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my v good best friend @emkayohh and I did an art collab/trade thing! she drew the lines and I colored it in!! (i took so long, bless her for being patient)

you can see my line art (which she colored) here!


SEASON 2!!!!!!!! SEASON 2!!!!!!!!!!!! SEASON 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey could you give me some fanfics recs? I'm new here to the fandom, luv ur blog btw :)

Hey beautiful!

Sorry this took me all day to answer but I promised I’d answer it so here ya go! Here are people in general that I would recommend because their writings are amazing! I have attached their tumblr name cause you should defiantly follow them and I also put their AO3 accounts as well cause you really need to read all their works! Everything is amazing! Also at the end I attached some series of fics I am reading that you might be interested in.. Hope this helps you my love and welcome to the fandom! It is so great to have you here and please don’t be shy because I would really like to talk to you more!! Please go to the AO3 website and search “robron” because there are so many more beautiful works :)

















@reformedcharacter They post works on their blog but idk if they have AO3









M_au pair  

His Savior  

By your side ( @snarfettelove fic is amazinggg! first fic and its great!)

Never was yours 

Need you now

Between lines you fail to see  

Take my sins 

Bad Blood

Dales United  

Big Spender 

The other side  

~Disclaimer: Just because you were not tagged in this does not mean I think you are a bad writer! There are sooo many people in this fandom who are beautiful writers but I have only been reading fanfic for a few months now and these are the people I found and loved! If you know of any more people then I more than encourage you to tag them and let me and everyone else know about them! I love you all so much and thank you for everything you do!!~


“Muses” - Jikook Social Media AU

Jimin is a writer who is struggling with his creativity and Jungkook is a YouTuber who travels and paints all of the places he visits. What happens when they become each other’s muses without knowing?


Sorry this took so long to upload guys, I’ve been so slammed with life. 

On other news, looks like I’ll probably only have a few more parts, including an epilogue! I’m so glad you guys enjoyed reading! (I will most likely be starting another social media au after I finish this, so look forward to that info coming out soon).

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I'm a slut for your writing so how about like a progession from 52,73,151, to 184? If not, any of the above would be adorbs in your writing bae😙💕

Thunderstorm Revelations

Pairing; Nalu

Word Count; 2417

A/N; BAE I’M SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG OMFG. But thanks for the prompt!! <3

52: “ Can we cuddle? ”

73: “ Oh, Are you ticklish? ”

151: “ I can’t feel my legs! ”

184: “ Can I touch you? ”

Natsu sat in the center of the sofa, one of Lucy’s books perched on his knee as he flipped through it absentmindedly. Lucy was always weird about him reading her stuff, and so he tried to wait until at least the third draft before sneaking a look at it. Lucy had been in a rut, however, and so Natsu was forced to reread her previous chapters to fend off his boredom.

Magnolia was all but shut down under the heavy thunderstorm outside, Lucy and Natsu trapped in her apartment on Strawberry Street as it had been closer than the guild. She had sent a lacrima message to the guild, letting everyone know her and Natsu were safe but wouldn’t be going to the guild that day. Happy had been especially upset, needing to be talked down from flying through the storm by Lucy. Natsu had been forced to bribe the exceed with the promise of all of Natsu’s catch next time they went fishing.

Natsu sighed loudly, leaning his head against the back of Lucy’s sofa and closing his eyes. She had been drying off for forever, and Natsu didn’t understand why he couldn’t have just dried her off himself. Lucy was so weird she had squawked and turned bright red at his offer, and now she was wasting time drying her hair when they could be playing cards.

A loud boom outside caught Natsu’s attention, the thunder harsh and sudden when he wasn’t watching the flashes of lighting outside the window. The lights flickered overhead, Natsu mentally threatening them if they went out. Lucy got all antsy in the dark with him, which bothered Natsu. She knew he would never try anything, didn’t she?

Besides, it wasn’t like Lucy was even aware of how Natsu felt.

Natsu cocked his head, tracking the soft padding of Lucy’s socked feet walking towards him.

Another crack of thunder rang in the sky, and Natsu opened his eyes with a frown when he sensed Lucy tense beside him. She looked pale, half dried hair thrown in a messy braid and large shirt trailing to her mid thigh.

“Can we cuddle?” Lucy asked, voice timid as she looked at her hands clasped in front of her. Natsu opened his mouth to ask her why she wanted to cuddle when a third boom shook the small apartment, Lucy flinching and curling into herself at the noise.

“Course, weirdo.” Natsu said instead, grinning at her easily. She smiled at him, shy and thankful in response as she slipped onto the couch beside him. Natsu shifted them around, his back now tucked into the corner of the couch and Lucy curled under his arm. She squeaked and pressed into his side firmly when the power shut off, the room falling into pitch blackness while the sky roared.

