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o merde waddup

Contrary to popular beliefs about Oikawa’s self-centered personality, he’s not the type to really take care of himself. He’s got naturally pretty hair and pretty skin and pretty face - he says he’s blessed by the Oikawa genes, everyone believes it to be true. 

But, again, he’s not the type to take time out for himself. He’ll cut his fingernails really short to handle the ball better and subconsciously bites what’s left out of anxiety. His hands are normally dry and rough, sometimes scraped if he landed wrongly on the ground from going after a ball; it’s a sad sight when you look at the bony structures of his wrists and his slender fingers that would, without a doubt, make his hands look beautiful if it weren’t for his lack of care towards them. 

The thing is that he doesn’t care what happens to his hands or his knees or his legs or his ankles - he’s focused on one goal and that’s to improve himself. He thinks he just needs his pretty face to get by so that his other imperfections are overlooked - and he manages to get by too, except with one person.

That one person that carries moisturizers and lotions in his bag, along with polysporin and bandages and tylenol and protein bars (and maybe milk bread, if he’s got the time to get some). He watches Oikawa flirt with danger, serve after serve, set after set, spike after spike. All until he feels it right in his bones that Oikawa’s about to hit his limit and he drags him out of the court, anxious but relieved. 

And in the silence of the locker room, Oikawa sits there in a blissful peace, letting Iwaizumi take his hands in his own and attempting to moisturize them, rubbing polysporin on the scrapes and cuts, whispering little warnings about overworking and not taking care of his body enough with furrowed brows. Oikawa lets his fingers wander around Iwaizumi’s jaw until his lips are kissing Oikawa’s hands - one by one, each finger, his palms, his knuckles. 

“Do they feel better?”

“Mhm, much better.”

Oikawa doesn’t really take care of himself, but he’s glad there’s someone out there that’s willing to take up the challenge. One day, he thinks, he’ll learn to love himself just as much as Iwaizumi loves him. 

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Pairing: Dean x Female Reader
Rating: M
Warnings: Swearing, mild dirty talk, smut. I have no shame.
Note: Happy late Valentine’s Day; here’s some smut. I didn’t proofread this, so sorry in advance for any errors.

Dean’s wearing that coat again. 

You tried not to stare when he came out of the motel room earlier in the morning, but– okay, you’re only human. 

The worst part is – well, not the worst part – is that he knows how good he looks in it. The whole day he’s been sauntering around, that goddamn smirk on his face, and you can’t decide if you want to punch him, or kiss him.

(You definitely want to kiss him)

“Gotta hit up the library, kid.” He says, getting back in the Impala after he talked to a witness. “We should find out more about the history of that house.”

“Uh huh.” You agree, distracted as you watch him loosen his tie and pull off his coat.

He snaps his fingers in front of you. “Are you listening to me?”

You snort. “You sound like my Mom.”

He glares. “That’s hilarious.”

Dean pulls away from the curb and you watch as he glances in the mirrors and rests his right wrist on the steering wheel, the other arm resting on the window. That’s another thing – whenever he wears this coat, he ends up getting too warm and takes it off halfway through the day, leaving him in a dress shirt with the sleeves inevitably rolled up. Another favorite Dean look.

You’re trying not to stare at the veins on his arms, you really are, but they’re right there

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For the Anon who requested “the team finding out you and McGee hooked up”. Sorry it’s so late. Enjoy!

Working diligently at your desk, you didn’t notice McGee come in. The two of you had spent the night together for the first time last night. You two had always been good friends, but nothing had ever happened. Until last night. You hadn’t ever done anything like that in your life, much less with a coworker and your best friend.

“Hey,” his soft voice came from the desk next to yours. You looked up, smiling softly.

“Hey, Tim.” Your eyes lingered, locked with each other’s for a brief moment, reminiscing in the memory of the last time your eyes had locked. Both of your faces heated and you turned away.

“Oh…my…gosh! Hah! Probie! Why didn’t you tell me?!” Tony’s voice rang out from across the bullpen.

“Tell you what, Tony?” McGee asked, sounding slightly anxious. Tony ignored him, turning to you.

“And YOU! Y/N! How could you keep this from me? Me! Of all people!” Now your face was even redder, and you were hiding behind your y/h/c hair.

“Tell you what, exactly, Tony?” Ziva asked, coming in. You looked up, seeing Gibbs walking toward all of you, panic setting in.

“McGee and y/n! They totally-”

“Anthony DiNozzo Junior, I SWEAR, if you mutter another word…” you threatened, giving him a death glare, second only to Gibbs. Tony piped up, seeing the reason behind your silent threat.

“Morning, Boss!”

“Save it DiNozzo. We have a case,” Gibbs said, grabbing his gear. “Rule 12, y/n,” he said, walking toward you. You rolled your eyes, walking beside him.

“Yeah, yeah. Never date a co-” you started, only to have him cut you off.

“Rule 51,” he stated, looking at you.

“Rule 51?” You hadn’t heard that one before. He leaned down, whispering in your ear.

“Sometimes you’re wrong.” You looked up at him only to see a ghost of a smile on his face. You smiled, walking into the elevator. Tim walked in behind you, grabbing your hand subtly.

It was going to be a good day.

