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Hi. Can you recommend any blogs that are a good place for women loving/liking women a-spec people like me? Because while your blog is amazing and super supportive (it really is!), the lesbian blogs I've found so far have been very exclusionary and disrespectful unless you're their kind of lesbian, w/ a no bi no ace allowed vibe. I don't want to sound whiny, but I'd like to see wlw boards and talk about wlw things without being made to feel like I'm not allowed to love a woman because I'm ace.

Hi! I’m sorry it took me so long to get to this one! I promise I spent the time doing a LOT of scrolling and sifting. There are some very lovely wlw, ace friendly blogs out there and I wish I could include all of them but the ones that I just didn’t find a single exclusionist posts on and were just very sweet and cute and I think should be checked out were:

Happy following💜💜💜

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Do you have any tips for good marichat fanfics?

Sorry it took so long to respond, but I was looking through my bookmarks and subscriptions to make this list. But it’s finally here: a list of some my favorite Marichat stories. Some very popular, some not as popular, but wonderful. In no particular order, except the first one.


Ne Me Quitte Pas by @imatrisarahtopsn - This was the fic that sold me on Marichat, for its slow burn. It is so cute, and Chat Noir is so sweet with Marinette. Also funny and has my favorite akuma name: Cafiend (it’s been almost a year, and I’m still not over that XD) Completed.

Broken Hearts Club by @frostedpuffs - Marinette and Chat Noir get rejected by their respective loves and end up in a strange friendship with whom they rejected. This story is so beautiful and has wonderful characterizations, it is one of my current favorites. Ongoing.

A sure thing by @baneismydragon - Part of a series, but it can be read as a standalone. Kind of Adrinette, but mostly Marichat. Where Chat Noir makes a bet with Marinette for her to confess Adrien. Only two chapters long, and super adorable! Complete.

Wait, what? by @khaleisey - Volpina switch, with Marinette being the illusion. This is just a funny one-shot reveal. A quick must read. Complete

Plant by @foolish-idiot - It’s basically a metaphor of the growth of their relationship, and it is beautiful. Short, but so worth the read. Complete.

Quiet Ice, Silent Nights by @thelastpilot - A winter fanfic, where Chat Noir sees Marinette ice-skating in the dead of the night, and later decides to help her for a competition. It’s beautiful, and is even more beautiful when you read it with the piano song linked in the story. Complete.

Drunken Confessions by @my-insanity-is-an-artform - Based on the tumblr prompt ‘I like someone else’. While everyone else did angst, this genius here made drunken comedy gold in a one-shot. Completed.

The Purrincess and The Chat by @sinnamon-toast-chat - This is cuteness with hilarious internal monologue, courtesy of Adrien Agreste. I like this one in particular for its characterizations. Completed.

Stray Chat by @pozolegirl - Roomate AU, where Marinette has no idea Adrien ran away from home, but knows she has Chat Noir for a roomate. Funny, cute, and just wonderful for so much more. A must read. Completed.

chat noooo by @imthepunchlord - Chat Noir gets high on catnip. That’s all I need to say. Complete.

On The Prowl by @ghostgirl19posts - Criminal Chat Noir AU. No miraculouses, where Chat Noir is a cat-burglar, but is not as bad as he seems. Ladybug shows up later in the fic. Really, it’s a lot of fun to read. Complete.

When Duty and Desire Meet written by @midnightstarlightwrites and illustrated by @edendaphne - Older Chat and Reverse Crush AU. Not only is it wonderfully written, but the illustrations are gorgeous. A very unique experience and a wonderful collection of interconnected one-shots. Ongoing.

That’s all I got for now. Reminder that these are Marichat only. For other stories, I would need to make a different list. But these ones are some of my favorites from this side of the love square.

Happy reading!

Overwatch Outfit-Swap: Genji and Zenyatta 

[Requests by @morethanlittlesinister , as well as several anons] 


Finally, there are robots robot boyfriends who wear each other’s clothes. (Clothes? Pieces?) 

I’m sorry this one too so long, since most of you know I’ve been dealing with chained concussions on and off for over a year. Still, this was such a joy to do, because Zenyatta is my sweet boy - and now looks like General Grievous’ jedi cousin. 

Genji looks a bit odd to me still, and don’t even get me started on how Zenyatta taught him to float… But I took a fair amount of artistic liberties with their designs since neither of them have full reference for the parts of their bodies that aren’t covered? It’s like they planned this. 


