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“I have to work harder than anyone else to make it! I’ll never catch up otherwise…! I want to be like you…! Like you. The strongest hero.”

Dedicated to @noxtics
Happy super belated Birthday Zimah-san (°◡°♡)

Being nonbinary is nothing to be ashamed of. You don’t have to be bursting with pride, ready to shout it from the rooftops if that’s just not who you are, but nor should you have to hide it, keep it tucked away. It’s a part of you, big or small, and you shouldn’t have to worry about life being complicated because of it, or what other people may think.

You do you. Be nonbinary. Pin the flag to your wall, or just whisper it to yourself in the middle of the night. Lead rallying cries for nonbinary support groups, or just reblog nb posts on tumblr. Be nonbinary, whatever and however that means for you.


S.coups looks so sad and dissapointed. Like his soul has left his body.

He just saw his brothers who he grew up with and trained with for so many years get done so dirty by mnet. He saw the people who respect so much breakdown. He saw Jonghyun, the leader he looks up, smile while having his heart ripped out.

He saw Samuel, the kid he raised up since he was 9 lose his dream. The kid who was supposed to debut with him. He had to see Sam cry.

He knows how talented Ren JR Samuel and Baekho are. He would never want to be seperated from the 17 members: Just like how Minhyun Doesnt want to be away from Nu'est.

Thank you for standing up for almost 4 hours to support Nu'est and bby Sam. Thanks for always support Nu'est Choi Seungcheol I’m sorry about the result.

I pray for a future where Nu'est, Sam and 17 can all rise together

look. im sorry. this junkrat is on a whole new level of ugly. this single frame invented a whole new spectrum to measure ugly. i looked at this and my brain is processing colors in a different way now. like you know that scene from spongebob where patrick is having spongebob scream “im ugly and im proud!” to reclaim ugly culture? that doesnt apply here. junkrats flatout just ugly, and he should feel bad


AU where Bitty and Jack are singers and their managers set them up to make a song and music video together.


The corner pics are paparazzi shots probably. 


8.25 miles new BNHA same deal as always

  • -shot of Iida bleeding out in a dark alley-
    -shot of jarringly happy and peppy s1 Deku fanboying over Ingenium-
    -shot of Iida bleeding out-
  • “Look properly at who you want to be!” Look, as much as Iida’s been trying to drop like 193 bad-ass one-liners, Todoroki takes the cake here
  • Maybe Todo wins because he was also setting his arm on fire at the same time as he was shouting that
  • These eyebrows have been passed down the Iida family for generations
  • I’m glad to know Iida has always done…The Thing. The Hand Thing. Chop Chop Chop Motherfuckers
  • me, taking screenshots of every frame and stuffing them into my wallet: “these are my three sons
  • .^^^Tenya Iida–a man with a plan
  • ^^^Them
  • Iida: -takes two bullets knives for Todoroki-
    Deku, who wanted to be the one to take two knives for Todoroki: :/
  • Gran Torino: -calls Endeavor “Todoroki”-
    Me: No….put that back…that’s not his
  • Endeavor: Don’t look at your phone!
    Todo: Why? Cuz you hate Millenials, Dad?!!
  • ^^^This is the “Just Got Owned By His Son” Endeavor. Reblog for 10,000 more years of Endeavor getting owned by his son
  • Endeavor, dialing Mama Midoriya: “Hello, Mrs. Midoriya? I’m so sorry to bother you, but it seems my son Shouto has been sneaking out at night to see your son.”
    Mama Midoriya: “Oh my, that doesnt seem like something my Izuku would instigate. Where?? Doing what??”
    Endeavor: “Dark alley, murdering villains. That’s not the point.”
  • Okay the music they play during Endeavor’s fight is fucking bad-ass
  • That whole fight scene is wild jesus christ Endeavor
  • Tired hurt Deku getting a piggy-back ride is the kind of pure content I want more of
  • Todoroki: *Sokka voice* This is some quality rope!
  • I’m laughing at the fucking. Dragging noises. They’re just. Dragging Stain along. On the ground. Anything could happen. Oops he fell in the sewer. Was no one watching the manholes? Bye Fucker
  • I swear my favorite goddamn trope is
    Competent adults: -stumbling onto the scene- these are kids! theyre hurt! what happened!?
    Competent adults: -noticing the kids have somehow taken down the biggest most evil thing in the world- Okay nani the fuck
  • Todoroki, with 8 knives impaled in his body: I got minorly injured.
  • I lied my favorite trope is “Villain of Extreme Evil has taken a liking to the protagonist and gladly saves protag’s ass when no one else can”
  • Those whole last 5 minutes fill me with chills goddamn
  • ^^^save them
  • Gran Torino is in the Next Ep Preview and he straight up calls Todo “The Hand Crusher” and I can’t believe BNHA canon has started shitposting That Scene before I’ve even got the chance
  • Yeah I’m still gonna be shitposting the Hand Crusher thing fight me on it Gran Torino