Oh gracious, so I only discovered that there is a Thick As Thieves ARC contest yesterday, and then by good (bad?) fortune I was hit with a heavy cold that came on all at once in the evening so since I couldn’t sleep I stayed up ‘til 4am sketching this instead! My imagining of what an official royal portrait of the new royal couple of Attolia might have looked like BEFORE Costis clocked the King in the face :P


Bennett sighed, feeling Arashi’s eyes on him as he spoke. I’ve just been sitting here thinking.

I’m scared to ask what about, Arashi laughed nervously. 

You mostly, Benny shrugged. For months now it seemed like there was never a time when Arashi wasn’t on his mind. You. Ezra. Me.

I’ve been thinking about you & me too, Arashi breathed, trying to quell the racing of his heart. Look, I’m.. I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to treat you like some dirty little secret & I didn’t want to make things complicated between you & your boyfriend. You’ve given me so much & you deserve even more in return. 

Everett & I hung out with some guys last night, Arashi continued, not giving Bennett the chance to respond to his apology. Guys I consider pretty good friends of mine, that I’ve known a while. I told them. Everything. I came out & I told them… I told them that I found a boy that I love.

Some rich kid from the other side of the island? the redhead snorted. 

Arashi nodded. Yeah, some snooty private school jock, he teased. In the end, that was really the only thing they gave me hell for but I knew that would happen. And it’s not a reflection on you by the way. Just the way that we are. They want to meet you & I promise they’ll give you a chance, fat wallet & all. 

And if I met them, Benny pressed curiously. How would you introduce me? As your friend? Or… 

I’m getting there, Arashi laughed again, blushing slightly as he looked down at his feet. I’m sorry that I let this shit go on for so long like this but if.. if you’re still willing to give me a shot, I want us to be together, Benny. 

It’s about fucking time, the redhead grinned wildly, leaning in to capture the other man’s lips in a sweet kiss. 


Ereri week day 1 - Pining

OK. So I have this au going on with crying-abt-fictional-people that whenever you fall in love with someone, floaty smoke-y hearts erupt from you everytime you look at them. I thought it would be a good AU to apply in the Pining prompt, especially because I love LOVE pining!levi. This came out way better than I thought it would, so yay for that. (If it isn’t clear, Levi ignored Eren bc he didn’t want him finding out he had the floaty hearts for him)


Take A Hint

Just a little something that popped into my head a couple of weeks ago while the fandom was discussing proposal scenarios (yet again). Enjoy, Also on if that’s your jam (I know, I know, I need to get this collection onto AO3). Feedback/flailing is appreciated as always, in whatever form floats your proverbial boat…sorry, ship. (P.S. No spoilers)

Word Count: 1.1k words

“So, when are you planning to ask my mom to marry you?”

Across from Henry, Killian choked on his coffee, spluttering and coughing for a long moment. Eventually he caught his breath and cleared his throat, not that it did any good, his voice still came out a bit high. “I—Come again?”

“My mom,” Henry said, leaning back in his booth, eyeing the menu. He wasn’t sure whether he wanted pancakes or sausage and eggs this morning. Frowning he put down the menu, trying not look like he was enjoying Killian’s gape-mouthed stare too much. “Well, I guess since I have two moms that doesn’t help much. You know, blonde, about 5’ 5”, green eyes, pretty much a force of nature especially when she’s pissed, goes by Emma. You might know her, considering you’ve been dating almost a year?”

Killian seemed to realize he still held his coffee, elbow akimbo as if about to take a sip. He swallowed, finally took a swig and set the cup down, his fingers tapping the handle in a rapid rhythm Henry didn’t recognize.

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not my gif WARNING SMUT

My heels  clicked on the ground as I ran out of the rain into Oswald’s bar, I was supposed to meet ed here at 8 the time now being 830. Running in I saw him sitting at the bar looking pretty sad, I gave the guy my coat as I walked forward, I could hear him grumbling to himself.

“hey ed.”

He head shot over a smile spreading across his face.

“you came”

“of course, sorry im so late, I missed the bus and the cab took forever.”

“I could of came and got you.”

“ I know, I didn’t wanna bother you.”

“your never a bother y/n”

He grabbed my hand kissing my knuckles, ed and I were friends with tension. We never hooked up or anything of that sort. I helped him get the courage to ask ms.kringle out when he came into my bookstore looking for pick up line books. We started talked and we became very good friends after the fact. We meet for coffee on Tuesdays and he tells me about his crush and I tell him about mine. But I guess after he told me ms.kringle chose a horrible man over him, he got closer to me, I know im only filling a void but he makes me feel warm. He ordered me a Long Island giving the bartender a charming smile.

“your gonna need to catch up y/n.”  

“ no problem.”

Taking my drink, we moved over to a booth. We were in the corner far enough where the horrible music didn’t bother us but we still felt like we were in the club.  

“why this place ed?’

’‘im friends with the owner, free drinks.”

“you know the penguin?”

“saved his life actually.”

“damn well Bravo ed.”

Clicking our glasses together we ordered a round of patron for me and him. Taking down 2 shots, I asked ed if we could step out, I didn’t wanna get drunk but wanted a buzz. We stepped outside the cold air hitting me making goose bumps appear.

“so Ed Tell me what happened with Kirsten?”

“well, I went to ask her out and her boyfriend officer Doherty stepped in and called me a freak and making fun of my riddles and ill show him…….”

He started to trail off, his eye twitching horribly.

