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Can you rec me some fics where Jungkook is the one whipped? Angst is very much welcome. Something like Him by PinkBTS, or lost in the gaps, track one: I love you, once upon a timeshare, etc. Thank you so much !

hi, anon! sorry it took so long to respond! i’ve been cramming for finals lately >_< but i’ve got some lovely fics about our whipped/pining little maknae! hopefully these are to your liking!

Push & Pull by sunkissedyoongi


GENRE: Fluff



SUMMARY: “Beautiful, isn’t it?”

“Yeah”, Jeongguk sighed, eyes locked on Jimin’s profile, “really, really beautiful.”

Five times Jeongguk hid his feelings and one time he didn’t.

Worst Boyfriend by jawlines make-or-break-me

RATING: Explicit

GENRE: Angst, fluff

LENGTH: 24k+

WARNINGS: Cheating

SUMMARY: Surely there’s a word for pining after your boyfriend’s best friend. Surely.

Heartwrecker by yuuami


GENRE: Fluff, humor

LENGTH: 50k+ (ongoing)


SUMMARY: Love had always been a literal game to Jeon Jungkook. His targets would be the playing pieces, and their emotions the mere obstacles he had to seduce, manipulate and alter through his acts.

Win their hearts? Win the game.

Yet when Taehyung asks Jungkook to deal with the relationship of his childhood best friend Park Jimin, Jungkook quickly discovers that “love” isn’t at all as simple as he thought would be…


feel a little more (and give a little less) by jellyfishes


GENRE: Angst

LENGTH: 18k+


SUMMARY: Jeongguk knows he wears his heart on his sleeve, but he thinks that, given the circumstances, he does a good job of keeping a straight face. And it’s not a big deal. He can watch an interview of Park Jimin on a talkshow even though the last time he spoke to him was an awkward five message exchange on Jeongguk’s last birthday.


Jeongguk spends a lot of time thinking about Jimin in the eight years following BTS disbanding for someone who isn’t still in love.

as day goes by you hold on tight another day (you’re wondering why, you know why) by jellyfishes


GENRE: Angst



SUMMARY: It must be confusing for him, his best friend constantly telling him how he deserves to be happy— deserves the entire world, but never really supporting him properly when he finds a new boy who makes him gush. It’s not Jimin’s fault. He doesn’t know that Jeongguk has been in love with him for three years. It’s not a big deal, though. Jeongguk is perfectly capable of being Jimin’s best friend anyway. Probably.


Jeongguk is in love with Jimin. He watches him get his heart broken over and over again and doesn’t tell him anyway.

we drew a map to a better place (but on that road i took a fall) by poplolli


GENRE: Angst



SUMMARY: It’s the hyung’s job to take care of the younger, and the only thing what Jeongguk has ever wanted to do is to take care of Jimin for the rest of their lives.

Or: Jeongguk is secretly in love with Jimin for years already, and even when Jimin starts going out on dates with another guy, he selfishly can’t stay away.

More Than Your Body by whenIseeUsmile

RATING: Explicit


LENGTH: 48k+


SUMMARY: Jungkook got an assignment to create a documentary about something he can get involved in and in the beginning, he had no idea what to do. However, when he sees Jimin dance, he knows what he wants.

Or in which Jungkook is a film student and may or may not be a little obsessed with the silver-haired man he keeps seeing on his way to university.

Caged Birds by LovelovuDate

RATING: Explicit

GENRE: Angst

LENGTH: 21k+ (ongoing)

WARNINGS: Violence

SUMMARY: Jungkook wishes his bodyguard didn’t view him as a kid anymore.

BTS Reaction to: Their s.o being a vampire

Anon asked: “bts reacting to s/o being a vampire (in a non-supernatural world as far as they were aware) I don’t mind if you go down the ‘he’s scared of you but he eventually warms up to you’ route or the 'he is loving and understanding’ route. I love your reaction posts!! :)”

Author’s note: Sorry it took me so long to write this! I’ve a lot of requests at the moment. Gifs aren’t mine. x 


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He’d be downright confused. Seokjin didn’t even know that supernatural creatures exist. Sure you’ve always been pale but he never thought anything of it. The books always described  vampires as blood sucking creatures but he couldn’t imagine you as one. It’d take a couple of days before he’d want to meet you again. Seokjin needed some time to clear his head and process it. 

“I’m sorry that I needed time Y/N. It’s just a lot to take in.” 

