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This kinda ties in to the way you mentioned that Roman has anger issues (at least to me, it does): hc that Logan always has to know where Roman and Virgil are. Virgil's usually home, so that's okay, but sometimes Roman's theatre rehearsals and stuff run late or something, and whenever that happens, Logan starts calling and texting constantly until he gets a response. Roman can usually deal with it, but sometimes he feels really restricted and gets annoyed at Logan which usually why they fight.

good shit good shit

tw for fighting/yelling, anger, alcohol/drinking

-Logan is a really protective & paranoid person. he’s not really sure if he can blame that on his parents, or his past relationship, or if that’s just how he is naturally. regardless it gets him into some annoying situations.

-Logan always has to know where Virgil and Roman are. always. it doesn’t ever cross into abusive behavior where he yells at them for not telling him where they are, or forbids them from going places. he just worries about them getting hurt, or somehow getting themselves into bad situations. but it’s still pretty unhealthy. he’s just afraid of admitting that.

-Virgil is home a lot of the time so Logan doesn’t really need to worry about him (of course he still does), but Roman stays at the theater late some nights, and Logan really doesn’t like that. the theater isn’t necessarily in what you would call a sketchy part of town, but it still isn’t the nicest, and that sends Logan’s thoughts running wild. he tries to stay calm, and rational. he tries to think of logical explanations as to why Roman doesn’t tell him when he’ll be home some nights, and he tries to not jump to conclusions. but it isn’t always that easy.

-One particular night Roman stayed at the theater way later than he usually does, and Logan was worried. he called him then texted him a few times when he didn’t answer.

nerd💖: Are you coming home soon?

nerd💖: Surely, you should be finishing soon.

nerd💖: Are you even at the theater anymore?

nerd💖: I understand that you’re busy, but I wish you’d at the very least send me one text. I like to know that you’re okay.

nerd💖: I’m sorry I worry so much. I wish I didn’t think so negatively. I just can’t help it.

Prince💛: omfg, Logan. calm down. im fine.

Prince💛: ill be home around 1. don’t wait up.

nerd💖: I’m waiting up. Virgil and Patton are asleep so I have nothing to do.

Prince💛: oh my god go to bed Logan. Virgil’s gonna freak out if he wakes up & sees that neither of us are there

nerd💖: He is aware of what I’m doing.

Prince💛: idc go to bed before i flip my shit

nerd💖: Why would you “flip your shit?” There is no reason to be angry.

Prince💛: ur the reason to be angry! ur worried for no fucking reason. u know where i am & u know why. that’s all u need to know.

nerd💖: I apologize. I’ll leave you be. Please just text me to let me know when you’ll be coming home. I love you.

Prince💛: yeah. love you too.

-Roman came home around 1:30 that night, and was upset to find Logan waiting for him in the living room. He sat next to him on the couch, and took off his jacket and shoes as he said, “I told you not to wait up for me, and what do you do? God, Logan. I told you that I was fine.” Logan sighed, and look at Roman as he said, “Well, you’re not the boss of me, Roman. I can do whatever I want to do as long as it isn’t harmful.” Roman stared at him in disbelief for a moment then stood up as he yelled, “It is fucking harmful, Logan! Your paranoia is harmful! You’re.. It’s suffocating me.. You always need to know where I am, and if you don’t you freak out, and that’s not okay!” Logan frowned and looked down as he said, “I’m sorry.. I just worry that you’re hurt or in a bad situation when you don’t answer me.. I know my behavior is…unhealthy. I will work on it.” Roman huffed as he walked over to the front door, and said, “I’m gonna go calm down. Don’t freak out. I’m staying on the steps.” then went outside, and slammed the door. Logan flinched, and frowned at the floor for a little while. eventually he decided that waiting for Roman to come back was pointless, and headed upstairs to find comfort in his other boyfriend’s sleeping form.