“ed calm down, I know it hurts but she isn’t worth your sanity, trust me. I moved here for the man I loved only to find him in bed with some 2 bit whore from the block.”

“im sorry.”

“eh, you move on, forget and forgive, if he hadn’t brought me here, I would of never met you.”

“ that would not be good.”

“not at all.”

We went back in the penguin sitting at the bar waving us over.

“oswald this is y/n my very good friend.”

“ive heard a lot about you y/n , you must mean a lot to Edward.”

“hes my best friend , I’d do anything for him.”

Oswald didn’t let go of my hand, he started to squeeze rather hard on my hand. He let me go my hand pulsing from the lack of blood flow. Edward came back over with drinks in his hand. Handing me one and Oswald the other, we all sat talking for a bit. When I started to feel claustrophobic and I needed to go outside. Crashing through the crowd I ran out the bar catching my breath as the cold air rushed by. Ed ran after me, grabbing my hand when he caught up.

“are you okay?”

'i’m okay, just felt smothered.“

Ed lead me over to the wall wear I leaned against it looked up at the city lights, cop sirens and dogs barking filling the air.

’'gotham is a dump.”

“ its not to bad.”

“name one thing.”


I looked at ed who was just smiling at me, so sweetly. I was about to speak when a rather large hand slapped me on my butt. I spun around to see a man, standing not 2 feet away from me. Ed came over leading me back inside when we got back to our booth I excused myself to the ladies room, coming out  I could hear some guy giving ed a hard time, he was wearing a GCPD uniform the badge reading Doherty, the same guy from outside.

“damn ed did your girl leave you, no surprise you are a creep.”

Ed didn’t say anything. He just put his head down. He was stronger than he though I know he is. The guy kept yelling at ed, finally walking away, I headed over.

“why didn’t you yell back ed, your not lesser than him.”

“I don’t want trouble,”

“you don’t deserve to be treated like a weirdo, when there’s nothing wrong with you ,I’m gonna get us some shots, when I come back we are gonna box.”

Winking at him, making him laugh as I walked away. Getting to the bar I ordered to jager and redbull. The man who was yelling at ed, came my way, placing his hand on my lower back. His touch just giving me the creeps, I grabbed his hand removing it. He has a lot of nerve his hand coming back up this time grabbing my butt firmly.

“how you doin hunny , im Danny, whats your name.”

“ gett tha , get tha fuck away from  me.”

His hand came up to my chin making my head snap his way.

“who you hear with baby.”

“edward nygma, whats is to you”

“ha that little punk.”

His hand started to squeeze harder on my chin making my cheeks hurt, when his hand was ripped away I opened my eyes to see ed holding his wrist pushing him back.

“you okay y/n?”

“im okay, thank you.”

Danny pushed ed back, standing up puffing his chest up, like a ape.

“the fuck, why the hell are you touching me nygma?”

“don’t touch the lady then.”

“ill do whatever the fuck I want with the lady, hey baby why don’t you leave the zero and see what it’s liked to get fucked by a real man.”

I lunged forward to slapped him across the face, when ed grabbed my wrist dragging me out of the club. Getting in his car we drove off to his place.

“ed slow down your drunk.”

“ Don’t call me that, my name is Edward.”

“im sorry, slow down, you shouldn’t be driving Edward.”

Pulling up to his house, we went inside, ed went straight into his bathroom, placing my ear against the door I wanted to make sure he wasn’t sick, all I could hear is talking.

“let’s prove you’re a man.”

“not with her please , she’s all I got.”

“lets make her ours then.”

Knocking on the door, he started yelling shut up before opening it just a crack.  

“hey ed, im too drunk to walk home , I’m gonna crash here, take a shower and come chill.”

“ of course, take the bed.”

He came out about five min later a robe wrapped around him.

“im not naked don’t worry.”


Winking at him always made him blush.  I pulled a rolled joint out of my purse, waving it in the air.

“I know you work with cops, but come on.”

“ okay.”

I lit the joint taking to hits before passing it to him, his first hit he choked horribly. He smiled at me after a while he got used to it taking hit. Ed sat up hitting the joint softly.

“ I wanna try something.”

Leaning over to me his lips connected to mine passing the hit from him to me. After the hit was given he didn’t move our lips still locked he started to actually kiss me. Kissing back his lips moved with mine the smoke coming out over out faces.   pushing  me down he started climbing onto of me. His eyes were dark he didn’t look like the ed I knew.

“you okay ed, I know we drank but we can stop.”

'shhh its Edward remember.“

’'okay? , are you okay?”

“im great thinking about how the cop at the bar called to you, telling you he was gonna fuck you like a real man, like I couldn’t do that already.”

My face grew red, Edward had never been this blunt before.

“you know sweet Eddie here, thinking about you naked daily. He thinks about all the things he wants to do to you.”

“eddie doesn’t think of me like that ,he’s too sweet.”

“well that’s why he has me , doll”

“what do you mean?”

“oh, well see your little geeky sidekick here, is a phsyco. There’s Eddie, little punk who gets bullied around then there’s me Edward, the one who doesn’t fuck around.”

He leaned over me running his hand up my shirt while the other removed his glasses.

“im gonna switch between Eddie and I and let’s see how he really see’s you..”

