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it would be bad if rose reciprocated pearl’s feelings because of two reasons: 1) the power imbalance. pearl was a slave all her life. she was literally born to be a slave. her blind devotion/obsession to rose is unhealthy. and rose should KNOW this. going into any kind of romantic relationship like this is never good 2) rose was dating/having fun with other people and pearl CLEARLY doesn’t like this. it’s really unfair of rose to string pearl along like that. it actually reminds me of person i know and it leaves a sick feeling in my stomach.

- mod b

Chapter Eleven

When Felicity’s parents announce that they’re hiring someone to be her personal bodyguard, what she hears is that she’s going to be stuck with a 24/7 babysitter… something she is so not on board with.

When Oliver takes up the offer to work for the Smoak family he thinks it’s just another job, but he has no idea what he’s about to get himself into.

Protecting the “tech empire heiress” is the easy part, matters of the heart are where things get a bit more complicated.

A big thanks to Sara @gothsmoak who created the stunning cover art for this story and Aubrey @aubvi my awesome beta :)

Rating: T  This Chapter’s Word Count: 4808

Sorry this chapter is up a little later than usual, it took me a while to write because I already have the next few chapters after this one planned out and my brain was full with what’s going to happen in them, but I needed to take a step back and write this one to actually get us there lol. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the chapter and, as always, I would love to here your thoughts. Your feedback on this story has been so encouraging :)

When the sky started turning vibrant shades of pink and orange, the sliding glass doors that led into the house opened and her Uncle stepped out.

“Well I’m glad to see the pool is finally getting some use,” he remarked, surveying the scene of Felicity and Iris floating on some inner tubes they had found in a storage chest. Oliver was stretched out on one of the recliners on the phone with who she was pretty sure was Thea based on the snippets she had overheard of their conversation.

“Hey Uncle Daniel!” Felicity waved. “How was your trip?”

“It was good, thanks for holding down the fort here.” He slipped his shoes off and rolled his pant legs up before sitting on the edge of the pool. “I had this great idea when the renovations were finished here that I would actually use the pool, but I somehow conveniently forgot that launching a new region of a business is an all time-consuming endeavor that doesn’t allow much time for lounging around.”


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Sure, why not! For headcanons, how about: RFA + V + Saeran's favorite board or card game, and what kind of winner/loser they are (gracious winner, sore loser, etc.)

This took a while because I spent too long trying to pick games and changing my mind, but I hope these are decent pairings. :V

EDIT: I realize I forgot to add what kind of winner they are and I’m sorry. :E

+ Strip poker
+ Doesn’t gamble with money all the time
+ Sometimes he enjoys playing with Seven even though seven always beats him
+ He’s not very aggressive when he loses
+ Sometimes he pretends he is tho
+ “oh come on you cheated”
+ It always comes off as whiny
+ If he’s playing with his s/o and he wins he asks for a kiss as a prize

+ Magic the Gathering
+ Did you expect anything else?
+ Honestly this boy loves this game
+ Never shuts up about it sometimes
+ His MtG conversation trails are almost as bad as his video game ones
+ He tried to teach Seven how to play it once
+ Seven is now his ultimate rival
+ Yoosung is a very sore loser
+ Doesn’t shut up about it for hours
+ Sometimes days

+ Cards Against Humanity
+ Bees?
+ Agriculture.
+ Always comes up with the dumbest shit that makes no sense
+ And those things always get the points
+ Want to talk about a bigger blacker dick?
+ You bet your ass he’s right there
+ He probably knows every card combo there is
+ Also has every expansion anyone knew about
+ And created his own
+ One of his own expansions is an RFA exclusive one
+ Doesn’t really mind losing

+ Uno
+ She really loves this game
+ She can’t even really say why
+ But she gets really excited when she only has one card left
+ And it’s adorable
+ She usually wins because people feel bad for winning against her
+ Except Jumin
+ Not a sore loser at all
+ Often congratulates the winner

+ Monopoly
+ Monopoly
+ He gets his ass handed to him all the time
+ This game is nothing like he expected
+ Rarely wins
+ But he usually gets second/third place
+ If he does there’s a practical celebration
+ Asks Jaehee for advice too much
+ “It’s a simple game, Jumin”
+ Isn’t very sore about losing
+ But is extra salty to whoever he loses to

