sorry it isnt such a good view


Drawing on paper is so weird now. And sorry the quality is bad!! My phone’s cam isnt good :(

But i guess i can talk about their backstories?

Steve Rogers, 19, born in a small town and moving to California, not sure what he’ll grow up to be. His only friends are Peggy and Sam who he met online, and he talks constantly about his cute tutor. He viewed art as a hobby just because of the stereotype that the arts doesn’t bring enough money. Its when he hangs out with Bucky more, that he realizes he should pursue art anyway no matter what people say.

Bucky Barnes, 20, Brooklyn born and raised, hoping to study his way to work at NASA. His friends are Natasha, Clint and Kate. He goes to parties frequently and people easily portray him as a ladykiller. Which is totally untrue because he’s just tripping over his own feet over a cute blond.