His lips crashed into mine, his tongue demanding entrance, opening my mouth I felt his hand running up my shirt rubbing over my nipples grabbing the between his fingers. He sat up removing my shirt and his own before coming down and biting on my neck, a moan escaped my mouth as my legs wrapped around his hips when suddenly he stopped. Sitting up the look of embarrassment and horror spread across his face. Ed sat up crawling over the edge of the bed burying his head into his pillow.

“im sorry y.n , he didn’t hurt you did he?”

Without thinking I went over, pulling his face to mine, pulling his lips into a deep kiss as I straddled his lap. His hands reaching up to my hips pulling me into him, pulling back I looked at him.

“show me how a real man does it Eddie.”

His eyes went dark as he flipped me over his lips connecting to my neck immediately. Biting down I stripped out of my panties and was now laying here naked, ed only in his boxers. Reaching down for his boxers he caught my hand before I could. Putting my hand inside his boxers I could feel his hard dick waiting for me, grabbing his dick, I started to stroke it making him moan into my neck. Pulling my hand away. He looked down at me, he started to leave kisses traveling down my side to my hips. Finally getting to between my thighs. He kissed each side of my thighs. Looking back up at me, I could see his smile spreading across his face.

“you know ed thinks about him using his tongue on you, hearing you moan his name, god how he thinks about fucking you.”

I felt his tongue go up my slit making me moan and arch my back, he started to lick me all over, using his tongue in very intricate ways. Dipping my nails into his hair my back arching to every move he made.

“oh god Edward don’t stop”  

His paced began to slow down, his voice not so harsh but he never stopped, making me moan and whimper his name. Feeling my orgasm near, I started to moan and beg as I came clenching my thighs around him. He crawled up his lips connecting with mine, his face still wet from me. I began running my hand down his stomach feeling his tense up at my touch. Going into his boxer I gripped his dick and began stroking it while whimper how bad I wanted him. He lips reconnected with my neck this time softly and gently. I could feel myself wanting him so bad. His lips comes up connecting with mine, his kiss hard but passionate, his hand started to grip my hip tightly, bring his lips to my ear.

“tell me what you want.”

“ I want you to fuck me Eddie , please!”

Sitting up he removed his boxers quickly, flipping me onto my knees and hands. He pushed my head down onto a pillow his hand rubbing up my back. Stopping at my tailbone slapping my ass. Lining his dick up with me I could feel him start to rub his head on me.

“ now when I fuck you ,im gonna let little Eddie know and hear you moan.”


Slamming his dick into my I screamed his name as his pace started strong and deep. His hands grabbed my hips pulling me up more, making his dick hit my g spot over and over.

“oh god Eddie please don’t stop, your gonna make me cum.”

His hand traveled around finding my clit as he fucked me in sync. I could feel my orgasm approaching his fingers working wonders at I screamed his name, my pussy clenching around his dick. I could feel warm liquid coming down my thighs as he began to thrust again. His hands rubbing up the side of my body.

Feeling his breath start hitting the back of my neck, I knew this was Eddie, he wanted to be slow and close. His thrust began to speed up his nails digging into my sides.

“god this better than I imagined.”

His began to thrust harder, making my hand slip. He flipped me onto my back, sticking his dick back into him, his pace felt like he never stopped. He bit down on my bottom lip. Arching my back I could feel another orgasm approaching. Wrapping my legs around his waist, whimpers coming out of my mouth I could hear him growl.

“cum for me!.”

His demanding tone sent me over the edge, climaxing around his dick once again, he pulled out jerking it over me, cum spilling all over me, he let out a quiet shudder before rolling over to my side out of breath and speechless.


'ed you don’t have to say anything.“

We sat for a moment, staring at the ceiling.

’'excuse me.”

I walked over to the bathroom, cleaning myself off, I realized I didn’t bring my clothes, walking out ed walked over in his sweatpants handing me his shirt and my panties. Slipping them both on , he picked me up, my legs wrapping around his waist, walking over to the bed he fell on top of me, his lips meeting mine.


Kayden came out of the bathroom after spending an awfully long time in there.
“Oh jees, is it safe to enter the bathroom or did you just drop a bomb?” Teagan frowned.
“Sorry I lost track of time there was so many options on that darn toilet. Not only is it purple but it talks Eli, have you seen it?”
“Yeah.” Ellis chuckled “Yeah i’ve seen it.” Ellis stood up “I’m gonna make us something to eat.”
“Sounds good.” Teagan nodded.
“So where’s your roommate, I was looking forward to meeting her?” Kayden asked and sat down next to his sister.
“She’s practicing with her band for a while, she might come back in time for you to meet her. Otherwise we were gonna have a party like next weekend to celebrate me moving in.” Teagan shrugged.
“Oh really?” Kayden said “That sounds nice.”
“It was Darcy’s idea.” Teagan smiled “She’s been really great.”
“Sounds like it.” Kayden said “Hey T, I wanted to ask if you could help me with something.”
“Sure, what is it?”
“It’s a gift for Cara - we’ve been having a little trouble lately and I just wanted to make her something nice. But I’m not very artistic and I need some help.”
Ellis cleared his throat loudly. “It’s not that sort of art Eli, it’s a song okay?”
“Oh!” Teagan said excitedly “I’d love to help, that’s so cool!”
“Great.” Kayden said “I hope she’s gonna like it.”