-Once outside Roman got the whiskey he keeps in his car out ((ik that sounds bad but he never drinks while driving he just hides it there)), and tried to drink his anger away. it wasn’t a healthy coping mechanism, he knew that, but he didn’t care. he was tired of Logan’s paranoia, and he was tired of always getting unreasonably angry. he just wanted to be numb for a little while. he wanted to focus on the burning in his chest & stomach instead of the burning rage in his head & heart. eventually he finished the entire bottle, and when he realized that it didn’t make him feel any better he smashed it on the ground. he almost laughed at the broken glass surrounding him, and how it resembled how he felt inside. mumbling angrily at himself he pulled out his phone, and texted the last person he should be texting right now.

Prince💛: heyyy babyy im sorry i got mad at you i got a lot of issues haha

nerd💖: Are you drunk?

Prince💛: pffft noooooo

Prince💛: ok yeah lil bit

nerd💖: Ugh, Roman. You imbecile. Are you outside still? I’m coming to get you.

Prince💛: noooo don’t do that i gotta calm down i don’t wanna be mad at u anymore

nerd💖: Well, alcohol certainly isn’t going to help with that. In fact I’m sure it’s only increased your rage.

Prince💛: theres a lot of broken glass i should clean that up

nerd💖: ….Why is there broken glass?

Prince💛: the whiskey didnt help so i broke it lol

nerd💖: My statement stands.

Prince💛: wut

nerd💖: Nothing. Stay where you are. I’m coming outside.

Prince💛: baby noooo u gotta stay inside & stay warm it’s cold out here

nerd💖: All the more reason to go out there, and get you. Please stay where you are.

-Logan went outside, and forced Roman to stand up. Roman immediately collapsed into his arms, and cried. Logan frowned, and wrapped his arms around him in a secure & loving embrace. he wished he could stay there for hours just listening to the calming sounds the night produced while comforting his boyfriend, but it was cold and they had a lot of things to talk about. so, Logan brought him inside, and lead him upstairs.

-They spent the rest of the night holding each other, and talking about their issues, and discussing ways to fix them while Virgil slept in ignorant bliss besides them. the next morning they were passed out in each others arms, and Virgil was awake, and happy to see their relaxed expressions even if they’d only last for a few hours while they slept.

-Logan & Roman fell into their normal routine once they finally woke up as if nothing ever happened, though Roman’s headache was a grim reminder, and for now that was okay. eventually they had to reopen the wound from the night before only to stitch it back together. it was a harrowing task, but they did it for each other.

((kinda just now realizing ive made Logan & Roman’s part of the relationship a lil unhealthy oops lol i should fix that. idk just send me an ask if you want them to fully work out their issues. maybe they’ll do some couples therapy. cool? cool))

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I would give you my legs if you did the rfa and the minor trios reaction to MC being very short! And very much so a guy

As a person who’s 5ft I approve of this!!! This sounds so fun!! YAY!!!!! May the short people rejoice, because I got them! Yeah! Lolol! Okay, I’ll start now, moment over…..

Note, the whole thing deleted and I thought my computer was broken, wow I’m crappy at this lol! Anyway again sorry it’s been so long, I feel so guilty >~<


  • He’s so surprised
  • He finds it ridiculous lol
  • Gets you everything you need
  • Always getting things that you can’t reach
  • Snuggling you all the time
  • Totally loves being big spoon
  • Your hair just smells so nice!!
  • You think he’s the sweetest person to ever walk this earth!
  • You obviously don’t see when he watches you try to each something
  • He feels kinda bad, but it’s just too cute, eventually he’ll help you
  • One day he saw someone at a party making fun of your height
  • The rest of the time you had to watch Zen “I’m going to kill him” idiot McGee
  • You actually thought it was super sweet
  • He just wants to make sure you’re happy all the time
  • No matter what
  • He’ll go to the ends of the earth and back for you his angel
  • You in turn treasure all of his company
  • You two are perfect together, like a duet of happiness and sunny days


