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Do you have any good/interesting stims you could recommend?

asdfghjk i probably wont answer this coherently bc i am hyper but also crashing rn lmao sorry. but anyway i love this question bc sharing stims is the BEST here are some of my more unusual stims

Body stims

  • twisting hands. like jazz hands but more twisty. like ur turning a doorknob but u go super fast and u feel the flap and gravity and all that
  • pshfjsh u kno when u crouch in full gargoyle pose? bounce on ur toes. thats some Good Shit
  • lightly hit ur chest as u breathe in and u feel it echo and its so good. be careful not to hurt urself tho
  • tap ur collarbone real fast
  • reading lit written in accented language. like OMAM and Trainspotting and such. disclaimer: my adhd dyslexic ass barely ever reads, but reading accented lit out loud is the best
  • similar: fast singing/raps. like have the lyrics up in front if u need them. go as fast as u can it is FUN
  • twirl a pen between ur fingers. bonus: increases dexterity. downside: u will launch ur pen at an authority figure. its inevitable
  • just like. dig ur head in rly hard to a sofa and like stroke it w ur face? i have no idea how to describe it but u know when a cat digs their face into soft things to rub against it? That but u r the cat

bkidvalsdgdbh ok thts all i can think on. everyone add on ur own more unusual stims that r fun !

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what do you think about artist kanda (yullen)? headcanons or scenarios or just in general? i thought allen would be great as a muse/model. that personality. the unusual look, those smiles..

I’VE GOT A LOT OF THOUGHTS, thank you for asking

And actually two wip! One has Kanda bargaining with Allen to use him as model for an assignment and another started from a conversation with madeoficeandfire ages ago about jealous!Kanda, but in it they’re just roommates and Kanda happens to be an art major.  

There’s also the kimi no na wa au where Kanda has art as a hobby, but mostly landscapes/studies of objects, not so much people. There’s actually several aus like that.

Sometimes I hesitate to give Kanda a focus on art since it feels like a cop-out on just having Tiedoll being an influence. The only hobby we actually know about is ‘gardening’ (though I can’t remember now where it was said…). Gardening and art share some similarities though! For one, being a mostly individual hobby that involves a lot of dedication, focus, and for the most part skill. It’s not really unreasonable to say Kanda wouldn’t draw, though there’s so much more variety to it than simple ‘drawing whatever’.

Portraits are always nice for shipping purposes, but I like the thought of Kanda favoring landscapes, or just black and white sketches, instead of color or people or fantasy. He might favor more abstract ideas, less concrete images and more emotion or general feeling. 

BUT isn’t Allen just a bottle of emotions, stopper just barely containing it all? There’s something beautiful about someone so full of life, and capturing it just right, the sly twist of his smile, how at first glance he seems unassuming and naive, but when you really look at him, he’s full of lies and deceit, a special kind of mask meant not for the people who look at him, but for himself, foolishly thinking it might become real — idolizing it all on paper is a challenge Kanda is eager to rise to.

What started as an exercise to capture all the intricacies in Allen’s smile turns into a fierce battle to really crack that mask, to find the most real and honest expression Allen can have. How can Kanda draw that out? He’s not good with his words, and his temperament is as fragile as egg shells underfoot, but he never backs down from a challenge.

Countless drafts, portraits, color studies and smiling faces scratched over in rage with thick lines of charcoal. To look at them all, you’d say Kanda hates Allen, but its a thin line between hate, love, and obsession.

It was a simple assignment at first, and Kanda figured painting someone he hated was just as well, since painting someone he loved was impossible. 

Allen didn’t really care what the end result was so long as Kanda paid him, but he can’t deny finding the countless torn drawings offensive. Still, it’s unnerving to be studied so closely. He’s lived half his life with people averting their eyes from his unseemly scars, to be broken down so shamelessly is almost discomforting. The longer Allen models, the more Kanda’s drawings turn from passable fascimiles of him to dedicated studies, capturing the downswept look of his eyes, the quirk in his smile, the almost unnoticeable dimple, even the indents of his scars, the exact rigid pattern on his grotesque arm. 

Allen looks at these drawings and starts to see the ugliness he so desperately hides, and there’s nothing more intimate than being so wholly seen. Even if Kanda never really looks at him with passion in his eyes, Allen can feel it in the lines of his art.

Kanda has never drawn someone with so much of his own impassioned ideas, and Allen’s never been looked at so earnestly and honestly.