  • Ruby: Weiss! I made cookies! Do you want one?
  • Weiss: No thank you Ruby, I can only imagine the quantity of sugar you've put in those things.
  • Ruby: If you're sure. Can you keep an eye on them for a sec though so Zwei doesn't get to them while I go get a glass of milk?
  • Weiss: Of course.
  • *Ruby zips out the room and leaves the plate of warm cookies in front of Weiss who can't stop looking at them.*
  • Weiss: Stop staring at me....Dust, they smell so good....maybe a nibble wouldn't hurt?
  • *A few minutes later Ruby returns to see her plate of cookies missing and Weiss covered in crumbs and her fingers covered in melted chocolate.*
  • Ruby: Weiss!
  • Weiss: Ruby, I'm sorry! I don't know what came over me, I honestly thought a bite would be enough but they were just too good so I had another and then another.
  • Ruby: Awww, Weiss, I don't care that you ate them all. I'm just happy you liked them! Now I can make us all the cookies!
Better Together (Peter Parker- Tom Holland)

Better Together

Words: 1060

A/N: This was only really briefly proof read sorry so sorry for mistakes :)

You walked into the Avengers Compound after having gone to the shops to get food supplies. You saw Nat sitting at the breakfast bar drinking as you started to put the things that you had brought away.

“Where’s Peter?” You asked her, as she looked up at you.

“Oh he’s out with Steve just sorting out something that came up while you were out.” She replied.

You nodded as you closed a cupboard. You were hoping to train with Peter later as you two were both friends being the two youngest. You guessed he wouldn’t want to now because he would be tired after the mission. He would have already done his training for today.

“Y/N?” Nat said putting down her drink.

“Hm?” You hummed, re-arranging the fridge.

“What is going on with you and Parker?”

You stopped and stood up facing her.

“What’d mean?” You said genuinely confused.

She sighed before saying, “Well we, I mean the whole team, just can’t help but wonder if you two are… you know…”

“No! No… we’re friends! That sounds clichè but no.” You said frantically.

“Okay.” Nat said. She sounded like she believes you but you saw a small flicker of a smile on her face before she solemly nodded.

You want back to putting the food away. The team are a lot (as you could imagine) so you had bought a LOT of food.

Suddenly a small ping went off from Nat’s tablet.

“Looks like they’re back.” She said stepping off the stool.

You both walks together to go and see them.

As you became closer to the doors that they had come in through, you started to hear shouting. You and Nat looked at each other and then started sprinting down the corridor.

When you got to Steve you noticed he was carrying a limp Peter. Blood was everywhere.

“Oh my god!” You exclaimed as you rushed to them.

As Steve lay Peter down on a sofa you noticed that Peter’s left leg had a massive gash all the way down it. Blood was continuing to pour out over the already black dried blood.

“Nat get bandages!” You yelled, “Lots of them!”

You quickly shook your jacket off your shoulders and pressed it firmly to Peter’s lag. He was in a dazed state but he moaned softly at the pressure.

“What happened?!” You said to Steve as he tried to help you tend to Peter.

“The guy had claws on his suit.” Steve said, “Sharp ones.”

You noticed Peter’s face was draining of all colour and his eyes were beginning to close. You couldn’t let him black out, it would be harder to wake him up again that way.

“Peter!” You said touching his face, “Stay with me, yeah?”

“Y/N…” Peter mumbled with a weak smile.

Nat came back with the bandages and started to clean Peter’s leg.

“Y/N?” Steve said. You turned to look at him, Peter’s blood over your arms and hands. “We didn’t complete the mission.”

Your eyes were wide as you stared at him.

“I had to get Peter back here so I need you to come with me to finish it.”

“But Peter…” You said.

“Y/N go.” Nat said, “I can get him to the infimary and sorted out, go!”

After one last look at Peter you followed Steve to get your gear on. Atleast you now had a reason to fight.

+  +  +

Peter woke up with his head groggy. He was lying on an infirmary bed with an IV in each arm. That was probably why his head was groggy. He couldn’t move either of his legs and his while body felt like jelly.

“Jarvis?” Peter said his voice cracking a little.

“Yes Mr Parker?”

“Where is Y/N?” His last memory before he woke up was Y/N telling him to stay with her.

“She is out on a mission at the moment.”

“Okay could you ask her to come here as soon as she gets back.”

“Yes Mr Parker, but it seems that I have no need.”

“What do you mean?” Peter asked.

“Well Miss Y/L/N has just arrived back from her mission and seems to be heading this way right now. And judging by her speed she won’t be long.”

“Thank you Jarvis.” Peter said with a smile.

“Your welcome Mr Parker.”

+  +  +

You finally came to a stop outside the infirmary room that Peter was in. You straightened out your hair as it was over your face. You had a few cuts and bruises on your arms but you didn’t care.

Breathlessly you knocked on the door.

“Come in.” Peter said from the other side of the door.

You opened the door slowly and closed it carefully behind you. You found that Peter was smiling widely at you and you could feel yourself start to smile.

“You survived then.” You said moving towards Peters bed.

“Yeah I did.” Peter said laughing softly.

“How’s your leg?”

“Dunno haven’t looked and can’t move it.”

You looked at Peter before moving the sheets back to look at his leg. It was covered in many many bandages.

“That’s why you can’t move it.” You joked.

You went to sit down but you noticed that there were not any chairs in the room. Peter saw you looking and caught on because he moved slightly to his right so there was space for you to sit on the bed.