Thank you all for the submissions! 

[Requests for Overwatch Outfit Swaps are CLOSED]

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I'm already lying several days in my bed and don't feeling well but your baby Lance gif just made my day. Thank you :)

ahhw i’m so glad it cheered you up!! here is a super floppy bby lance just for you, have a good day, sweetheart ; v ;))

Friends With Benefits - Theo Raeken Imagine (SMUT)

❁ (not my gif, cred to sweet owner) ❁

Request (anon): can you do a smutty imagine with Theo where him and the reader are friends with benefits?

A/N: So here it finally is, a Theo Raeken smut based on the request above. Sorry it took me so long to post it. I’m not sure how I feel about this one but I hope you guys like it. Also sorry in advance for any spelling/grammar mistakes, I still have to proofread it.(:


Pairing: Theo x Reader
Warning: SMUT smutty smut smut & cursing?
Word count: 2088

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Sugar Sweet | 6 | (M)

word count: 4.4k

genre: smut + fluff; college AU + fuckboy!kihyun

pairing: reader/kihyun

summary: your best friend & roommate changkyun just wanted to help get you laid. instead you found solace in a pink haired man named kihyun who had a smart mouth with sharp words you weren’t afraid to let cut you, as long as he didn’t mind you hurting him a little too.

dedicated to: @honeyheonie, @lostinmonstax & @jooheonster, who legit were some of my biggest backbones to keep me going (cough & for @tomatoholmes bc she stans ki cough)

a/n:  i’m v sorry this took so long, i didn’t even realize it had been nearly two months since ss 5! time is going by too quickly, but i think i’ve truly found a solidified plot line to the point where i think i’ve speculated where everything will go and therefore than means more concrete chapters, sooner updates and a finalized chapter count! i cut this chapter off a little early bc i didn’t want to head into the next part just yet, but stay tuned for Jin’s party kiddos :) much love to all those patient guppies who stayed by my side and encouraged me to continue despite the many setbacks i felt.

music: suffer - charlie puth

part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 7


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Iwaoi Dance Au!
Story shared by sweet Anon!! Thank you!!! This is wonderful!!

French movies and shows on netflix

An anon asked me for some french things to watch on netflix, so I hope this list is helpful. A * next to the name means that it’s originally in french instead of being dubbed. 

1. A lot of Netflix Originals seem to be dubbed in a lot of languages, so check some of those out!

2. Marguerite*- Movie. A rich 1920s singer with a horrible voice performs for audiences. People seem to actually like her. I haven’t watched this one, but it’s on my to be watched list

3. Diary of a Chambermaid*- Movie. A fairly well to do woman works as a maid for a couple in rural France. The mistress has crazy demands and the master kind of wants to have sex with her. 

4.He Even Has Your Eyes*- Movie. A well to do black couple adopts a white baby. Some people are outraged. This movie is my all time favorite! It’s super funny and just amazing. The end made me cry

5. Gilmore Girls: A Year In the Life- TV show but each episode is 90ish minutes. A follow up to the original Gilmore Girls that is actually dubbed in french! Super good!

6. Miraculous Ladybug*- TV show. A cartoon about two teenage superheroes in Paris. It’s super cute and, even though it’s a cartoon, very entertaining. Plus the French is pretty easy, so you can follow it

7.  The Good Place- TV show. A woman wakes up dead and in “The Good Place”, which is where good people go when they die. The only problem is that she’s not that good.

8. Fuller House- TV show. The next generation of Full House

9. Jessica Darling’s It List- Movie. This is a kids movie, but I actually really really liked it for some reason. It’s about a girl who is just starting 7th grade and trying to be popular, even though she actually just wants to be herself. 

10. Be Somebody- Movie. A singer and a wanna be artist team up in the artist’s small town after the singer decides he want a break from fame. Really sweet and cute

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I can't ever express how much I love your ayayui art blog. This pair is less common than with his other brothers, but they fit each other so well. Um, I was wondering. What do you think their child would look like? You don't have to answer tho!

