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hi! uhh can you maybe link the cc of you're power couple? if u can't no need to (:

Sorry for late reply, it took me forever to answer, but sure!

ALYSHA (the blonde girl, i dont remember telling you about her name)

1. Glasses (the blog doesn’t exist anymore ??) 2. Hair  3. Sweater  4. Jeans  5. Shoes


6. Hair  7. Earrings  8. Turtleneck shirt  9. Jeans  10. Fishnets  11. High heels  

Thanks to all cc creators! 

Langst i thought about late at night im sorry

ok so i don’t have a lot of evidence on this considering i don’t have screenshots and i really need to binge voltron again but im making this off of pure memory so hear me out ok? im porbably looking way too deep into this lmao

I think Lance feeling like he’s a seventh wheel is completely justified. 

Alright so everyone has had that moment where you make a joke and everybody just stay silent like it isnt funny, right? Well if you think about it, Lance has those moments every time he makes a joke or tries to lighten the mood, all of the time. Nobody really laughs at his comments or even pays much attention to them in the first place, only gets glares in return.

Now clearly, Lance usually cracks a joke for comic relief, but apparently no one else finds it funny. For example, he comes out of the pod after healing and everyone is happy to see him.  But as soon as he starts talking, people just groan and act like, “Oh, it’s that Lance, he hasn’t changed one bit,” and act clearly annoyed. Even his idol, Shiro, acts fed up with his shit- which in some cases is justified, but most times, it shouldnt matter, he’s just trying to be funny lmao.  Lance probably feels, unwanted, out of place, like he is the fifth wheel because no one really accepts him, and everyone finds him annoying.

Its not even just with Lance’s sense of humor, too.

People always think his ideas are stupid.

For example, the iconic scene where he keeps Keith from running straight into the danger that could get both of them killed, he suggests his alternate idea. Keith- who usually thinks Lance’s ideas are dumb, automatically jumps to the conclusion that his idea is going to be. Before he can argue, though, he works it out and sees that maybe Lance’s alternate route is a good idea. 

People disagree with the way he wants to complete something, in season 2, Lance comes up with the idea to form Voltron in a situation and everyone vouches against it, however 30 seconds later, they end up forming Voltron, like he said, anyway. 

Another reason, people also think little of him, they underestimate him, and that all starts with the Garisson. He was told that the only reason he ever got at his fighter pilot class was because his rival was kicked out of school, and without that he shouldnt have even been there. Again, he feels out of place, and like he doesnt belong. Then, his idol, his hero, Shiro, shows up, and when he finally feels like he has a purpose, like he could accomplish something amazing, but then Keith shows up. Even then, he doesnt give up, he is like “um excUSE ME BITCH I CALLED SAVING SHIRO FIRST” And once again, he doesnt want his rival that always beat him to do that once again. 

And again in season two, there’s clearly favoritism happening between Keith and Shiro, and Lance is jealous of course. Like, he finally gets to meet and work with his idol, and when he wants to go with Shiro on a mission, SHiro chooses Keith over him. Man, I wonder why he’s so overdramatic about it. Its not like he was treated the same damn way at the gaRISSON OR ANYTHING NAHH

No, but clearly, he has an inferiority complex, especially when it comes to keith, because he knows hes better than him in every way.

People in the show also deny that he has any good skills, and even he himself starts to believe it, when sorta venting to the yupper. (i die a little inside whenever i see it)

I loved it when shiro gave him praise for once because it was specifically for him and not directed at the whole time. It was good job LANCE

And honestly the pride on his face was so heartwarming like omg thank you shiro for ackowledging him

im probably going way off track but anyway 

daily dose of what its like in my mind 24/7 lmao

I hope in season 3 they kinda bring his insecurities up again as a sort of conflict i mean- with Keith possibly becoming Black Paladin, Lance is probably gonna be hella jealous and im sure thats gonna instigate a fight between them, and now theres not really a mediator. So. Fantastic…..

Guys i feel like a lot fo stuff goes right back to shiro, how lance probably aspires to be like him, or be good in his eyes and therefore be good for the rest of the team but hes having this inferiority complex because he feels unappreciated. Like hes just that annoying guy they dont really need and they could replace him if they wanted to, and keeping all of those thoughts hidden or masked by this confident facade is like

lance youre gonna break at some point 

I hope lance gets the recognition and the acknowledgement he deserves in season 3 i swear he better not be tossed under the rug.

