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How Do I Look? (Jughead x Andrews!Reader)

Prompt: Hi :) could you please do a female JugheadxReader where the reader could be Archie’s somewhat younger sister and she’s always had a crush on Jughead. And then like one day she asks for Jughead’s opinion on her prom dress and then it kind of just escalates from there and turns into like hot smut. Um, haha, so yeah. Please and thank you! :)

A/N: Guys. This took forever to write. Hopefully you like it! I’ve been a bit of a slump but I’m hoping to upload some more. I’m also in the process of moving so my requests are closed until I move! Also I hit 4.7k? Thank you loves xxx

Warnings: Heavy Makeout Session (sorry it’s not the heavy smut you wanted), Archie is a cockblock as always. 


How Do I Look? (Jughead x Andrews!Reader)

As the youngest Andrew, you always hung out with Archie and the gang. Over the years you developed a crush on your brother’s best friend.

Prom was approaching and you had hoped that a certain boy would have asked you. Of course he didn’t. In fact, you didn’t know if he was even going at all.

It was 3 days before Prom when she cornered you.

“Little Andrew!” Her voice rings in your ears as she wraps her fingers around your arm.

“Hey Cherry. Whats up?” You smile at the Blossom twin.

You guys weren’t usually super close but after Jason died, you were the only one who had been there for her.

“So I know you wanted that freak to ask you to the dance-” Cheryl waves her other hand as you blush and try to interrupt her. “Don’t deny it. We’re besties. I know you like him.” She grins and pulls you to walk with her.

“Cherry, Where are you going with this?” Her fingers tighten slightly as we past my brother and his friends.

“Go to Prom with Me.” She shrugs. “Since the freak clearly is too stupid to do anything. Show him how hot you look in a dress.”

“Cheryl…” You shake your head but she waves you into silence again.

“Too late. I already bought your dress and it’s sitting in your room as we speak. Try it on when you get home and ask him for an opinion. Thank me later.” She yells as leaves you by your next class.

Why do you hang out with her again?

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Me II (Layered)
The 1975
Me II (Layered)

The 1975 - Me Layered (version 2)

use headphones

Polyphia opening for The Contortionist and Between the Buried and Me

Bound III

A/N: I know, I know! I took forever to upload this and i’ve seen all of your messages about it! I’m so sorry i’ve just had the worst case of writer’s block and I couldn’t shake it. Here it goes! Part 3….Enjoy!

Harry and Y/n had grown incredibly close over the past couple of days. They rarely ever spoke of their ‘special connection’ and if they did, it would be in a joking manner. After the night Y/n was mugged, she’s been a little freaked out about the whole situation and although she is extremely grateful that Harry was there to protect her, she can’t seem to wrap her mind around the fact that he had felt her. How far could this thing go? She cared about Harry and everything but she had always been the type that needs personal space. Having somebody literally hearing her thoughts whenever they please is quite overwhelming for her.

Harry, on the other hand, is loving this. He’s never had a best friend but to him, this is better. He could check in on her whenever he wanted and he never felt alone anymore. His social life had been one big question mark before he met Y/n; he never knew if he’d ever meet someone who could really GET him. Y/n does just that. He’s never met a person who could make him laugh so much; he’s never been so happy.

Right now, Harry just went for a nap at his place while Y/n is laying in bed. She sighs as she thinks of the crazy week she’s had. Another thought that crosses her mind is how long it’s been since she’s been touched…down there. She hasn’t even touched herself lately because Harry is always awake and talking or even when he’s not, she still feels weird about doing that while knowing that she’s not completely alone.

Yet another sigh slips through her lips, but this time it’s followed by the sound of the sheets rustling underneath her as she decides to just go ahead and relieve herself of some pent up stress.

Her hands find the hem of her cotton-made shorts and she pushes them down all the way. After tossing them to the other side of the bed, she spreads her legs, her cold fingers make their way to her core. She’s been sexually frustrated for some time now so it doesn’t take long for her to get herself worked up. She begins rubbing her center; occasionally she’ll dipper fingers down a little lower to wet them a little more before dragging them back to where they were initially. She finds a particularly good rhythm and she feels her climax approaching quicker than she had intended. With shallow breaths and beads of sweat beginning to form on her forehead, she arches her back at the burning sensation she feels from within her abdomen. Just as she can practically taste the impending high, she’s brought back down to earth by none other than….

“Y/n whats going on?!” she hears. It’s Harry. She pulls her black sheets over her body as if he can see her. “It’s nothing! Nothing’s happening” She huffs out of both, embarrassment and annoyance.