Hello, dear! Thank you for your sweet message! I’m sorry it took me so long to answer but I wanted to make this answer special since I felt so inspired but I was on vacation and didn’t have my graphic tablet with me. I guess I went a little overboard with it but this is how I imagine Ayayui’s family haha:

I hope you like it! And I hope it’s not too cliché lmao. I didn’t draw them in their child/toddler-state because I prefer drawing more grown up characters, and you get to see how they’ll look in the future.

I imagine them all to be pretty close with each other, but also a lot of  quarreling. Ayato’s tries his best to make them get along with each other (sometimes even forces them haha) because he dislikes disfunctional families. Yui doesn’t sweat it that much, because she knows a little squabbling is normal. She’s also her daughters confidante, for “girl-stuff” and “love-issues”. She also thinks Ayato is too strict with her and constantly tries and talks to him but no chance, “No boyfriend until she’s married!”


trigger warning

my mother has a photograph
she likes to show me when she’s upset
she says
you used to be such a nice boy
i just
don’t know what happened to you
now i admit
i barely recognize the child
three years old on halloween
smiling without someone
having to remind me to do it
but the picture has a habit
of giving me flashbacks


suddenly i am 7 again
and a pair of broken glasses
at the bus stop in your culdesac
it’s one of my oldest lessons
cause mama knows best
she’s teaching me
to turn the other cheek
kill em with kindness son


i’m thirteen and we
are in your bedroom
you are telling me that i should
think about it this
as though we were scientists
It’s cool
it’s cool we’re just experimenting
everyone your age experiments
how will you ever know if you don’t?


i’m twenty eight
and someone on the internet
is telling me that the word rape
could never belong to me
she says
“Don’t you know how triggering it is for women?”
and the only thing i can think about
is if my story deserves to breathe
if it doesn’t sound like hers
if my trauma has to wear a dress
before you believe it


every single day i am seventeen
and on your doorstep again
sorry that it took me so long
to grow into these fists
that the hate grew like a pearl inside me
around a single impurity
until i could no longer bear it
the largest kitchen knife our house
in my hands
the look on my face
as i realize the home you lived
in is now
how i buried it in the front yard
with my bare hands
and sometimes
i think about visiting the spot
with a wreath
or white cross
the way people do along highways
where people have died
she still asks me
what happened to her sweet boy
but never where the kitchen knife went
now i choke
when i hear things like
“you look like you turned out
just fine to me”
every time someone tells me
to man up
i watch my childhood
drive away in the white van of his bedroom
when the only person
i was brave enough to tell said
“why didn’t you just try to avoid it?”
i said nothing
it felt like someone died
and i helped hide the body
i wish i had said
maybe oklahoma city
should have tried
to avoid timothy mcveigh
wish i would have said
the twin towers should’ve tried
to avoid new york in september
cause i’m tired of feeling like
im the skeleton in someone else’s closet
tired of feeling like there’s a ghost in my house when i’m home
wondering if any of the bridges i’ve stood on
will out last the memory
of what you did to me
wondering if there is a word
for drowning
without dying at the end


(psst first anon is probs talking about @averagetrapinch‘s post. poor apollo…)

lol a thunder mage would really fit athena’s personality, wouldn’t it? personally, i think athena would make a great paladin! i figured a warrior-type class would suit her crazy strength, and her therapy sessions are like healing spells. but i dunno about widget…. animal companion or familiar? or something else?

Little Do You Know - Stiles Stilinski Imagine (Part 1)

❁ (not my gif, cred to sweet owner) ❁

A/N: Here’s part 1 of the new Stiles Stilinski fic/series I’m working on. The character Nick who’s mentioned in this story is just a character I made up. I really hope you guys like, I’d love to know your thoughts. If you do like it though make sure to request for more. Sorry in advance for any spelling/grammar mistakes etc.

[Part 1, 2 & 3] - [Masterlist]

Pairing: Stiles x Reader
Warning: None.
Word count: 1255

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your line art style is so smooth and real looking omg if it's not too much trouble, could you make a tutorial showing how you do it?? like what is your process?? how do you get your proportions so perfect and the lines so clean?

first of all I’m so sorry about how long this took! second, thank you?? you’re so sweet <3 I wasn’t really sure what you meant by “tutorial”, and since I was already in the process of drawing something, I hope some screen caps will do 😁

please bare in mind that this is what works for me and may not be the best method for someone else! I’m still working on improving, and this is what seems to work best for my style.

