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Katie McGrath + Colors: Shades of Pink (6/?)

“I don’t like pink and I am not into girlie stuff, bows and frills, sugary looking things.”-Katie McGrath

(Black, Green, Red, White, Blue, etc.) 


The Steven Universe fandom reminds me of why I hate like 99% of fandoms on tumblr and hate even looking them up in the tags anymore
its like all people care about is the Race,gender and sexually of character and nothing else and tries to put here political views in them
Not to mention they are hypocritical hell
They bitch about how they don’t want the Bronies to “Take over their fandom” yet when I go in the Uncle Grandpa tag I see these same people tagging their hate ruining it for people who actually enjoy the show.
Look bruh
I’m sorry that Uncle Grandpa isn’t ubber deep like Steven Universe is
but one goofy episode is gonna kill the show okay?
lets not forget all the other shows that crossed over with cartoons that had no similarities in plot or characters
If you don’t like Uncle Grandpa fucking great, you don’t like something that’s cool just don’t flood the tagg with your hate ITS NOT THAT HARD


Also sorry to all the sane people in the SU fandom that has to put up with this SU/UG hate and other B.S

I’m in love with this expensive cat

I don’t think I’ve ever done one of these before, but to celebrate the return of SKAM with season four and the first full episode tonight I thought I’d do a follow forever! I’m also about to hit 1.5K which is VERY EXCITING I honestly don’t know what you get out of following me me but hey thankyou I’m glad you’re here. ♥  

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hi so i am new to watching rg and find it very hard to tell which routines are good and which are not aside from very obvious like dropping the apparatus. so what are some things to look for in routines to know which are "better" and which aren't? sorry if this doesn't make sense

thanks for the question! this is going to be long but here you go!


  • gymnast must use the whole carpet - any of yana’s routines have great travelling and she uses basically all of the carpet. when the routine looks kind of static is a no-no
  • expression - u cant be all smiley all the time, or mantain one face during a routine. your face must go to the music. margarita mamun is one of the great ones here.
  • left/right hand proportion. this is kind of difficult to see if you are not paying attention to it, but right handed gymnasts tend to use more their right hand and left handed gymnasts tend to use the left one. the proportion must be 50% each but when its obvious you can tell the difference. compare this routine of caroline webber (basically everything done with the right hand) and this routine of yana kudryavtseva (u can see shes right handed but does a lot of of things with her left hand including difficult one hand catches)
  • extension/amplitud. fake toe point and knee bends are legit penalized in rg compared to ag. catches must be done with extendend arms too.


  • fixed position during the rotation. the free leg must not move, an example of this is when in attitude pivots (semenovas in ag) during the rotation, the free leg drops below the horizontal.
  • dropping heel or suspicious releve (see any routine of anastasiya serduykova and you will understand what i mean)  - unless its done flat (like penché turn or the same one in ring are the only ones which are done flat)
  • loosing axis - when gymnasts go to the side and like fall out of the pivot
  • pivots start counting when the position is fixed, not when they start. to compare to AG, a triple Y there is just a double Y in RG


  • fixed position - not a milisecond, more like above 1.5-2 seconds is considered a great balance
  • lost of balance or axis - i spot this when the free leg doesnt return next to holding leg, they usually take a big step when its obvious


  • fixed and correct position in the air - like basically at the top of the jump the position must be done correctly and not when they are going to the top or going down. if you search any of marina duranda routines, she does a 3 jump combo, when the jump is at its highest the front leg is going down
  • air time, there are some jumps that are really low. i would say yana kudryavtseva has de lowest jumps of the top group, main reason why she only does stags instead of splits. mvp of jumps is viktoria mazur (cries a river bc she didnt qualified) if you watch any of her routines you can see that its almost like she maintains the top of the jump for a while

*imo jumps are the less deducted body difficulties

DER - when gymnasts throws the apparatus and does rotations under and/or durig catch (also during throw)

  • high throws - not everybody throws the apparatus high, pivot queen sabina ashirbayeva is good example of low throws
  • direction, if the gymnasts throws the apparatus one way  then the rotation of must be in that direction. the exception is when they catch, they can do it the opposite way. see it as you need to do it in a line, no sideways movements
  • short/long throws- u can tell when they throw too short bc the DER is like static and/or catch with bent arms. long when they have to run to catch the apparatus or when the elements  done under the throws are too “long”, almost loosing their shape to enlarge the distance in order to catch the apparatus
  • the rotations must be fluide, with no pauses between the rotations, or the rotations after the pause dont count.
  • THE BALL MUST BE CATCH WITH ONE HAND. unless they catch it without hands. the only time when catching the ball with 2 hands isnt a deduction, is when they catch it out of sight. bwd walkovers or behind the head are common, also common when they catch behind the head the throw is either too short or too long that they end up catching the ball with 2 hands in sight so thats a common deduction.
  • if you dont catch the apparatus, the DER is crossed out. so you lose execution points for the drop (and whatever they need to do to continue the routine) AND difficulty points - VERY COSTLY

there are other more sutil deductions but these are the ones I find easier to spot when you are starting to watch RG.

