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The Century Old Soulmate

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Soulmate AU

Author(s): Lil Lambie

Words: 1120

Warnings: Anger, mentions of blood

Request: (anon) 27/28 with the dialogue, and 3 with the Soulmate: Bucky x Reader? Thank you!

3: Soulmate tattoo of age when they meet

27: “Screw you!”

28: “Oh god are you bleeding?”

A/N: I am soooooo sorry this took so long. I was having trouble making it not sound like crap. I hope after almost four months, it is worth the wait. Love you! Please, enjoy, lovely.

The streets were empty as you ran your hand along the fruit. There was a shine of new rain on the gray bricked streets. You looked down at your arm and laughed at the number. All of your friends had found their soulmate in their early twenties or even as children. Your best friend met hers at three and giggled at the same number as her age on her arm. They got married nineteen years later when they weren’t still sleeping with a night light.

You couldn’t sleep tonight. It wasn’t dark, the sun was beginning set and it cast an orange glow over the foreign market. You picked out an apple and paid the clerk.

“92.” you laughed, taking a bite out of the fresh red apple. “Isn’t that just great?” you were full of envy and jealousy for all of your friends. They were married, they had a family. They had met their soulmate. Just not you. You thought you would probably meet your soulmate in the hospital, just before you died. It’d make for a perfect Nicholas Sparks movie

“Oof!” you fell backwards as you collided with another.

“I am so sorry!” he said. He reached out to you. He wore a worn down red cap,  strand of long brown hair hanging out the sides.

He helped you get to your feet. You brushed yourself off. “Thanks.” you said sharply. “Next time, pay attention where you’re walking!”

He laughed and shook his head. “Excuse me, but you were the one staring at your feet. I was just here to buy some produce.”

“Ugh. Who even calls it produce anymore? Where are you from? The forties?” you scoffed.

There was a glimmer of recognition in his eyes. “Uh. No.” he looked down at your wrist and laughed. “Wow, 92 huh?” he grinned. “Forgive me, but where is this feeble old man bound to spend the rest of his life with you…” he trailed off. The glimmer returning. You looked past your arm to your face. “Oh sh…”

“What?” you scowled. “Are you done humilating me? Get out of my way!”

“Wait!” he said, jumping in front of you. “My name is Bucky.”

“What does that matter me?” you shouted bitterly.

You bumped into his chest again and nearly fell backward. But to your disdain, he caught you. He let go of you instantly once you were back on your feet. “I’m sorry.”

“What do you want?” you barked.

“Just answer one question for me. How do you envision your soulmate?”

You laughed and shook your head. “Old. Feeble. Wrinkly. Probably breathing his last breath.”

The mysterious man, named Bucky grinned at you. “What about blue eyes, long dark hair, a little scruff,” he laughed rubbing his beard. “And humor?”

“What the hell are you on about? You know what? I don’t care who you are! Screw you!” you shoved him back with surprising strength. He didn’t resist. He fell hard on the pavement. He winced.

“Oh my god!” you gasped, putting a hand over your mouth. “I’m so sorry.” you were suddenly ashamed and embarrassed. A small trickle of bleed dripped from his temple and down his cheek. “You’re bleeding!”

“It’s nothing.” he said, sitting up and holding a hand over his forehead. He tried to stand up but fell backwards. “I’ll just stay here for a moment. Just a little dizzy.”

“Oh my god! Did I give you a concussion?” you reached down and helped him to his feet. He almost fell forward but you stood infront of him. You threw his arm over your back and walked him over to an empty bench.

“Thanks.” he laughed.

“Let me go get you some ice.” you ran off to a clerk and returned shortly after with a dripping clear back of ice and a rag. You pressed the rag and ice against Bucky’s forehead.

He winced at the cold. “I’m so sorry!” you cried.

“It’s nothing.” he smiled.

You sat down next to him and collapsed your head into your hands. “I am so sorry. I was being a total jerk. I just am not having the best day.”

“That makes two of us.” he smirked.

