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solangelo and #60? your writing is so good omg im jealous ❤️❤️❤️

Aaaaah! Thank you! I’m so sorry this took forever, I’ve had a crazy week this week and I haven’t had anytime to write! But, here it is!

Prompt: “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to seduce me.”

Nico’s lungs filled with the choking scent of cigarettes and alcohol as he made his way to the bar. The pounding beat of a techno song reverberated through the oppressive crush of hot, sweaty bodies and into Nico’s skull. He finally reached the other end of the room, where a long,  forlorn-looking counter sat entertaining its few occupants.

Nico took a seat on one of the neglected barstools and asked the young woman behind the counter for a glass of water. She returned less than a minute later and handed him a glass, which he thanked her for before swiveling around to observe the activity at the opposite side of the space.

Drunken laughter mingled with the rumbling bass of the music. The crowd swayed and knocked against each other in a sort of joyful, haphazard dance. Slithering tendrils of purple-gray smoke rose from the assembly, while empty beer bottles rolled underfoot.

“I’ve not seen you here before,” an unfamiliar voice said. Nico whipped around to locate the source, and found himself face to face with a man who couldn’t have been much older than him.

He had golden hair that curled slightly and round blue eyes that glimmered with amusement. Freckles dusted the angular plains of his face, and a thin, white scar cut across his pointed chin. “You don’t come around here a lot, do you?” he asked. His voice was warm and mellifluous, almost musical.

“No, I’m not really one to frequent bars and clubs much,” Nico replied.

The boy raised an eyebrow, “Then what brought you here? Rough week?”

“No,” Nico replied, shaking his head. “More like my friend’s birthday.” He jutted his chin in the direction of the crowd, where Percy, Leo, and Jason were busy toppling over each other as they tried to keep up with the speeding rhythm of the song.

“Ah,” the boy replied.

Nico sipped his water and faced him, “So, what’s your name?”

“Will Solace,” the boy–Will–answered.

“And how’d you end up in this place?” Nico inquired.

“I’m a med student and finals are coming up, that’s all you need to know,” Will said. Nico chuckled and rested his elbow on the bar. There was something captivating about the way the light danced on Will’s sculpted features that left Nico unable to tear his eyes from him.

“How about I buy you a drink. Cheers to finals?” Nico offered.

A smirk flickered across Will’s lips. “You know, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to seduce me.”

“S-so what if I am?” Nico stuttered, his cheeks coloring.

Will leaned forward. The glimmer in his blue eyes seemed more pronounced now. “Well, then I’d consider myself pretty damn lucky.”

Nico’s blush deepened, and his heart hammered in his chest. He opened his mouth to respond, but his voice died in his throat.

Suddenly, Will averted his eyes and ran a hand through his hair. “Shit, did I go too far?”

“No, no. You just caught me off guard that’s all,” Nico replied.

Will’s face relaxed into an easy smile, “What, you aren’t used to being flirted with?”

“People tend to avoid me,” Nico answered, shaking his head.

“You’re kidding me!” Will exclaimed. “With a face like yours I’d think you’d be fighting men and women off with a stick!”

Nico laughed. “No, they don’t seem to notice my natural charm,” he joked. 

“Well, their loss, then,” Will answered. He yawned and stretched his arms. 

“Tired, Solace?” Nico asked. 

“Yeah,” Will answered. “This place is exhausting.”

“Then go home,” Nico said. 

Will suddenly perked up at Nico’s words. “Oh, hell no,” Will replied. “Not without getting your number first!” He drew his phone from his pocket and held it out to Nico. 

“You want my number?” Nico asked in surprise. 

“Of course I want your number,” Will countered. 

Finally, Nico took the phone from Will and punched in his number before returning it. 

“I’m expecting a text from you sometime tonight, doctor’s orders.” Will said in a playful tone.

Nico rolled his eyes, “Whatever you say Will.”

He grinned, “Good night, Nico.” 

Nico smiled in return, “Good night, Will.”

With one last wave, Will turned and disappeared into the haze of smoke and bodies on the other side of the room, leaving Nico’s heart pounding louder than the beat of the music. 

Phan: Degradation

Summary: Phil calls Dan a slut during sex and Dan doesn’t like it. 

Genre: Fluff/Angst/Smut
Warning: degradation, dub-con
Wordcount: 1.8k
A/N: I decided it’s time to finally start working on the prompts in my inbox. I have no idea how old this one is, I’m sorry it took me so long. 