School for Dragons AU

Academy AU where all of the students are dragon/human shapshifters. Each student has an amulet that helps them “control the dragon” and the school staff is responsible to teach student learn how to maintain their human form without depending on their amulets, along with other useful skills – flight/speed training, normal school lessons, how to manage both forms, etc.

everyone is doing one of these and i love telling my mutuals that i love them so.. happy valentines day!!💖i hope yall had a wonderful day!! (also,, this is also as thanks for 200 followers! this blog has grown so much and i couldn’t be happier)

ok look i kno its late but its still the fourteenth here so…

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I do not know if you even consider promots and if you don't I am very very sorry but just in case that you do... >_< "Akaashi breaks his car to have an excuse to talk to the local car mechanic (Bokuto). This is the third time within 2 months. This is getting out of hand." Also to another note i reread Savior after bingereading Burn and. Everything. Was. So. Well. Compared. To. Burn. :D And. Thank you for your fics. They are some of my favorites in the fandon to the date. :)

(thank you! and yeah um… burn got away from me a little…)

“Wow, ‘Kaashi!” comes a grating laugh from under his hood.

Akaashi’s eyes flicker up to make sure Bokuto is still focused on the cleverly sabotaged engine of his car, then back to the shifting muscles of Bokuto’s arms, covered in grease and dirt that should not be as sexy as it is.

“You sure do have bad luck with cars, huh?”

“Yes,” Akaashi says. “Terrible luck.”

Luck has nothing to do with it. Hours and hours of Google, maybe, to figure out what is the least conspicuous way to cripple his engine until a certain beefy mechanic can repair it.

And also hours of analyzing Bokuto’s schedule to make sure he’s the one working on it.

Not to mention careful spacing of visits so he doesn’t come off as suspicious.

Akaashi is starting to think maybe it’s more than just the muscles he’s here for, but as Bokuto leans forward Akaashi’s eyes are drawn to his ass and for a moment he feels that perhaps, in this case, these muscles might be worth this kind of effort.

“So, how’s that merger going?” Bokuto asks, because apparently he’s actually been listening to Akaashi’s meaningless small talk well enough to remember what’s going on in his life. That causes an odd feeling to flutter in the base of Akaashi’s gut that has nothing to do with muscles.

“It’s essentially finalized,” Akaashi says. He’s suddenly struck by the feeling that he doesn’t want to limit this conversation to chatter. He wants desperately to ask something person. What’s your favorite color? What was your first pet? Are you single?

“Are you getting a raise?”

“A small one, yes,” Akaashi murmurs absently. 

“I guess that’ll come in handy,” Bokuto says, casually. “If you’re gonna keep spending on fixing your car all the time.”

Akaashi hums, trying to think of a personal question that’s not too obvious. 

After a moment, he notices Bokuto grinning over his shoulder at him.

“Oh,” he says.

“Yeah,” Bokuto replies.

“I was so careful, too,” Akaashi says.

“’Kaashi, it’s been 3 times in under 2 months and your engine is perfect. You coulda done anything to this car and I woulda known,” Bokuto laughs. “I’m not very smart, but I know cars!”

Akaashi wants to know Bokuto well enough to successfully refute that claim, because he can see the glittering cleverness in his eyes after just a few meetings. However, he’s not sure how to make the transition from “the creep who intentionally sabotaged his car to see a mechanic” to someone that Bokuto might go on a date with.

Bokuto leans over him and pulls aside his suit jacket. Akaashi’s heart stops in his chest. Bokuto slides a paper into his pocket. “Call me,” he says. “Today’s repairs are on the house if you pay for dinner. But I eat a lot, ‘Kaashi, so choose wisely!”

“I eat more,” Akaashi blurts.

“Oh yeah? Wanna bet?” Bokuto says with a lopsided grin.

Akaashi manages to find his tongue. “Yes,” he says. “Yes I do.”

