when Isak makes Even laugh, he makes him shine, i really do think so. it’s just so amazing to see how comfortable they are with each other, and how much comfort they find in each other’s presence! and how Even is so fond of Isak that he can’t help breaking into a smile mid-kiss, that’s the best kind of kissing there is if you ask me!

i think having this kind of a connection is so very important in a relationship because it helps you deal with the difficult stuff. this is just my personal opinion, but i was so happy to see them have a laugh about Even running around naked because it meant it’s not a taboo subject for them, it’s not something that should be swept under the rug and never spoken of again. they don’t have to feel ashamed about anything with each other! i have anxiety so sometimes my reactions to things don’t make much sense, but i feel very lucky that in my relationship we can laugh at my moments of utter despair afterwards, it makes me feel a lot better about myself and helps put things in perspective, i feel less ashamed. i’m happy to know that their relationship is a safe haven where both of them can unwind and be themselves!

Sorry this took so long man!

Request: Boys’ reaction to their s/o being pushed into the street and miraculously surviving 

Miraculous…? My dear anon, I’d call it luck!

Ryoma Hoshi

-He saw you from across the street and was about to come talk to you

-He sees the man’s arm go up and push you down, your body sliding into the road.

-A truck rushes where you just landed.

-Hoshi yells your name, running to you, cars are stopped all around

-Smol man is yelling and is close to tears but…

-You’re fine, you just have scratches from falling.


Korekiyo Shinguuji

-He was walking down the street with you, it was a small shopping date

-You were closest to the road.

-Suddenly, a man pushes his way through the two of you and violently pushes you into the road.

-Your body slides right in front of an oncoming car

-Korekiyo yells your name, he’s horrified.

-The car goes past and stops once it gets passed you

-Korekiyo and the driver thought you had been hit

-Korekiyo is yelling as he runs to you.

-He’s so upset…wait…you’re fine!

-He’s so relieved, he smiles but you can’t see it because of his mask,

Gonta Gokuhara

-Bug boy was window shopping with you, you had began to run ahead to the next store

-A man came up and yelled about you being in his way, and pushed you into the road.

-The man began to run off but was stopped by a strong hand on his shoulder. He was then thrown backwards, by Gonta of course.

-Gonta saw your body grow in front of a big semi

-He yelled, tears coming to his eyes

-The semi passed and Gonta assumed you were dead but…you just got up and walked back over to him, saying that was horrifying.

-Gonta didn’t say a word, he just hugged you.

Momota Kaito

-He was taking you to a space museum, you were holding hands and you were closest to the road.

-A man came up behind you and just pushed you out of the way so he could walk through.

-He received a slap across the face from Momota

-Momota saw you roll into the road and he was about to go after you but, a car was coming towards you.

-He yelled your name as loud as he could

-The car screeched to a stop about a centimeter away from your body.

-Momota sighed and ran to you.

-He picked you up in his arms and carried you out of the road, he never let you walk next to the road ever again.


-Robot boy wanted to go on a walk around the city, he wanted to see everything that was around!

-He was talking to you about something strange and you were slightly laughing.

-Suddenly a man came up and pushed you

-”Outta my way, ya lil shit!”

-You fell into the road, landing in front of an oncoming car.

-Kiibo was mad and confused.

-Why would someone do that?????????

-Kiibo sprung into action, he rescued you before the car could hit you.

-You rapped your arms around him, you loved your robot boyfriend.

Ouma Kokichi

-He was talking about his secret organization, you were clearly not listening but, that didn’t stop him.

-He felt someone push in between you and noticed you were not next to him anymore. 

-He saw your body in the road and began to yell your name

-A car passed by your body

-Ouma cried as loud as he could and for once, it was genuine 

-He ran to you and yelled your name, you easily got up.

-Ouma clung to you, this didn’t stop for the rest of the day.

-He demanded you tell him what the man looked like so he could torture him.

Saihara Shuuichi

-He was taking you to meet some people he worked with, he figured it would be easiest to walk.

-He told you that you’d love the people he works with!

-Suddenly, you felt a hand violently push you. You fell into the road.

-Saihara was about to run to you and ask if you were okay when a car coming your way.