Natsu ran a comforting hand over Lucy’s back, soothing her small shakes as he tried to think. It had never occurred to Natsu that Lucy might be afraid of thunderstorms, and frankly he didn’t know what to say.

“You, er, alright, Luce?” Natsu asked, watching her face in the dark. The pale light coming from the window behind them was all Natsu needed to easily see in the room, but obviously from the unfocused expression she wore it wasn’t enough for Lucy.

“I’m fine Natsu. Just… don’t like thunder.” Lucy tried to brush off, but another loud crack of thunder sent her head burrowing into Natsu’s chest in fear.

“I think it’s more than a little dislike there, Luce.” Natsu commented dryly, tightening his arm around her and pulling her closer as he spoke.

“Oh shut up.” Lucy exhaled, hand relaxing as she bickered with Natsu. He grinned to himself, proud his plan had worked. He tensed as he sensed the change in the atmosphere, squeezing Lucy tight as a flash of lightning lit up the room, quickly followed by the booming thunder. Natsu looked over her face, tracing the tired pinching and tenseness she held on her face, thinking she was concealed by the dark.

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bae jinyoung|best friends to lovers part 2

gif @extraongdinary

member: bae jinyoung
genre: fluffy
summary: will the wanna one guys plan work? after years of friendship will you and jinyoung be more than friends in the end? let’s hope so
requested: yes! I’m so sorry it took so long
part 1 | part 2 (final)