  • I use a huge brush for blocking out the basic shape and proportions of whatever I’m drawing, based off of the reference. No worries about whether it actually looks like anything or not.
  • Next I lower the opacity of the first layer and start a new layer, sketching out the general location of features and such with a slightly smaller brush.
  • Then I lower the opacity of that layer, start another new layer with an even smaller brush, and sketch out features more detailed, mostly focusing on where the eyes, mouth, ears, etc are and basically creating rough line art without worrying about how clean it is.
  • Lastly, (you guessed it) I lower the opacity so that all three base layers are faint enough to simply act as guidelines, start a new layer, and use a hard ink round brush, 100% opacity, to create the clean, detailed line art using my ref photo as a guide.

And I think that’s it?? Idk tbh anon I’m still working on getting better! oh, also, be sure to pay attention to line weights. See how my lines aren’t the same thickness everywhere, but are thinner in some places, and darker in others? I find that doing this really helps emphasize depth and lighting without actually shading anything in, if that makes sense.

as for how I get my lines to look clean, it’s really just lots of practice and LOTS of using the undo button!. but basically, it’s all about creating your lines in one fluid motion with confidence.

I hope this was at least somewhat helpful?? ^^ please let me know if not!

final taehyung line art can be found here


finally. im going to go back to my leaf pile now.

//Bodyswap event’s over!! Thank you to those who participated!!

Pretty sure it was obvious at this point but I’m the mod of @asktheblueoceangem, the mod of @askperidotgem has been drawing for my blog throughout this event. We traded accounts and everything so thats why the art here’s been so different.

I’ll be going back to my blog now and a personal thank you to askperidotgems mod for letting me butcher their blog doing this event with me, it was a blast! I’ll be giving you back you blog now haha

Make Up Sex - Armin x Candy NSFW

This is another milestone celebration request. The title is pretty self-explanatory of what this request was. Although I’m not a huge fan of major, relationship ending fights that are then fixed with sex. So instead of that, this is a far less serious argument. I hope you guys still enjoy it nonetheless.

As always, the whole NSFW piece will be underneath the cut.

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Prompt: Lin comforts his crying wife. Told in his POV.

Pairing: Lin x reader

A/N: I think this will be my Day 6 prompt. This is the first self-indulgent fic I’ve truly written since I began writing. Plus it’s fair to say that every fic I’ve written every day for this write-a-thon was a “first time” for me. I apologize if this fic isn’t great or lacks a story, but today was a really bad day for me and I needed to write this. Shout out to @imaginebeinghamiltrash for being one of the best people I’ve met on this site.

Every morning, after his usual 5:30 A.M. gym session (something that took him years to get used to), he’d arrive home to his wife humming a song to herself as she cooked breakfast. It was a sight that would always make his breath catch and his heart feel full; he’ll never get used to the fact that he married his best friend and other half.

Today, when Lin saw the empty kitchen, he knew something was wrong.

He peeks into his office, but the room was filled with nothing but his clutter. When he enters the bedroom, he sees her sprawled on the bed, staring at the ceiling, fresh tears spilling over her cheeks. Lin didn’t hesitate, crossing the room in quick strides, and slips inside the covers with her.

Wordlessly, he reaches for her and tucks her under his chin.

His wife was the happiest, most optimistic woman he knew.

But sometimes, the happiest people were the saddest ones on the inside.

“Wanna talk about it?” he whispers as he held her.


Lin wanted to make her feel better, wanted to banish the demons that were inside her head that were responsible for tearing her confidence and happiness to shreds.  But when she shut him out like this, he couldn’t, and it infuriated the hell out of him. At the same time, years of being married to her made him understand that pushing her to tell him her problems would make it worse – there were so many nights where he’d sleep on the couch after an argument arose from her stubbornness to share her feelings.

He would wait until she was ready to talk. In the meantime, he was content to hold her through the torment she put herself through. It was the only way he knew how to comfort her.

It took her a long time to finally speak.

“I’m sorry I’m like this,” she whispers, voice hoarse, “I just get lost in my head sometimes, you know? I think too much about every little thing and I let it get to my head…”

Lin squeezed her gently. “Don’t apologize. C’mon, talk to me, baby. I’m your husband, I want to make it all better.”

She sniffs and Lin feels her tears wet his shirt.

“I just don’t want to say anything stupid.”

