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Sorry for the apparent inactivity lately! Im in LA and its SUPER busy so I dont have much time to check things. Not only that but when I DO reblog stuff here on my phone, Tumblr doesnt actually do it which makes it seem like I’m dead! I swear I’m not, look!! *waves arms around* I’m alive!!

But I apologise for seemingly being absent. Im usually super active so its always weird to not be able to be AS active! I’ll be back home again soon :) miss you guys!

Tome Headcanons

Surprise!! tome is the love of my life now and id die for her

  • probably shops at hot topic
    • all of her shirts have shitty slogans on them
      • ‘bigfoot: ultimate hide and seek champion’ is one. ‘just give me some space’ with little alien head between every word is another. there’s another that just says ‘BEES’ in all caps and???? what
    • wears a lot of big hoodies that make her look like some blob with no discernible shape just how she likes it
  • when with people she doesnt know that well and strangers she just constantly looks like she’s glaring
    • if a stranger makes eye contact she stares them down until they look away
  • “sorry mob, I know we were going to look for telepaths today but shit just went down in The Last of Us and you’re coming to my house instead to watch me deal pixelated damage to these stupid NPCs. Bring some tissues its going to be a wild ride and one of us will definitely cry.”
  • when she first meets someone, her first instinct is to hate them
    • oh, that guy she met literally an hour ago? nope, Tome doesn’t like him. He’s too shifty eyed and leans on things too much. Tome thinks he’s hiding something
      • takes her a bit to warm up to someone, but when she does they’re never getting rid of her
  • is that one person that knows random facts that are hella irrelevant but will make u stare at a wall and question the world for a bit
    • “hey, did you know that Canada once had, like, a prime minister or whatever who would hold seances and use a Ouija board and a crystal ball to talk to his dead mother? Bruh this fucker tried to talk to his damn dogs. these ghosts influenced how a damn country was run. Anyways what were we talking about?”
  • when she talks, its 60% motion and wild gestures
    • she doesnt just talk with her hands. She shrugs a lot, rolls her head, makes faces, wiggle her hips, the whole works.
      • when she’s tell a story or something that once happened to her, she’ll fuckin jump up and reenact parts of it. It’s hilarious
  • very good at telling stories.
    • she always ends up in stupid situations so she has a lot of stories to tell
  • only hangs out with Mob and kind of avoids his friend group
    • When she met Ritsu, he kept staring at her funny. Tome realized it was because of the lochness monster on her shirt. He told her that all those cryptids were just stupid people messing with everyone.
      • mob had to hold her back from tearing him apart
    • the only time she met Shou, he laughed at her, said ‘you can’t read minds? that’s tele-pathetic!’ then disappeared.
      • He was never seen again, but Tome is ok with that
    • Teru…. she has Opinions on his character
      • “C’mon, he seems kinda….. weird. Like the popular asshats in our school who think theyre too good for everyone. Don’t you think so mob?” “…but Hanazawa-kun is very nice.” “but i swear he seems kinda… slimy? like an eel.” “Oh, he’s not slimy! his skin is actually very soft.” “No, that’s not–wait.” “especially his hands. I think he moisturizes.”
  •  “No, no, Mob–yes, I know it’s like ten at night and its cold and dark out but you don’t understand. I swear to every deity hovering above the solar system or whatever, I saw weird lights over the city. I swear to every god up there theyre aliens and theyre close. Meet me in the park two blocks from your house. And bring a flashlight and maybe some snacks. OOohh you’re mom made gingersnaps recently? nice…. yes of course you should bring them cmon.”
  • whenever someone asks how her day is going/how she is, she responds with a scoff and says “gay…. obviously.”
  • her room is full of posters of bands, cryptids, and cats
  • challenges people to fight way too often for someone her size
    • “Do you want to fucking go?” she says as she struggles to push open a door
  • seems to have no shame?
    • she’ll say shit that would embarrass other people with this fierce certainty, like she’s challenging you to make a jab at what she said
  • This girl? giggling? oh no oh no
    • when she laughs, she laughs
      • full body shaking, echoing snorts, chuckling that ends with wheezing, tears streaming down her cheeks
  • She’s just a very loud character in general
    • whispering really isnt her thing
      • neither is getting embarrassed, feeling ashamed, or anything of the sort
        • “hey, if they have a problem with something I do or say, that’s not my problem. It’s there’s. Why should I worry about what other people think of me anyways? now get out of my way i gotta fight the elite four and take my rightful place as the fucking pokemon master.”

request; can u do a fake text with luke he goes out on a date with ur best friend and u get sad bc you like him but he doesnt know that neither does ur best friend he notices how sad u been so he asks u wats wrong? (this is part 2)

so like i said i was going to make this request into a serious and here’s part two. 😅 the texts are usually iMessage, but since y/n isn’t texting Luke (in this case) i changed it so it can be easier to know who y/n is texting. hopefully im not confusing you. 😬

part one

part three

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Please may i request a Julian Albert oneshot/imagine set after flashpoint where youre Barrys younger sister & he walks in on you & Julian & hes really confused & annoyed bc he doesnt like Julian, thank you! :)

