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For @komadoriwonder who could use a pick me up who some cute/healthy batfam coping mechanisms.

- When Stephanie is upset, her natural response is to isolate herself which usually only makes her feel worse. The other Bats usually pick up when she starts avoiding them so they just attach themselves to her. Cass asks for Steph’s help with girly stuff which makes Steph feel happy and useful, Jason will kick open her door with her favorite takeout and binge cooking shows with her, Tim will just sit with and chat about nothing or sometimes in silence as a calming presence.

- When Dick is feeling sad he likes to cook. He remembers that his mom and later Alfred used to make him delicious, comforting meals. He’s not an amazing chef, not like Jay and Alfie, but when he puts the time and effort into it, he can be pretty good. By the time he’s halfway through, he’s usually feeling better and is inviting as many people as he can over to share the meal. Partially cause he wants company and also he’s bad with portions and makes way too much.

- Cass likes to dance when she’s feeling down. She likes being around others but sometimes she likes to just be by herself. To immerse herself in her art and to lose herself to her skills and her grace being used for beauty instead of hurting people. It’s deeply personal for her and she only really lets go when she’s alone.

- Tim puts on his music and he puts in on loud. He can’t really be upset when he’s jamming to his old favorites. He’ll start off working an pretty soon will be tapping to the beat and then he’ll be up doing air guitar and dancing around his apartment. Bruce, being the paranoid due he is, has cameras in all his kids places and will look and see Tim doing this incredible air guitar solo. It alerts B that his boy must be feeling a little down and he makes sure to schedule some time to see and talk to Tim which usually helps both of them feel better.

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What if, instead of the fallen human, it was the skelebros' crush that suddenly recognized the annoying dog as their own?

In relation to this ask

I feel like they would react the same way, in all honesty. UF and UT Sans would maybe get them a toy or a collar, and UF and UT Papyrus will try to impress their crush with how they help train the dog. Other than that, there’s really no difference. 

BTS Reaction to You Fainting

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*Note: blah blah blah gif’s aren’t mine blah blah blah. Also, never starve yourself or miss meals to stay up to some crazy beauty standard. If you are stressed, talk to someone don’t let it attack you from the inside out. All in all take care of yourself. You can only have one body. Let it last, beautiful!


Seokjin- Honestly, you didn’t mean to pass out. You were just over-stressing which eventually made you sick until the point you just passed out. However, Jin knew you were sick and he made plans to stop by on the weekend to check on you because he knew you sucked at taking care of yourself. However, he didn’t expect you to drop like you did from low blood pressure. He’d be right by your side making sure you stay in bed for the next couple of days and enjoy the pampering basically.

“Say ah~”

“Jin, I’m not a baby.”

(insert gif) “Too slow, jagiya~”

“You’re so lame…”

Yoongi- You were always telling Yoongi to rest and not to overwork, so who would have guessed you would have fainted for the same reason. Mixed with the stress of lack of sleep, you had prepared for an exam that was worth 60% of your grade. You never understood why professors were out to kill GPAs. So, there you were studying day in and day out, missing major meals, and sleeping less than four hours. It was bound to happen. However, you figured you could hibernate and catch up after your finals. Your body didn’t seem to understand your idea of when after finals it wanted to give out. So, after you turned in your test, you heading to the door to leave when you blacked out. Your professor called an ambulance and you were rushed to the hospital.

You were laying in the hospital bed waiting for the nasty food when your boyfriend ran in out of breath and worried. “Yoongi, how did you know where I was?”

“I’m your emergency contact, stupid. I ran here when I heard you fainted. Exhaustion, fatigue, dehydration! Are you mental?”

“I was just trying to make sure I didn’t fail my class…”

(insert gif) “I know you always worry about me when I overwork and I never took it seriously. However, when I got the call you fainted because of exhaustion. My heart stopped. We need to take better care of ourselves, okay Jagiya?” You nodded slightly and he leaned forward to hug you.

Hoseok- It wasn’t smart to wear a turtleneck shirt. Even if you thought it wouldn’t be so hot on your date. It was Hoseok obviously. You both love to dance. It wasn’t random to have a dance date with a picnic, but you were embarrassed about a dumb rash you got from changing your detergent in your laundry, so you wore a turtleneck shirt. At first you did notice how hot you got, but you figured it was because of lack of working out and staying fit. However, you felt you knees buckle and your world fade to black. It was only for a second. It only took a second before you found yourself in Hoseok’s arms and him staring at you with a terrified expression.

“Come on. We’re taking you to a hospital.” He’d help you stand, but you were too dizzy to stand alone. So, he picked you up and took you out to the car to go to the hospital.

Once at the hospital it was determined due to the excess heat and the tight turtle neck shirt, you had overheated and fainted. When the doctor left, Hoseok broke down.

(insert gif) “I should have paid more attention you how you were feeling. I’m sorry.” He wouldn’t let you dance in turtlenecks again.

Namjoon- He didn’t know about your anxiety disorder. You never found it necessary to tell him because you were on good medication that helped you stay calmed. However, you got into a heated phone argument with your parents. You were never disrespectful, but you were also tired of being pushed around by them for so long. You snapped. Being stressed out about your apartment bills, phone bill, college tuition, and now to top it off was your parents asking for money. You couldn’t help but to snap. When you got off the phone, you cried, but your cries turned into you hyperventilating which caught Namjoon’s attention as he entered your apartment. He ran to your side to tell you to take a deep breath, but when he helped you stand hoping to help relieve the problem, your legs gave out and you passed out.

