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1. I’m pretty fun to be around like I’m nice to people and stuff like that.

2. I look out for my friends and have their backs.

3. I’m good at my job and I like what I do.

4. My hair is pretty okay I guess.

5. Idk I’m pretty insightful I guess? Like I usually know what’s going on before anybody tells me?

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nouis, "things you said when you were drunk", pls :)

send me prompts for mini-fics! 

I’m going to make this part of the merlin au we talked about oops

Louis has never seen Niall drunk. 

It’s really quite remarkable, because he hears about Niall being drunk every other week. Bressie tells him that Niall’s off in a tavern and that’s why he’s been missing for hours. Zayn tells him that Niall’s sleeping off a bad night and that’s why he’s late. Even Perrie has told him Niall had a night out and that’s why he’s nowhere to be found.

But Louis has never seen Niall drunk himself. 

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THE RESULTS ARE HERE! sorry this took me so long, but at last, here are the winners of my first ever tumblr awards :) thank you all so much for participating, I got to know so many new blogs and choosing was really difficult !  you’re all amazing!

Clara Oswald Award: best Theme

♕winner : @impossblerose 

runner-ups: @jaimelainnister , @lastbluetardis

Martha Jones Award: best URL

♕winner: @doctortenny 

runner-ups: @puppydogtennant@ninerose

Donna Noble Award: best Icon

♕winner: @badvvolfrose 

runner ups: @courageclara , @poedameron

Tenth Doctor Award: best Doctor Who

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Rose Tyler Award: nicest blogger

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Amy Pond Award: best creations*

♕winner: @atimelordswife 

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Hermione Granger Award: best posts

♕winner: @thebadwolf 

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Luna Lovegood Award: best Harry Potter**

♕winner: @gnvraweasley 

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Bilbo Baggins Award: best multifandom**

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Neville Longbottom Award: best underrated blog***

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omg thank you for answering my question! i just started winner tv so i think i will get to know them better. what do you think are the group dynamics? i love talking about this kind of stuff ~~

Dynamics? Well first I think it stems from the fact that they’ve been through so much together. When they started out as Team A, they were known to be the group with the least amount of teamwork and look at how much they’ve grown together. These five are literally some of the biggest fanboys for each other~ you can tell through the way the act and talk to each other. 

They’ve become a little family and are there to back each other up when things get bad or just for funsies. It’s funny to read their interviews, because they’re so supportive and will do the dumbest things to show it. They’re loyal af so don’t expect to mess with one member and have the other four just let it go. 

(This reminds me of that one time a fan told Mino that he needed to use whitening cream because his skin was too dark, and Jinwoo gave the nastiest glare at that fan. He looked like he was about to slap a bish.)

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Name: Vanessa

Nickname: Vanne, Vanny, Nessie, Nessa, and Tex Mex (Jess would be mad if I didn’t mention it)

Star sign: Taurus

Gender: Female

Orientation: Pansexual

Favorite color: Dark purple

Time right now: 10:05pm

Average hours of sleep: 4 hrs

Lucky number: Don’t have one

Last thing I googled: Hello Kitty Cafe

Favorite fictional character: Marco Bodt (No one is surprised)

Dream job: A Job where I feel secure

What i am currently wearing: Pajamas

Height: 4′ 11

Number of blankets i sleep with: 1

When did you create your blog: About 4 years ago but I wasn’t active untill about 3 and ½ years ago. 

Current amount of followers: 161

What do you post about: Anime 

Do you have any other blogs: Nope

When did your blog reach its “peak”: Umm idk

Who is your most active follower: @whatwouldromanodo bc we’ve been tagging each other in stuff. 

What made you decide to get a tumblr: Actually, my cousin made it for me. She knew my email and what password I use for my social media around new years and said that if I was ever bored to check it out. And well during spring break I was bored and everything went down hill from there. 

Do you get asks on a daily basis: No, but when I do, it makes me very happy.

Why did you choose your url: A friend suggested it and I really liked it.

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Here we go!  “Otonokizaka Private Academy - chapter number 6“ by @jstonedd

  • Primo: I’m so sorry, my dear Anon, that it took me so long! (gosh, let me know if you still remember about this ask)

  • Secundo: forgive me my lack of knowledge about how to wear & undress kyudo uniform (watching videos didn’t help at all, so let’s pretend that I knew what I was doing while drawing it)

  • Tertio: some scenes shouldn’t be put out of context, don’t you think?

PS: I’m not a pervert.


I am a conversation~♡

I’m sorry this took as long as it did, & I’m extra sorry if looking at square mom hurts your eyes, her beauty is literally glowing lmao
Thank you very much anon for the ask, I loved working on these! (especially the Ruby & Sapphire one omg I love me some space rock lesbians ☆)

yes , I do actually like you , you may not be the guy that everyone finds attractive and adores but who cares , it’s just us . no one else involved , and you’re pretty great to me . I’m sorry it took me so long to realise it and even longer to admit it . I put myself first , protected each part of me as I stamped all over every part of you . I know I hurt you and it’s probably to late to say all of this but I had to say it , the thought of losing you scares me . I know I said I didn’t care but I do , I really do .


YG Family Ships:  GDae

He used to cry a lot watching dramas or movies (laughs) Such a romancist.

- Daesung about GD

Daesungie. Daesung can’t swim.

-G-Dragon; “Who would you save first if the members fall into water?”


You are a queen, her bear said. In Westeros. “It is such a long way,” she complained. “I was tired, Jorah. I was weary of war. I wanted to rest, to laugh, to plant trees and see them grow. I am only a young girl.” No. You are the blood of the dragon. The whispering was growing fainter, as if Ser Jorah were falling farther behind. Dragons plant no trees. Remember that. Remember who you are, what you were made to be. Remember your words. Fire and Blood,” Daenerys told the swaying grass.