  • it was the night of the game
  • you were in a tight cheerleading crop top
  • and the classic cheerleading skirt
  • you had a practiced the routine with the cheerleaders
  • and you had your part down
  • it was really challenging to be a temporarily cheerleader and you had even more respect for them than before
  • you were actually kind of excited
  • contrary to your complaints of being a cheerleader
  • it was a weird feeling being with the cheerleaders than your soccer girls
  • but it was for one game 
  • plus you loved supporting jinyoung and the other guys
  • you were waiting with all the other cheerleaders for the signal to go out to the stadium
  • there was a blare
  • and you put on your best smile as you ran out with the other girls
  • unbeknownst to you jinyoung had his eyes trained you
  • he couldn’t help but break out into a huge grin
  • you looked absolutely stunning
  • but you looked beautiful all the time so it wasn’t too much of a difference
  • even when you were sweating buckets in your soccer uniform
  • “damnnnn y/n is looking fine” seongwoo said light heartedly
  • jinyoung couldn’t help but send a glare at him
  • seongwoo chuckled at him then said “jinyoung just ask her out”
  • “it’s not that easy” jinyoung whined
  • “yes it is, you say y/n will you be my girlfriend and then boom done” daniel said exasperatedly
  • “just leave him be, he needs to do it is own time” minhyun gently said 
  • jinyoung looked at him gratefully
  • but minhyun smirked when jinyoung was turning back thinking of the plan 
  • “guys shut up the cheerleaders are starting” sungwoon said while all the guys attention was on you
  • you performed the routine flawlessly
  • giving the right expressions, matching the beats and doing the more down scale tricks
  • “y/n was really good, damn!” guanlin said with a smile
  • “of course she was, it’s y/n” jihoon added proudly
  • jihoon was probably the second closest guy to you out of the group
  • you see the guys and you give them a quick wave and blow them a kiss
  • they wave at you back excitedly
  • you see the soccer guys leave knowing it was time for the game
  • both teams come on the field
  • after deciding the sides the match starts
  • jinyoung takes one look at you and clenches his jaw 
  • he wants to do well for you 
  • not because you expect him too but you were and always have been his motivation
  • jinyoung suddenly got possession of the ball
  • and runs down the field with it calling for the attackers
  • he sees woojin in the corner of his eye and smirks this was his and woojin’s classic move
  • jinyoung kicks the ball to woojin sharply then runs straight to the goal
  • with perfect timing woojin kicks the ball upwards and towards the goal
  • but jinyoung is there to header it straight into the upper corner of the goal
  • and their plan is executed perfectly
  • while jinyoung has a bright smile with the whistle 
  • woojin and him do a manly grapple hug
  • the move took ages to get down but they did after hours of practice
  • the score board marks 1-0
  • everyone from your school was cheering
  • not as loud as you though
  • you were jumping up and down
  • waving your pom poms in the air
  • sungwoon was taking photos to tease you later 
  • time passed and it was a super close match
  • the score was 4-3 to your school
  • there was only 5 minutes left
  • and there was a very thick tension in the air
  • the other school was in possession
  • and was passed the midfield
  • jinyoung was running right back to defence line to provide help
  • suddenly the strongest attacker of the opposing team kicked the soccer ball straight for the goal
  • in horror it was headed for a space where the goalie couldn’t reach
  • without even a second thought jinyoung blocked the space by jumping between the ball and the goal 
  • you could hear the sound from really far away
  • and everyone cringed at the painful sound 
  • suddenly you heard a blare which meant the game ended
  • jinyoung was completely winded you didn’t even care about anything or anyone else
  • you sprinted there before even anyone could react
  • “jinyoung-ah are you okay? jinyoung-ah can you hear me?” you asked extremely worried 
  • jinyoung wasn’t even moving but you could see him breathing 
  • suddenly you could feel a crowd around you two
  • “EVERYONE GIVE JINYOUNG SOME SPACE OKAY?” jisung threatened loudly
  • you could hear a lot of people gulp as they stepped away
  • “jinyoung please tell me if you can hear me?” you say desperately
  • “can you just get to the kissing bit or “cpr”” teased daehwi
  • knowing perfectly well jinyoung was faking it since he was the one who usually woke up jinyoung
  • “yes please do” piped up guanlin since he was usually the backup to wake up jinyoung
  • you just glared at the two
  • now understanding jinyoung was faking it because the two were too sweet to say that in a serious situation
  • seongwoo, daniel and jaehwan a different story
  • then you poked jinyoung’s eye
  • “OW LADY THAT HURT!!!” jinyoung shouted while bolting right up
  • “WELL THAT’S FOR GIVING ME THE SCARE OF A CENTURY!” you shouted right back
  • everyone was just snickering and chuckling at you two
  • “WELL I WAS WAITING FOR YOU TO KISS ME” jinyoung shouted right back
  • then he blushed REALLY RED knowing that everyone heard that and he really shouldn’t of blurted it out
  • you just gape at him trying to process what he said
  • minhyun smirked knowing the plan was to put to action now
  • “KISS KISS KISS” he chanted
  • seongwoo and daniel with smirks of their own joined instantly
  • then in a few seconds everyone was
  • you look at jinyoung and you realise both of your cheeks are bright red
  • at least you knew he had feelings for you which made you all soft and warm
  • so you muttered “oh what the hell” and everyone could still hear you though
  • and without any warning to jinyoung
  • you leaned right in and softly planted a kiss on his lips
  • both of you instantly melted into the kiss
  • it was soft and sweet
  • and jinyoung couldn’t help but smiling
  • you probably died right there and went to heaven there
  • the two of you eventually parted to really loud cheers and a lot of cries of
  • “FINALLY!!”
  • “i think this was really overdue but i like you y/n, i like you a lot, your my best friend and no one else could even compare to you. so will you be my girlfriend?” jinyoung said sweetly to you
  • “i’d love to jinyoung, i’d absolutely love to” you say happily
  • still no believing the moment you were waiting for years was happening
  • “OUR PLAN WORKED! OUR PLAN WORKED!” screamed the wanna one guys
  • you look at them with a dangerous glint your eye “you guys had a plan?”
  • the guys gulped at your expression and looked a little fearful
  • jisung squeaked out a maybe
  • “any bets you placed on us will be paid to us understood?” you said with pnash and sass, arms crossed and everything
  • ‘but but but but” seongwoo started
  • “no buts” you said sternly
  • “ugh fine whatever” he huffed 
  • you softened your expression and smiled at them
  • “but thank you, come on we need to go to have celebratory pizza” you say sweetly
  • they all smiled at you and gave you a group hug where everyone was just laughing and smiling
  • it was great 
  • afterwards 
  • jinyoung put his arm around your shoulder looked at you in awe and said to you
  • “i still can’t believe your my girlfriend”
  • “well you better believe it buddy because you’re stuck with me” you say playfully
  • ‘sounds like heaven to me” jinyoung says kissing you on the forehead

LMAO IM SORRY THIS TOOK LIKE SO LONG TO POST WHOOPS I’ll be honest was considering to delete this on multiple occasions so i didn’t have to post pt 2 BUT IVE DONE IT!! its pre short tho like i expected. oh well HOPE YALL LIKED IT!! il be trying to get jihoon heirs out soon then a badboy fic for my collab with iris. as always please leave me feedback and don’t be afraid to pop in and just send me a message

Cute Band-aids — Wanna One Reaction

requested by anon!

genre: fluff (i tried to make it fluffy) and comedy (maybe??)

synopsis: wanna one when their crush tend their small wound with cute band-aids w/animal patterns

Yoon Jisung

  • Consistently tells you to not worry about his wounds and that he’d be okay
  • Wouldn’t want their crush to stress over his tiny scratches
  • “NO! You’re skin is too beautiful to be ruined with such tiny marks!”
  • Would laugh and become flustered but thankful
  • “Ok, but why do you have frog patterned bandages?!”
  • “Oh, because they remind me of you. You know that twirling rainbow frog head? Yeah, looks like you.”
  • Offended, “Y/N!” but he secretly agrees with you too