Hello everyone! Since I’m almost to 2k, I decided to do my very first follow forever. I never expected this blog to get as much attention as it has and I am very thankful to everyone who follows and supports me. Everyone mentioned in this post are some of my favorite blogs on here, if you don’t follow them yet you definitely should! Also, I am sorry if I missed anybody. I’m sure I probably did so if I you don’t see your name please don’t take it personally! I love everybody. <3

Special thanks:

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Moon: Look, he’s my brother and I care about him, but Sun is always too busy worrying about Pokémon stats and career junk! This is Alola! It’s time to unwind and relax~!

Besides, we already knew from the start who the REAL champion of the two is going to be!

Hello my lovelies! I currently hit 500 followers and I’m so shook. I never thought that I would even reach such a large number. I figured since I hit 500 followers, I should do my first official Follow Forever!(♥→o←♥)

I can’t believe i even hit such a large number. I remember getting 20 followers and cried because that was so much for me?? And now with 500 of you lovelies, I’m just so happy. I made this blog back on the 15th of March, 2015 with my shit posts and gifs. My first ever reblog was a VIXX meme (I’m saying this bc I’m literally staring at my archives). Words can’t explain how happy I am to hit 500+ followers! ʕ*ノᴥノʔ

I’m just going to be tagging the blogs I follow, my mutuals, and my fav blogs overall in this post (in alphabetical order of course~) under the “keep reading” because I don’t want to make this post as long as it is already, but like I said, I’m thankful for all of my followers, and it makes me so happy knowing I have your support! I’m sorry for those of you who I don’t follow back, but I still see you in my notifications and you guys make my heart so happy!

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Hello! I've been following you guys since I was a teenager (when you guys also would have been teenagers!) and I remember you wrote a post once on whether you were sure the animation industry is what God really had in mind for you, or something like that. Well, I suppose I'm going through the same thought process now. The industry seems like an impenetrable fortress at the moment. What I want to know is, what's it really like on the other side? Are you happy?

We’re so sorry this took forever to answer! We’ve been so busy that we haven’t had the energy to write an answer for those more thought provoking messages.

You’re right! There was a post or two with those concerns in mind. Don’t know where it is now, but it’s somewhere in the archives.

Any Christian who knows how important it is to walk with Christ also knows the importance of being the best you can be for Him and others; to truly show His love and compassion. But the question always seems to be for the Christian , “Is this where He wants me to be? What area of work would best be fit for my growth as a Christian?”  There’s this mentality that the entertainment industry is not exactly the first place a Christian should be offering their skills to. They should be in the Church, or going on Missions or other jobs that appear to be a more hands on effort for reaching the message of Christ and “using our abilities for Him”. Sure, it’s encouraged, but God would just be counter productive if he only used His children to be confined to areas of the Church . God will find the most resourceful way to use you for His Glory because He is a creative God who will NOT limit the use of our abilities. Sometimes that means going into the belly of the beast. Give it some time and lots of prayer. The thing is, you never know where you’re going to end up, but when you know you’re in the right place, you will have peace about it!

It’s no hidden secret that the majority of people who work in the entertainment industry are not very keen on Christians in particular, despite it containing people who claim to be accepting of people who have different in beliefs. We know we’ve had a few experiences where people would send us rude comments, messages, or just go out of their way to ignore us simply because we have God in our profile. And this has happened with a few people in animation as well. We haven’t even actively said anything thing to anyone except put a three latter name in our bio. And it usually never fails that we lose followers on social media even after some kind of post that mentions anything in the slightest bit about God. Not to say that people on the other end haven’t experienced negativity from Christians who were un-Christ like in their execution of their differing beliefs either, but more or less, we are very few in this industry. And if there are more Christians actively working in the industry, sometimes they don’t want to risk their career and connections because of their belief, so they keep God more under wraps.  

So what is it like? It’s been fine, but sometimes it feels lonely. But we have met a few that we can comfortably have conversations with regarding God. But we have also come to know and care about those who don’t know God, and have become what we would consider our friends. We can just simply show our love and pray for them that they may find God. Use your abilities that will be portrayed positively. It doesn’t have to be that you need to be drawing pictures of Jesus or walk around with a Bible in tow everywhere you go. But your actions and sometimes your answers to certain situations can really be a defining trait that people will make the connection with if people know about your faith in God.  We believe God is leading us somewhere. And He is leading you somewhere too. This is just one pit-stop to another destination in our life. He has the master plan. And it’s not always easy, but God will be there to guide you in your steps and lead you where He knows it’s best for you. Trust us, we did a lot of praying too and had doubts as well.