agenderraskel  asked:

You call Steve "punk". Have you ever slipped punk clothing into his closet? Does he wear it?

well, he absolutely refuses to wear combat boots. which i find personally offensive, because i wear steeltoe combats almost every day. but steve insists that having tromped across most of europe in steeltoes and only being saved from trenchfoot thanks to the miracle of old-timey science, he will no longer wear combat boots unless theyre the custom ones that go with his cap costume. sorry. uniform. and that since sneakers exist in the future and are, and i quote ‘like walking around with old mrs mckinneys angel cake for shoes, buck, its great’ he will not be wearing boots if he doesnt have to. 

the day we talked him into skinny jeans was pretty great. have you ever seen a dog doing that high-step when you put shoes on them?? he looked like that for the first half hour or so. and then he tried to ‘jog’ up the tower lobby steps, and split his pants open at the crotch. 

it was a good day for the ladies (and some of the gents. you know. the ones who didnt immediately grow inferiority complexes) in the lobby of stark tower. 

it was not a good day for steve rogers. 

putting steve in any kind of plaid just makes him look like a lumberjack, not a punk. so that doesnt work.

steve cant wear black without looking like a vampire, hes so pale. but one time he borrowed my dont-touch-me black leather motorcycle jacket and managed to make that look badass for a little while. and then he let a little girl in central park facepaint a sunflower on his left cheek, which pretty much spoiled and sort of badass look he might have been managing. which wasnt much, because he was still wearing khakis. 


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what do you think dean/cas text conversations are like? cas sending a lot of emoticons? deep probing questions at 3am from either of them? cas calming dean down when dean doesnt feel like talking? dean being just done when cas sends him dumb human questions, responding like "cas, im not google!"

Cas: How are you Dean? 😀

Dean: Mfine, you ok?

Cas: Yes thank you Dean. 😊

Dean: I’m right across the hall, why are we texting? sup?



Dean: sup Cas you’ve been typing a while.

Cas: Oh sorry I left my phone open while I was looking at videos. Can’t I ask how you are? I care about you Dean. 

Dean: Oh.

Dean: Um. What kinda videos? ;)

Cas: Sam downloaded the youtube app and told me to explore. I’ve been enjoying it a lot, the animal and baby ones on the comedy links are the best 🐵🐔😺.

Cas: Would you like to come to my room? 😉


Cas: To watch some videos I mean. They’re very sweet and some of them are very funny.

Dean: Your room? ;)

Dean: No I can’t. 

Dean: No it’s late.

Dean: No I (…)

Dean: OK 😏


Cas: Bring your pillow. 😉😘I’m not sharing.

Dean: OK. But you’d better not hog the blanket 😉😜. And DONT tell Sam 👿.



Mary: Wow. In my day we just put on our most ass flattering jeans, took a Zeppelin vinyl over, opened a bottle of Jack and let the good times roll! YOLO!

Sam: TMI mom…. TMI…

Happy Birthday nerd.

I had a thought that to get Ink away from him Error jokingly said he’d hug Ink on his birthday if he left Error alone for the next month or so expecting Ink to forget. Surprisingly Ink agrees and leaves.
Come Ink’s birthday….he shows up and reminds Error of the little promise and Error doesn’t back down. Because from what I gathered he takes promises/truces very seriously.
I also like to think Ink remembered only for the purpose of making Error suffer 💖. 