“Are you scared of me?” 

“Just a little, but that will pass.” 


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Yoongi would stare at you in disbelief. A vampire? For as far as he knew they didn’t even exist, so hearing that you’re one was weird to say the least. He’d sit down and let you explain everything because you were still his significant other. 

“So you’re telling me that you’re actually a vampire?” 

“Yes.” “Why didn’t you tell me before?” 

“I was scared you’d hate me.” 


Originally posted by seokjins-wings

“You’re not gonna bite my neck, are you?” 

Hoseok would take it pretty well. It would take him a couple of seconds to process what you just said but he’d be okay with it. He knew you were still you. Vampire or not he loves you. You chuckled at this words as you shook your head no. 

“I’m not gonna bite you Hobi.” 

“Okay good, because if you wanted to you should tell me.” 


Originally posted by yoonseok

“A vampire?” 

He would stare at you in shock as you slowly nodded your head. Namjoon had always thought that supernatural creatures exist but he couldn’t find anything about it. So when you told him that you were a vampire he was sure. Honestly he’d find it pretty cool that you were a vampire but he’d still be shocked. 

“Okay, you need to explain this to me Y/N because I’m a bit confused.” 


Originally posted by jjks

Jimin didn’t want to be scared of you but he’d be a little apprehensive at first. Sure he knew you but he never expected you to not be human. Jimin would distance himself from you at first because he just didn’t know what to do with this new information. 

“I just.. I’m sorry Y’N. I’m just scared.” 

“Please don’t be Jimin I’d never hurt you.”  


Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Sure he’d be surprised, but he’d also be very excited. Taehyung had always been fascinated by supernatural even though he thought it didn’t exist. Now that he found out his significant other was a vampire he’d be even more fascinated by it. He wanted to know everything and when I say everything I mean everything. 

“But do you sleep too? And how do you eat? And what about-” 

“-Tae! One question at the time please!” 


Originally posted by vkook-appreciation

Jungkook wasn’t really sure what to do at first. He knew you weren’t lying to him but he just couldn’t believe that you were a vampire. Let alone that they actually exist. Jungkook would take his time to think about everything before he’d come back to you. He wasn’t scared but he was worried about a lot of things. Which you couldn’t blame him for. 

“I’m not scared I’m just worried.” “Why?” 

“Because you’re immortal and I’m not for example.” 

ok guys i can’t believe it took this long, but like for a starter (if we have not interacted yet)!!!


Someone in the notes of the last Leyendecker post I reblogged mentioned having difficulty telling his work and Rockwell’s apart, and I know from experience that many people get them confused, which is somewhat astonishing as, to my eyes, their styles are very distinct. Leyendecker was Rockwell’s idol and mentor, but they were very different people and were interested in portraying different aspects of humanity, even when the basic subject matter was the same.

Surface-level, here are some differences:

  • Leyendecker smoothed out faults and imperfections (in the young. he stylized them in the old); Rockwell exaggerated them to mild or moderate caricature
  • Leyendecker approached his paintings as sculpture- even the merest clothing folds are carved out of the paint; Rockwell approached his paintings as drawings- the underlying contour always shines through.
  • Leyendecker used broad hatching brushstrokes and areas of smooth shine; Rockwell used more naturalistic texture and lighting
  • Leyendecker created idolized, larger-than-life figures that feel Hellenistic in their perfection; Rockwell created intimate scenes populated by figures that feel familiar in their specificity
  • Leyendecker’s best and most comfortable work was as a fashion/lifestyle illustrator; Rockwell’s best and most comfortable work was as an editorial/humor illustrator 
  • Leyendecker created beautiful still lives with his figures; Rockwell told compelling stories
  • Leyendecker often created erotic tension in his paintings; Rockwell almost never did.

See below: Two paintings of soldiers with women, but in Rockwell’s there is a clear punchline, and while the poses are contrived for the sake of composition, they’re not self-conscious. The women are pretty- as demanded by the central joke- but not truly sexualized anywhere but in the mind of the young soldier who is being overloaded with cake and attention. 