As for being happy? Well, we’re doing pretty okay! Happy is kind of a broad term for  something that seems like we need to experience 24/7. Because like any human, we’re not always happy. We have our rough days, days of doubt, anxiety, sadness, frustration, confusion, etc. But we can have Joy and seek Peace knowing the God is with us and that we can rely on Him .

One of our favorite verses because in times of uncertainty, there is Hope. We just need to trust. 

Proverbs 3:5-6 (New King James version)

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.


> Good morning*
> It’s 5:30 PM over here
> I want to speak in many different languages, but I can’t sorry
> How did you know it was me? I’m curious
> Jimin style? You can tell? ARMYs are amazing
> I’m an ARMY too
> I can’t tell which member it is when they write (in the chatroom)
> I am always eating well, so you don’t have to worry about that
> *send WOW sticker*
> It’s been a while since I’ve done a VLIVE
> You want me to do one?ㅋ ㅋㅋㅋI watched some of Namjoon hyungsㅋㅋ
> No I watched the entire time
> ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋNo I didn’t leave to the bathroom
> Hm
> I’m not sleepingㅋㅋ
>  ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋI can’t use English ㅋㅋㅋ don’t worry
> Am I that slow? (at replying he took like 5 minutes each message lol)
> I’m thankful for all the countries that support us_please translate this
> I told you I didn’t go to the bathroom ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
> You all keep bringing up the bathroom ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
> Okay the next time I join
> I will type quickly
> Actually no, I will type really quickly
> Anyways all our members are doing fine
> None of us are sick, we eat and sleep well, so don’t worry
> Thank you and I miss our ARMY
> I have to go get ready
> That was quick right?
> I’ll be back later bye

trans: jhope-shi

* = typed in English


I drew this comic based off  @ask-married-nick-wilde who’s original post you can find here lol i thought it was cute. I hope I did you proud dude.

Oh yeah and sorry I’ve been completely AWOL this week guys. Life, you know? Also this took me way longer than it should of and on top of that I decided to color it, which you know is so easy for me to do so quickly haha I really wanted to color the whole room and interior but I just wanted to finish this.

Anyway here you guys go :*

300 word list in Lithuanian

Idea (and list!) by @funwithlanguages​ (original)

First Verbs

  1. be - būti
  2. there is - yra
  3. have - turiu (I) / turi (you) / turi (he/she/it/they)  / turime (we) / turite (you pl.)
  4. do - darau (I) / darai (you) / daro (he/she/it/they) / darome (we) / darote (you pl.)
  5. go - vykstu (I) / vyksti (you) / vyksta (he/she/it/they) / vykstame (we) / vykstate (you pl.)
  6. want - noriu (I) / nori (you/he/she/it/they) / norime (we) / norite (you pl.)
  7. can - galiu (I) / gali (you) / gali (he/she/it/they) / galime / galite
  8. need -  turiu (I) / turi (you) / turi (he/she/it/they) / turime (we) / turite (you pl.)
  9. think - galvoju (I) / galvoji (you) / galvoja (he/she/it/they) / galvojame (we) / galvojate (you pl.)
  10. know - žinau (I) / žinai (you) / žino (he/she/it/they) / žinome (we) / žinote (you pl.)
  11. say - sakau (I) / sakai (you) / sako (he/she/it/they) / sakome (we) / sakote (you pl.)
  12. like - mėgstu (I) / mėgsti (you) / mėgsta (he/she/it/they) / mėgstame (we) / mėgstate (you pl.)
  13. speak - kalbu (I) / kalbi (you) / kalba (he/she/it/they) / kalbame (we) / kalbate (you pl.)
  14. learn -  mokausi (I) / mokaisi (you) / mokosi (he/she/it/they) / mokomės (we) / mokotės (you pl.)
  15. understand - suprantu (I) / supranti (you) / supranta (he/she/it/they) / suprantame (we) / suprantate (you pl.)  