He’d set you on the bed and look for a cold compress when he saw your anxiety pills hidden behind your other daily medications. Namjoon was hurt you didn’t tell him about the medicine and he found out what it was for only by researching it on his phone as he waited for you to wake up.

(insert gif) He’d grab your hand and stare at your unconscious figure. He would be upset he didn’t see you were suffering with anxiety, but he will also note how to help you calm down before you have another attack.

Jimin- Being with Jimin meant you had to raise yourself to the fan’s standards for them to accept you. What did that mean? You needed to trim down some pounds fast, so you would work out more. However, the hate you got from fans only worsened. You knew working out wouldn’t give you the figure you needed to be accepted, so you did what you thought would work the best. Starving yourself. What you didn’t know was Jimin already caught on to what you were doing after the first four days and when he had the time off he decided to approach the topic with you.

He never got to say his peace, though, as your eyes rolled back behind your head and you fell. He caught you almost out of an internal instinct and laid you on your bed. He made you a quick meal and waited for you to wake up. When you did wake, he wouldn’t say anything as he placed the food in front of you and watched you scarf it down. Once you were done he would finally speak.

(insert gif) “What the hell were you thinking not eating like that? You know you could have been seriously hurt if you fell when I wasn’t here! Why would you be so irresponsible?”

Taehyung- Being diabetic came with a giant pain in the ass. Remembering to eat after a while. Skipping meals was impossible, so you always made sure you were on top of your diabetes. Especially since being with Tae, he always asked you if you were keeping track and doing okay. However, this time, you forgot. You two were at a party for BigHit and you were his guest for the evening. The environment was loud and crazy it made you a bit anxious as parties were never your thing. You felt flush, objects and people began to blur, and a sharp headache were your signs that your blood sugar was excessively low. You hadn’t eaten since noon and by now it was way past six. You hurried towards the food table to find something to ease the dizziness, but after a few steps you fell to the ground not hearing Tae shouting your name.

Waking up, you found yourself lying on a hospital bed with an iv attached to your arm. The feelings you had before were gone and you sighed in relief.

(insert gif) “You could have been in serious danger. You’re a diabetic for crying out loud! You need to take extra care of yourself!” Prepare for a lecture of a lifetime from Tae because he was so worried, but also angry that you forgot to watch your blood pressure.

Jungkook- Being Jungkook’s work out partner was intense. Fulfilling, but painful. You two started going four days a week, but because of the winter break, you two went almost every day. Yea it wasn’t smart, but you would give yourself one day to relax. However, being new to the workout world, one day wasn’t enough. Jungkook and you found out the hard way then you were running on an open track. You were going around a curve in the track when your body didn’t turn and you skidded on the track and blacked out.

When you woke up, Jungkook was staring at you intensely.

(insert gif) “We’re going back to four days a week. You blacked out due to fatigue… You should have told me it was too much. I would have slowed down.”

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It's heartbreaking to see the scene where Clarke and Lexa are in Polis saying goodbye. Lexa says "may we meet again" and extends her arm, but they don't do that strong/hard/forceful handshake, they grab each other so softly as in "I don't want to let you go, but...." Lexa was so sad! Anyways, they're soulmates, they'll find their way back to each other, no matter the place or lifetime :)


First of all, this brief moment I’ve seen no one talk about

Look at Lexa during this tiny moment before the handshake. Look at the way she swallows down her sadness, her feelings. It’s one of her “tics”, much like the jaw thing. She either does that when she’s very upset (i.e. when she first tells Clarke about Costia/right after the betrayal) or when her feelings are threatening to fully come to the surface (i.e. “not everyone, not you”/the moment she asks Clarke to come with her to Polis). It happens again in that very same scene, a few moments earlier.

(x) She forcefully pushes down her need to tell Clarke she loves her. And as I said, she does it again right before the handshake. She is sad. She is so ridiculously sad that Clarke is leaving, but at the same time, she is bracing herself to say goodbye. Which is super worth noticing. Yes, Clarke enters Lexa’s room to tell her she’s decided to go, but when she sees Lexa and is actually faced with having to leave, she temporizes. She stalls.

(x) It’s Lexa who initiates the goodbye. She musters her courage and takes the first step, both to save Clarke this difficult effort and, I suspect, almost for selfish reasons too: to make this quick, to avoid prolonging the pain of having to say goodbye to Clarke.

This is why everything is so soft in that scene, the handshake too. This is their last moment together, they think. Neither of them wants to leave the other, but they have to. There’s this sad tenderness pervading the entire scene. They both put on brief, little smiles, to prevent the other from seeing their pain. They don’t talk about the harshness and struggles they’re gonna have to face once separated, this moment is about them. Even Lexa’s reminder that Clarke is doing this for her people isn’t about politics, it’s about Clarke. About why she loves Clarke so much. They haven’t even kissed yet, they don’t really plan to, and this scene is already so incredibly intimate. I’m also constantly hit with this feeling of “safety” during their interaction here. Throughout the scene, they try to provide comfort one to the other. Lexa tells Clarke that she doesn’t have to be sorry, that it’s okay; Clarke tries to give Lexa (and herself) the hope that someday they both can be free. That is what kills me about this scene. It is a heartbreaking moment, but they don’t want each other’s heart to be broken.

So we get to the moment of goodbye. They have rationalized that they have to separate. But sometimes… sometimes logic means nothing. You can try and try but you can’t push down those feelings anymore. And well, when that happens… this happens. (x)