TLDR I love this trope no matter how abused it is

#206 - For anonymous x2

Filling the prompts “one where there is a girl who cannot feel love and stuff in romantic way but cares about her friends and family loads. Like there had been guys wanting to date her, but she had always turned them down, friedzoned them because she cannot force herself into relationship where she does not feel anything. But she meets Van and it changes. Something comforting/soothing/fluff” and “a bit in a fic where the reader and van are standing in rain and talking about being in love forever?”

Note: 1) Bonus mini-request for @el-o-quent of the Do The Evolution music video making an appearance. 2) Second bonus mini-request for a demisexual Reader. 3) The friendzone isn’t real. 4) I know this has been at the top of the list for a while; I’m sorry it took so long! But, it’s here. It’s queer. It’s hopefully good. 5) The cookie scene is based on a real-life Van moment.

The ladybug had crawled across the page of your book and onto your skin. You sat up from where you were lying on the grass and shook your hand gently. The bug wouldn’t budge. “Go on, fly,” you whispered to it. When it stayed still, you sighed and threw your book and iPod in your bag. You found a tree and pressed your hand to the trunk in an attempt to make the bug go home. Slowly, it did. “Not so hard, huh?” you asked it. Watching it for a second, you wondered if it had a proper home. Where do ladybugs sleep? Do they sleep? Do any bugs sleep? The cool of the tree’s shade kept you there, and you sat and let your gaze follow the path of the bug. It was hypnotic and calming, but then all of a sudden, it wasn’t.

A dog came bounding over, it yapped at you, then at the tree. Before you could stop it, the dog accidentally sucked up the ladybug. It was probably just sniffing the bark, searching for marks left by other dogs, but in one small movement all your heroic work was eaten up. “Oh no!” you cried louder than probably necessary, standing up. A guy came running over. 

“Mary!” he called to the dog, and the small ball of ladybug killing fluff ran to him. He scooped Mary up in his arms and glanced over at you. He read your sad expression and came closer. “Hey. Sorry ‘bout her. Did she break somethin’ or something?” he asked, but you didn’t know what he meant. “Heard you say 'oh no’ just then,” he continued. 

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Heavy Rain


Introducing Amber!. 

I took some time to try to exercise my creativity by creatign a brand new character. 

Took me a while, Sorry for the delay. Hope you all enjoy it tho.

also (Trans)Pride month colors! yay!

ps. Coffee paws (coffee shop on background) belongs to @hensa 

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Cute blog with even cuter admin!!! ♡ Can I request a scenario with Trickstar members and their s/o watching a horror movie? Maybe with the s/o a bit scared? ( Up to you which Trickstar member is even more scared lol )

aaaa, thank you;;; jsahka I’m really not that cute hhhh;;; But anyway, Trickstar is so cute, they don’t get enough appreciation! Especially as the main unit, I would expect people to like them more…

Sorry for the wait, here’s your request! These took me quite a while, though they’re pretty short,,, I hope you enjoy! (also spoilers: I made two of them scared oops it seemed to fit) 


It’s hard to take anything seriously around this boy.

For real, how was he laughing right now?

“Hahahaha! Look, that blood is so fake! It looks like ketchup! I bet they were cutting a sandwich with that knife, and got ketchup all over it!”

The said knife was held in the hands of the killer, who had vanished after the protagonist got only a glimpse. They were breathing heavily; but not as much as Subaru’s poor significant other. They were watching with wide eyes as they followed the screen. A shriek sounded, resulting in them flinching and covering their eyes.

The orangette couldn’t contain himself.

“That scream sounded so fake! And it was so delayed!” he pointed between laughing fits, doubling over.

Having him laugh was pretty reassuring.

They had finally relaxed a bit, smiling at Subaru’s antics. But the moment the killer’s mask appeared in the dark hallway on the television screen, they yelped. A scream followed, along with an eerie laugh and the sound of a blade running through skin.

They had instinctively pushed themself up against the hysterical male, who’s laugh had only grown at the scene. The bubbly and warm sound comforted them; until it came to an abrupt end.

They suddenly felt two arms wrap around their shaking form. Warmth enveloped them as Subaru laughed a bit.

“You’re scared, huh? Don’t be! It’s just a movie, after all! Movies like this are actually pretty funny, if you make them!”

His body shifted a bit, sliding himself closer to his scared partner.

Their face was still buried in his chest. In a swift movement, he had snaked his head down to theirs, peppering their face with kisses. A giggle escaped their lips, forming a grin as they tried to pull themself to freedom. In response, he pulled them closer.

