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Can you do an angsty piece where y/n is super super nice to harry but he's always a dick to her but she tries to brush it off even though it hurts her but one day it all gets too much and harry realises and tries to apologise and make it up to her pleaseee?

It was little things like forgetting to kiss you goodbye and accidentally ignoring you if you tried to talk to him while he was working on things. At first, you thought it must just be a sign of leaving the honeymoon phase. That’s all this was, it had to be.

But then the little things grow into things that sort of chip away at your self esteem, things that have you wondering if Harry even wants you around. You can’t remember the last time he told you he loved you. You’re not sure even the last time he asked you about your day or work or anything, really. You always asked him about his day, you let him vent about work, always hoping at the end of it he’d steer the conversation to you, but he hadn’t in a long time.

You keep working yourself up to say something to him, to ask him if he even wants you anymore, but you always chicken out. Instead, you listen to his breathing slow on the opposite side of the bed and cry yourself to sleep when he doesn’t reach for you.

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Forever is a long time Part 1

Do you know this feeling, when you planned on doing something, but then you have an awesome idea? No? Well I do. Anyway. Also a little is kinda (only kinda) inspired by @purpledinorus fanfic missing you.

Nightmare belongs to @jokublog

Cross belongs to @jakei95

Incubux belongs to @nateev

Moonlight belongs to @reyindee

Noah belongs to @onebizarrekai

Also this song


“Cross?” Nightmare  asked. They were leaning against the tree of feelings. Nightmare was  sitting between Cross legs, leaning against the others chest. Cross had  his arms wrapped around Nightmare. They were watching the sunset  together.

“Hmm?” Cross asked back. Nightmare took a deep breath, then exhaled.

“You aren’t going to leave me, are you? You’ll be staying by my side, right?” he asked, looking at the ground. Cross hugged him tighter.

“Forever” he said, nuzzling his face in Nightmare’s cheek. Nightmare gave a sad smile.

“Forever is a long time…” he said. Cross took Nightmare’s chin in his hand, and made Nightmare look  him in the eyes.

“But I wouldn’t mind spending it by your side” he said then kissed him.

Nightmare woke up,  looking to his left. Empty. Right. Why did he have to disappear? They were  happy together, weren’t they? He began to cry and burried his face in  his pillow. Nobody ever managed to make him cry like that. He was  something special…

“Father?” he shot up and looked at the door, it were his  sons. Incubux, Moonlight and Noah. All three of them were running to him  and hugging him tightly. Nightmare was hugging them back, crying into   Moonlight’s shoulder, who was sitting on his lap. To his left was   Incubux, petting him with his third hand almost falling off the bed, and to his right was Noah, who  had burried his head into his shoulder. They were all suffering. But at  least…

They suffered together as a family


Nightmare had calmed down now.

He learned how to handle the situation.

It was hard, but he was  king. And a king doesn’t have time to worry. Even though that didn’t really stop  him from thinking about him. All the time. Without a break.

When it was day, he managed to do his work, without anyone noticing, but when it was night he couldn’t stop thinking about him and sometimes began to cry. He hardly slept because of his nightmare’s.

How ironic

The whole situation changed when he began beeing more distant with his sons. They began to worry for their father so they started to think about a plan to help their father.

“We need to think of something” Moonlight said to Incubux. They were sitting in Moonlight’s room, on his bed.

“And what do you think I’ve been doing the past few years?” Incubux said while rolling his eyes.

“Incubux, this is getting seriouse. He didn’t come out of his room for 3 WEEKS. God knows when was the last time he acually ate something” The door opened and Noah came in. He closed the door.


“NOT NOW NOAH!” both of them screamed.

“Sorry Noah, but the adults are talking now” Incubux said.

“But guys-”

“Noah, can’t you see that we have to talk about something important?” Moonlight said.

“Yeah, but-”


Noah was slowly getting pissed. His brothers always threated him like a little boy and he was getting sick of it. He was already 11 after all.

“GUYS! IT’S IMPORTANT!” Noah shouted. Incubux took a deep breath.

“Fiiine, what is it?” he asked annoyed.

“I just went into my room and found this” he handed them a small bottle with something silver and shiny in it. They eyed the object couriously.

“Also, that was there, too” he gave them a letter. Moonlight cleared his throat and began to read for all of them.

Dear Nightmare brothers,

I am aware of the situation you three are currently in, that’s the reason why I made you this present. I’ve been feeling sorry for you, because of the things I know  that can’t even think of. Please don’t be afraid to drink the liquor, it is for your best. Don’t drink more than a tea spoon of it, otherwise there will be ugly side effects.

Kind of regards,


P.S. sorry I suck at writing letters

After Moonlight finished reading the letter they looked at eachother confused. Suddenly Incubux began to laugh.

“Gay? Seriously? That guy is ridicoulus” Moonlight rolled his eyes.

“You have a crush on Pastel, so shut up”

“And what are we going to do  now?” Noah asked.

“Well, we need help, we need to know if this isn’t some kind of poison or something like that” Moonlight said. He smirked.

“And I know who’s going to help us”


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