PS: also expect that any russian routines are going to be at least 0.5 ahead… there are a lot of small built-in deductions that the others do so that isnt weird. most ppl think that the judges are biased for russians (they are but not to the extent some ppl think), but really is more like son yeon-jae is the most overscored gymnast of the quad, there’s nothing to back up her scores in the code, the one thing that explain her scores is that she’s under irina viner’s wing.

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Ewwwwww your one of those girls. Does your thighs have like cellulite on them??? If so gross. Sorry in a model and hell no if I ever had thighs like yours they would kick me out. Your body shape just doesn't look nice. At least for most people. Im sure some think you look great!

Well, first of all, if you were a model with any sense you’d be able to spell anything coherently.

Second of all, go fuck yourself. Wanna know why? Aside from the obvious?

There are plenty of people with bodies like mine. Hundreds of them. THOUSANDS of them. Possibly millions. Pear shaped bodies with small tops and big bottoms. I may not have a Yaya Han style rack, but I’m sure I can hip check your pathetic ass into next week and crush your moron ass head between my thighs just by flexing.

Third of all, one of my best friends, @urulokid is a model and she has cellulite . Nearly every human being on the face of the planet has cellulite. The only reason you wouldn’t have cellulite is if you had it somehow surgically removed or were graced with the gift of flawless non-stretched skin (Which some people are, but I highly doubt you’re one of them.)

My body shape works for me. It works for what I do and it works for putting snotty little brats like you in your place. I don’t need giant tits to be a good person, but I do need powerful legs so I can kick your ignorant head straight off your body.

Sorry, I’m a decent human being and hell no, if I ever had a personality like yours I’d kick myself out.

But imagine a perfect world where three beautiful polyamorous horned giants and one angry lesbian elf baby with a bad hair cut go on a great adventure 

What Gamefreak must have said to the Pokemon anime team...
  • Gamefreak: Hey...hey...did you see our trainer designs for Sun and Moon?
  • Anime: Yea, they look great!
  • Gamefreak: Right, right, right, so....?
  • Anime: So....what?
  • Gamefreak: Hm, gee, idk, but-doesn't the blonde one kinda look like Serena? You know, with the short hair and all?
  • Anime: Well...yea, I guess so!
  • Gamefreak: Right? L.O.L. totally cray-cray...definitely not on all.
  • Anime: I'm, do you, like, want something?
  • Gamefreak: nah, bro, nah, you know- just pointing out the facts.

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I feel sorry for Sarada. One: she was born Into a dysfunctional family. Two she doesn't know much about Sasuke. Three: her mother fawns over her father all the time but there's nothing showing that Sasuke feels the same way (he probably doesn't honestly) Four: she probably spent her younger years around Naruto's family watching as they at least looked like a happy family. She has great potential and I hope to see her have better character development then Sakura & Hinata. Narusasu Forever!!!

Their family dynamic is TERRIBLE. I don’t know how people can even deny that, when Sarada herself has said so.

She doesn’t know anything about Sasuke and when she asks Sakura, Sakura can’t even confirm whether or not he wears glasses. She says they have this special connection but that’s just not supported in any way. 

Naruto is the only one who was able to tell her anything about him and even said she reminded him of Sasuke. And like you said, Sarada has spent time around Naruto and thought he was a great father, even with all the indicators that his family is crumbling. I honestly believe that Sarada’s relationship with Naruto is a cheap imitation of SNS. He seems to like her more than his own son because she reminds him of Sasuke and she wants to be like Naruto and feels at ease with him. 

The relationship between her parents sets a horrible example of how married couples should interact.

Her dad neglects  her.

At least she seems to have some aspirations and I hope that if we’re forced to endure more of this next gen foolishness it doesn’t become all about her and Boruto getting together. 

Long live SNS!!


“Even if I lose this feeling, I’m sure that I’ll just fall in love with you all over again.”

Happy Birthday to actual tsundere angel Beatriz! (´∀`)♡

AU Week: LotS - Mord-Sith HG wells and Mother Confessor Myka Bering.