“Facetime me” he chuckles. She rolls her eyes but grabs her phone that was resting on the bedside table. He doesn’t even let the phone ring once before he answers. “Whats goin-” he starts

“I said nothing, Harry! What do you want?” she whines. She’s more upset about the fact that she didn’t get to cum rather than the fact that he’s asking her the same question.

“I was asleep and then I felt my heart I thought it was you again, sorry” he speaks softly; his voice is still laced with the rasp from his short-lived nap. She averts her eyes to something in her room, she doesn’t want to have to tell him that she was on the verge of cumming at the work of her own hand but she also doesn’t want to lie to him. He’d probably end up rushing to the E.R. thinking he’d had a mini heart-attack or something.

“So..are you okay? I see you’re in bed…you feelin’ alright?” He presses. Y/n clears her throat before opening her mouth to tell him the truth. “Yeah Harry. I’m okay…sorry for doing that to you” she mumbles the last part, hoping he didn’t really hear it and also that he wouldn’t bother asking her to repeat it. His eyebrows scrunch together and he tilts his head to the side like a confused puppy (we all know that look).

“So it was you?…What could you possibly be doing in bed that would get you all excited like-…?” He had figured it out. “oh” he muttered.

Y/n could feel all the heat rush to her face, in that moment. “I know! I’m a gross human being!” She cried out followed by some laughter on Harry’s end. He assured her that she had nothing to be ashamed about and that “Everyone does it, love. I did it last night”.

“Hey!” She started “How come you can feel me but I can never feel you!?” She pointed out.

“Hm..I don’t know. Maybe it’s just a one-sided thing. You probably have a special thing too you just haven’t found it yet” he told her. She began to think about the night they met and how they felt that buzzing thing when she touched him.

“Oh! Maybe my special thing is when I touch you! Remember how we felt that electric shock?” she exclaimed. He did remember, how could he forget? It was so strange.

“could be..but for what reason? Like..why is all of this happening?” he asks. Y/n runs a hand through her hair, expressing that she doesn’t like to think about it and it stresses her out.

“This is a lot for me too but we can’t keep acting like it’s not real”

“You’re right. Maybe…Maybe we should get together and see if there are any other surprises” She suggests. “Yeah that sounds good” he smiles.

Y/n gets out of bed and walks downstairs, the phone still in her hand. She tells Harry she’s in the mood for a smoothie and starts pulling out all the ingredients after propping her phone up on the kitchen counter.

“Um…” Harry says, awkwardly. She turns around to look at him on the screen. “What?” she giggles.

He smirks and raises his eyebrows, looking back at her.

“Looks like you forgot to put your underwear back on”

Invisible // Chapter 6

Pairing: Mark x Reader x Jaebum
Words: ~4500
Genre: Fluff, Suggestive
Warnings: Indicating sexual intercourse, explicit

I’m so so so sorry that it took me forever to upload but I was having a serious writer's block. Hope you still enjoy!

Chapter 1 // Chapter 2 // Chapter 3 // Chapter 4 // Chapter 5 //  Chapter 6 // Chapter 7 // Chapter 8 // Chapter 9

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Through the Lens Mafia!AU Pt 5

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Smut (in future parts)

Pairing: Reader x Mark

Warnings: Some explicit language, some violence 

Word count: 1668

It had been a couple hours since Lisa had arrived and had been been in the medical room with Mark. The others kept trying to calm you down, telling you he’ll be alright.

After what seemed like eternity, Lisa finally came out, “Don’t worry he’ll be fine he just needs time and rest. I know how much of an important role he plays but please, let him take his time to heal.” All of the boys nodded in agreement.

“Can we see him?” you asked, the worry kept eating at you, all you wanted was to see him. It’s honestly really surprising how fast you’ve come to care and fall for him. But it didn’t matter because all you wanted to do was protect him from anything that could ever harm him.

“Yes he’s awake, he was actually asking for you.” Your heart fluttered at her words. On the outside you seemed fine but on the inside you were squealing like a little school girl who just found out her crush liked her back.

You made your way into the room, there he laid, hooked up to a bunch of machines. The sight made your heart hurt, how did this even happen to him?

“Hey you, how are you feeling?” He looked so weak and so fragile that you felt his bones would break with any slight movement, his face pale, lips dry and parted.

“Besides the fact that I’ve just been shot, lost a shit ton of blood and almost died, I’m doing pretty well actually,” he said in a sarcastic voice, you playfully pouted and clenched where your heart is pretending to be hurt. “If this is how you’re going to act then i best be on my way,” you turned on your heels and made you way towards the door. You knew he wasn’t going to let you go that easily.