Ha Sungwoon

  • Would act cool and disregard it yk cliche act cool in front of your crush scenario
  • “What? I fell? When? Are you seeing things?”
  • Would ask if you were okay
  • Wouldn’t be able to refrain himself from being embarrassed
  • To prevent that, he’d talk about your band-aids
  • “Why turtles?”
  • “They remind me of you ((:”
  • Aaaaand he’d blush

Hwang Minhyun

  • He’d just continue to smile and laugh after falling in front of him
  • Knows how to take care of himself but pretends not to so you can do it
  • When you messily put on the band-aid, his eye would twitch because it’s not straight?? my ocd problems
  • Smiles at you sweetly for caring about him, his heart is actually beating a mile a minute
  • “Wait, Y/N. Why do your band-aids have seahorses on them?” seahorses come to my head when i think of minhyun??? what-
  • “They were on saLE okay??”
  • “That’s so cute, you’re cute.”
  • :0000 -insert fluttering stomachs and tomato faced Minhyun and you-

Ong Seongwoo

  • Just like Sungwoon, he’d be mister cool guy
  • “Fall who? I’ve never heard of them, unless you mean the season Fall.”
  • When he sees you worrying he’d show you his ear trick
  • Cough he has a big ego cough
  • “Oh? What’s this? Bunnies?”
  • “Yes, bunnies. Problem?”
  • Nope, I’m just wondering why my crush has bunny patterned band-aids, is it cause I look like a bunny? Do you like me?” smirk smirk

Kim Jaehwan

  • He’d laugh even after he falls and ruins his skin
  • He wouldn’t let his crush disinfect his wounds because he hates it cough he hates cleaning cough he would cry and beg for them to just leave his wound alone, but their stubborn side shows up and tells him to be quiet
  • “Be quiet and let me put a bandaid on your wound,” ripping off the coverings, they put on the bandaid for him. He looks at the design and judges them;
  • “Why do you have elephant patterned band-aids?”
  • “Because they remind me of you, duh. Do they not remind you of yourself?”
  • WHAT? HOW?!”
  • “Your ego is as big as an elephant, that’s why.”

Kang Daniel

  • He’d blush and be so flustered
  • He’d smile at them endearingly and giggle at how cute they look when they concentrate
  • “I’m okay, Y/N. It’s just little scratches, don’t worry,” and he smiles his bunny toothed smile that always makes their crush’s stomach feel weird and funny.
  • He actually finds their choice of bandages cute and he can’t help but like them even more, but he doesn’t show it;
  • Puppy patterned bandages? Really Y/N? HAHAHA.”
  • “Says the one with cat patterned ones.”
  • “Touché” 

Park Jihoon

  • He’d blush and be so embarrassed that he fell in front of his crush
  • He would tell you it doesn’t hurt and he’s a man now so little wounds like those wouldn’t hurt him watch it get infected jihoon
  • Would do aegyo for you to stop fussing over him
  • Then he’d be embarrassed
  • “Hey Y/N, why do you have panda patterned band-aids?”
  • “Because pandas are cute and so are you.”
  • “whAT? I’m not cute, I’m mANLY and SEXY.” sure you are jihoon, sure you are.

Park Woojin

  • He would be that guy who would just awkwardly trip out of nowhere when his crush passes by
  • “Hi Woojin!”
  • “H-hi! Y/N!”
  • And then he’d fall on his face
  • He wouldn’t know what to do, what to stare at, or what to say when you make him sit down so you can help him put on a bandaid
  • He’d mumble, “Hey, I like penguins too.”
  • “What? Sorry, can you repeat that?”
  • “I-I, I like you-
  • Then you’d giggle and smile, “I like you too Woojin.”

Bae Jinyoung

  • One day, he was very happily chatting with you but ends up falling when some guy riding on his skateboard crashed into him
  • You paid the skateboard guy no mind and focused on your crush best friend
  • “OMG JINYOUNG ARE YOU IN PAIN? DO YOU NEED MEDICAL ATTENTION MY PRECIOUS BABY??” -cue Jinyoung’s heart pounding against his chest-
  • “WAIT let me help you put on a bandaid.”
  • “Y/N? Are those giraffes? And did you say ‘my precious baby’?”
  • “YES! Don’t they look like you? You both have long necks! And yes, yes I did! You’re my precious baby.”
  • Insert a very flustered, but happy, Jinyoung ‘And you’re my sweet baby angel.’