  1. that (as in “I think that…” or “the woman that…”) - depends on situation 
  2. and - ir
  3. or - ar
  4. but - bet
  5. because - nes / todėl kad / kadangi
  6. though - nors / bet
  7. so (meaning “therefore”; e.g. “I wanted it, so I bought it”) - todėl / dėl to
  8. if - jei / jeigu


  1. of -  n/a
  2. to - n/a
  3. from - nuo
  4. in - n/a
  5. at (a place) - n/a
  6. at (a time) - n/a
  7. with - su
  8. about - apie
  9. like (meaning “similar to”) - kaip
  10. for - dėl (for that reason), už (for doing this). [ for you and for a while don’t need a preposition ]
  11. before (also as a conjunction) - prieš
  12. after (also as a conjunction) - po
  13. during - per

Question Words

  1. who - kas?
  2. what - kas? / ką?
  3. where - kur?
  4. when - kada?
  5. why - kodėl?
  6. how - kaip?
  7. how much - kiek?
  8. which - kuris? (m) / kuri? (f)


  1. a lot - daug
  2. a little - mažai
  3. well - gerai
  4. badly - blogai
  5. only - tik / tiktai
  6. also - taip pat / irgi
  7. very - labai
  8. too (as in “too tall”) - per
  9. too much - per daug 
  10. so (as in “so tall”) - koks
  11. so much - kiek daug / tiek daug
  12. more (know how to say “more … than …”) - daugiau [ daugiau.. nei.. ]
  13. less (know how to say “less … than …”) - mažiau [mažiau.. nei.. ]
  14. as … as … (e.g. “as tall as”) - kaip
  15. most - labiausiai
  16. least - mažiausiai
  17. better - geresnis / geresnė [ geriau (feeling better) ]
  18. best - geriausias
  19. worse - blogesnis / blogesnė [ blogiau (feeling worse) ]
  20. worst - blogiausias
  21. now- dabar
  22. then - tada
  23. here - čia
  24. there - ten / tenai
  25. maybe - gal / galbūt
  26. always - visada
  27. usually - paprastai / dažniausiai
  28. often - dažnai
  29. sometimes - kartais [ rarely - retai ]
  30. never - niekada
  31. today - šiandien
  32. yesterday - vakar
  33. tomorrow - rytoj
  34. soon - greitai
  35. almost - beveik
  36. already - jau
  37. still - visdar
  38. even - net 
  39. enough - pakankamai / užtektinai


  1. the, a (technically articles) - n/a
  2. this - šis/šitas
  3. that - tas
  4. good - geras (m) / gera (f)
  5. bad - blogas / bloga
  6. all - viskas
  7. some - kai kas
  8. no - ne
  9. any - bet kuris
  10. many - daug
  11. few - nedaug
  12. most - dauguma
  13. other - kita
  14. same - toks pats
  15. different - kitoks
  16. enough - pakankamai / užtentinai
  17. one - vienas
  18. two - du
  19. a few - keli / kelios
  20. first - pirmas / pirma
  21. next - kitas / kita
  22. last (meaning “past”, e.g. “last Friday”) - praeitas / praeita
  23. last (meaning “final”) - paskutinis / paskutinė
  24. easy - lengvas / lengva
  25. hard - sunkus / sunki
  26. early - anksti (when? ) [ ankstus/ankstyvas (m) / ankstyva (f) - what kind? ]
  27. late - vėlai (when?) [ vėlus/vėlyvas (m) / vėlyva (f) - what kind? ]
  28. important - svarbus / svarbi
  29. interesting - įdomus / įdomi
  30. fun - smagus / smagi
  31. boring - nuobodus / nuobodi
  32. beautiful - gražus / graži
  33. big - didelis / didelė
  34. small - mažas / maža
  35. happy - linksmas / linksma or laimingas / laiminga
  36. sad - liūdnas / liūdna
  37. busy - užsiėmęs / užsiėmusi
  38. excited - nekantraujantis / nekantraujanti
  39. tired - pavargęs / pavargusi
  40. ready - pasiruošęs / pasiruošusi
  41. favorite - mėgstamiausias / mėgstamiausia
  42. new -  naujas / nauja
  43. right (meaning “correct”) - teisingas / teisinga [ teisus / teisi - what kind? ]
  44. wrong - neteisingas / neteisinga or klaidingas / klaidinga [ neteisus / neteisi - what kind? ]
  45. true - tiesa (noun; same word for ‘truth’)


Know them in the subject (“I”), direct object (“me”), indirect object (“to me”), and possessive (“my”) forms.

