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roleplay with @mommyciel

It was suppose to be a relaxing holiday, not either one of them was expecting something so tragic…It was a bright, cloudless afternoon as they were having a small picnic on a breezy cliff’s edge. Both needed a break from the other servants and taking this time off was the best way to do so. Sebastian was quite surprised when the Earl suggested this outing, but he agreed to it nonetheless. 

Sebastian excused himself for a moment so that he could take care of the ‘birds’ in the trees that seemed to spying on them for an hour or so upon their arrival. But it all happened too soon… before Sebastian could kill him, one the assassins pushed a button that sent an explosion at the base of the cliff, which then ultimately collapsed with his young master still on it. 


636. Ron and Hermione's wedding nearly didn't happen. This was because the father of the groom had vanished with the father of the bride- Mr. Granger had made the mistake of taking Arthur to a supermarket. They were found with minutes to spare, when Arthur was found sobbing uncontrollably next to several loaves of sliced bread, saying 'it's so so beautiful.' Mr. Granger later said he was just glad they hadn't found pop-tarts.

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"wait are you jelly" FOR CALUM PLS

(#5: “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”)

Summary: Being 5sos’s makeup artist had it’s perks, but covering the hickies of someone you had a crush on definitely wasn’t one of them. 

It wasn’t the first time, and certainly wouldn’t be the last, but it still stung every time a girl left Calum’s room with sex hair and rumpled clothes, her makeup smudged all over her face. You weren’t anyone special to Calum, but for some stupid reason your heart raced whenever you were around him. It was torture when it was his turn in your chair; your job as the band’s makeup artist becoming harder and harder to be professional at as your attraction and frustration grew towards Calum.

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Established Relationship Ladynoir Fics

So @theotakufairy mentioned that they’re interested in seeing ladynoir being older and in a relationship and i was happy to help :) some are really good, some are just cute, but they’re all worth the read (in my opinion)

the one we talked about, with time travel

where adrien and mari are in a relationship but they STILL don’t know their secret identities 

where they get engaged

i love this one, they’re hanging out in the bakery and being dorks

this one’s hilarious, very short

through the eyes of their classmates

this one is literally titled ‘married in masks’

short but cute

they’re adorable

in which adrien tries to propose

a cute domestic argument about pets:

established relationship goodness

little head canon thing

in which alya and nino are not quite correct

cute fluffiness

very sad but wonderful plus the sequel

let me know if you want more! or any other recommendations, i have a ton