If someone would ask Dan how his sex life was, he’d confidently reply that it was great. Him and Phil, they had plenty of sex. In the bedroom. In the living room. In the kitchen. In the shower. And not only did they have plenty of sex, they also had good sex. Mind-blowing sex. The kind of sex that made you come so hard that you’d feel boneless afterwards, needing a minute or two to catch your breath again.

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Day 11 - RWBY Christams Tree - Prompt by weaponscomplex

Delayed but here I am once again! Sorry it took me so long but this damn cold got me grounded on my bed for the past thee days and only now I feel slightly better, thats why I wanted to get this out before I collapse again XD

I’m sorry if I didn’t fill in the blanks enough but I am a firm believer of “Don’t tell, Show!“ so I hope the things I do are interesting.

Gimme prompts until Christmas and I’ll do my damndest to get them done until then!

Do you do request? Can I ask for Will shoving his cold feet between Hannibal’s legs

Anon, lately I am feeling a little sad that I never get to write any Hannigram fluff in Wolf Trap or Baltimore because I (to date, notwithstanding the S1 AU I’m dabbling with) generally write in a canon-compliant world.  So I’m taking your prompt as an excuse to dabble in an a “Hannigram get together after the Tobias Budge fiasco” universe.  And then it kind of ran away with me and became more feelingsy than I’d meant it to. Apparently the emotional idiots needed to talk for a while before they could get around to doing the prompted thing.  

And then sorry again, ‘cause I tried to post this as an answer to your message, and then Tumblr ate it because, you know, Tumblr, and now your message is gone from my inbox.  Fortunately I’d saved the prompt wording!

Also I’m sorry this took so long.  Basically this prompt fill is a COMPLETE FUCKING DISASTER and I am sorry for like, everything.  I hope you like it anyway. <3


Will doesn’t generally tolerate late night wakeups, but Marlon is a new addition to the pack and not trained yet in their schedule or in asking politely to go out. So Will can’t get too irritated when he wakes with a jolting of the bed as Marlon lands next to him, all wet nose and attention-seeking whine. He’ll learn soon enough.

He’s not quite awake enough to manage a proper stern “off” command or a redirect, but what the hell, he’s awake, he can let the damn dog out.  He shoves the covers back and sits up with a yawn, and it’s only when the cold air hits him in a rush that he remembers he’s not dressed.

Or alone.


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Title: Back to Biology (reader x Peter)

Summary: “Just shut up and kiss me” was the prompt! :) 

Word Count: 1170

Warnings: typical teenage awkwardness

A/N: GUYS I LOVE THIS. I related to this level of awkward. I am a special snowflake. I’m so sorry it took so long!! Enjoy!


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Knights & Fools

Robb conspires to set his best friend up with his sister by tasking her with picking him up from the airport.

Featuring cheesy pick-up lines.

I’m sorry it took so long! It ran away from me and I was super busy at work. Hope you like it!  

Also on AO3. 

The filtered air in the Wintertown airport weighed on Sansa’s shoulders. She wove through the gates, her heels clicking against the tile floor, avoiding the red-faced man yelling at the travel agent behind the front desk. 

“What do you mean there are no flights to Castle Black? I’ve got to get there by tomorrow.“ 

Sansa winced as she passed. She clutched her purse tighter. The LED sign on the opposite wall flashed new arrivals. She trekked past the whirring silver baggage claim carousels. A clock ticked above her on the wall. Sansa joined the waiting crowd gathered on the other side of the baggage claim. Snagging a seat on the bench behind in the back of the crowd, she fiddled with the hem of her skirt. She glanced at the clock above her. 6:27 PM. She tapped her foot in rhythm. The cold air sent a shiver through her, so she pulled her cardigan closer and settled into her seat to wait. 

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anon prompted:  I read this and aw, please write this: We’re both professors in the same department and it enhances your reputation with the students as a mysterious enigma and my reputation as a stone-cold terror if we pretend to hate each other, plus when we back each other up in departmental meetings everybody’s so surprised they give in right away.
also for my klainebingo prompt “office”

Sorry it took me so long to fill this!!! Hope you enjoy anon :) (in case anyone is confused, Blaine teaches History of Musical Theater - I never explicitly state it lol.)

Read on AO3


Exactly four hours before the Musical Theater department faculty meeting, Kurt receives an email detailing the classes he will be teaching that upcoming semester. Which means that Kurt has exactly four hours to stew in anger about it, and four hours to build up one of the most dramatic entrances to a faculty meeting he’s ever given.