“What was that you were going on about? The whole soulmate thing.”

He pulled the ice pack and rag from his head. “You wouldn’t believe this.” he laughed. He rolled up his jacket sleeve to reveal a large, coiled silver arm with a red star. He quickly put it down.

“Please! Don’t scream!” he whispered loudly. When you didn’t scream he smiled and continued. “I am in fact, ninety two.”

You laughed. “Okay, yeah, you must have hit your head really hard. We need to get you to a hospital.” you pulled on his arm and stood up. He pulled you back down to sit beside him.

“But you aren’t weirded out by my bionic arm?”

“I mean. Yeah…I little. But I guess it’s just a very advanced prosthetic.” you laughed nervously.

“Yeah, maybe just a little.” Bucky laughed. “Technically, I am 26, but I fell off a train, into a river and was frozen for several decades.” he grinned. “I guess you could say it is possible to cryogenically freeze someone. Maybe Walt Disney can come back to life after all.”

“This is crazy. This is absolutely crazy. Maybe I hit my head really hard.”

“No, I can assure you did not. It’s just a little crazy. But really, do you think your real soulmate would be 92-well look like it at least? You could just say I am a very fit elderly person who applied a lot of moisturizer.”

You laughed and smiled.

“If it makes it any less weird.”

“Well, if we are soulmates, then how old is your soulmate supposed to be?”

He grinned with confidence as he rolled up his other sleeve to reveal a 26. “Okay, that’s just a coincidence. There must be someone else who is twenty six. And maybe I am meant to die with a 92 year old. That would make the most sense.”

He smiled and leaned into you. “But is that what you really want?”

“No.” you sighed.

“How about this?” he said, placing a hand on your knee. “We take me to the hospital and make sure I don’t have a concussion. Then, we can just see what happens from there. You can decide whether I’m really 92 or 26.” he smiled. “Deal?”

You laughed and shook his hand. “Deal.”

“Great.” he leaned on the arm of the bench and lifted himself. “Because I’m so dizzy I think I might pass out.”

“Oh, okay. Let’s go.” you laughed.

“Thanks, stranger.” he smiled.

You smiled and said, “Thanks, soulmate.”


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Anonymous said:do a dating stiles would include please?

(Y/N): Yes, yes, yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOSH YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH I FREAKING LOVE STILES! HE IS THE KING OF SASS AND SARCASM OMFG! Hahah sorry for the melt down! Just love him soooo much. Enjoy anon!

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Dating Stiles Stilinski would include:

- Loving his sass and sarcasm.

- Being witty like him.

- Always being sarcastic.

- Singing together in awkward tense moments in his Jeep which makes everyone look at you oddly.

- Dancing randomly in the streets.

- Stiles being really protective of you.

- Stiles trying to be tough whenever Derek or Peter flirt with you, only to have him crap himself whenever they talk.

- Being best friends with Derek Hale.

- “Really? Derek Hale? Out of everyone you could have been friends with?

- “Yes.

- Giving Stiles the “Really?” look whenever he makes a sarcastic or overly obvious comment that wasn’t needed.

- “Oh my gosh I will punch you.

- “Will you leave it with the comments on punching my face, (Y/N)? It’s really hurting my confidence…

- “Awe, are you gonna cry?

- “Yes. Now stop sounding like coach. It’s freaking me out.

- Not really liking Scott too much.

- “What’s wrong with Scott, (Y/N)? How can you not like him? He’s the true alpha werewolf!

- “He’s annoying and his status in werewolf world doesn’t concern me. You earn my respect by not being a wuss.

- “That’s harsh.

- “No, it’s the truth.

- Scott being terrified of you.

- When you’re upset stiles always makes time for you and comforts you.

- “I’m stuck between punching you and kissing you.

- “What’s with the whole ‘punching me in the face’ thing? Can’t you just switch it up and kiss me already, (Y/N)?

- “How about you shut up and be thankful for what you get.

- “Someone’s tense. Are you sure that you’re not a Hale, because you’re starting to act like one of them.