“Alright bye,” you stopped in your tracks completely dumbfounded. How dare he you thought. Turning around you placed your hands on your hips, “Are you seriously about to let me go Mark?” his lips turned into a slight smirk. “I knew you weren’t going to leave if I told you that, and look I was right.”

“For someone that almost died you seem awfully cocky.” you said while walking towards the side of his bed, pulling a chair next to him. While grabbing his hand you noticed how cold he had felt. How much warmth he lacked throughout his entire body. Would it have been too soon to ask him what had happened to him to even be in this position? You hesitated for a bit, but made up your mind.

“If you don’t mind me asking, how did this happen to you?”

“Okay Jackson and Jaebum you two go that way and I’ll go this way.” Mark said while also signaling his fingers.

“Nuh-uh dude we’re not splitting up, at least not here, you know how it is here.”

“Yeah Jackson’s right we stick together no matter what.” Mark let out a defeated sigh as he agreed with the two other boys. “Fine, but I’m going to lead I’d rather have something happen to me than to have either of you hurt.” Jackson and Jaebum only nodded, knowing they weren’t going to be able to change his mind.

“Tell me again why we agreed to do this? We’re literally asking to be killed.”

“Oh for the love of God will you please be quiet? Someone could he-“ The sound of a loud gunshot had interrupted Mark, but what also interrupted him was the bullet that went right through the side of his stomach.

Both boys cursed, then turning to the direction to where the shot came from, successfully shooting the man down. Luckily there was only one, they picked up Mark’s body trying to hurry to their car. Jackson got into the driver’s seat while Jaebum had Mark in his lap, holding his head.

Mark’s eyes started to roll to the back of his head, “No no Mark stay with me we’re almost there please just hang in there.” He started to mumble words, unfortunately Jaebum couldn’t seem to make out what he was saying.

All he could do was apply pressure to the wound, hopefully stopping the bleeding a little bit, at least a bit.

As he finished explaining you hadn’t noticed how wet your eyes were, how there were tear stains on the side of your cheeks. Memories of Wonho flooded your head, seeing his blood covered body made your heart ache. It made you feel useless, sure you didn’t have any feelings for the man anymore but that didn’t mean it still didn’t pain you when you saw the life being sucked right out of him, that didn’t mean he didn’t hold a place in your heart.

Mark’s face softened when he realized you had been crying, he hated seeing you cry. His protective instincts led him to draw you closer, and he did so by reaching out for your arm and pulling you in. He didn’t ask why you were crying, knowing how he wouldn’t get an answer assuming from the amount of sobs you were letting out. His arm was kept around your waist, pulling you closer.

“Shsh it’s okay I’m here, let it out Y/N.”

“I already lost one person, I can’t lose another one.” you said in a whisper but loud enough for Mark to hear.

“I’m not going anywhere Y/N, I promise you I’ll always be by your side.” he said while kissing the top of your head.

You tilted your head to look at him, he gave you a reassuring smile, both of you stayed in that same position for what seemed like hours but had only been a few seconds.

Mark licked his lips while looking down at yours, your mind went blank as soon as your heart started racing, filled with anticipation, the butterflies in your stomach made you want to kiss him then and there, and just as soon as you had the guts to, the door flung open, a very concerned looking crowd busted through.

“We heard crying is everything okay?” you knew who’s voice that was, it was Youngjae’s. His voice was laced with genuine worry and concern. “Yeah everything’s okay, she just got a little emotional that’s all.” They all sighed in relief, thinking something was wrong.

“It’s getting pretty late, we should all let Mark rest.” Lisa was right, he didn’t look too well he definitely needed some rest. Everyone agreed and said their goodbyes to Mark, “I’ll come see you in the morning okay? Please go to sleep and get some rest Markiepoo.”

“Markiepoo? I could get used to that but don’t tell any of the boys you called me that, I’d get teased for as long as I’ll live,” he let out a slight chuckle and flashed his beautiful smile, “Alright I won’t, goodnight.”

As you made your way towards the room you saw rest of the boys sitting on the couch, however they were whispering to one another, why were they whispering?

“She’s going to have to take his place for however long he’s going to be out. We need 7 because if there’s not 7 then there’s someone that’s not doing their job and if someone’s not doing their job then that can put our lives at risk.”

“Jinyoung our lives are already at risk considering we’re in a fucking mafia!”

“Oh fuck off Yugyeom you know what I meant asshole!”

“Both of you keep your damn voices down she could walk by any second.” you were tired of hearing them bicker like 10 year olds so you decided to make your presence known. You coughed, a little bit too loud, as you made your way towards the couch and squeezed yourself in between Youngjae and Yugyeom.