Contrast Leyendecker’s soldiers with a young nurse. Everyone in this image is posing attractively- no one has their mouth full or ears sticking out. Each crease and fold is sharp and sculptural, and the light picks out their best features- in particular the shoulders and posterior of the soldier facing away from the viewer. There is neither joke nor story, merely a group of beautiful young people, portrayed with deft brushwork and graceful lines. (and check out that hatching! That’s indicator #1 that you’ve got a Leyendecker image)

Leyendecker was very comfortable with “hot young things wearing clothes”, and did them very VERY well, but his facility with idealization came at the cost of personalization, which was fine for fashion illustration, but shows in his domestic scenes: 

Beautiful, but… cold. (Also, that hand on the left- who holds a baby with their hand like that??? Good lord, J.C.) Compare a Rockwell illustration (for a baby food brand, I believe) of a mother and baby: this is clearly a real and individual young mother and baby, interacting exactly how parents and babies really interact.

Even when they did basically the same content, and putting aside posing or composition or anything other than objective visual analysis, it’s still obvious who is who:

  • Red: NR’s smoother rendering vs JCL’s super cool hatching
  • Green: NR’s naturalistic cloth folds vs JCL’s sculptural stylization
  • Blue: NR’s natural lighting vs JCL’s world where everything is shiny

Now go forth, confident in the knowledge that you’ll never confuse a Rockwell or a Leyendecker ever again, and can refute any claim that their styles are ‘virtually identical’. 


Day 5: Last Match

This week would not be complete without some angst~ ( u w u ) Takes place after Fukurodani loses their final game of the season.

(Disclaimer: I have not read / am not currently reading the manga.)

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Do you have any examples of Misha crushing on Jensen? Jensen always acts like he's keeping his attraction to Misha a secret, but usually Misha is so unashamed in his warmth and affection and fondness to Jensen. So is there any examples of Misha losing his cool?

yes here are some examples:





btw jensen is not keeping his attraction to misha a secret anymore

here are some examples as well:






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Yoooo, because I always wanted to see more of him in the books, what are your head canons on Charlie Weasley??

huh, let’s see

  • him and hagrid were the best buds during charlie’s hogwarts years, charlie probably used to hang out at hagrid’s hut quite often, just like the golden trio years later after him
  • percy calls him “an outdoor type” at some point in the books which gave me a mental image of charlie barely spending any time at home and instead exploring the wilds surrounding their village, looking for all kind of creatures, magical and not, keeping a little journal of his researches, interesting herbs and flowers pressed between the pages, doodles scattered across the notes
  • not perfectly fluent in romanian, but still can speak it
  • like twice a month gets owls from oliver wood who keeps begging him to ditch his sodding dragons and join professional quidditch (wood’s team, obviously)
  • he was in the same year as tonks at hogwarts, so naturally i imagine them being friends during their school years; tonks was probably the first one to join him in any secret shenanigans (like sneaking into the forbidden forest when charlie became obsessed with an idea to confirm rumours about an acromantula colony being established there. they were shortly caught by hagrid though)
  • i really like the idea of him and harry hanging out together, maybe it’s because they’re both among my favs and i always want my favourite characters to hang out with each other. anyway, there’s this one scenario i enjoy, where harry sets off to travel for a bit after the war to take a break from everything and to see what wizarding communities in other countries are like. at that point of his travels where he starts to miss familiar faces, he visits charlie. they get to know each other better, bond over their fascination for dragons and quidditch and after a while charlie becomes the third closest weasley to him (after ron and ginny, obviously) 
  • i also wonder if the place in romania where he went to study dragons is something like an alma mater for draconologists from all over the world. like, if you want to study dragons, that’s where you go. if so, then i like to imagine it’s a very interesting multinational and multilingual community there 
the signs as i’ve known them irl

Aries: you’re feisty and confident and loud but also ridiculously naive and quite childish. your smile is blinding and you’re fiercely protective of your friends and would go to the ends of the world for their sake. i like you. although i wish you’d learn to read situations and be more tactful, i admire your sincerity and honesty. you’re refreshingly genuine.

Taurus: you’re so hard on yourself, it’s as if you’ve put a boulder on your chest and refuse to take it off. you don’t need to handle all this pressure, but you put in on yourself anyway, and are incredibly stubborn about it. it’s okay to relax and enjoy yourself. being alive is not a punishment. you’re so much happier when unrestricted by worries; know that you don’t need to handle everything alone.

Gemini: you’re intelligent and very talkative with those whose company you enjoy. you want someone who’ll click and can engage you in conversation, whether intellectual or random. you’re so used to changing yourself to suit other people’s tastes that you aren’t sure how to be yourself anymore; to you, all of those personalities somehow seemed like genuine sides of yourself.

