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@kookmiinie (ty!! 💖) tagged me to do this like 4 billion years ago & i finally looked decent today so here we are ✌️

i’ll tag @blood-sweat-and-sin, @chimchim-cheree, @velvethoseok, @hoseokloved, @tensdreams, @lovutae, & @poeticyoungjae bc i love you all 💞

dear twd creators,
if you won’t make desus canon in s8 please at least make sure there are enough hq episode stills of daryl and jesus. preferably of both in one frame, but separate ones of each other will suffice, too. and for the love of gods, let there be more full height stills of paul. because trying to assemble his figure from three different photos kinda sucks. especially considering that the legs on one of those photos belong to some random dude from the internet and the light falls on them from the wrong side. 


  — Happy 5th Anniversary, Tokyo Ghoul.


A Playlist For The Foxes! (spotify) // (youtube)

bonus track - ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . we are the hearts - exgf . monsters - ruelle . bottom of the river - delta rae . cough syrup - young the giant . all those friendly people - funeral suits . who’s with us - current swell . comes and goes (in waves) - greg laswell . the ship in port - radical face . whisper - the dear hunter . the kids aren’t alright - fall out boy . renegades - x ambassadors . the funeral - band of horses . youth - daughter . use somebody - scala & kolacny brothers . home ii - dotan . young volcanoes - fall out boy . this is gospel - panic! at the disco . the greatest - sia . byegone - volcano choir . sleep in the heat - pup . long live - taylor swift (ft. paula fernandes on spotify)