  1. I - aš | mane | man | mano
  2. you - tu | tave | tau | tavo
  3. she - ji | ją | jai | jos
  4. he - jis | jį | jam | jo
  5. it - n/a
  6. we - mes | mus | mums | mūsų
  7. you (plural) - jūs | jus | jums | jūsų
  8. they - jie | juos | jiems | jų


  1. everything - viskas
  2. something - kažkas
  3. nothing - niekas
  4. everyone - visi
  5. someone - kažkas
  6. no one - niekas
  7. (name of the language you’re studying) Lietuvių kalba
  8. English - Anglų kalba
  9. thing - dalykas (not material) / daiktas (material)
  10. person - asmuo
  11. place - vieta
  12. time (as in “a long time”) - laikas
  13. time (as in “I did it 3 times”) - kartas
  14. friend - draugas (m) / draugė (f)
  15. woman - moteris
  16. man - vyras
  17. money - pinigai
  18. country - šalis
  19. (name of your home country) Lietuva
  20. city - miestas
  21. language - kalba
  22. word - žodis
  23. food - maistas
  24. house - namas
  25. store - parduotuvė
  26. office - biuras
  27. company - kompanija
  28. manager - vadybinikas
  29. coworker - bendradarbis
  30. job - darbas
  31. work (as in “I have a lot of work to do”) - darbas
  32. problem - problema
  33. question - klausimas
  34. idea - idėja
  35. life - gyvenimas
  36. world - pasaulis
  37. day - diena
  38. year - metai
  39. week - savaitė
  40. month - mėnuo
  41. hour - valanda
  42. mother, father, parent - motina, tėvas, tėvas (parent and father can be the same word)
  43. daughter, son, child - dukra, sūnus, vaikas
  44. wife, husband - žmona, vyras
  45. girlfriend, boyfriend - mergina, vaikinas