Cancer: you’re always so friendly and welcoming and kind with everyone, but at the same time, you always felt very distant to me. part of me feels like i wrongfully infringed on your personal space by trying to get closer, even though that’s not the case. from time to time i feel like i can see glimpses of your true feelings, but it always disappears back into a facade just as i notice.

Leo: you’re kind and helpful– and cheerful, to some extent. you really like attention. some of you are lowkey about it and some of you have zero subtlety about it, but regardless, you want to be recognized for your hard work and efforts. you feel overshadowed by people who are better than you and want to improve yourself, but may feel lost sometimes as to how to get there.

Virgo: you’re so stubborn, hardworking, and determined; i’m not sure if it’s frightening or annoying. it’s also a huge pain in the neck to argue with you because you firmly believe that your views are The Right Ones and completely disregard any arguments against it. you’re organized and neat and intelligent. i understand your feelings to some level, but i wish you were more open-minded.

Libra: you’re not a bad person, but you’re not exactly morally upstanding, either. and that comes from your ability to see situations from all sides. it’s a bit infuriating trying to ask your opinion on things because of this; you see and understand all views and end up confused and unable to decide. you’re good with people but tend to hold most of them at a distance to avoid getting hurt.

Scorpio: you have a wild sense of humor and are rather sarcastic, but it’s mostly there to cover up your insecurities and feelings. you’re passionate but try to keep it subdued (and it works quite well, if i’m honest). it’s alright to have feelings. i don’t know exactly who hurt you in the past, but you don’t need to hide your emotions behind a quirky persona. it’s okay to let it out and just be

Sagittarius: you’re very sarcastic and funny and sometimes just plain mean on the outside, but you’re so sweet and gentle and kind on the inside; the contrast always makes me melt a little. you’re quite intelligent and try to see the bright side even if it’s hard. you don’t like sharing personal information or revealing how you feel easily. you genuinely care for your friends and want to help them.

Capricorn: i worry about you. you’re hardworking and diligent but somehow lazy at the same time. you’re also hard on yourself and have deep insecurities and strong feelings about things that you hide rather than open up about. you’re bitingly sarcastic and i love your sense of humor. you’re also incredibly kind to others, which can hurt you when others don’t show you the same kindness.

Aquarius: flighty. you’re kind and compassionate on the outside but hold a deeply-rooted bitterness within you. i dislike how you always blame everyone but yourself for your own problems, especially when they could be easily resolved if you simply lightened up a bit. part of me wonders if you care more about global and societal issues because you don’t know how to deal with the personal ones. 

Pisces: you’re passionate and emotionally fragile, though experience has taught you to hide it behind walls. when you love, it’s with full force and zero inhibitions; that’s why you get hurt so easily. you’re not easy to understand and people have ostracized you because they misinterpret your words or actions. i feel sorry for you, but at the same time i know that misguided pity is the last thing you want. 


“We haven’t escaped the madness — it simply wears a new face, now.”

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You pulled me into Drarry hell with your amazing and lovely drawings and I have to thank you for that??? Like I finally understand what was missing in my HP experience. Also I'd like to ask what your headcanons were for Harry's and Draco's tattoos? Draco got muggle ones while Harry's can move and I really want to know more about them. Like how many are there? The motives and reasons behind them? Ahh, just thank you so much for sharing your art, i love you.

thank you so much! I’m glad I helped you find your missing piece :’)

and since it’s not the first time I get asked about their tattoos, I decided to answer this one publicly and with pictures. please note that I’m no tattoo designer though, haha.. anyway:

I really enjoy the idea of post-war draco getting to know muggle world that he used to hate blindly because of his upbringing and because of being isolated from it his entire life. exploring technology and muggle pop culture, wearing fancy muggle clothes - I love thinking that he would challenge himself to try all that. that’s why I also enjoy the idea of him getting a still muggle tattoo. it’s a dragon tattoo in a blackwork style (the reasoning behind this is simple: I just love blackwork tattoos a lot, I think they’re really aesthetically pleasing) on his right arm. it sort of supposed to mirror and oppose his dark mark: he got the dark mark as a symbol of loyalty to someone, which proved to be a wrong choice, so he gets a dragon that symbolizes his loyalty to himself (does this make sense. I suck at explanations).

also a bird tattoo on his neck for no other reason that I hc him as a person who loves birds (shoutout to half blood prince movie, ay).

now about the dark mark! I’ve seen a few different interpretations of what he might do to it after the war’s over and, seeing as I’m a sucker for angst, my favourite one is that he got it scarred either when he tried to get rid of it with some dangerous magic or due to self-harm.

