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“I don’t know which option you should choose. I could never advise you on that… No matter what kind of wisdom dictates you the option you pick, no one will be able to tell if it’s right or wrong until you arrive to some sort of outcome from your choice.”

Dedicated to @ackersoul
Happy Birthday to my sweetheart Camy-san  ( ̄З ̄)

September 5, 2017

HiVeSwAp Is NoT oUt YeT.

ThE wAiT fOr HiVeSwAp BeCoMeS eAsIeR aS wE nEaR a WeEk UnTiL rElEaSe. (UnDeR 10 dAYs!)


the days of endless hope are over…


ThErE aRe 11 DaYs UnTiL IcP’s MaRcH oN wAsHiNgToN.

ThErE aRe T-[9] dAyS uNtIl HiVeSwAp ReLeAsEs.

It HaS bEeN (-248) dAyS sInCe “JaNuArY 2017”.

the signs in a school band
  • aries: auditions as a joke but gets in somehow because they're actually talented. doesn't take it too seriously at first but the more they participate in events, the more passionate they get about it and once they're pa
  • taurus: barely shows up for practice most days but never gets kicked out of the band bc they're too important. hardly contributes most of the time but suddenly gets motivated the week before an important event and works super hard for it
  • gemini: always thinking of new ideas and ways in which to improve a performance. do a lot of stuff for the band because they're passionate about it, not because they feel forced to.
  • cancer: super sincere and multitalented. people don't get to see their talent often because they don't get a chance to speak most of the time. everyone appreciates them and loves them tho because of how cool they are
  • leo: do their best when you allow them to shine and do their own thing. kind of meant to be in the spotlight, not only because of their talent but also this incredible aura they have
  • virgo: plays multiple instruments usually. never half-asses anything, always does the best they can do no matter what they're doing. not always confident in what they do bc they always doubt themselves a little, but they're actually great at everything
  • libra: initially join because they're bored, they need to do some activity to pass school or they just wanna do something fun, but end up actually enjoying what they're doing. realize that they're actually super talented and end up unintentionally stealing the spotlight
  • scorpio: super intense and passionate. the secret weapon during competitions bc they're always ready to face a challenge and never back down. lowkey don't like going on stage but don't mind bc they also lowkey know they're amazing and everyone's gonna love them
  • sagittarius: organizes all major events and plans ahead, always has great ideas. incredibly talented but doesn't show it off much. frequently offers words of encouragement and moral support to get shit done
  • capricorn: when they're not participating in discussions and practice, they're thinking. super grounded and sincere about the band. not always a team worker, so they can usually be distant and reluctant to help but they're ready to work hard to do whatever they need to. obviously talented and is somehow continuously improving
  • aquarius: like taurus, barely shows up but is somehow always great. they don't like conforming to strict rules and want to experiment, so they're super chill and enjoy trying out new ways of performing
  • pisces: everyone knows they're talented but no one even knows how truly brilliant they are. they're underrated as heck even tho they're always doing a lot of shit for everybody else. the actual secret weapon tbh

request for @bluespock☀ i hope you like it

fun fact: i cried while drawing this bc i started thinking about how much spock must miss jim and how he’s sitting there listening to the whales and reminiscing about old times and kirk is like sunshine and everything is warm and spock is basking in it and honestly i’m a mess over it