“There’s that smile~ Your smile is dazzling, you know? More sparkly than anything in the world!”

With one final peck, he grabbed their hand and led them outside.

They didn’t have to ask to know what he was doing. This was a normal part of the routine; no matter where they went together, the day always ended with stargazing.

The orangette laid himself on the ground, staring up at the night sky. He squeezed the hand of his significant other, turning to face them. The lights of the starts twinkled in his bright blue eyes. Even in the dark of night, he seemed to be glowing like the sun.

“Hey, guess what?”

Without waiting for an answer, he continued.

“I love you~”

A faint scream sounded from behind them. Subaru laughed once again, seeing his significant other quiver while whipping their head around frantically. He sat up, squeezing their hand to reassure them. Though that didn’t stop his giggle fit.

After all, he left the movie running on purpose.


How did he do it?

Slow, eerie music poured from the speakers, filling the ears of the couple on the couch.

The music stopped for a moment. It was silent; until the creepy doll appeared out of nowhere, jumpscaring one of the two on the couch.

They held tightly to the male’s arm, who didn’t even flinch. His stillness was surprising. After getting a good look at his face, they couldn’t help but stare.

He had no emotions showing. He was deadpanning, watching the movie with absolutely no reactions.

“You’re hurting my arm,” he commented, expression unwavering. They huffed out an apology, releasing their death grip on his arm. Only now did they realize how tight they had been clinging; they had left marks and cuts from their nails.

Their attention was turned to the screen once more. But not for long; they once again averted their eyes as the doll once again creeped up form the shadows in all its glory. Hokuto, however, continued to watch. His expression remained unchanging.

“Why are you staring at me? The movie is over there,” the boy spoke up, sparing a glance toward his significant other.

They finally decided to mention it. They asked how he had such a straight face.

“I’m just not scared, I guess.”

They continued to gaze at him.

“What? I answered your question.”

How was he not scared?

“It’s just not scary. Dolls aren’t alive.”

He’s not scared? At all?


Not even a tiny bit?

“I already told you.”

Not even a super small-

They were cut off by a shriek sounsing from the television, resulting in them jumping. They had almost fallen off the couch, breathing heavily as they attempted to slow their heart rate.

“Be more careful. I wouldn’t want you getting hurt while under my care. Your parents might hold it against me.”

They examined his face for any sign of… anything. But they were met with blank blue eyes.

“Why are you so jumpy? Sit still.”

They sighed, leaning back into the couch. He didn’t react as they cuddled up against his side, resting their head on his shoulder.

It was comforting to have him so calm, even with the terrifying background noise. Feeling a new sense of content, they drifted off to sleep.

Hokuto looked down at their sleeping form. He sighed.

“I asked you to sit still, not to fall asleep…”

He placed a tender kiss on their forehead, all while keeping his emotionless expression. He was starting to feel a bit nervous, for some strange reason.

“Huh. Maybe the movie does scare me after all…?”

Looking down at his love’s sleeping face once again, he felt his heart tug.

Yeah, it had to be the movie.


The blonde sat motionless, eyes gaping at the screen. Lights flashed through the dark room, coloring the walls and his terrified expression.

It had been Makoto’s idea to watch the new horror film out. He had gotten all excited about it, explaining how everyone’s been talking about it. Being the expert information gatherer that he is, he learned the basic plot, and got plenty of insights on the movie. Yet after all that, here he was, even more afraid than his significant other. And, they didn’t want to be rude, but it was kinda funny. He had been acting all big and brave, claiming he didn’t mind if they got scared. Not even a few minutes after, he was shaking in fear.

Knowing he would be too shy to do it himself, they inched closer to him. He tensed up a bit at the contact, though slowly relaxed. He seemed calm now that the scary part was over. Or so he thought. The blonde fell off the couch at a jumpscare, letting out a short, high-pithed scream. The act was followed with an “Ow…” as he slowly stood back up, rubbing his head. His lover couldn’t help but giggle at the sight of him. They had jumped, too, but his reaction was over the top.

They finally opted to help him up, offering to turn the movie off.

“No, we have to finish it! Subaru told me that the ending was the best pa-” his sentence was cut short as he, once again, jumped. Though this time it was from the piercing screech coming from the speakers.

“Ah! Turn it off!” he begged, covering his eyes. They smiled, pressing the power button on the remote. The screen was overtaken in black, leaving the couple in complete darkness. “Gah, the lights! Where are the lights?” the boy panicked. A crash sounded through the room.