- “They’ve miraculously adopted me.”

- “Great…

- Awkwardly stalling people with Stiles.

- Stiles not letting Theo near you.

- “If you come near here Theo…

- “You’ll what?

- “I’ll make her see who you really are… even though she doesn’t need much help from me, you’re doing a fantastic job of it yourself.

- Stiles threatening Theo.

- Staying up late and ordering pizza.

- Letting Stiles be the big spoon only to have him get uncomfortable and make you be the big spoon.

- Really tight amazing hugs.

- Stiles always being super sweet to you.

- Being protective over Stiles.

- The nogistune loving you.

- Stiles sneaking/breaking into your home and scaring the crap out of you.

- “What are you doing here?

- “Put the bat down, (Y/N)!

- “We’ll be losers together.

- “Sounds good to me.

-  Sex.

- Sex.


- SEX!!!

- Always holding hands.

- Stiles being mushy and sweet to you.

- “Awe Stiles! I won’t punch you in the face now.

- “Now or forever?

- “Now. Just now. Don’t get too optimistic.

- “Okay, okay that’s cool.

- “You’re going to punch me in the face now aren’t you?

- “Yup.

- You pretty much punching stiles, but in banter.

- But only when he deserves it.

- Being jealous of Malia.

- Not liking Malia.

- Malia being jealous of you and not liking you.

- “That doesn’t help, (Y/N)!

- “Well you try thinking of something else, smart ass.

- Hating the fact that Stiles is Malia’s anchor so you get really grouchy and sour when it’s a full moon because Stiles spends the night with Malia.

- “What did you two do?

- “Well I chained her to the wall and played ping pong with her.

- “Be serious.

- “I calmed her down. What did you think I did with her, ((Y/N)?

- Stiles always reassuring you that he won’t leave you.

- “I would never leave you, I love you.

- Getting badass in dangerous situations.

- “That’s my girl!

- “Stay the hell away from my girlfriend or I’ll cook your werewolf ass up into a nice werewolf stew.

- “Maybe I might keep your pelts as trophies and start a collection of ‘Asshole Werewolves Who Flirted With My Girlfriend’. Does that sound great to you?

- “That’s what I thought.

- Laughing whenever Derek scares the poopie out of Stiles.

- Stiles stealing your food.

- You slapping Stiles for stealing your food.

- Comforting Stiles whenever things get too much.

- Helping Stiles’s dad pay back the hospital.

- Being honest with each other no matter what.

- Telling each other everything.

- Cheering him on whenever he’s on the field playing lacrosse.

- Being a fellow nerd with Stiles.

- “You’ve watched Stars Wars, right?

- “Yeah, of course! Who hasn’t?

- “Please tell Scott how much of a not normal person and how much of an idiot he is for not watching it.

- “You’re missing out you foolish peasant!

- “I said call him an idiot not a foolish peasant, (Y/N). That’s not nice.

- “I’ll do what I want, Stilinski.

- “Okay, you do that.

- Stiles being scared of you when you get angry.

- Loving eachother unconditionally.

- Being made for each other.

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madtown reaction when he makes you cry in a fight

Oh crap I really did something wrong this time..

cr. unknown (lmk if this is yours)

*approaches you* *looks away when you look at him*
*to himself* Daewon you dummy how could you make your girl cry like this

cr. 91moos

Lee Geon:
I’m so sorry, Baby please forgive me… *holds back tears*

cr. songjuhees

I am not going to stop doing push-ups until you stop crying..

cr. leejonghwas

*wipes tears* Please..don’t….cry..

cr. moos-ur-toxic

*puts arms around you*
Our fight isn’t worth your precious tears…

cr. unkown (lmk if this is yours)

*gives some tissues to his girlfriend*
Honey…cheer up!

cr. madtwn

Sooooooo, can it be confirmed as an AU now? Because I would laugh, cry and draw something shitty like this, yeah. I’m laughing so hard I’m gonna wake up my parents, ha-ha
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