Lee Daehwi

  • “Y/N!!!! GUESS WHAT?!? I WANT TO ADOPT OTTERS!” he’s very obsessed with otters
  • He was busy running excitedly towards you that he didn’t look at where he was going. And so, he trips over tree root that was sticking up
  • Falling on his face he’d get sulky, since he wanted to look cool in front of you instead of looking like a clumsy child
  • “I wanted to look coordinated in your eyes )):”
  • “Awww, Daehwi, you’re so cute -blushing Daehwi has arrived- don’t worry, I HAVE OTTER BAND-AIDS!”
  • “:000 OMG Y/N I LOVE YOU and not in a friend way -silence…and then Daehwi stuttering- I-I m-mean-”
  • Giggling you say, “I love you too Daehwi..and not in a friend way either.”

Lai Guanlin

  • “Y/N! Let’s go eat fried chicken!”
  • “Y/N! I’m hungry! I want to eat chickennn~” obsessed with chickens like daehwi with otters
  • You keep wondering why you had a humongous crush on a guy who is obsessed with chicken
  • Oh that’s right, he’s the only one who can make my heart pound.
  • He trips on his shoelaces while playing basketball and hurts his knees
  • As you put a chicken (the animal, not food) patterned band-aid on his knee,
  • OH which reminds me, LET’S GO EAT FRIED CHICKEN!!”
  • Grabs your hand and runs at full speed so you can’t see his burning face from his sudden confession and he can blame his run for his racing heart , but what he didn’t know was that your face was burning and your heart was racing too.

unedited as always!

i started having too much fun with this and went off track of the requester’s request…

and i also messed up the first time as i did it in the reader’s perspective where wanna one gives them a band-aid instead of vice versa OTL so i had to rEDO that;;;

sorry this took so long ^^” hope you enjoy! ((:

GOT7 ⇝ When You Switch Languages bc You’re Excited

Anonymous said: Got7 reaction when you’re too exited over something that you switch languages (?) Thanks bae ~


❀  Request ❀    Masterlist✎    Prompts

Mark Tuan

I feel like mark would kinda just watch you with the biggest child-like grin plastered on his face as you rambled on and on and continued to switch between the languages you were familiar with. He loved how your eyes would light up and how big your smile got. even if he didn’t completely understand you, he’d still listen and put the pieces together later.

Originally posted by thekpopquartet

Im Jaebum

The first time you did it, he’d think you were just talking too fast and jumbled up your words but when you kept talking with foreign words, he’d stop you mid sentence to ask you what you were saying and he’d tell you to take a few breaths. He loved seeing you all giddy and adorable so watching you switch languages made you even cuter to him.

Originally posted by btsgotsvt

Jackson Wang

It would take him a minute or two before realizing that you kept switches languages but he wouldn’t say anything and instead just watch you intently until you finished, then he’d say something like “Okay, so now you have to repeat everything bc I have no idea what you were saying half that time.” Which would end with him laughing very loudly.

Originally posted by androgalm

Park Jinyoung

Lowkey thinks you’re absolutely the cutest person ever but still teases you everytime you switch between your languages bc??? how is he suppose to support this thing you’re so excited about if he doesn’t know whaT YOU’RE SAYING?? But he still can’t help to smile at how happy you look.

Originally posted by parkjlnyoung

Choi Youngjae

He’d probably be the most confused. He’d kinda just stare at you for a short while until you stopped talking and asked him if he’s okay. When you realized why he was so confused you’d laugh and have to focus on/slow down your talking so you don’t lose him again
(ignore bambam… or dont bc he’s soo coot)

Originally posted by yjarssunshine


The first time he realized what you did, he’d start laughing a bit and tell you to repeat what you said so he can understand better. Now, if it only happened once then okay. if you kept doing it, you would never hear the end of his teasing and loud chuckles. he secretly loved it bc you looked so happy.

Originally posted by kim-yugyeomie

Kim Yugyeom

Panic™ He’d had no idea what you were saying but he didn’t want to interrupt you bc you looked so excited. He would have an internal argument with himself before just making a weird “uhm” noise causing you to stop rambling. As adorable as you looked, he would have to stop so he knew what you were saying.

Originally posted by jypnior

All gif credits go to the rightful owner(s)

anonymous asked:

what are some of your favorite blogs? time to spread some positivity !!! love your edits btw !!!

Hey anon! There’s so much good content on this site; I guess i’ll just list everyone that comes to mind. And thank you so much, i really appreciate it!! ^__^

@ttaewo @minsjoon @softjiminstan @herlloween @daeguu @dearmyjimin @gukkmin @mewchim @daegucrew @gukied @clairelions @pjmms @ceiste-deactivated20171007 @nvmjin @omfgbts @yoongiggles @yoonseok  @sevenkookiejars @ttae @yoongsins @pingkeujin @taesflower @minshoot @jungshiii @hraeths 

@dammyoongi @deiji98 @seiyoko @appolesxart @conmieser @peacheschild @yeoongi @bloominflowers @didem-dg @maja-sinika @midasauriferous @mintear @mangaetteok @jiminsthighsaregorgeous