+ Battleship
+ He always needs someone to help him since he’s sight impaired
+ But he has the coordinates memorized now
+ Very strategic
+ It’s almost scary how good he is it’s like he knows what the other player is doing before they’ve placed their pieces
+ Not a sore loser
+ But only Jumin has ever won against him once
+ So maybe just nobody knows what he’s like when he loses

+ Solitaire
+ Why?
+ Because he was alone for so long he had to entertain himself someway
+ I’m ready for hell
+ Still plays it sometimes to distract himself
+ It’s a good therapy for him when he gets mad
+ Created a two player version to play with Seven once their relationship improved
+ Isn’t a sore loser because the game is a team game played with multiple people


a/n: here ya go nonny, sorry it took a while but I’m always determined to make them perfect. And the concept stumped me for a while but I loved it, it was a love/hate thing. also sorry, it kinda flashes forward then goes back and explains how Hope x reader grew up together.  

You’ve been out of school a couple years now, graduating top of your class. You didn’t have much family, the lot of them being killed by Lucien Castle, but Hayley and Klaus were as much your parents as they were Hope’s. Adoptive parents. 

The pair of you as close as you can be since you were a toddler and Hayley couldn’t be around her own child. Slowly when it was alright to show Hope, the child that Esther marked for death, was alive, Hayley introduced the two of you.

Both of you hitting it off right away, playing dolls, dress up, any sort of game that normal every day children played but with the exception that Hope’s magic would get out of control every once in a while.

When Marcel took over the city, Hayley refused to leave you behind. Instead taking you alone with Hope and her sleeping uncles and aunts to the home where the pair of you would grow up, become the young women you were today.

 To Hope’s displeasure you took a liking to her Uncle, Kol. Since you two were sixteen you had somewhat of a crush. And now being eighteen you and her had long talks of it being legal, and her making throw up motions with murmurs of it being “disgusting.” To which you joked about her mom dating her uncle, making her snort with “true.”

Of course you had technicalities, like him becoming a vampire at seventeenish, so technically speaking you and Hope were older than him. That didn’t help her at all, just made her more sickening by the thought of you wanting to seduce her uncle.

It started when the pair of you were up all night, a sleepover, even if you did live there with them. “Have you ever wanted to become a hybrid?” she asked making you shake your head “Not particularly, I see how your dad hates it. I just wouldn’t want to go through that.” She nodded before pointing out “My mom and I don’t hate it.” You laughed “That’s cause you’re also a witch! You age! And your mom never will, what kind of mom wouldn’t love that?”

She laughed before saying “So you wouldn’t want to become a hybrid and stay best friends forever?” when she put it that way it made you think differently. They were the only family you had. You were the only one who was going to die, they would have to bury you.

“I do.” She looked at you, confused. “What?” You laughed hitting her arm “I said I do want to be best friends forever, I want to be sisters forever.” She smiled and bit into her wrist making you ask panicked “Wait what are you doing?” she shrugged “My mom, and dad do this when they’re helping people, they say if you die with blood in your system that you become a hybrid.”

You nodded, the pair of you confused about this whole situation. It was like playing with voodoo dolls at midnight only worse. As she put her wrist to your mouth she whispered “Drink.” making you both laugh, blood splattering on your sheets making her curse and you drank what you thought was a sufficient amount before pushing her arm away “There.”

She nodded before whispering “Do you- or?” You nodded, right. You had to die now. Shakily you shook your head, you didn’t want her to have to do it. “y/n I can do it-” “No Hope, I need to I don’t want you to have to.” You grabbed a pen deciding maybe a quick stab to the neck?

Hope grabbed the pencil “No, I’m doing this. It’ll be quick alright? My dad- I’ve seen him do it a million times.” She grabbed your head and you swallowed the nervousness before holding out your hand, her grabbing it tightly before you heard a snap and everything went black.

You were in a fog, but heard bouts of “Hope how could you do that!?” and “She WANTED to Mom! She wanted to be best friends and sisters forever!” followed by Rebekah’s voice of “You can’t just kill people Hope!!” And feeling a hand swipe across your forehead, a fatherly gesture. Blinking open your eyes you whispered “it’s not Hope’s fault.” A sturdy hand under your neck lifted you up, Klaus. “Up you go lo’” you grabbed onto his arm as you looked at Hayley “It’s true, I didn’t want to die. I wanted to be with you all for good. I wanted a family.” Hayley rubbed her lips together before attacking you in a hug “Don’t ever do that.” you laughed and Hope yelled “Mom you’re killing her!”

