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Evan what made you realize you liked Jared?

E: I actually took a year off so i could save up money… B-but Connor, Jared and I would still occasionally hang out. As much as we could at least…

E: But it was…a lot less than when we were in highschool.

E: Soon, I found myself missing Jared more than anything else. I started missing the smallest things about him…

E: The way um… how soft and warm his hands were when our hands would just brush against each other when we walked

E: … And how I wanted our hands to be more than just barely touching

E: So… I guess you could say I was “pining” for Jared for awhile… It was hard pretending those feeling weren’t there, but I’m happy that I don’t have to pretend anymore.

Drunk in Love [j. k x reader]

Jared angst/cuddles i guess?

Word count; idk maybe 1k?

warnings: drinking, swearing, angst, self conscious boi

- tbh?  I’m surprised i could even pump rhis out but I hope you enjoy this. im just not in a very good place rn so this was a good outlet, i just needed motivation lol. thank you all for your constant support!

xoxo cass

“For fucks sake, leave then!”

“I didn’t even want to come, you dragged me here! Why would you bring me just to let me leave?”

“Just go if I’m such a terrible date!” Jared Klienman scoffed towards you as he tilted his head back in disbelief.

If there was one thing that you knew about Jared, it was that he was arrogant and self-destructive when he was self-conscious or confused. Right now, he was both.

To set the scene; Jared had dragged you to a party thrown by your friend Zoe Murphy for whatever the hell she wanted because her parents weren’t home and she lived in a goddamn mansion. you, much preferring to stay inside and watch a movie then go and pretend to enjoy standing in a sea of sweaty, drunk teens, had tagged along because he had really wanted to go. Like really wanted to go so you bit your tongue and went.

“You’re unbelievable! I just said I wanted to sit down!” You shouted back as the wind breezed through your hair. You were now standing on the Murphys’ driveway as Jared yelled over the pumping bass coming from the house. It was just you guys outside, which was strange, but you didn’t have much time to think about since your boyfriend was being an asshole because you wanted to sit down.

“Yeah sure, you wanted to sit down and then sneak out and say your mom called you or something!”

“JARED! WHAT. THE. FUCK. I’m not whoever your past partners were! Stop blaming me for their behavior.” You growled. You were sick of this, he always assumed you had the worst intentions when he had been drinking or got extra self-conscious.

You saw his face soften as he un-tensed his jaw and kicked a pebble while looking down.

You almost reached out to him but you were mad, with a right to be. You turned around and marched steadily towards your car.

“Find a different ride home, asshole.” You hollered back at him, now standing dumbfounded as he watched you walk away.

“Whatever!” he hollered back to you, getting in your car. You paused before climbing into the car and driving back into the night.

“Asshole, always treating me like I’m evil when he gets hammered like honestly…” you grumbled as you pulled into your driveway. You slammed the car door and stomped into your room, dark and quiet and hoping your parents didn’t hear you slam your car door.

12:27 a.m.

“Fuck it, I’m just going to sleep this off.”

Your sleep was so rudely interrupted, however to three sharp taps on your window an hour later. You turned on your lamp and squinted at the slouching figure of none other than Jared Klienman at your window at 2:00 a.m.

What the fuck now.

“Jared?” you muttered as you hopped out of bed and walked to your window, unlocking and pushing it open.

“What.” you hissed/monotoned. It was a strange skill you could do, convey two emotions at one even if they were miraculously different.

“Don’t be like that, b-babyy. You look s-so gooood.” He slurred as he leaned on your window as if he was picking you up at a bar.

“You’re drunk.”

Drunk in loooove with youuu.” he sang in response as he continued to hum Beyonce’s ‘Drunk In Love’.

You ran your hand through your hair and let him inside.

Better he be shit-faced in here than getting hit by a car. Ugh.

As he climbed into your room, you saw the gash just above his eyebrow and gasped at the blood dripping down his eyebrow.

“Jared, what happened?” You questioned, seemingly tired of his nonsense, pointing to his eyebrow.

When he didn’t respond you walked to the bathroom and wet a towel and grabbed a Spongebob band-aid he had bought last week that fell out of his backpack.

“Oh hello, Mr. Teddy Bear, you look nice today. My girlfriend was just here, have you seen her?” He hiccuped as you walked back towards the bedroom door, careful to avoid the squeaky parts of the hallway floor.

Oh my fucking god.

He turned his head back towards you when you plopped on your bed and motioned for him to come here, which he did gladly. His big goofy grin still on his damnably adorable face. He reeked of alcohol and teenage sweat. You dabbed his cut gently and watched the amazingly cool drunk Jared Klienman hiccup every so often while he looked at you with the biggest puppy eyes you’ve ever seen him pull.

“What are you looking at me for?” You asked gently, the anger draining out of you as you cleaned his wound reluctantly.

“You’re prettyyy.” He giggled as he poked your cheek.

You smacked his hand away and tried to hide your smile.

“There they are! The smiley idiot I love!! I’m sorry I make that smile go away sometimes… I just don’t think I’m good enough for you and it makes me sad that I’m not enough for you.” His honesty surprised you and made your heart shatter and swell at the same time. He looked so sad as he watched you press the Spongebob band-aid on his head. Who made him feel so worthless? You would surely kill them if you ever got the chance.

“Let’s just go to bed, okay?” you whispered as you tapped his nose lightly. He smiled the big goofy grin again and exclaimed in happiness;

“I call big spoon!”

Jared woke up to a calmly sleeping Y/N and a not-so-calm headache. He was very confused, he thought you two were fighting but he would take what he could get. He closed his eyes again and relished in the darkness that made his head pound less.

He nuzzled closer to you and rested his head in the crook of your neck and shoulder.

Maybe he should get shitfaced drunk more often if he ends up cuddled with you.


On another note, maybe not, the headache wasn’t worth it and besides, he could cuddle you whenever he wanted.

“I don’t know how you put up with me, but thank you.” He muttered into your neck before falling back asleep.

He couldn’t see it, obviously but some subconscious part of you must’ve heard him because the smile on your face wasn’t from your dream and certainly not from the stench of alcohol on the nerd cuddling you.