@hipseok @bwisou @jjilljj @butaer @kthish @samwol @doona-baes  @nochuie@rapnamu  @hobjoon  @ggukbun @vanillalattaes  @hobies @mochifairyjimin @jwimins @minblush @sweaterpawsjimin @kimdaily @jimiyoong @parkjiminer @parkjmzl @pawjimin @yccnseok  @kthspjm  @eatsjins @sosjimin @apgujeon @seokjinies @seokjins-wings @jjks @jeonsshi @kookmint @rapdaegu @taetaes @hi-xtape @whyparkjimin @cyyphr @jjks @jiminrolls

@taechubs @bbfairy

All the people listed above make amazing content! Thank you again anon.


☆Taehyung Soulmate AU Part 8/12☆

01 || 02 || 03 || 04 || 05 || 06 || 07 || 08 || 09 || 10 || 11 || 12[END]

Sorry it took so long! I was trying to figure out exactly how I want to end it and how to continue it. This is leading up into that. I don’t know how many parts there will be.

《Requests are open.》

Wanna One When They See A Mermaid

if the anon who requested this is still with me i’m so sorry this took so long! I hope you enjoy and had a great time during the holidays !


You’re probably just chilling one day in a secluded part of the ocean on a rock while just kind of watching the ocean and chilling when you hear a small gasp behind you. turning around you see jisung and you scream in surprise which causes jisung to scream in surprise and then you both are still screaming but you fall back into the water and wait a good while before going up again and seeing jisung give you a small smile while handing a piece of bread towards you

“sorry i didn’t mean to invade your privacy, do you like bread?”

Originally posted by hitoritabi


sungwoon would probably be so mind blown once he finds out you are a mermaid. like wow…his best friend is a mermaid how did you keep this from him this whole time. once he sees you casually in the pool as a mermaid i think he’ll think you’re wearing a weird mermaid swimsuit until he realizes that it looks too real to be JUST a swimsuit

“Y/N! How did I not know this earlier?! How did you keep it a secret for so long?!”

Originally posted by joker283


so like long story short you two were at this small river which is your hideout place and you stumbled and fell into the water thus turning you into said mermaid form and once minhyun recognizes that you suddenly, do not have feet he’ll probably stare at you in amazement for a while before coming to you checking if you are okay 

“Y/N are you okay? you took a pretty big fall into the water”

Originally posted by nu-blessed


you would ALSO probably reveal yourself to be a mermaid to seongwoo on accident as well. like you guys are at the beach and you guys are messing around when he accidentally pushes you and you fall into the ocean water and boom mermaid. I think seongwoo would look so shocked and deadpan for a minute before breaking out a huge smile and make a joke trying to comfort you 

“Ah Y/N you look so cool right now, can i be a mermaid too? or would i be called a merman?”

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jaehwan would most likely laugh of out shock like woah he is seeing a mermaid in real life right now LMAO imagine making eye contact with jaehwan as a mermaid and the first thing he does is not introduce himself but start laughing hysterically. But don’t worry it’s just because he never thought mermaids were real but here you were in all your beauty chilling in the water 

“wOAH I’m sorry for laughing I just felt a little shocked to run into an actual mermaid”  

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daniel i feel like will especially have a WOAH moment when he first sees you. like you wouldn’t even notice him first but he would be literally standing there like “oh my gosh what is happening rn” and he would rub his eyes like tf is this real am i in a movie and when you finally notice him I think he’ll calm down and introduce himself 

“h-hi, I’m daniel and i didn’t mean to spy on you but i just have never seen a mermaid before”

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jihoon will probably feel kind of like shocked and low key shy? like even though yall were friends before you revealed to him that you’re a mermaid i feel like jihoon would probably be very awkward about it because he is still trying to get used to the feeling that his friend is a mermaid. like you’ll probably be talking in conversation when he just like smiles a little and looks down at the floor in embarrassment 

“sorry i just didn’t think my friend would be a mermaid”

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i feel like woojin wouldn’t even notice at first like you are in the pool while woojin went to go get something and once he comes out he doesn’t notice so you guys are joking around until he spots your tail and he smiles while looking away but looks back all shocked like ‘wait what?’ but then will smile a little once you tell him 

“wow that’s actually pretty cool”

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jinyoung i feel like would be so hype about it like imagine you are in the water trying to show jinyoung that you’re a mermaid and he literally doesn’t notice until you sit down on the ledge of the pool and then he’s all excited about it and i feel like he’ll ask you a bunch of questions and just overall be so excited about it 

“Y/N this is amazing! I can’t believe you are a mermaid its like i’m looking at a movie right now”