Ever since that fateful day, you noticed the family start to act differently. They were making schedules and talking lowly. More importantly Kol. He was starting to take notice more. Which in a way pissed you off more than anything, were you not good enough just as a wolf?

“Y/n… we’ve made a schedule. Since you’re new to feeding, we’ll need to take turns teaching you all there is to know as a vampire.” You nodded as Klaus explained Rebekah will teach you how to run, Hayley will teach you how to keep it under control, Elijah will teach you how to kill, Kol will teach you how to hunt, and Klaus will teach you how to feed but not kill people.

Hope looked over the board “And what can I do?” Klaus laughed, Kol interjecting “I think you’ve done enough.”

Walking into the woods with Kol you held in the anger, that all you’ve been able to feel ever since breakfast. How dare he. And he barely had spoken to you since you’ve turned.

“Alright… we’re going to focus on you’re hearing. Then we’re going to make sure you know what you’re after and go for it.” You nodded lazily before your ears perked up. “You hear it to?” you nodded and he followed as you took off running in the direction you both heard it.

Stopping short you held out your hand, seeing a deer. Kol’s chest was pressed against your back and you bit a smile as he whispered, “Focus on the heartbeat, when you know it’s not going to run go after it.” You nodded, focusing on the heartbeat, hearing a steady rhythm, about to go after it when you felt his hand slide down your arm. His other hand moving to your waist, whispering “Keep focusing.” You let out a scoffing laugh “I can’t..” he nodded, pulling your hair to the side, letting his breath ghost over the skin "You can..“

You turned in his grasp, pulling his face to yours as you kissed him, biting down harshly on his bottom lip making him pull away with a grin, the blood healing before your eyes "did you just bite me?” You grinned and he pushed you against a tree, pulling you up as you wrapped your legs around his waist, his fingers pulling open the button on your jeans while you tore at his shirt.

You pulled away, resting your forehead against his in fear hearing Hope’s voice “Y/n!!!!! Where are you!? My dad said to help you with controlling not killing some animal!” You looked at Kol whispering with panicked eyes "Say a thing and I’ll kill you.“ He smirked nuzzling his forehead against yours "Won’t say a word love.”

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i’m really sorry i think i accidentally sent an unfinished ask to your blog. if you get an ask saying “yaint’d’ve” please ignore it.

Honestly, receiving this in my inbox has made my day. I just laughed so hard when I saw it and then when your second message came in I literally died. But what was the whole ask you were trying to send me in the first place? I’m curious now. 

Yaint’d’ve… I’m seriously laughing so hard right now, it took me a while to compose myself enough to actually reply to this. I’m sorry for not ignoring it but this gem needs to be appreciated.

Clarity [Kawoshin fic] Chapter 15: Makoto Hyuga


Warnings: None

Words:  3,336

I actually updated XD I’m sorry it took a year to update. Holy cow.

Thank you so much to my wonderful betaa reader! @finyb

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Giantslayer (pt. 1) [Edmund Pevensie]

Summary: When you enter Narnia, your only companions are a Gentle Giant and a ginger cat. After hearing about four human Kings and Queens of Narnia, you decide to pay them a visit. You never expected for them to take a strong liking to you, especially a certain dark-haired king. Requested by @abbeylou7

Word Count: 1,563

Note: Ahh, this took forever, I am so sorry! I plan on making this a two part or three part imagine so the prompts you requested should come in then.

Warnings: None.

One and ½ Years Ago. Earth.

Clouds drift across the azure sky as you lay on a grassy hill, far away from home, the cause of many problems in your life.

Your parents want you to go to college and follow in their footsteps, while you want to do what you want to do.

“Why do they have to decide for me?” you mutter to yourself. “I wish I could go someplace where I can be whatever I want. A doctor, a lawyer, a defender of justice. I wish I could…I could run away.”

The idea starts to take root in your mind and you sit up. Something sparks in your eyes and you push yourself to your feet. Cupping your hands around your mouth, you shout at the view below you. “I will run away! I will do what I want! My parents won’t be able to stop me!”

You start to march down the hill, fists clenched and chin up, telling yourself that you will do this.