“So guys what’s up?” they all looked at each other, all of them mumbling trying to come up with an excuse. Knowing they weren’t going to say anything you let them know that you knew about their plan, “I heard you guys talking about me and how I have to take Mark’s place.” Jackson let out a groan, “ See I told both of your asses to keep it down why doesn’t anyone listen to me?” he while throwing his hands up, you started to giggle at this whole situation.

“She’s giggling why is she giggling why are you giggling?” BamBam said with a confused look on his face. “Because it’s cute how you all started to freak out because I heard, did you guys think I was going to get upset?” all of them nodded, “well I’m not, I mean I’m stuck here aren’t I? Might as well make the best of it.”

They all stared at you with a confused face, not knowing how to reply. “Do you know how to fight?” asked Jinyoung, the question took you back but then started thinking about it. You hummed to yourself, thinking of what to say.

“Well this one time in highschool I fought this one girl i’m not sure if that counts?”

“Shit are you serious? What happened?”

“It all happened because my bestfriend at the time was having a problem with a girl she absolutely hated, so she decided to fight her and as she was fighting her the other girls best friend tried to jump in, and I couldn’t allow them to double team so my ass jumped in.”

“What the fuck thats badass, did you win?”

“Lets just say blood was spilled but certainly not mine.”

All of the boys started yelling ‘ohhhh’ and ‘ohhh shitttt’ hyping you up, BamBam even dabbed which made you cringe but you loved it at the same time.

“But that was years ago, I don’t know if I still have it in me.”

It was true, you haven’t fought in a while and you certainly weren’t as strong as you used to be.

omgfkgmdfjgsfbsdhjbd im so sorry i took forever to upload, also this probably isn’t the best chapter but hey its something \: ): anyways i hope you enjoyed part 5 <3

Heartbreak Is Inevitable

word count: 1,631 words 8,765 characters

summary: the scenario where harry has a daughter who he loves so dearly. when she grows up she brings home a boy and he can’t help but to be worried thinking about how she would eventually get her heart broken.

author’s note: this was so last minute but i figured i should write something before my weekend ends. please keep requesting. thank you for the positive comments and feedback. i promise i am always reading what’s left in my inbox. it’s a lot to get through. sorry i had a lot of technical difficulties uploading this. it took forever!!

it was natural for a man to be overprotective of his daughter. his only daughter. that’s just how being a father worked. however, you wondered if his overprotectiveness was a bit too much at some times. ever since your little girl emery was born she was a daddy’s girl from day one. and harry didn’t mind that one bit. if there were two girls he loved in his life it was you and your daughter.

her cries would fill your room at 3am and harry would be the one to get up from your comfortable bed and walk to her room. he would hold her in his arms
rocking her side to aside. silence immediately filled the room when he held her in his arms. and if he sang to her she would fall asleep peacefully in his arms without a care in the world. his arms were her asylum. her safe place. if she ran into your bedroom at a random time in the morning she would jump ontop of you and harry and pout. he knew what that pout meant. he would look over at you mentally begging you to let her sleep with the two of you just for the rest of the night. you would give in and tell him “just don’t let it become a habit.” and she would immediately go to him and he’d wrap his arms around her snuggling his daughter close to his chest. and if she wanted a toy so badly in the store all she needed to say was “daddy please” and he would immediately give in buying little emery whatever she wanted. carrying her down the aisle while she pointed to a toy she desperately claimed she needed while laying her head on her daddy’s shoulder.

she just had it that easy. she was his favorite and only daughter. and he loved her to death. there was nothing she could do that could make him angry. and she knew that. but she never took advantage of that. and she would never take advantage of her father.

but growing up is inevitable. you cannot stop time. children get older. sometimes as a parent you wish they could stay little kids forever. however, that’s not how life works. and harry didn’t want emery to grow up. harry wanted emery to be his little baby girl forever. and although emery always reassured him that no matter what she would always be his little girl he still had worries.

“harry!!” you screamed, from downstairs in the kitchen. you were preparing breakfast. nothing like french toast on a sunday morning. sometimes you wish you could just lay in bed with him all morning. sleepily resting his head on his chest while he held you in his arms spending the day watching shows on netflix. however, that was not the case. and you could not do that…. well, at least not all the time.

harry made his way to the stairs walking down them before entering the kitchen a small smile on his face. “you called beautiful?” he asked, in a joking manor. he was always silly and could make a horrible situation turn silly and overall happy in a matter of seconds. it was something you loved about him.

“emery’s boyfriend is coming over for breakfast.” you spoke, looking up at him distracting yourself from making the french toast. he sighed before sitting down at the breakfast bar.