Lin blinks back the tears that clouded his vision. Oh my sweet, dear wife, why are you so hard on yourself? “Nothing you say will ever be stupid. Your feelings will always be valid.”

Her arms wrap around his middle as she buries her face into his chest and sobs.

“Let it all out,” he coos, rubbing her back.

Through her hiccups, he hears her apologize again.

Lin knew that whatever she was dealing with, he needed to be here with her. He reaches for his phone and types:

@Lin_Manuel: Sorry kiddos, no ham4ham today. My wife needs me.


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best subspace!tae fics?

Hi! sorry this took so long i actually had this one almost done but my laptop died before i could post it and i lost it :’((( but i hope this is what you’re looking for i tried to find fics where tae was more submissive then just a bottom if that makes sense. if anyone has any they think i missed just let me know!! (i mean there are so many sub tae fics so of course i’ve missed a ton)

try a little tenderness by linzeigh

Taejin | E | complete | 48k 

Taehyung’s father gets married to Jin’s mother. At first, Jin is sweet and kind but when Taehyung moves in, he meets the real Jin - and he likes him even more.

That Looks Tasty by apocryphalic

Vmin | E | complete | 2.7k

What happens after the legendary ISAC of 2017 also known as that time Taehyung gets fingered, eaten out and fucked by Jimin, in that exact order.

Chrome Hearts by roseok

Vmin | E | complete | 2.4k

“I want you to finger me with your rings on,” Taehyung blurts out suddenly, causing Jimin to freeze and look up from his laptop.


the way you move (who could say no?) by redolent, tkac

Vmin | M | complete | 4k

Maybe it was a bit risky to finger himself open on the couch that’s right in front of the door where Jimin could walk in at any second, but Taehyung isn’t expecting him to be back anytime soon; what with the tour and the flying and the wrap up party taking too much of his time (and attention), leading to the brunette not seeing his idol boyfriend for a good few months.


Touching yourself on the couch is not a good idea, especially if said couch is right in front of the door where your boyfriend could walk in at any time.

re della moda by stoplight

Vmin | E | incomplete | 25k

It’s Gucci’s show tonight, in the likeness of a 70’s nightclub with the lights—a solitude of being in love without the liquor.

(Sequel to bigtown boys)

Good Morning, Baby by GloriousSloth

Vmin | E | complete | 1.7k

Taehyung loves to wake his boyfriend up with blow jobs.

Cherry by Cataelyst

Vminkook | E | complete | 2.9k

Jimin comes home from a long days work to find his lover in the arms of another man. not that he minds.

wherever i go they wanna touch me by sirentae

Vmin | E | complete | 2.4k

as ceo, jimin should always be professional, keep others in line. the one thing he can’t resist is taehyung.

alone by broose

Vmin | E | complete | 2k

Taehyung stared at the big box in front of him. He sat on his bed, cross-legged, hesitant to open it. “make sure to film everything.” was everything the blue post-it note on top of it said.

i’m going to do it like this by sirentae

Vmin | E | complete | 1k

taehyung cries when jimin teases him too much, but he likes it. all jimin can do is admire how pretty taehyung is when he cries.

i just adore you asking for more by tendershipping

Vmin | E | incomplete | 12k

Taehyung is a successful actor and model looking for a discreet release. Jimin is a professional dom who won’t judge his browsing history.

trust by broose

Vmin | E | complete | 2.8k

“Taehyung is giving himself to Jimin, all of him, completely in Jimin’s control. While that thought gets him hot he also can’t help but feel his heart swelling thinking about it. The amount of trust it takes for someone to 1. give yourself to them and 2. to take care of someone like that is insane. And Taehyung feels so incredibly blessed to have Jimin, to be with him, to be able to trust him like this and to be able to be trusted.”

Make a Show of Love by apocryphalic

Vmin | E | complete | 3k

Jimin’s known to be a mild-mannered and generally sweet person by their fans.

Taehyung knows Jimin to occasionally be a possessive man with a penchant for punishment.

i scream, you scream by jjks

Vmin | E | complete | 4k

taehyung sobs, letting his eyes stay close afterwards. he lets jimin move him around and lay him down on his back again. he pushes two fingers into taehyung’s hole easily, loose and wet from the ribbed vibrator he’s already fucked him dumb with, stopping right as taehyung was about to finally come.

when i get you alone by minyoongmeme

Taekook | E | complete | 4.9k

sometimes play fighting between taehyung and jeongguk goes a little too far

MODEL OFF DUTY by sizekink

Vmin | E | complete | 2.9k

Jimin laughed, throwing his whole body into it and when he recovered he was standing closer to Taehyung, the sleeves of their designer shirts brushing as Jimin tilted his head, “I’m no angel Kim Taehyung.”