More Verbs

  1. work (as in a person working) - dirbu (I) / dirbi (you) / dirba (he/she/it/they) / dirbame  (we) / dirbate (you pl.)
  2. work (meaning “to function”, e.g. “the TV works”) - veikia / funkcionuoja
  3. see - matau (I) / matai (you) / mato (he/she/it/they) / matome (we) / matote (you pl.)
  4. use - naudoju (I) / naudoji (you) / naudoja (he/she/it/they) / naudojame (we) / naudojate (you pl.)
  5. should - turėčiau (I) / turėtum (you) / turėtų (he/she/it/they) / turėtume (we) / turėtumėte (you pl.)
  6. believe - tikiu (I) / tiki (you) / tiki (he/she/it/they) / tikime (we) / tikite (you pl.)
  7. practice - treniruojuosi (I) / treniruojiesi (you) / treniruojasi (he/she/it/they) / treniruojamės (we) / treniruojatės (you pl.)
  8. seem - atrodau (I) / atrodai (you) / atrodo (he/she/it/they) / atrodome (we) / atrodote (you pl.)
  9. come - ateinu (I) / ateini (you) / ateina (he/she/it/they) / ateiname (we) / ateinate (you pl.)
  10. leave - išeinu (I) / išeini (you) / išeina (he/she/it/they) / išeiname (we) / išeinate (you pl.)
  11. return - sugrįžtu (I) / sugrįžti (you) / sugrįžta (he/she/it/they) / sugrįžtame (we) / sugrįžtate (you pl.)
  12. give - duodu (I) / duodi (you) / duoda (he/she/it/they) / duodame (we) / duodate (you pl.)
  13. take - imu (I) / imi (you) / ima (he/she/it/they) / imame (we) / imate (you pl.)
  14. bring - atnešu (I) / atneši (you) / atneša (he/she/it/they) / atnešame (we) / atnešate (you pl.)
  15. look for - ieškau (I) / ieškai (you) / ieško (he/she/it/they) / ieškome (we) / ieškote (you pl.)
  16. find - randu (I) / randi (you) / randa (he/she/it/they) / randame (we) / randate (you pl.)
  17. get (meaning “obtain”) - gaunu (I) / gauni (you) / gauna (he/she/it/they) / gauname (we) / gaunate (you pl.)
  18. receive - [same as above]
  19. buy - perku (I) / perki (you) / perka (he/she/it/they) / perkame (we) / perkate (you pl.)
  20. try - bandau (I) / bandai (you) / bando (he/she/it/they) / bandome (we) / bandote (you pl.)
  21. start - pradedu (I) / pradedi (you) / pradeda (he/she/it/they) / pradedame (we) / pradedate (you pl.)
  22. stop (doing something) - nustoju (I) / nustoji (you) / nustoja (he/she/it/they) / nustojame (we) / nustojate (you pl.)
  23. finish - baigiu (I) / baigi (you) / baigia (he/she/it/they) / baigiame (we) / baigiate (you pl.)
  24. continue - tęsiu (I) / tęsi (you) / tęsia (he/she/it/they) / tęsiame (we) / tęsiate (you pl.)
  25. wake up - atsibundu (I) / atsibundi (you) / atsibunda (he/she/it/they) / atsibundame (we) / atsibundate (you pl.)
  26. get up - atsikeliu (I) / atsikeli (you) / atsikelia (he/she/it/they) / atsikeliame (we) / atsikeliate (you pl.)
  27. eat - valgau (I) / valgai (you) / valgo (he/she/it/they) / valgome (we) / valgote (you pl.)
  28. eat breakfast (in several languages, this is a verb) - pusryčiauju (I) / pusryčiauji (you) / pusryčiauja (he/she/it/they) / pusryčiaujame (we) / pusryčiaujate (you pl.)
  29. eat lunch - pietauju (I) / pietauji (you) / pietauja (he/she/it/they) / pietaujame (we) / pietaujate (you pl.)
  30. eat dinner - vakarieniauju (I) / vakarieniauji (you) / vakarieniauja (he/she/it/they) / vakarieniaujame (we) / vakarieniaujate (you pl.)
  31. happen - atsitinka (he/she/it/they) [sounds illogical in other forms]
  32. feel - jaučiu (I) / jauti (you) / jaučia (he/she/it/they) / jaučiame (we) / jaučiate (you pl.)
  33. create (aka “make”) - kuriu (I) / kuri (you) / kuria (he/she/it/they) / kuriame (we) / kuriate (you pl.)
  34. cause (aka “make”) - sukeliu (I) / sukeli (you) / sukelia (he/she/it/they) / sukeliame (we) / sukeliate (you pl.)
  35. meet (meeting someone for the first time) - susipažįstu (I) / susipažįsti (you) / susipažįsta (he/she/it/they) / susipažįstame (we) / susipažįstate (you pl.)
  36. meet (meaning “to bump into”) - sutinku (I) / sutinku (you) / sutinka (he/she/it/they) / sutinkame (we) / sutinkate (you pl.)
  37. meet (an arranged meeting) - susitinku (I) / susitinki (you) / susitinki (he/she/it/they) / susitinkame (we) / susitinkate (you pl.)
  38. ask (a question) - klausiu (I) / klausi (you) / klausia (he/she/it/they) / klausiame (we) / klausiate (you pl.)
  39. ask for (aka “request”) - prašau (I) / prašai (you) / prašo (he/she/it/they) / prašome (we) / prašote (you pl.)
  40. wonder - domiuosi (I) / domiesi (you) / domisi (he/she/it/they) / domimės (we) / domitės (you pl.) [there is no literal translation so this is a bit off]
  41. reply - atsakau (I) / atsakai (you) / atsako (he/she/it/they) / atsakome (we) / atsakote (you pl.)
  42. mean - reiškiu (I) / reiški (you) / reiškia (he/she/it/they) / reiškiame (we) / reiškiate (you pl.)
  43. read - skaitau (I) / skaitai (you) / skaito (he/she/it/they) / skaitome (we) / skaitote (you pl.)
  44. write - rašau (I) / rašai (you) / rašo (he/she/it/they) / rašome (we) / rašote (you pl.)
  45. listen - klausau (I) / klausai (you) / klauso (he/she/it/they) / klausome (we) / klausote (you pl.)
  46. hear - girdžiu (I) / girdi (you) / girdi(he/she/it/they) / girdime (we) / girdite (you pl.)
  47. remember - prisimenu (I) / prisimeni (you) / prisimena (he/she/it/they) / prisimename (we) / prisimenate (you pl.)
  48. forget - pamirštu (I) / pamiršti (you) / pamiršta (he/she/it/they) / pamirštame (we) / pamirštate (you pl.)
  49. choose - pasirenku (I) / pasirenki (you) / pasirenka (he/she/it/they) / pasirenkame (we) / pasirenkate (you pl.)
  50. decide - nusprendžiu (I) / nusprendi (you) / nusprendžia (he/she/it/they) / nusprendžiame (we) / nusprendžiate (you pl.)
  51. be born - gimstu (I) / gimsti (you) / gimsta (he/she/it/they) / gimstame (we) / gimstate (you pl.)
  52. die - mirštu (I) / miršti (you) / miršta (he/she/it/they) / mirštame (we) / mirštate (you pl.)
  53. kill - žudau (I) / žudai (you) / žudo (he/she/it/they) / žudome (we) / žudote (you pl.)
  54. live - gyvenu (I) / gyveni (you) / gyvena (he/she/it/they) / gyvename (we) / gyvenate (you pl.)
  55. stay - lieku (I) / lieki (you) / lieka (he/she/it/they) / liekame (we) / liekate (you pl.)
  56. change - keičiu (I) / keiti (you) / keičia (he/she/it/they) / keičiame (we) / keičiate (you pl.)
  57. help - padedu (I) / padedi (you) / padeda (he/she/it/they) / padedame (we) / padedate (you pl.)
  58. send - siunčiu (I) / siunti  (you) / siunčia (he/she/it/they) / siunčiame (we) / siunčiate (you pl.)
  59. study - studijuoju (I) / studijuoji (you) / studijuoja (he/she/it/they) / studijuojame (we) / studijuojate (you pl.)
  60. improve - gerinu (I) / gerini (you) / gerina (he/she/it/they) / geriname (we) / gerinate (you pl.)
  61. hope - tikiuosi (I) / tikiesi (you) / tikisi (he/she/it/they) / tikimės (we) / tikitės (you pl.)
  62. care - rūpinuosi (I) / rūpiniesi (you) / rūpinasi (he/she/it/they) / rūpinamės (we) / rūpinatės (you pl.)