“What the fuck is this?” he asks as he walks in, shoving his printed out schedule in Blaine’s face. Blaine barely glances at it, his lips curling into a little smile as he sips his coffee.

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By Blood and Leaf - a Sherolly ficlet

anonymous said: Kid!Vamplock and Elfling!Molly were the best of friends as children; but when the Moriarty vampire clan assassinated the Elven King the war between the two species separated them. Now as a deal to stop the hostilities Vampire Prince Sherlock is in an Arranged marriage with the Elven Princess and heir to the Elven throne Molly.

Childhood friends. That was what she and Sherlock had been, in more innocent times. Both Elves and Vampires were nocturnal, the one by choice, the other by necessity, and that commonality had been one of the foundations of their alliance, an alliance that had lasted for thousands of years, long enough that the two of them had been able to play together in the nighttime forests their separate peoples had once shared in relative harmony. Then had come the wars and the betrayals and hundreds of years of anger and mistrust; they’d grown up, never seeing one another again until now, tonight.

Their wedding night.

Princess Malia’arapar, affectionately known as ‘Molly’ to friends and family, leaned on the cool metal balustrade that ran the curved length of the balcony she currently occupied. She’d had such high hopes when this all started; she’d come into this arranged marriage prepared to do her duty, to act as wife and helpmeet to her new husband, but Prince Sherlock’s abrupt and dismissive attitude toward her, his obviously feigned politeness during the wedding ceremony, the cold kiss he’d bestowed upon her at the end of their vows, and the way he’d avoided her throughout the feast that followed made it clear that she was nothing but an unwelcome burden.

“I don’t count,” she said softly, forlornly, then stiffened as she heard quiet footsteps behind her.

“You’re wrong, you know.” Her heart fluttered madly in her chest as she recognized that voice. Sherlock’s voice, the voice of her husband, that she’d last heard earlier in the day reciting their vows. Drawing in a steadying breath, she turned to face him, head held high, no tears in her dark brown eyes. She was a princess, with all the innate dignity her rank afforded her even if she wasn’t nearly as tall and graceful and lissome as some of her sisters.

Sherlock moved closer to her, a dark form seeming to materialize out of the darkness around him as he joined her on the balcony. His blue-green eyes glittered, reflecting the moonlight, and his pale skin seemed to glow as he moved out of the shadows. Gone were the formal robes he’d worn at their wedding ceremony, just as she’d changed out of her own ornate gown and flowing green veil. Where she was now clad in a simple white shift, he had changed into close-fitting black trews and matching shirt, open at the throat but with flowing black sleeves. She waited for him to speak again, and when he did, she questioned her own hearing. “You’ve always counted,” he continued, his voice a low rumble as he stopped only a few feet in front of her. “You’ve always counted and I’ve always trusted you.”

“How can you say that when we haven’t seen each other since we were children?” Molly asked, bewildered by this abrupt change in attitude, and not a little suspicious. Was he trying to manipulate her, had his elder brother, King Mycroft, told him to make nice with his wife for the sake of the treaty their two peoples had just signed? If so he needn’t have bothered; she had no intention of going back on her word just because her new husband was cold and distant. Marriages had survived far worse throughout history, and royal marriages rarely ever started out as love matches outside of human fairy tales.

He raked a hand through his dark curls, disheveling them so that one fell fetchingly over his brow. He huffed it away impatiently while Molly waited for his answer. “That’s not…entirely true,” Sherlock admitted, and she cocked her head to the side in silent question, looking up at him from beneath her lashes. “I’ve seen you, watched you when you didn’t know I was there. Like the time you fell and scraped your knee on the edge of your father’s koi pond. Or the time you and your handmaidens were bathing in the moonlight in the River Eld.” His voice was husky and he’d moved closer, the dark centers of his eyes expanding to swallow up the blue-green with what Molly feared to identify as passion. “And when you were singing to your father’s herd of deer, enchanting them into sleep when they were restless and unsettled after an attack by the Moriarty clan.”

“Why?” She needed to know the answer, but not just why he’d watched her, risked his life to do so, and yet never reached out to her – and then was so cold and dismissive at their wedding feast.