Jimin’s a model, Taehyung a rising actor. Jimin likes pretty things, and Taehyung happens to be quite pretty.

say that again, please by bambitaek

Taekook | M | complete | 1.6k

“I’ll take care of you, I promise.”

hit for the cycle by moonlightae

Taekook | E | complete | 4.7

Jeongguk’s thankful that Taehyung is happy to give him a helping hand, but he’s even more thankful when it leads to something more.

Screamin’ Scratchin’ Yellin’ by apocryphalic

Vmin | E | complete | 2.9k

Jimin takes Taehyung out for the anniversary of their first date and then he takes him home for what’ll become the night he makes Taehyung come twice with his mouth and hands alone.

i wanna taste you by Bangtanbananas

Vminkook | E | complete | 5.7k

Jimin and Jeongguk took one look at transfer student Kim Taehyung and decided that they were going to fuck that.

aka gratuitous maknae line filth

you’re fucking mine. by sp00kygh0st

Taekook | NR | complete | 870

Filthy sin by amykissthedark

Vmon, Taejin, Vhope | M | complete | 10k

This desire and need deep in his gut is suffocating him.

Clumsy legs, big grins, and needy stares got him bad.

He’s not the only one though.

Catalyst by Aletomomo

Taegi, side Minjoon | E | complete | 2.9k

“What do you call me?” Yoongi posed the question with a disinterested tone, slipping into his dominant headspace as he gently dragged the cane across Taehyung’s asscheeks.

“I call you Sir.”

sugar, spice, and everything nice by chouxcream

Taekook | E | complete | 5.7k

taehyung and jeongguk’s sex life has always been pretty vanilla. jeongguk wants to change that.

Depraved by sunshinesope

Taekook | E | complete | 4k

Jungkook loves roughing Taehyung up and Taehyung loves it too.

only you can set my heart on fire by taetastic

Taekook | E | complete | 6k

He wants to give all of himself to Jeongguk and have Jeongguk take him apart piece by piece.

He wants Jeongguk to ruin him.

A New Experience by hobibabie

Vhope | E | complete | 3.3k

Taehyung and Hoseok have…similar interests. After some time of dating, they decide to take part in these interests together.

Aka Taehyung gets dicked down in panties

original pink by tkac

Vmin | M | complete | 2.2k

Taehyung’s teammate gets too handsy, and Jimin, student council president, needs to remind him just who he belongs to.

or the one where soccer player taehyung’s boyfriend, jimin, gets jealous.

Puppy by miyukitsune

Vmin | E | complete | 1k

Prompt: au where vmin are amature porn stars + tae talks about the dogs he petted that day when jimin’s balls deep bc he forgot to mention it

all this and heaven too by jjks

Vmin | E | complete | 7k

“wanted to– look good for you,” taehyung mumbles, looking down at his lap again. jimin is reacting well, so good, but he’s still nervous about it. he doesn’t know if it’s weird, or if jimin will think so. “i cleaned up,” he adds in a low whisper.

resurrection by preciousuga (alexscarlet)

Vminkook | M | complete | 8k

hey jiminie which looks better on me, pink/red or white?

taehyung only remembers after hitting send that jimin is at the dance studio right now, and unlikely to check his phone any time soon. the mistake - mistake, mistake, mistake - makes his breath hitch, his chest steadily working itself into another collapse, but then jimin replies:

ion kno, what shades? u gotta give me more details babe

‘babe’. taehyung’s whole body flushes hot.

uum it’s

he sends that, needs to work up to it. he tenses every muscle then relaxes them on an exhale.

it’s my lingerie????

Say It by laskooo

Vmin | E | complete | 1.8k

“I wanna hear you say it, Taehyung.”

Into you by StarryBlack

Vmin | E | complete | 11k

A relationship as deep as the 95z should be all smooth sailing right? WRONG


Jimin is the master of self control and Taehyung just wants him to embody “the gentleman on the streets and a freak under the sheets” motto

remember to comment and leave kudos!!!