“Are you kidding?” You said laughing but moving towards the bed.

“Nope.” He said grinning patting the spot on the bed next to him.

You rolled your eyes but climbed onto the bed next to him.

“You know this wouldn’t have happened if someone had had my back.” He said still grinning.

You blushed but said, “You had Steve.”

“He was preoccupied.” Peter said looking you in the eye.

“I was shopping.”

“We’re better when a fight together.” Peter stated.

“Someone had to shop…” You said.

“I’m just saying.” Peter put his head back and looked at the ceiling.

“Are you saying I shouldn’t go shopping for food?”

“No I’m just saying try to avoid doing it when stuffs gonna come up.”

“Oh yeah cause I have a crystal ball.” You laughed.

“Next time we fight together yeah?”

“Okay” You said smirking. You felt Peter’s hand slip into yours…

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Maybe the RFA+V+Saeran reacting to their child (age 7-12) coming home from school with a teddy bear (or another gift) and the kid states proudly that her/his crush gave it to ONLY THEM and no one else. Oh and it was Valentine's Day I almost forgot to point that out. Thank you <3

I’m so sorry if I couldn’t get this out when it’s still Valentine’s for you. It still is for me, so I’m going to try to finish this as quickly as I can with it still being good. I’m sorry that these are going to be shorter than other things I’ve posted on here. I apologize that some of these are gonna be gay, too.


  • Your sweet, sweet child came home from their school with a smile plastered on their face and a small balloon in their hands
  • “Look! Mi Jun gave this to me at recess!”
  • Knowing that your child was always really happy and excited around the girl they mentioned, Yoosung’s face lit up
  • “Woah, really! That’s really cute and nice!” “Yep! And she gave it to me!”
  • He loved seeing them so happy
  • Like this was better than seeing those cute cat pictures Seven sent him
  • Whatever they told him about their crush was The Purest
  • He would also relay it all to you because “They have a better romantic life than me in a couple of months than I did throughout high school!”
  • Yoosung would 8/8 help them write letters to their new girlfriend and pick out the best colors for drawings


  • aww yisss
  • As soon as he saw those chocolates with your son he wanted to know e v e r y t h i n g
  • Your son was a slighty-blushy and stuttering mess as he told Zen about a new transfer student, Valentin
  • Zen was delighted at the coincidence of the name of his son’s crush and the holiday
  • still warned him that all men are wolves “daaAAD!”
  • Definitely would lend him money for a small thank you gift
  • Even though your son was only eleven, Zen took this very seriously
  • Hey, if it meant a lot to your kid now, let him be happy
  • Was b l e s s e d when he got to meet Valentin
  • Also 100% supportive when your son wanted to learn some Russian to impress his crush


  • She noticed your daughter being really happen with a cute stuffed animal when she picked them up from school
  • “Mama Jaehee! La On gave this to me when we were at lunch!” “that’s very sweet of him” “Yeah, and he said that it was only for me!” “He must quite like being in your company” “I think so. I like being around him, too. It makes me really happy!”
  • Asked about it with a small smirk so she could smile a bit when she got embarrassed
  • “Hey, you’ve seen pictures of my old room; don’t be embarrassed” “Yeah, but I don’t have posters of my friends without a shirt on” “Fair point”
  • Would read all the notes and letters that her daughter and her newly found crush gave each other
  • Met his parents at a random school meeting when your daughter pointed them out and greeted them graciously
  • Jaehee then told your daughter it was so she could “meet her future family members” and “leave a good impression”
  • Would also never let her live it down when she was older
  • “You said his hair was as brown as the woodchips by the gas station” “I may not be the most poetic, but I could bring up some old screenshots that MC took” “Another fair point”
  • Still a supportive parent because it was funny to see your daughter get all red-faced when she brought up his name


  • He was all for it when your kiddo had a box of chocolates in tow when the came back from a day at primary school
  • Asked so many questions and got excited to the point where not all his words were in Korean
  • Your daughter was slightly confused but answered them all just as energetically
  • “Mhmm! Her name is Soo Mi, and her hair is really, really pretty!” “What color is it?” “Purple! The same shade as the box! It also matched the dress she wore today, and it was sooo cute! Almost as cute as her!” “I bet it was. Is she in your class?” “Yep! She sits in the seat behind me!” “Ooh, do you pass notes?” “Not yet, but maybe tomorrow!”
  • Honestly one of the sweetest things to watch because he was genuinely interested in every word she spoke
  • Would casually ask her teachers how his daughter interacted with other students so he could hear more about his daughter and her new crush
  • Helped write the best notes with her since he brought up the idea


  • Was taken slightly aback at sight of the fairly high-end colored pencils that your son brought home on Valentine’s Day
  • Honestly thought that he had bought them at a school store or something
  • They don’t sell Caran d’Ache at schools, Jumin
  • Curiously asked what they were from even though he could have bought them for his kid anyways
  • Your son explained that his “really nice friend” gave them to him when they were leaving school
  • They were “’very very very special” and only for him
  • “Not even MC can touch them?” “Nu-uh, not even them!”
  • Jumin was amused that his own child could love so easily from a young age
  • Never belittled them because he believed it was important for his son to express how he felt about his friend