Once the space filled with light, it took a moment to find where Makoto had gone. But there he was, faceplanted into the carpet with the table laying on its side under his feet. Who wouldn’t laugh?

Makoto slowly got up, adjusting his glasses. He must be insanely lucky that they didn’t crack. “Uh, sorry,” he apologized awkwardly. They dismissed it, helping him fix the table.

He stayed silent, just staring at the now upright table. And he would’ve stayed like that, if his lover hadn’t spoken up. They asked if he was okay, to which he nodded.

They took him by the hand, leading him to sit back on the couch. Once he was seated, they pulled a blanket over the both of them.

But when they started spooning him, his face turned bright red.

“Ah, what are you doing?” he stuttered, obviously embarrassed.

Soon after, he mustered up the little courage he had; placing a soft kiss on their cheek.

“Sorry we couldn’t finish the movie.”

They shook their head. They were pretty scared, too. There was no reason for him to feel bad. That managed to cheer him up a bit. Or, at least get hin to smile.

His arms wrapped loosely around their waist. All the terror that had filled him only moments ago seemed to all wash away at once, a sense of comfort overcoming him. A small smile formed on the male’s face; even as shy as he could get, he felt at ease around his significant other. His head fell to rest on their shoulder. After only moments, he drifted out of consciousness.

“I love you…” he muttered out, grinning as he slept in their arms.


Mao had always been one that enjoys babying others, even if he complains a bit.

Now was no acception. Actually, he wanted more than anything to baby his significant other at this moment.

Feeling their figure tremble nervously as the movie became more intense, music slowling down to add suspense, the redhead wrapped an arm around them. With his free hand, he held theirs, rubbing calming circles on the back of their palm.

“Hey, don’t worry. I’m right here, okay? And it’s just a movie, anyway.”

He gave them a gentle, reassuring smile.

In less than a second, that smile flipped into an expression of pure terror. Mao gaped at the screen, his green eyes staring it down in fear. He was visibly trembling.

“That part scare you?” he had trouble keeping his voice steady as he spoke. His features were set in a grin once again, but his eyes suggested otherwise.

They observed the fear in his eyes, unsure of what to say.

“I’ll be here to protect you if anything happens. And again, this is just a movie. It’s all staging.”

At this point, he sounded more like he was talking to himself. Mao looked more scared than his lover, which made him slightly frustrated. Why can’t he be cool and calm like Hokuto?

He let out a quiet sigh. Nothing he can do but pretend he’s not scared.

Easier said than done.

The second year’s eyes were now shut tightly. The terrifying scene played endlessly in his head, as much as he tried to force it down. He gulped nervously. By then, his arm had slid down his partner’s back, resting near their hip. His other one was still gripping theirs. Or, more accurately, squeezing.

They nudged Mao’s side, successfully getting him to look at them.

“What, are you scared again?” he asked softly. The question made them laugh. Were they scared? Sure, a little. But he, on the other hand, looked ready to pee himself.

“Mao, it’s okay to be scared. You don’t have to act so tough,” they assured. Mao looked surprised; offended, even.

“…You could tell?”

They laughed a bit. He might as well have been holding up a sign that said “I’m absolutely terrified,” because that’s how obvious it was. He frowned.

They offered to shut the movie off, if it’s too scary.

“Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine, if you wanna watch it.”

After a quick examination of the redhead, they turned the television off.

“Too scary?” he questioned.

They giggled. “Yeah, for you.”

His face heated up at their remark. Staring at them in disbelief, he spoke. “I said I was fine!”

They decided to leave it be, knowing that Mao would only get offended. They snuggled up against the male, smiling in content. He wrapped his arms around them in response. With his chin rested atop their head, and hand stroking their hair, he whispered gently.

“I’ll become stronger for you. I’ll train until I can protect you from anything that comes your way.”


Magnus talking in different languages

(requested by @of-tea-and-books​)

yes, i can stick magnets on my arm.

but i only do it for a good cause. the letters are magnetic. repainting the arm is too much work

steve decided he wanted to draw this because the last time i did something like this there wasn’t anything to prove it had happened. (last time i painted ‘die nazi scum’ on the side of a tank which id stolen from the nazis. the 40s were a wild time my friends)

(This is for sale on redbubble, both with and without the text and red circle. A black background version is under the cut, just because it looks cool.)

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