Ink belongs to @comyet
Error belongs to @loverofpiggies

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what do u think would happen if jeremy walked into the bathroom while michael was crying (like during the party)

OK SO i asked em ( aka @gayradwhitedad ) to help me with this ask and they came up with some really good headcanons ( like wtf they’re the best ) and i drew some of them so!!! the drawings are here and the headcanons are under the cut ( PLEASE READ THE WHOLE THING, IT’S SO GOOD )

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also uhhh Listen
i know ive changed adris monster form 4 bajillion times but consider this one now,….

Lance wakes up to a soft rapping on his window and the faint sound of music. He looks outside and sees Keith standing on his front lawn next to a controlled fire in the shape of a heart and holding up a boombox. Keith smiles warmly up at him. People are screaming in the distance.

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Sterek + 10

this is the first teen wolf fic ive ever finished omg

Derek was ten years old the first time he saw him; he was maybe half a foot smaller than Derek and there were moles and freckles all over him.  

 “Teach me how to play?” he asked.

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The books aren't bad. People who only like the tv show aren't real fans. Same with pretty little liars. Your fav Magnus wouldn't exist without Cassandra Clare. So bye.

its ok to have different opinions anon. If you want to have a mature argument abt this please come off anon and message me but heres my perspective;

I personally believe that C*ssandra Cl*re did a terrible job portraying/treating her lgbt characters and characters of color, she frequently used incest & abuse tropes and romanticized it, therefore the books are not only really uncomfortable to read but also pretty disgusting for me.

To answer the “magnus wouldnt exist without Clam Chowder lol” part, this argument is almost irrelevant if you ask me. If you look at it like that, Clary wouldnt exist without Valentine. Is Valentine human scum? Yes. Is Clary a good person with good intentions? Yes. Bad things can open doors for good things, therefore the statement “ur favs wouldnt be real if it werent for Christmas Cookie” is true, but doesnt excuse anything.

thank u for your time, have a nice day buddy!
- su

trans!percy jackson au

idek but

  • his mom was the first person who found out because he had a strong aversion to being called by “she/her” or his given name “calypso/cally” (har har) and hated being called a cute little girl or whatever
  • so he talks to his mom and she agrees to call him by “he/him” and whatever name he would like, but he said “you’re my mommy so you should pick my name, but a better one!!” so she does, “percy”
  • when he first goes to camp it kind of hits him that the only person that he could be sure would love him for who he was and the only person he really trusted was dead
  • he’s very overwhelmed because there are just so many people at camp and he’s in a cabin with like two dozen people and the chances he’ll be found out are exponentially higher
  • (((he gets his period for the first time in the middle of the SOM quest and it’s like SHIT SHI T SH IT-)))
  • (((he wakes up after having a little panic to a box of pads by his face with an elegantly written note that said “you might be a boy but you still need these, i suppose - artemis” (maybe another goddess? but arty’s the goddess of fertility so?))))
  • when annabeth kisses him under the mountain, he freaks out because she doesnt know about his gender identity and he a) doesnt want to be involved with someone if they don’t know about his trans identity, b) HAS A HUGE CRUSH ON ANNABETH!!! HOLY SHIT!!! c) is just very afraid that maybe she wont accept him and doesnt want her to be disgusted with him??
  • calypso finds out because the fire from the volcano ate through his clothes and his binder. he explains to her (the first person outside his mother he’s explicitly told) and she immediately gets her invisible servers to weave him a new one.
  • its harder for him to leave ogygia because calypso loves him and accepts him but he can’t just stay and its so much harder to make that choice
  • ((percy, while afraid of what his friends will say/do if and when they find out, is very confident in his gender and is unapologetically proud of it. his fear i imagine would mostly be derived from a fear of loneliness above all else. and plus, he can never find the right moment to come out.))
  • when he comes back from ogygia, the first thing he does is tell annabeth (ignoring her anger at him for being on ogygia). all she does is listen as he explains and nods occasionally, before asking a couple questions like “what’s it like?” and stuff because she’s a child of athena and therefore very curious and percy doesnt mind
  • annabeth suddenly looks very horrified and says “wait did i make you uncomfortable at the mountain im so sorry i shouldn’t have assumed that-”
  • they’re just a pair of bumbling teenagers and they just talk for hours and hours and she accepts him and he’s so happy because he feels like his little bubble of people he trusts has expanded and its just?? amazing
  • he tells grover the next day, and the trio end BOTL on better terms