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UHm? can u believe im this late??? jfc this is day 4 lmaooo// @karabita

Karabita day 4; Blind!Karamatsu AU and/or support .either or i guess,,,, hope it doesnt look more like trash the next time i look at this :,^)


bluion said: 

if u want to make a new photoset w both & just @ me feel free! i dont mind, & feel free to tag this as su critical too if u want or remove this msg from the submission - whatever u wanna do rly!

literally tho this is the most low effort edit ever like all i did was a) tweak peridot’s proportions a bit & b) recolor them to their official model sheet palettes & yet… they look so different??? this barely took any effort (i spent like 5 min on this) but it looks heaps better to me?

(tbf lapis’s colors r from her first neutral palette appearance in chille tid, w the levels adjusted using steven as a reference - she doesnt have a neutral palette model sheet)

i’m sorry it won’t let me @ you properly! 

this looks really good! i wish i could point out every single thing i liked about this… the proportions make peridot look normal… the way connie is way less saturated… everything about lapis…. you did such a good job i love it!

When I’m without you
every girl looks prettier,
every girl looks more interesting,
every girl looks more intelligent,
every girl looks like they could be better to you.

But when I’m with you,
I feel like I’m the most special girl in the entire world.

—  Love makes us all poets
typing stock photos

you cant tell me this picture doesnt scream esfp

an intp in their natural habitat

estj and entj during a typical day

this is an infj using their crazy psychic abilities

looks like an esfj tbh

and let’s be honest this is like every infp ever


idk what the hell this is but it’s probably entp

anonymous asked:

Did you ever make a ref for the way you draw Kanaya's hair? It's my favorite head canon for her hair :3 I remember you made a ref for Rose's but I'm not sure about Kan, sorry if this is bothersome

I DONT really like have a certain way to draw it i jsut wing it tbh but i try to keep it swooshy

idk  try and think of it being like bead-heady most people think kanaya puts product in her hair to make it do…..whatever it does but ive woken up with hair like that

if this doesnt help you can always just like look thru my art and look at how i draw kans hair

“wow there are so many fake nerds cosplaying these days!!!”

hold the fuck up. first of all what the fuck even is a “fake nerd”

second of all, if you think that a cosplayer who spends time, money and tears TO DRESS UP AS A FICTIONAL CHARACTER somehow falls into the “fake nerd” catergory, you are sadly mistaken. cosplayers literally become one with the character. how is that not “nerdy”. i dont understand. 


but every time the music dies the lights come on
something deep inside is screaming out

Jin Akanishi - Baby Girl

Switched Shirts
➸imagine Joe accidentally took your shirt instead of his from the wash

Joe lazily chucks on a random tshirt from the wash after realizing he hasnt filmed video for Sugg Sunday due to procrastination.

While filming he realizes the shirt doesnt smell like his regular but more so like you.

“This tshirt smells nice,” he sniffs the shirt.

You were passing by his bedroom when you realize he was wearing your shirt. You roll your eyes looking at him admiring the smell of your shirt.

“That’s my shirt you buffoon,"you giggle.

Joe was caught by surprise and instantly pulled the shirt down knowing it looked quite creepy how he was smelling your shirt.

"Oh sorry,"he pulled it off and tossed it towards you.

"Thanks then.."you walked away giggling lightly knowing the shirt now carried Joe’s scent.

HOWDY! I FINISHED COOL LEG!! And I passed!! Now summer vacation!! SO EXCITED!! *u*

And sorry for late update, it’s not like I overslept, (which I did, yeah), but I also had some problems with my tablet cord (did you know that the phone charger can be a good substitute?), and I also had to answer the skele-ton of messages!

But regardless, here you are! First page of the weekend’s update! I previously said that running was pointles… now you can see why <u<

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to make it clear, these arent compliments

“oh youre so pretty, its like youre not even sick”
“oh well, youre still beautiful despite your illness”
“youre so handsome, i didnt even think you were sick!”

Stop treating this dumb shit like its a compliment, because even if you mean well, what youre saying is that if theyre sick they cant look pretty, and youre assuming that all illnesses need to affect how you look, and that they ALL need to make you look bad.

disabled people are pretty and handsome and goodlooking, not “despite” their illness, but with their illness.

you can also just say “wow youre goodlooking” without having to add on “despite your issues” or “i didnt think you were sick”, its not that hard to give a compliment, and it stops being a compliment when you add that part, because youre doing nothing but invalidating them as disabled people, and also making the assumption that disabled people arent attractive.