  • Oh my goodness!
  • He thought he was the shortest dude in the RFA?
  • Apparently not!
  • He’s so unsure what to do
  • You have to convince him to not go out and buy every stepstool he can find
  • You assure him you’ll be fine
  • You guys can’t decide on who’s big spoon
  • So you face each other
  • Or sometimes lay on top of each other when it’s not tbh
  • Shhh!
  • One day an ex of yours was making fun of you
  • “Wow, I never thought you’d be into guys you piece of shit! You’re about as close to Hell as you can get, especially considering you have the height of a dwarf!”
  • You’re obviously very distressed
  • He punches the lady in the face
  • And you have to pull him back from doing something he’ll regret
  • He eventually calms down, but not before the woman runs away
  • You say good riddance
  • Since then he’s super protective of anyone who makes a comment on your stature
  • You’re grateful


  • She was the shortest person in the RFA before
  • But you’re super tiny!
  • Like wtf!
  • She’s so surprised!
  • There’s only one stepstool in the house
  • So everything is a battle for you guys
  • One day she catches you climbing up on the counter
  • She freaked!
  • But later you see her doing the same thing
  • Hehehehehe
  • One day someone at a park bumped into you
  • And they tried to make you feel better by saying some really shitty things about your height
  • Yeah, he’s an idiot
  • Because Jaehee is amazing at Tae Kwon Do
  • And you’re amazing at kicking anything below the belt as hard as possible
  • Yeah, no one messes with you
  • Even Seven knows if he goes to far…  stuff’s going to go down!


  • Okay, so before we get into your height something needs to be clarified
  • DoesJuminHanisgayconfirmedIsweartoGodfightmeokayI’llstopnow…
  • He makes sure everything is accessible to your height
  • The first week while it was all getting set up he found you climbing up to get something in the kitchen
  • On the fridge…
  • “It’s fine! I’ve done this loads before!”
  • Yeah, he’s a total worrywart
  • But the sweetest worrywart ever
  • Also best cuddler goes to this guy I swear to god
  • Super aware of your feelings about being 5ft
  • One time you were with him at a party and this guy was making fun of your height
  • You had to stop Jumin from hiring Seven to wreck his life
  • “Not the answer babe.”
  • But the minute you visit the men’s room he’s getting this guy out of the party
  • You notice, but by then decide not to talk about it
  • It ended up being a pretty good night
  • With lots of lovey dovey moments when you get home
  • IfyouknowwhatImean


  • Okay, let’s be honest
  • There’s no way in Hell he’s not going to make fun of you
  • Just because he’s in love with you doesn’t mean he’s going to give up the meaning of life
  • Totally grabs whatever you want and holding it above your head
  • You got so frustrated once you pulled him down and screamed in his ear
  • In response he began tickling you like crazy
  • Yeah, you spent a lot of time cleaning that up under Saeran’s eye
  • Sometimes when Saeran and Seayoung are fighting pettily Saeyoung will yell out; “MC’s MY ONLY BROTHER NOW!!!”
  • You made him apologize
  • But in all serious he won’t take it too far
  • One time someone approached you because apparently you bumped into them at the store
  • And began saying the most horrible things about your height
  • Yeah, hack God 707 wasn’t go to let that slide
  • The guy ended up blowing all his recent paychecks on buying Vegemite
  • Yeah, it was pretty funny
  • You guys had a good laugh about it
  • And lots of hugs afterwards!


  • Nearly runs into you the first time you two meet I swear to God
  • He felt so bad about it!
  • Apologized profusely, but you just laughed and said it was fine
  • “Can you feel the love tonight…..”
  • It was a magical moment
  • He isn’t really sure where stuff is, so you spend a ton of tiem climbing up on things
  • When he realizes this he gets you a super tall step stool for each room
  • So worried about you honestly
  • What an innocent bean!
  • Super duper big spoon!!!
  • His hair is super tickly, and it’s super relaxing
  • He doesn’t tolerate any form of harassment at all
  • Someone makes one short joke at you and he’s there
  • For someone who can look in a mirror he’s mastered the death stare face
  • Yeah, people tend to stop after that
  • Always kisses you tons after
  • You mean the universe to him!
  • He’d do anything for you