  • This was purer that the coke MC did off the dining room table the baby animal pictures V sent daily
  • Your kid came home hugging a plush of their favorite animal and Jihyun was somehow happier than them
  • “Where’d you get that from?” “My crushhh” “Really? That’s really cool! Did they know it’s your favorite animal?” “Yeah! He remembered it, since I said it on the first day of school!” “That’s so sweet of him! Can I touch it?”
  • nope
  • sorry, V
  • “It’s mine, though!” “Understood” “You’re not allowed to touch!” “I know” “Do you swear?” “No, swearing is bad” “Daaaad” “Chiiiiild”
  • Would offer to take pictures for the school yearbook
  • It totally wasn’t so he could seen his child and their crush interact
  • nope
  • not at all


  • He didn’t really understand why his kid had so much candy after coming home
  • MC had to explain that it was because it was Valentine’s Day and your daughter probably had a lot of friends
  • Yeah, boyfriends and girlfriends
  • This child dumped out a bag full of sweets and cards
  • Saeran had to ask who each was from, if she liked the person, whether or not they talked to her a lot, and a bunch of other questions
  • Even though she was nine and didn’t completely grasp what romantic attraction was, he still wanted to hear all her answers
  • Saeran tried to take a piece of chocolate out of the pile and got his wrist hit
  • “No! That one is from Ji Hun, and he said that it’s only for me and nobody else”
  • Saeran felt Slightly Attacked
  • Would help write thank you notes to every single one
  • If someone else cares about her, then let them
  • If they hurt her, that’s when he draws the line

I’m sorry that it’s so short, but I can add to it in the future if you’d like! I hope you all had wonderful Valentine’s Days and that all of you precious people love yourselves. I’ll also delete my joke about cocaine if anyone feels uncomfortable by it. I’ll delete anything if you just ask! Much love, nerds!


Shakira’s Sister; But Gerard’s Sister-In-Law *Rafinha Alcantara imagine*


“Okay I’m ready let’s go while I’m still awake”I said from downstairs

I heard chuckling before my Sister and Brother-in law finally came down, “Sorry, it takes time to look this good” Gerard said

I chuckled rolling my eyes, “If you call that looking good, buddy you need to go back and reevaluate your choice” I joked

We both laughed, and then headed to the car. Once we were all seated, Gerard started the car and drove to the party. Today one of his teammates was throwing a party to celebrate the ending of the season, so they decided to drag me along for some fun and to be the designated driver. 

After a while we arrived at the house, and got out. “Are you sure this is a party?” I asked looking at the house

“Yeah, he said it was here. Maybe we’re early” 

I chuckled, and followed behind them. He knocked on the door, and it was later opened by a guy. “Gerard, Shakira, and new face that looks somewhat like Shakira” He said looking between the two of us

I smirked, “This is Y/N my sister-in-law” Gerard said

The guy looked between Shak and I, “Holy shit you guys are related” He said

I laughed, “That is the definition of sister-in-law” I said

He smiled, and extended his hand out, “I’m Neymar” 

I shook his hand, “Nice to meet you Neymar” 

Neymar opened the door wider for us to come in, and started talking about us being the fourth people to arrive early and others coming in a little while. He took us out back where foods and drinks were set up, and a couple were in the backyard. Mainly guys playing futbol. “Guys come check this out!” Neymar yelled

The guys stopped, and ran over smiling and greeting Gerard and Shakira. When they noticed I was there they looked over to Gerard and Shakira, “Guys guess who this is” Neymar said

They looked at me with confused faces, “Your long lost girlfriend?” One of the men asked

We all laughed, and Neymar rolled his eyes, “Funny” 

“I know” 

“You know in a weird sense, it may just be me and because of the hair but. Shak and her look alike” 

The boys looked between us, and nodded. “Yeah they do look alike” 

“This is Y/N, Shakira’s sister” Neymar said emphasizing the sister part

All of their jaws opened as they stared, “Whoa!” 

“There’s two! Thank god!” 

We laughed, and Neymar chuckled. “Y/N this is Rafinha, Jordi, Gil, and Arda” Neymar introduced

I smiled, as they shook my hand. “Nice to meet you guys” I said

They smiled, “I’ll show you around” 

We all turned to see Rafinha staring directly at me, I pointed towards myself. “Me?”

He nodded, “Yeah, come on” 

I looked over to Shak and Gerard, and they smiled pushing me forward. I followed behind Rafinha as he showed me where everything was, “And this is the game room,” He said

I nodded walking into the room, “It’s nice”I said turning to face him

He nodded, “You know I never knew Shakira had a sister” He said

I chuckled, “Hardly anybody knows she has a little sister” 

“That’s true” 

Rafinha and I talked for a little bit more in the game room before heading back down to the backyard. When we arrived there was a lot more people than before. The party was nice a lot of people, a lot of drinks and hell of a lot of food. 

Rafinha and I pretty much talked to each other the whole time, even though I meant some other people. We were together, all of us talking. I met some more players from the team, and not to read things for what they’re not but I believe Rafinha got jealous when I was talking to Andre. 

After I finished talking to Andre, I went over and found Shak because Rafinha had gone off somewhere. She smiled as I walked up to her, “So are you having fun?” She asked

I nodded, “It’s cool”

She chuckled, “So how are you and Rafinha?” She questioned wriggling her eyebrows

I rolled my eyes chuckling, “We’re fine, having fun enjoying the food and party” 

Shak smiled, “You know he asked Gerard for your number” 

I raised an eyebrow, “Why? Did he give it to him?” 