Sherlock, always clever and quick on the uptake, seemed to understand how much she wanted answered with that simple question. “The Moriarty clan might be defeated, but they’re hardly destroyed,” he said. “If their spies – and yes, I’m positive there were Moriarty spies at the wedding – if they saw me showing affection toward you, they would view you as a tool, a weapon to wield against me. And I won’t have anyone using you that way,” he said, fangs flashing as he peeled his lips back in an angry scowl. “It’s bad enough you were forced to marry me against your will…”

“Not entirely against my will,” she murmured, knowing he must be able to hear her thundering heartbeat in her chest. “I remembered the boy you once were, who played with me in my father’s gardens under the moonlight, who teased me but never tormented me. I was hoping that you’d remember me, but now I understand why you pretended indifference. But Sherlock, why did you…”

“Risk my life and freedom just to catch glimpses of you now and again?” he finished her question with a wry grin. The grin faded and he looked at her with such intensity she felt quite out of breath. “Simple. Because I missed you. My friend J’ahn thought I was mad, but he came with me anyway, to watch my back as I watched you.” He took a deep breath before continuing, “I needed to know you were safe, that the war hadn’t filled you with hatred or hardened your heart, because your heart, Molly,” he said, reaching out to lay his hand over her chest, but careful not to touch her, “has always been filled with love and kindness and I needed to be reminded that such things still existed in the world.”

She was the one who moved this time, a single step, just close enough that his hand came to rest on her bare flesh, just above the low neckline of her shift. Just above the organ in question. “Sherlock,” she whispered, “I make my vow, never to allow such a thing to happen to me. To either of us,” she added fiercely, daring to reach out and rest her fingertips against the sharp angles of his face. “Just as I swore to remain faithful to you until death, to honor our marriage…”

“To give me heirs?” Sherlock’s voice had lowered to a purr; the hand on her chest slid around her back, bringing her body flush against his. He lowered his head so that his lips hovered over hers, their breaths mingling as he murmured, “To share my life and my bed as my wife and partner, as my queen when someday my dear brother steps aside and forces me to take the throne as he’s threatened to do so many times?”

“All of that and more,” she breathed, and then his lips were on hers for a kiss as fiery and passionate as their wedding kiss had been cold and chaste.

They made love right there, under the indifferent face of the moon and the distant glittering of the stars, and again in the royal bedchamber, when Sherlock swept her into his arms and held her close enough to feel pounding heartbeat as she laid her head against his chest. He took her blood, his fangs buried in her throat and his lips warm against her flesh as she cried out her pleasure, and the songs of the nightbirds were far less sweeter to his ears than the sound of her voice calling his name.

Their lives were now entwined, their fates entangled, and if they were cool and distant to one another in public, it was only a façade for their passionate interactions when away from prying eyes. One day, when the Moriarty clan had been rendered entirely ineffectual, their pretense would end, but until then their love for one another remained a secret blooming in the gardens of their hearts.

gh0sttrick answered your question “So I’ve finally dug myself out of homework hell. Does anyone wanna…”

post - identity reveal, cuddling and falling asleep together!

yoooo this is such a cute prompt!

…that I took forever to fill because the muse hates me.

I am so sorry.

extreme fluff warning

Send me Miraculous Ladybug prompts? (I can’t promise they’ll be done in a timely fashion but oh well)

Adrien lay face down on the lounge in Marinette’s room.

His work had been canceled, his father had canceled, Nino was busy, and, all told, he was feeling a bit unwanted.

It wasn’t an unfamiliar feeling–the first fourteen years of his life had felt like this, to be honest–but he was unaccustomed to it, after having Nino on speed-dial for so long.

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hey hey alex maybe if you're not busy, you can do that list of fills for your fave prompts? or not.. totally cool with me. happy new year!

Ok yes I will do that finally :)

decalescent by bravevulnerability 

tumblr fic by alwayswritewithcoffee

may flowers by closingdoors

Chapter 80 of Prompt Me Anything by whatifellinlovewith

Home by pullingbeckettspigtails

tumblr fic by bamboo72498

tumblr fic by weightofmywords

tumblr fic by daveck

The Road Not Taken by alwayswritewithcoffee

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There’s Room for Two

Prompted by nikkibeckettcsm:  Castle and Beckett argue the merits of getting a puppy verses a kitten they then decide to use a third party as the tie breaker, their three year old son. - Sorry it took me so long to fill this for you! :)

Note: This takes place in the Out of the Blue Universe, but it isn’t required reading.

They have a game plan for this: research, recon, make a decision.

That’s the plan, hatched at the breakfast bar over coffee and put into motion a little bit each day for the last month. They’d spent hours huddling over Castle’s iPad, looking at breeds, researching temperaments, even which ones would shed the least. She’d wanted to have all of their bases covered, wanted to know exactly what they’d be getting into if they went down this road, and wanted to make a decision that worked for all of them.