  • Much like his brother
  • Lots of stuff over your head
  • Your tactics don’t work on him
  • Sometimes he’ll throw you over his shoulder
  • It seems all ridiculous
  • You take it in stride though, because you know that he’ll give it to you eventually, and that he’d go to the deepest parts of the earth for you
  • You guys alternate who’s big spoon
  • When Saeran has a night mare you’ll be big spoon
  • But usually he is
  • It took him a while to get used to snuggling, but he loves it
  • Unfortunately it’s not perfect
  • During one of his attacks he became sadistically horrible, ripping on your height
  • You ran away crying that day
  • Thankfully you figured it out, and he hasn’t had a bad attack in a while
  • He’s amazingly grateful for you staying with him
  • The least he can do is do the same for you
  • Whenever someone else teases you about it Saeran gives them the death stare and a few choice words
  • Then ice cream for you
  • You guys spent the rest of the night watching the ducks and hugging each other in the cool air
  • And your height didn’t matter
  • You were an endless supply of happiness
  • Also Saeran thinks you’re the darndest cute thing that’s ever walked this planet


  • Very chill about it
  • Doesn’t understand why it’s a big deal
  • It’s only a few inches, how bad could it be?
  • How bad could it be?
  • They realized it could be pretty bad when you told them about how you were brutally bullied about it
  • Another thing is getting things, from at the drugstore, to a book on the shelf
  • So they’re now constantly around you
  • There for you all the time
  • You guys sleep forehead to forehead, so there’s no real spooning
  • But when you’ve had a crappy day they’ll do it a bit
  • They don’t mind it
  • You’re soft
  • Sometimes someone will make a comment on your stature
  • And they will shoot you them like nothing else
  • There for you
  • And when someone has the audacity to stalk you and continue to harasss you about it they hack into all their accounts, lock them, and post random crap, including a profile pic of a rotting vegetable
  • Yeah, no one touches their loved one
  • You find it a bit over the top, but happy you’ll never have to deal with them again

I know this was kinda short, but I hope it was sweet enough. This was something interesting for me, because I’m short, and have been caught climbing on counters and cupboards so yeah. Hope you like! Sorry for the delay again, and see you guys tomorrow hopefully!!!! Until the I wish you all the sparkles in the world!!!


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Horror movies are one of those things that most people tend to have polarizing opinions on. You either love them or you hate them; there’s not really that much of a middle ground there.

In your case, you loved them. It wasn’t always that way (there was a very traumatic incident involving the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise as a child), but you’d grown into liking a little bit of gore here and there. Especially around Halloween.

Once September rolled around, you were known to break out your horror movie collection and gather friends (mostly unwilling) for movie nights. You had them all pile up in your living room with blankets and snacks and watch whichever film happened to catch your attention.

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C3HK 2016 Ace of the Diamond SPECIAL STAGE - Okamoto Nobuhiko and Hanae Natsuki

Aaah. Where do I even start. This was the final seiyuu talk I went to and it waaaay surpassed my already-high expectations… For one thing, I really did NOT expect there to be so much fanservice - it has to be said that Hanae really knows how to get a crowd going… there I was, standing with my creeper notebook (legit paper and pen since electronic recording is forbidden; I hope none of the guests noticed/were creeped out) and I could barely write straight because I was so caught up in what was happening (a good thing). I will admit that I am 100% biased for him and anything I say in this report that sounds like a criticism is not a criticism - he could do anything short of committing a crime and I will think it’s awesome. (GOD IT’S EMBARRASSING TO ADMIT THAT THOUGH). I’m so sorry for any bias I may have unintentionally shown ;_; Some of the unbalance in this summary isn’t my fault though, it’s the sheer number of things Hanae had to say.

Also, Ohsaka Ryota was supposed to come, but he caught the flu (more on that later).