(fun fact: not everyone knows that apparently inactive dark marks are not black, as often depicted, but red)

my second favourite is more positive, it’s the one where he accepts his mark as it is and tattoos something over/around it. for example, flowers

(not that I’m completely against the idea of him getting wizarding tattoos though, for example, I really love his moving tattoos in this fic)

now, harry. harry, on the other hand, must be fascinated with a concept of moving magical tattoos that react in a certain way when you touch them so I thought he’d definitely get one or two. the first one is a snitch that flutters across his body, and if you manage to “catch” it, the “I open at the close” words appear above it.

and right above his heart is a lily flower bud tattoo that blooms when touched. in memory of his mother, of course

(ft horcrux scar)

he’d probably get a muggle one as well. something like this, maybe? stag antlers, a black dog and a wolf since I totally see him as that kind of person who gets tattoos in honour of people who are/were dear to him

I’ve also seen a plenty of fanarts where they have more tattoos, like entire tattoo sleeves, for example, and the ones where their tattoos don’t have any deep meaning within them, and as a person who believes that tattoos don’t necessarily have to be deep and meaningful if they are beautiful, I quite enjoy those too actually

wow this was long and incoherent sorry I’ll. see myself out now haha

I finally got my shit together and managed to write a korean drama recommendation list. Under the cut below, I added a description of the dramas along with a short comment on what I thought about it. If you like my recommendation list, please like and/or reblog. it means a lot ♡

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How do u think Taekook is real? why?

First of all, let me clarify that I when I say taekook is “real”, I don’t mean it in an enforcing and “suck that!” manner. It’s more of a “I believe in the possibility of my OTP” reaction and I’m not trying to say that they really ARE in a relationship IRL. (See this post) I want to be able to scream and smile over taekook all I want without people thinking I’m that offensive, rude and crassy-ass shipper :^) just want to make it clear that I am open to different ships and wouldn’t directly harass another ship.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get on to the good stuff ;) Taekook is the ship closest to my heart because of their interactions. I’ve always believed in the possibility of taekook harbouring romantic feelings towards each other. It’s the constant skinship with each other, the intense looks exchanged. It’s them cuddling together in each others’ beds, and the playful touches. It’s when Jungkook looks jealous whenever Taehyung interacts with others. It’s when Taehyung jumps onto Jungkook for a piggyback ride and when Jungkook obliges happily.

It’s also the way they seem to gravitate towards each other, a lack of distance  whenever they’re standing side by side. The way they tease playfully, the way one licks their lips while staring at the other. The way they seem so comfortable around each other, lingering glances and touches exchanged. There’s so many more I want to list out, but I think you get the idea. Something tells me that they might be more than just friends.

Remember the way taekook hold hands? Fingers intertwined, like it’s second nature to them. 

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Do you recall them cuddling? In beds and on mats, the intimacy kills me.

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Space? Well, not really.

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What’s this? Yes please.

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Besides, have you seen the way they look into each others’ eyes? It’s as if they hold the world.

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OMG I love your icon so much, Sam looks so fucking good in that pic, like where do you find these incredibly photogenic pictures of Jared it's so fucking amazing, I could stare at it all day bro

Oh my gods. I know right?? 

Jared is photogenic in almost any picture. 

But like, do you prefer Jared in a suit? Because fuck, man. 

Or you know… Without a suit whatsoever…? (I die.)

What about his beanie and sunglasses?

Or what about the ridiculous way he stares at the camera sometimes? 

Jared… Sir… Please keep your lips and tongue under control. Just keep your damn mouth under control. 

Oh and hey! What about the stupid Saxx underwear thing? Because double fuck. 

And here’s an adorable younger!jared for good measure. 

There. I totally just filled everybody’s dashboards up with Jared Padalecki, but somehow… I’m not really sorry?? 

I think I accidentally destroyed and murdered myself too. 

I own none of these pictures or gifs. All the credit goes to the rightful owners. 

Feel free to add more gifs/pictures and maybe tag me please?? (you know… Tumblr’s suck-ass notifs) because this is one of the few things I don’t mind being destroyed by. lmao