My date with Luhan
  • <p> <b>Me:</b> "Isn't this nice? We're finally able to go on a date."<p/><b>Luhan:</b> *phone buzzes* "Oh wait one second." *looks at phone* *giggles* "What was that again?"<p/><b>Me:</b> "I was saying that being able to-<p/><b>Luhan:</b> *phone buzzes* "Oh sorry I have to take this. Do you mind?"<p/><b>Me:</b> "Oh no. Not at all. Go ahead." *sarcastic smile*<p/><b>Luhan:</b> "Oh that's great. It'll only be a few minutes." *answers call* "Hello Xiumin? Yeah I'm just with a friend. Oh she doesn't mind."<p/><b>Me:</b> *offended asf*<p/><b></b> So that's how my date with Luhan went.....<p/></p>

alspacedout  asked:

Hey hey! Sorry for asking, but in your sketchbook, the colors look super damn smooth but it doesn't look like marker. What is that if you don't mind?

Hey there! This is great question actually. I do things kinda half traditional, half digital. with my latest post, i drew the sketch/outlines on paper, took pictures with my phone (cause im too lazy to scan them lol), and colored it all in photoshop cs6. there’s lots of different ways to color traditional drawings through photoshop, but what i do is

1) i usually edit the original sketch by clicking on “auto tone”, “auto contrast”, or “auto color”. sometimes i edit it manually, but i find that the auto one is easier. i do this cause sometimes the lines are too thin and light, and i have trouble seeing it, or it just doesnt look good

2) i click “new layer” and change it to “multiply” so that it goes over the original sketch/outline layer. lots of people do this a different way, and mess with channels and junk, but i find this way is easier

3) sometimes i gotta switch the layer property from “multiply” back to “normal”, so that i can sample the original colors that i used. the colors get kinda distorted when it’s in “multiply” mode cause it’s going over the yellow-ish paper from the original scan.



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underrated author: I feel like lightofathousandstars is being slept on like damn she doesn't post a lot but when she does it's always A+

Ohhhhh I only read I roll and I roll, ‘til I change my luck  and it was great, I’m gonna read their other fics, they’re all looking so good ! they’re @scrunchyharry (it won’t let me tag you properly sorry)

- I roll and I roll, 'til I change my luck : Or Louis is a bored, rich kid whose latest stunt got him arrested and forced to attend a fundraiser at an ice rink, Zayn is his unlucky partner in crime, Harry is the cute hospital volunteer who is having none of his attitude, Niall is the worst DJ in the world, and Liam is Leslie Knope. (8k)

- lead me out on the moonlit floor: in all honesty, Harry was long forgotten, cast aside by a dimpled stranger and too much champagne. He was almost glad, now, that Harry hadn’t come, because he wouldn’t have met this stranger, this tall man who could make his heart flutter with a single glance. Victorian!AU where Louis is a wealthy lord throwing a masquerade ball for his birthday and Harry is a toymaker who’s only confident when he’s wearing a mask. (12k)

- electing strange perfections : Back for the summer from university, 19-year-old Louis is faced with a massive problem: their new gardener is quite possibly the most gorgeous man he’s ever met. Over the course of the summer, Louis and a 25-year-old Harry will learn that love can be found where you least expect it. (84k)

- taken by the wind   : When he decided to move to London with his sister, Harry thought he would finally get to learn how to control his magic. He couldn’t possibly have predicted that he would fall for her neighbour.Or the one where Harry is a clumsy witch and Louis is making everything worse just by existing. (12k)

and a WIP

- scintillating : When Harry and Louis meet in Disney World during their family’s holiday, it’s love at first sight. Back in England, they fight against the distance to stay together, to make it work. When Harry signs up for The X-Factor, though, the precarious balance they’ve built is compromised.Or the one where they fall in love, Harry wins the X-Factor, and everything goes to hell. (190k so far)

#Here’s your captain #He looks so serious about his ship #Bless his fanboy heart

The Signs Giving "Constructive" Criticism
  • Aries: You should make it more visually appealing :/
  • Taurus: I don't think you're getting enough out of it tbh
  • Gemini: Try to look at it from another perspective
  • Cancer: it doesnt convey how you're feeling "you dont know how im feeling" it doesnt convey how youre feeling right NOW "i wrote this when i was 10" then why did you show me??
  • Leo: Omg!!! thats great let me show you what i did "thats not really-" ...maybe you can learn from what i did!!
  • Virgo: [tells you where you went wrong and what words you should change it to (in the event of speaking/writing)]
  • Libra: Add depth, youre showing it from a face value! devolpment!
  • Scorpio: here [draws something] this is how i should see the character. It looks great, but, this would make it better.
  • Sagittarius: Wheres the adventure at tho
  • Capricorn: [roasts it] "that doesn't help me-" [calls you a little bitch]
  • Aquarius: [tells you 100% everything you did wrong] ...but idk tho its your work :)
  • Pisces: [points out a few things] ... but im sorry its really good and i like the plot i just fucking bashed and all of the characters who, if i knew them, id fucking hate them but :) its great besides that :)