  1. hello - labas / sveiki 
  2. goodbye - viso gero / iki / viso
  3. thank you - ačiū
  4. you’re welcome - prašom
  5. excuse me (to get someone’s attention) - atsiprašau
  6. sorry - atsiprašau
  7. it’s fine (response to an apology) - nieko tokio
  8. please - prašau
  9. yes - taip
  10. no - ne
  11. okay - gerai
  12. My name is - mano vardas (yra) …
  13. What’s your name? - koks tavo vardas? / kuo tu vardu?
  14. Nice to meet you - malonu susipažinti
  15. How are you? - kaip sekasi?
  16. I’m doing well, how about you? - gerai, o jums? (formal) /  gerai, o tau? (informal)
  17. Sorry? / What? (if you didn’t hear something) - atsiprašau? (formal) / ką? (informal)
  18. How do you say ______? - kaip pasakyti…?
  19. What does ______ mean? - ką reiškia … ?
  20. I don’t understand - aš nesuprantu 
  21. Could you repeat that? - gal galėtumėte pakartoti? (formal) / gal gali pakartoti? (informal)
  22. Could you speak more slowly, please? - gal galėtumėte kalbėti lėčiau? (formal) / gali kalbėti lėčiau? (informal)
  23. Well (as in “well, I think…”) - na
  24. Really? - tikrai? / rimtai?
  25. I guess that - manyčiau
  26. It’s hot. (talking about the weather) - karšta
  27. It’s cold. (talking about the weather) - šalta

Awhile ago I saw @portentous-offerings make a post about how Marinette’s parents would react if they found out she was ladybug in response to an anon question, and she said something about her parents sending food with her on patrols to share with Chat Noir and it made me think about how touched he would be if parents who’ve never even met him were looking out for him when he barely even has one parent on his side at home.