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daehwi is gong to be so like shocked, to him it’ll probably be like an out of body experience because like wow a mermaid in the flesh literally right in front of him? and it’s his best friend too? talk about unreal and so shocking LMAO but after you reveal yourself to be a mermaid and have turned back into your regular form daehwi and you will be casually sitting and drinking at a cafe when he leans in closer and just started talking in a hushed voice 

“Y/N I totally didn’t think that the secret you had was that you are a mermaid, this is actually such a new experience”

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imagine you and guanlin at a pool that no one else is at and you ask him if he wants to see a cool trick (which he agrees to) and you just jump in the water and he’s just so confused until he notices that you are now a mermaid. i feel like he’ll start laughing and like taking a step back while moving his hands while laughing just being very shocked 

“wait a second when you said trick i thought you meant a jump, i didn’t think your trick would be turning into a mermaid”

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Wanna One reaction to their s/o’s graduation

Jisung: Knowing what a crybaby he is, he would be definitely crying on your graduation day. Not only because you are hella pretty and he’s really proud of you, but because it would bring up so much memories of his, since his graduation was a while back. Overall a cute crying embarassing boyfriend who you love so much.

Sungwoon: He would point at you and brag about you to anyone who gets close to him. And he would not realize that not everyone is there for you only. He would be all smiley and happy seeing you on your big day.

Seongwoo: He wouldn’t be that emotional, he’d rather crack jokes like „You grew up so much so fast, you ain’t a baby anymore, but still my baby.” Let’s hope he wouldn’t say these cringey things in front of everyone. But knowing him he’d definitely embarass the sh*t out of you, so you’d never ever forget that day.

Minhyun: Kind of the most „normal” out of everyone.  He’d be sitting quietly in his seat and watching you with heart eyes and proud smile. He’d be the last one to congratulate you to let everyone else you see not so often have a little time with you. After everything you’re all his.

Jaehwan: Would probably be in backstage and laugh hysterically at every word you say, so the staff have to shut him up, because even the audience can hear him. He’d sing a very lovely song, dedicated only to you and would not be ashamed to admit it.

Daniel: He’d be your parents favourite dude ever, so he’d sit beside them and chat about every little detail that’s happening at the ceremony. He’d be the proudest guy ever with that cute af smile of his. He can’t wait everything to end so he can finally congratulate you.

Jihoon: (although I’m not sure, in my country ’99 liners graduated this year, so let’s say you graduated together) He would be a few rows away from you, but would make eye contact with you quite often, like every two seconds. He would be so happy that you could celebrate this very special day together and would hope to have a lot more special days to come in your relationship.

Woojin: His big day was a few days earlier in a different school, so he’d watch you from the audience. Honestly, he’d be so thankful he’s over with his graduation, because it was so nerve wrecking, but he also can’t wait yours to end because he sees how nervous you are as well. He’d rather celebrate your day with your close friends where you’re comfortable.

Jinyoung: He would watch you and the ceremony in awe. He’d be amazed by every little thing that’s happening and would be thrilled to have his own graduation in a few. He’d think you’re beautiful, looking like a princess and he can’t wait to congratulate you and shower you with cute hugs.

Daehwi: Another overly proud cute little guy. He’d also tell everyone you’re his girlfriend and how proud he is of you. Would cheer on you so loudly that you could hear his voice only. You’d try to gesture him to shut up, but he wouldn’t understand and would just continue to yell things like „Y/N you are the prettiest! You’re doing great, honey!”

Guanlin: He’d try to understand what’s going on, but would eventually give up and would concentrate only on you. Sometimes he would clap even when the audience is dead quiet and he’d be so embarassed. But you’d look at him, giving him a thumbs up reassuring him he’s doing great, although you’re the one graduating right there. He’d have a hard time finding the right words after the ceremony, but you’d know without words that he’s just really proud.

So, I still owe anon with this reaction, Sorry it took so long, I’m kinda busy with school, but since I’m sick as hell, I have a lot of time. Anyways, hope you like it :) 


Rex: I never actually got to hear your laugh before, it’s actually kind of cute.
Alright so like- rex and maddy were hanging out talking and maddy says she never went out to have fun in the park

So then rex had an idea to spend time on teaching her how to ride a skateboard.

When madison finally learns at the park, she starts to enjoy it.