Her husband had gone along with it, as he often did, letting her research to her heart’s content while he waited for the fun part. The recon. That he’d jumped all over, emailing her links on an hourly basis until she’d finally suggested he save everything for a round up at the end of each day after their son went to bed. It made it hard to interrogate suspects when she was overwhelmed by fluffy options.

And now they’re here, waiting for their appointment at the animal shelter with a rowdy three year old in tow. She doesn’t blame Martha for needing to cancel for the afternoon – a meeting with a donor for her school trumps babysitting – but they’re still hopelessly deadlocked. Kate just hopes they won’t break Ian’s sweet little heart if she and Castle can’t come to a consensus on a pet today.

“Mama, lessgo!”

“Let’s go?” Beckett asks, catching her son’s wiggling body between her knees. “Where are we going, goofball?”

“To da pubbies an’ kitties, Mama,” he huffs, like he can’t believe he’s explaining this to her again.

At least he’s been briefed on the plan.

“That’s right. Daddy and I picked out a few puppies and kitties to meet and we’ll see which one works for us.”

Her son nods, patting her knee in understanding. “Bof.”

Beside her, Castle laughs. He’s filling out pre-adoption paperwork – doing his share for once – just in case they do make a selection today, while she wrangles the crazy man.

“Can’t get both, buddy,” Castle murmurs, diverting his attention back to the papers when Ian turns his power pout on her.


“Because one pet is a lot for our house,” she explains, dropping her head to rub noses with her son. She won’t tell him their preferences, hers for a cat and Castle’s for a dog, but she’s going to clue him in on his very special job. “And since Daddy and I can’t decide, you’re going to be our tie-breaker.”

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i don't know if you're still taking prompts, but i'd love a cherik au with #20 (magic spell)

Thank you for the prompt!  Sorry it took so long to fill. <3  Urban Fantasy is fun though! (from this prompt list over here)

Erik looks between the GPS on his phone, Darwin’s note, and the store in front of him.  The door is narrow and dark and the display window–empty, save for a small table and crystal ball–is so dingy that it blends almost seamlessly into the grey brick of the building.  If it weren’t for the gold “X” marked on the door, Erik would think that he’d somehow ended up at the wrong place.  But Darwin had definitely described that “X” in his description of Professor X’s Shop.

The inside is just as gloomy as the outside, lit by a few strings of holiday lights and some lamps that look as old as Erik’s grandmother.  There are stones and minerals displayed on almost every open surface, even in front of the books that line the shelves around the shop.  Erik’s never put much stock in the occult like this before–words have been enough for the spells he trusts.

There’s a cough from the brightest corner of the shop and he almost jumps.  He hadn’t noticed someone there, but he sees her now, a young woman, maybe still a teenager, her hair long and blonde and shining in the twinkling light as she raises an eyebrow at him.

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Silver Lining 2/?

Summary: Emma’s got a target. Someone she’s supposed to kill. Things were going smoothly, until her job as an Federal Agent sends her undercover with a new partner and things start to get a little more complicated.
Rating: M for future chapters and sorta the beginning of this.
A/N: IM SO SO SO SORRY THAT I TOOK FOREVER TO UPDATE THIS. There was a death in the family and I didn’t really feel like writing for a while. But I am back now, and I’m working on the next chapter asap. Im so sorry that you all had to wait so long. Please forgive me!! I LOVE YOU ALL <3 Unbeta’d, sorry!
Based on this prompt from evil–isnt–born || Ao3 Here || Previous Chapter

Chapter 2:

Emma was only dimly aware of the sharp edge of the counter pressed to her back. Her entire focus was put into this kiss. This lust-filled kiss. There was no doubt in her mind that they were just going to stop after a kiss or two.

No way.

And she didn’t want to.

She wanted to feel him, to feel the way his rough fingers slid across her skin. To feel how his scruff would tickle her stomach and thighs. She wanted to see marks on her skin from his teeth, fingers and lips. She wanted him.

To be able to feel him.

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“Say You Like Me”

Prompt:  Clint x reader they’re both archers & Clint likes her but he thinks she likes Steve & one day during her training she was talking to Natasha on how to tell Clint her feelings & that night they found each other in the kickten and confess cute & fluffy

A/N: I am soo sorry that this took so long to fill. I hope that you all like this. Anon: I hope that this is alright. <3

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