But then the strangest thing happens. As you stomp, you find yourself moving higher and higher, the forest below you getting smaller and smaller. Looking down at your feet, you scream as you see that there is nothing beneath you. It is impossi–

And then you plummet.

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@fastfish tagged me to do this a couple of days ago and I figured I’d better while I was thinking about it ^^; 

It’s home screen (second page so y’all can actually see) lock screen, last song I listened to, and my most recent selfie (this is a weird selfie, sorry y’all ^^; I took a picture in the church parking lot to ask mom if she wanted the liquid lip I had on… I have no makeup on my face except for blush ^^;)

I tag anyone who wants to do this but @iamashamedofmyfanfics  and @squirreltastic y’all definitely need to <3 <3 <3 


Characters:Steve x reader (platonic),Nat x reader (platonic)sam wilson,clint barton,briefly Bucky.

Summary:(Y/N) is finally on her last day of her week long mission.while on her way home she gets a call from her mother and it’s bad news for her dad.

A/N:I’m so sorry for not posting this sooner because of family obligation for my grandmother’s funeral yesterday.but here it is now.hopefully its worth the wait!sorry again.

Warnings:mention of blood,angst,I think that it.


“(Y/N) watch out!”
Nat yells to her when she sees a Hydra agent she thought she took out (knife in hand) come towards (Y/N), who she noticed wasn’t paying attention to what was about to happen. Thankfully (Y/N) Nat’s warning and turned around to block the first attack of his knife, but he was quicker and bigger than she expected and cut her above the eyebrow. Now blood running down her face ,(Y/N) was getting tired but also she was mad now.

While dodging his blows left and right, she started to notice some of his slip-ups in his combat skills .which she used to her advantage ,so she roundhouse kicked him in the abdomen ,like Bucky had taught her to do in countless trainings until it was perfect. Once the man fell on his back and hit his head on the concrete which stunned him momentarily,(Y/N) jumped on him ,and with all the strength she could put in it punched the man hard enough to knock him out for a while. She catches her breath and gets up dusting herself off and takes the man’s knife.(Y/N) walks up to Nat ,who just finished taking down the last Hydra agent.

“Thanks Nat.”
Nat looks at her eyes wide ,noticing the big shiny serrated edge knife in (Y/N)’s hand.

“No problem..I’m just curious.Why do you have that guy’s knife? And what do you plan on doing with it?”

“Nat did you see that guy? Compared to me he was freaking Goliath! But I took him down by myself, and I think I should get a trophy for taking down that Blockhead jerk. plus he cut me above my perfectly shaped eyebrow! I always wanted to learn how to throw knives. I think that would be a great combat skill.”

Nat Chuckles at (Y/N)’s dorkiness and rolls her eyes looks at her cut and sighs.

“ you’re going to need stitches.”

“ do you think Bucky would be into a girl who is an expert at throwing knives?”(Y/N) says totally disregarding Nats previous statement and she rolls her eyes dramatically.

“ why don’t you ask him yourself?”(Y/N)’s cheeks redden at Nat’s statement ,which only caused Nat to giggle in amusement.

“ Nat you know I can’t do that and even if I could, he doesn’t feel the same for me as I do for him.”

“ you never know.” Nat says walking away.

Steve calls you pull over your Kong devices"(Y/N)?Nat? Our mission is complete are you guys a go?“

” Yes Cap, we’re on our way to the jet now.“ Nat informs Steve over her Comm device.

(Y/N) now holding her forehead started to feel the exhaustion from fighting bad guys all week and loss of blood, as she followed Nat to meet Steve and Sam at the jet. When they make it to the jet both men turn around and noticed (Y/N)’s condition, seeing the blood running from under her hand which stains her face ,neck, and hand. Sam is the first one to speak up while Steve stands there in silence taking in the sight of a bloody (Y/N) in front of him.

“Damn girl..You look terrible.Who did this to you?”

“ Wilson don’t start with me, I’ve got the jerks knife and I won’t hesitate to start learning how to throw knives at your dumb butt!”

(Y/N) says while glaring at Sam who stood there dumbfounded at her previous statement ,while Nat and Steve burst into laughter while entering the jet. Now worried and hesitant to ask “ you guys aren’t going to let her do that to me are you?”

“ Not.. unless.. you give us a reason.. too!” Steve gets out through his laughing. Now an exhausted (Y/N) sits down still holding her forehead ,when Nat comes up with the first aid kit in hand.