Madison never had this much fun in a long time and had a weird feeling

Then she bumps into rex and they fall down like a bunch of dorks and madison starts laughing, where it leads to this scene. (Sorry for making this long aaa)


soeey i took a while to answer but i wanted to draw something back jhdgakfhd

distractions | Enemies to Lovers | Bae Jinyoung

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requested: yes! “hi!!! can i request an enemies to lovers baejin scenario??? or rlly just something angsty but fluff in the end hehehe thank u” AND “hello can you please do classmate!bae jinyoung, bullet-form pls and everything else is up to you thank you”

characters: bae jinyoung x reader, the rest of wanna one?

word count: 1k

genre: fluff, angst? hmm enemies to lovers au, classmate au

author’s note: hello i am back! sorry it took me this long to actually post this but its finally here! baejin has been climbing up my bias list like theres no other lately but y’all know who will always be number 1 but um can baejin hold up for a minute… anyways, thank you to the anons who requested this but dw, i have plans for this specific scenario, so if i didn’t satisfy your request with this, don’t worry bc its not the end of it ;) let me know how i did or just say anything to me in my inbox! i enjoy “interacting” with you all hehe 

  • it’s the first day of school
  • the bittersweet feeling hit you
  • its been a really good summer break and you felt as if it refreshed you for the upcoming school year
  • entering the doors with a smile on your face 
  • you hear murmurs and whispering in the hallway you were walking by this early in the morning
  • “did you hear the news” “yeah i did! i cant believe he’s moving here” “i know! he’s definitely gonna be a hot issue and topic for the next month or longer” “ i cant wait to see them, especially him! he’s so handsome from his pictures in his social media accounts”
  • your smile started to fade away
  • this was everything that you’ve heard about the girls in the hallway and you couldn’t help but get slightly annoyed because it was early and you just wanted it to be quiet
  • nothing new though, it’s the first day of school and obviously, people would act as if they haven’t seen each other during the summer break
  • who was this “him”, “he” they were talking about?
  • out of all the people in the school, shouldn’t you know about the news before everyone else? 
  • you were well-known throughout your school
  • you were popular for your good-looks, your intelligence, your good personality, the president of the student council, athletic, talented, you were all that
  • this was the first time that you didn’t know about “this news”
  • no one informed you about anything during the summer break
  • but it seems like a group of new guys will transfer to your school
  • whats with the big deal?
  • someone new always transfer to your school 
  • you were headed to your home classroom just by yourself since you haven’t seen your friends yet
  • you put your earphones on to listen to music but to also block out the noise and whispering that the other girls were making 
  • you were walking peacefully until,
  • someone yelled “GET OUT OF MY WAY!” from somewhere behind you
  • you took one bud out from your ear and looked back to see where it was coming from
  • you see a guy coming towards you while riding his skateboard so you immediately stepped to the side because he was already so close to crashing into you
  • but it was too late
  • he already crashed into you 
  • you fell
  • things happened so fast and you closed your eyes, ready for the floor to catch you 
  • but you didn’t fall to the floor
  • you felt two hands holding you and keeping you from actually falling down
  • you opened your right eye first
  • you blinked and had to even double take
  • you were now looking directly into this guy’s eyes and he was looking into yours too
  • you cleared your throat and got up from his arms that were supporting you 
  • you swept off his hands and he looked at you by the way you acted with a confusion in his face
  • he scoffed, look down to the floor then looked back at you with a smirk on his face
  • “excuse me? but shouldn’t you be thankful that i caught you from falling?” he said, sounded like he was bragging about catching you from falling
  • you lightly laughed to yourself upon hearing his response
  • this was the first time you had to ask someone this question
  • it wasn’t that you were bragging about your position/status in the school but he had to know who he was messing with and how what he did can affect him
  • again, he scoffed while looking to the ground, hands in his pocket, he stepped closer to you 
  • now you and him were closer than before
  • he lifted his head and looked at you in your eyes and said
  • “Do you not know who I am?” in a cold tone 
  • you didn’t admit it but the way he talked to you and looked at you sent shivers down your spine
  • you sighed while you try to gather your words to talk back to him
  • “NO. And I’m not interested on finding out who you are. Now, If you’ll excuse me,  I have a class to get to” you exclaimed and walked out from where the scene happened
  • while you were walking away, you were extremely annoyed by what just happened
  • but at the same time when you were walking away
  • the guy stared by the way you walk with a smirk on his face
  • a few moments later, you finally reached your classroom
  • most of the seats were already taken except for some seats from the back and a few seats at the front
  • your fellow classmates greeted you good morning and you just smiled at them
  • you decided to sit on one of the empty chair in the second row while you wait for the class to start
  • the bell rang and while you were waiting for your teacher and your other classmates to get to the room and to their seats
  • you looked around the classroom to see some familiar and unfamiliar faces 
  • you opened your backpack to get your binder and notebooks 
  • while you were preparing for the other necessities that you needed for the class, 
  • loud murmurs and whispering spread throughout the classroom
  • the same whispering that you heard this morning on the way to class
  • “oh my god here they are” “i cant believe we have the same class as them” “they look so good”
  • you lifted your head up to see four manly figures 
  • three unfamiliar face, 
  • and one very familiar one
  • you sighed in disbelief
  • the one who had the familiar face
  • was the guy who you bumped into earlier

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