“is he now?” he asked. he knew the answer. however, he wasn’t looking forward to the kid who had his daughter’s heart. i mean sure she was only sixteen but once upon a time he was sixteen too. and at that time he swore up and down he knew what love was. obviously, he didn’t considering he isn’t dating the same girl he dated when he was once sixteen.

“you couldn’t have possibly forgotten dad? have you?”

he heard a familiar voice and turned around looking at his sixteen year old daughter walking inside the kitchen. harry always said she was your twin. there was a striking resemblance of the both of you. however, she was born with his beautiful eyes. you loved those eyes.

“i didn’t necessarily forget. i was trying to avoid the situation actually. i suppose im just not ready to meet the boy who’s in love with my daughter.”

“oh harry, she’s sixteen. give her a break. love? what did you know about love when you were sixteen?” you asked, before resuming the french toast.

“exactly, i knew absolutely nothing about love. which led to my heart being broken. i know how teenage boys think. you know i was one not too long ago!” he argued.

“oh great, another teenage dad story.” your daughter sighed, before sitting at the breakfast bar near her dad resting her chin in the palm of her hand rolling her eyes.

“i just don’t want you to wind up with your heart broken. nor do i want you to chase after no good boys. i want you to focus on what’s important like school and what you’ll be doing for a living.” he spoke, however he knew deep down those were the last things he was worried about when he was sixteen.

“dad, im not going to wind up with my heart broken. matthew, he’s a really good guy. he’s not like other boys. i can promise you that.”

however, harry wasn’t buying it. he didn’t want to be the one to teach his daughter that there was a slim chance of high school relationships ever working out. he didn’t want to set her hopes up just for some guy to crush them and hurt her. but he knew that’s how you learned. people learn and grow from their mistakes. he just wished she didn’t have to go through it that way.

and when the bell rang she smiled before looking over at both her parents before speaking up.

“that’s matthew! please don’t do anything to embarrass me. he’s so excited to meet the both of you!”

she jumped from her stool and stood up. she looked down at herself before smiling and immediately running to the door. she tried to make herself look presentable but overall calm. she didn’t want to hype herself up too much however, it was hard to calm her excitement.

“please be on your best behavior harry. emery really likes this boy and i don’t want her chances with him to be crushed because he’s intimidated by his girlfriend’s dad.” you spoke quietly, looking at harry.

he sighed before shaking his head. “i just don’t like the sight of any kid over my daughter. if he breaks her heart im gonna break him.” he murmured, before grabbing an apple from the fruit bowl in front of him.

“no you aren’t. that’s just being immature. if he breaks her heart you’re going to do nothing because emery needs to learn from heartbreak and mistakes. if he’s not right for her than so be it.” you spoke, looking at him. “lighten up.” you said, before pressing a kiss against his cheek as you finished up the breakfast.

although he was being quite protective he knew deep down inside you were right. kids tend to learn from their mistakes and actions. he knew he couldn’t always be there to save her from her every battle, let along every war.

when emery walked back into the kitchen with another male next to her side all the attention was turned toward him. you could tell she was nervous but she tried her absolutely hardest to stay calm, cool, and collected. though, it was much obvious she was shaking while holding the male’s hand.

“mom, dad, this is my boyfriend matthew.” emery introduced the male and he gave her parents a small smile. harry immediately stood up before walking toward him.

“pleasure to meet you mr. styles.” matthew spoke before extending out a hand. harry kindly shook it giving him a firm handshake looking down at the male. it was so obvious he was intimidated.

“pleasure to meet you matthew!!” you spoke, from behind harry. you sat the french toast on each plate giving the male a small smile before putting the dirty dishes into the sink letting them soak.

“my mum was just finishing up breakfast. join us.” emery spoke, leading him to the breakfast bar where the both of them sat down. you passed plates to every one before sitting next to harry and holding onto his hand under the table. he was tense.

you mouthed the words “calm down. be nice.” but before the both of you knew it harry was asking plenty of questions. what do you want to major in? what are you intentions with my daughter? how old are you? tell me about your family?

smooth. very smooth.
however, matthew only smiled and answered he questions as if he was on a trivia show. he was very nonchalant and overall seemed like a nice kid.

however, fairytales don’t last forever. heartbreak is inevitable.

the night where emery comes home with tears running down her face. her cheeks stained with mascara and when asked if she wanted to talk about it and her response was “let me be alone” harry had knew. he knew then and there his daughter was experiencing her first ever heartbreak. and when her heart broke… his heart broke.

he just wanted to be there to fix the pieces and repair the broken heart. but you were right. teenagers must learn from their mistakes. and you knew that one day she would look back on this very moment. but as long as he was there to care and love her, it was the best comfort she could possibly ask for.


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