sorry it took me a long time to respond but thank you it made my day to see this in my inbox ahaha

Have some sexy Barabelle I doodled in class <3

YESSSSS EXCELLENT SHE LOOKS FABULOUS <3 I really like the sketchy style of this, you’ve given her such a sassy pose with just these loose thin outlines, it makes her attitude seem so no-nonsense and confident, her expression totally says that she’s judging you and she’ll cut you down if she doesn’t like what she sees xD I love how you gave the fur texture and shadow in the back with the dark crosshatching strokes, and the solid black areas and variety in line weight have really add tonal varity and balance to the image while keeping a clean simple line illustration look. I really love how you drew her ringlets, the way they come apart and spin out from each other, there’s a really nice sense of shape and form to them! I always pay attention to how different artists stylize her hair because it seems that everyone has a different approach (I tend to go the route of making them look like sausages ahaha), and I really like this natural curling look! The way the bows hug her head make it look like they’re actually tied around the curls; together with the use of darks there’s this nice impression of depth though it’s all flat lines and outlines.

I love how you get the feeling of the pole’s weight resting on her shoulder; the way the axe angles downwards and her fingers curled tightly around it give the sense she’s exercising that barbarian strength :’D and I particularly love that you’ve got her parasol in the other hand ahaha PERFECT DUAL WIELD, the axe is just there to intimidate her enemies so she can go after them with the real deadly weapon ahaha. The heart insignia on her belt is a great fashion statement to go with the bows haha, and I love how you did the face with the solid black eyes and upper lip, her features look so delicate yet she’s clearly ready to dole out judgment the second she sees something she doesn’t like.

Thank you for drawing this in class and showing it to me (memories of doodling in class come flooding back to me now, I was an incorrigible chronic doodler ahaha), she’s beautiful!!