-The driver apparently noticed you and stopped about a foot away from you.

-Saihara sighed and ran to you, he was so glad you were fine.

Amami Rantarou

-He wanted to take you clothes shopping. Why, you might ask? He wanted matching outfits! That’s not important, though.

-You were walking along, hand-in-hand, when someone pushed you into the road.

-Amami felt your hand slide out of his grasp and he was horrified.

-He paid no mind to the man that was now walking away and just yelled your name, worry in his voice.

-He saw a semi coming your way and as loud as he could he yelled:


-The driver somehow heard him and came to a screeching halt, Amami ran(taraou) to you and picked you up in his arms.

-He was so happy the driver heard him and that you were alright.


I haven’t been listening to the hairspray track while writing this

Well, I hope you enjoy this

-Mod Amami

animelover7234  asked:

" snow will you be a dear and go get me my..."

“snow, will you be a dear and go get me my storage belt?” baz asked, just as we were about to leave the hotel room. 

i sprayed bits of scone, coughing, “excuse me? your what?” 

“my storage belt! i can get it myself, you just clean yourself up-” baz had promised to show me around paris. i think he was taking his position as tour guide too seriously. 

your fanny pack.” 


So last night I read a headcanon about Nico finding out that gay marriage was legalized (I don’t know who wrote it) and it was super cute and then mind started racing and I remembered a hilarious US tradition called the racing of the interns where the interns literally sprint to tell the awaiting press of the supreme court decision before it gets online and then solangelo came to mind and THEN THIS HAPPENED

  • Will has been dreading this day for nearly a week, ever since he found out he would be running on TODAY of all days
  • It was June 26th, 2015 and today would either be the best day of his life or just another disappointment 
  • Will had gotten an internship at the supreme court about four months ago after he got a promising law degree from the University of New Rome
  • Much to everyone’s surprise, he didn’t want to be a doctor, he had had enough of watching his friends die on the operating table, he just couldn’t do it anymore
  • So he decided to go for law, try to fix people’s lives instead of watching them fade away
  • When he got the internship in DC, he was ecstatic, he was even able to convince Nico, his amazing boyfriend of three years to move there with him
  • He had done plenty of runs in the past, he was even able to announce a few
  • But today was different
  • He never wanted something to get passed into law so badly before
  • As soon as he learned that he might announce to the country that same sex marriage would be legalized, he called Nico at the first possible chance to tell him
  • Nico was nervous to say the least, but Will could tell that he was beyound excited
  • They were even able to talk the seven and a few others to come down to DC and wait outside for the announcement with the press
  • If only they knew what Will was planning
  • He got the idea almost immediately, he talked it over with the other interns and to his surprise, they were all for it, the even went as far as to help convince the guards to let him do what he was planning
  • Now the only thing left was for the judges to legalize it
  • So here he was, standing outside the door of the court, his heart racing violently as he clutched a piece cloth in his hands, waiting for the paper that could make the day go down in history
  • After 10 minutes, a man in a suit came out and handed them all the paper with a knowing smile on his face
  • The intern that he gave it to held the paper to his face as he read the news, the looked up at Will with a huge grin on his face
  • “The plans a go Will!”
  • Will never tied something around his neck so fast, once he had it secure, he grabbed the paper just to make sure it was true, the bolted out into the yard, the others giving him a head start
  • The moment Will turned into the main yard with a rainbow flag trailing behind him like a cape, he could hear the cheering from the crowd
  • He was out of breath when he reached the mic, but it didn’t matter, his smile was still plastered on his face as he read the news the world had been waiting to hear
  • “On this day of June 26th 2015, same sex marriage has been legalized in all 50 of the United States!”
  • All he could do was laugh as the crowd cheered. His eyes searched through the people to see his boyfriend who was brought to tears with the rest of the seven surrounding him screaming like banshees 
  • “ And I would like to say just one more thing before we move on, something I thought I was never going to be able to say.”
  • “Nico Di Angelo, will you marry me?”
  • The best part of Will Solace’s life was kissing his now fiance at the steps of the supreme court building with a rainbow cape tied around his neck for the entire world to see