(Go here for my summary of KIRAMUNE Special stage with Kakihara Tetsuya and Okamoto Nobuhiko, and here for Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans with Kawanishi Kengo and Hosoya Yoshimasa.)

Again, there might be a few inaccuracies since it was all in Cantonese and Japanese (my Cantonese is okay but not totally native, and I can understand bits of Japanese), as well as me freaking out. I’ll try to tone it down~ So, without further ado:

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These were the questions you guys all asked me for the meme!! sorry it took me so long to answer them all o<-< i had midterms LMAO IDK WHAT I WAS THINKING REBLOGGING IT EARLIER THIS WEEK;;

Thanks for asking!!

1: Take a picture of your workspace.
YOU’RE GONNA BE SO MAD AT ME MY WORKSPACE IS MY BED I DON’T EVEN USE MY DESK (though I should have taken a picture of it anyway bc I have beautiful Gintoki and Kaworu figs hghhrhghhhbh but it’s covered in Linguistics textbooks rn so).

BUT YEAH I LITERALLY JUST SIT ON MY BED WHEN I DRAW…. I realize I am 22 years old and have a little teeny bopper disney princess bed…. how dare u judge me… (I’m saving up for a new duvet bURSTS INTO TEARs).

2: Show your pencilcase and what’s inside.

LMAO… not… that exciting… I don’t really do much traditional work so it’s mostly just girly school supplies ;;

3: Show a thing you last drew, no matter how small or a “doodle” it is.

umm this is like ten days (??) old but it never made it on to tumblr so here you go, a weird angsty pic of Tomomi
I’ll finish it eventually…maybe…

4: Lineart or coloring?
WARGHGH that’s hard!! Okay, not that hard, I’d probably definitely have to go with lineart since i don’t even color like a third of the stuff I post and lately my coloring’s been all over the place. I think my lineart definitely defines my style more than my coloring does ;; but I really want to learn color theory and get better at it o<-<

7: Draw a same pic with your dominant and non-dominant hand.


9: Do you have any OCs?
I have a lot! You can find a lot of them by browsing my OC tag, though I don’t currently have an up-to-date database of all my ocs or anything. Feel free to send me an ask whenever if you’re ever curious about any of my ocs or want to know more about them though! It always makes me really happy when people take an interest //

10: Draw a gijinka of your blog.

My blog feels sort of minimalist and sleepy, if that makes any sense?

12: Favorite thing to draw?
I love drawing hands and feet and noses!! I used to hate all these things LMAO but when you force yourself to draw stuff enough you come to love it, even though I’m still admittedly not very good at them ;;

I also love drawing butts… h e h and um lolis….loli….butts

14: Draw a pic of yourself like how you look just now.

umm LMAO SORRY I LOOK SO DUMB TONIGHT I deep cleaned my room/bathroom/kitchen and this is…my cleaning….attire…

15. Any weird artist behaviour you admit doing?
w…hat even is weirD ARTIST BEHAVIOR???? LIKE??? I am an artist and I exhibit tons of weird behavior but I don’t really think there’s any correlation

Murdering Mr. Darcy (10/10)

Summary: Ryan is the most recent member of the Fake AH Crew, and he’s loving every second of his new job - except for the annoying British thief who, after a series of terrible first impressions, has become the bane of his existence.

Ryan hates Gavin, and he’s pretty sure Gavin hates him too - until one day, out of the blue, Gavin asks for his help planning a murder.

Part 1  Part 9  AO3

“I can tell him if you want,” Ryan said.

They were standing outside Geoff’s office - they could hear him inside, talking to Jack, and were waiting for him to finish up to avoid interrupting. But it was nerve wracking, having to stew in their own juices when the two men seemed to have been talking for over ten minutes by now, and Ryan could tell Gavin was getting antsy. He was quieter than usual, and jittery - knee shaking all over the place where he was leaning against the wall, hands toying with the legs of his sunglasses.

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