“ I’m going to have to stitch that closed so it can heal properly. This is going to hurt.” She says when wincing.

(Y/N) new that if she didn’t get it stitched it could not heal right ,so she nodded in understanding. While Nat was stitching (Y/N) up she noticed how quiet and zoned out ,staring at the black screen of her phone (Y/N) was. Clearly she was in deep thought probably about her dad so Nat decided to speak up “ what are you thinking about? You are so quiet it’s creeping me out.”

Breaking (Y/N) from her deep thought of what she needed to be mentally prepared for when she gets to her parents. She looked up at not to just finished fixing (Y/N) injury and cleaned up a little of the blood she could see ,and she finally spoke.

“ Nat I’m so worried about my dad. I’m scared that when I get there I will hear bad news that I don’t think I’ll be able to handle, but I want to hear good news that he’s getting better and will be okay. I just want him to be okay.”

“ he is a strong man and I believe he will be okay. But whatever news you get remember to be strong for him and your mom.”

As soon as Nat finished her sentence,(Y/N)’s phone starts to ring and she sees it’s her mother calling. Now internally panicking that this could be bad news. Why else would her mom be calling? Nat notice is the worried look on (Y/N)’s face and squeezes her hand and gives her a reassuring smile and walks away to sit next to Sam who is asleep snoring.(Y/N) hesitantly answers her phone and here’s her mother so being on the other end of the phone.

“Hey mom..Whats wrong?”

“(Y/N) it’s your father the doctor says… h-he hasn’t got much longer to l- live….p- please come as fast as you can before..before…b- before he’s gone.” She gets out as she gasp through tears.

“ Ok Mom I’m coming. Tell him to hold on till I get there. I’m coming.”(Y/N) says with fresh tears now streaming down her slightly blood and dirt stained cheeks and hangs up the phone.

Steve sees his best friend now with her head on her knees and arms tucked under her torso crying and sniffling. He quickly takes a seat next to her with a hand on her back and Worriedly questions her “(Y/N/N) are you okay? What happened?” He waited patiently but still worried for her to answer him. Once she somewhat calmed herself down after a few minutes of Steve’s question.

“S- steve it’s my dad… my mom just c- called me and said that the doctor doesn’t believe that he has much l- longer to l-live.”

“Oh (Y/N) I’m so sorry!we’ll get you to him as fast as we can.”

Steve says pulling (Y/N) to his body and holding her as she she cried into his chest. Nat seen (Y/N) crying and knew it was bad news so she went and sat next to Steve and (Y/N) and sat in silence rubbing (Y/N)’s back soothingly. Steve and Nat shared silent looks of understanding that they had to get their friend to her father as soon as possible.

“ Clint we need to get (Y/N) to the Medstar hospital Center in D.C. ASAP.” Clint didn’t question it and started changing their course.

“ Copy that Cap switching course. Should be there in three hours.”

Steve knew his best friend Bucky had a big crush on (Y/N) and would want to know about (Y/N) father, and would want to be there for support. Steve texted Bucky

‘Bucky (Y/N)’s dad is dying ,we’re on our way to the hospital now.’
Bucky replied in seconds after reading Steve’s text.

‘oh no ,what hospital?’

’ MedStar Hospital Center in D.C.’ Steve replied while still holding (Y/N). And Bucky replied with a simple.

’ I’m on my way.’

So I hope that was worth waiting.i hope you all enjoyed this part and look forward to the next part.because I am!also if any of you lovelies want to be tagged in this series let me know!


Hey, guys! I’m sorry for the silence on this blog but I’ve been busy looking after this kitten I found crying in my backyard. It took a long time to coax it out the grass but after a while she let me feed and pet her. She didn’t have on a collar so I named her Mable.

Mable is currently living at my aunt’s house and aunt is thrilled to have another cat. She has four cats already and they all took a shine to their new family member so Mable’s in good hands.

yes, i can stick magnets on my arm.

but i only do it for a good cause. the letters are magnetic. repainting the arm is too much work

steve decided he wanted to draw this because the last time i did something like this there wasn’t anything to prove it had happened. (last time i painted ‘die nazi scum’ on the side of a tank which id stolen from the nazis. the 40s were a wild time my friends)

(This is for sale on redbubble, both with and without the text and red circle. A black background version is under the cut, just because it looks cool.)

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