She laughed, “Because he obviously likes you Y/N,” 

“Okay sure” 

Shak placed one arm around my shoulders, and smiled as we walked around the party talking. When we finally found where Gerard had went we walked over. “And look the curly heads are here” Neymar joked

Both Shak and I laughed, “Where’s Rafinha?” I asked

Neymar raised an eyebrow, and placed his arm on my now vacant shoulder, “You lost your boyfriend already?” He asked

I rolled my eyes laughing, “Not my boyfriend” I said

A few moments later Rafinha came over and was glaring at Neymar’s arm. “I’m sorry can I fix something?” Rafinha asked

I raised an eyebrow, and everyone looked at him. Rafinha stepped forward, and removed Neymar’s arm from my shoulder. “There” 

Neymar laughed, and looked between Gerard and Rafinha. “Well then I didn’t know she was taken” 

Rafinha shrugged, “Most people don’t” 

Inspiration (Jaebum x Reader)

343 words

A/N: I got a request for some soft JB which I thought would be super cute (and a good break from bad boy JB), so this is a short drabble I came up with someone give husband!JB to me now

You had to giggle at how cute your boyfriend looked. Sprawled out on the couch, dressed in basketball shorts and a black tank top with glasses, his head in your lap, reading a book of poetry out loud, he looked nothing like the Im Jaebum that fans called “daddy” or “sexy”.

It was hard to believe it was the same person.

“What are you laughing at?” Jaebum looked up at you in confusion.

“You.” You smiled as you ruffled your fingers through his hair, feeling the silky soft strands. Jaebum relaxed under your touch, exhaling happily and letting the book fall open on to his lap.

“You haven’t read that one yet.” You grabbed the book and started reading the poem out loud. “You might not have been my first love / but you were the love that made / all the other loves / irrelevant.”

Jaebum hummed. “That inspires a lot of lyrics.”

“Is DefSoul having an epiphany?” you asked.

Jaebum smiled and sat up, scooting closer to you on the couch and wrapping you into a tight hug. “You inspire me.”

“That’s cheesy,” you half-complained, standing up and making your way to the kitchen to make some coffee.

“Where’re you going?” Jaebum called from the couch.
“For a walk,” you called back, preparing the coffee pot to brew. There was silence, then you felt the weight of Jaebum pressing against your back, pulling you into another tight hug.

“Mind if I join you?” His voice came from right beside your ear, making you melt a little - okay, a lot - inside.

You twisted to face him, giving him the opportunity to peck your cheek. “I’d love it.”

“Can I help you with anything?” Jaebum stepped away from you and checked the coffee pot, making sure it wasn’t boiling over. “Want me to make us a snack?”

“Since when are you such husband material?” You had to smile at your boyfriend.

In return, he gave you a smile that you swore warmed you more than a hot drink ever could. “Like I said, you inspire me.”

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(for the pairing thing) caddimoose, asagao soulmates

“Have you seriously not looked at the countdown in that long?”, Caddy half laughed. “Damn, you’re stubborn.”

“I-I could look at it if I wanted!,” Ian shouted, pulling his jacket off and ripping off the armband he’d put over his forearm to mask it. God, it’d been so long he couldn’t even remember how much longer was left on the counter- he’d never been good at telling how much time big numbers came out to.

But, as his eyes met it, his heart stopped. The countdown was at zero, just like Caddy’s.

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Hey, I'm in dire need of Hakona fanfiction, could you recommend some of your faves? Sorry if you have already answered a question similar to this. I googled and read the first couple that came up, but only two of them actually ended up being any good, lol.

Hi anon! Sorry for the late reply, but I have answered similar questions in the past and wanted to dig some of those answers up :)

So, for some older recs, I’d encourage you to look at these two asks. For fics here on tumblr, please check out my ‘fanfiction’ tag ^ ^ I only reblog fics I have read and enjoyed myself and tag them with characters that have speaking roles, as well as pairings, so hopefully you can find something you like :D

(I’m sorry if these fics are a little on the older side or you’ve already read them, but I didn’t read or write as much fanfiction in this last year as I would have liked as I was super busy finishing uni ;__; Hopefully I can turn this around soon and have some more recs~)

Sacrifice- Bellamy Imagine

Well here it is! Let me know if you want a part 2. Sorry I didn’t write any ship requests tonight; I came up with this idea about 2 hours ago, and chose to post this rather than some ships. Will finish writing those this week though, so keep an eye out! Have a good day/night! Xxxx

Originally posted by bellarkemania

Bellamy Blake x Reader

Word Count: 902

Note: This is set in 2x09, so the story begins with Raven showing the group the radio transmission she’s intercepted from Jasper, and starts off with direct dialogue from that scene. I suggest you look up that scene if you can’t recall, as to enjoy this one-shot to its full potential.

“They’re alive,” Octavia breathed, listening intently to the recording that rang out of Raven’s speaker. I couldn’t believe it. Monty, Jasper, Harper…. they were okay.

“We need to do this now,” Bellamy thought aloud, looking up at Clarke for silent permission. “We’ve got the alliance, now is the time to use it.”

I felt his hand brush against my side. Leaning into him slightly, I addressed the group, expressing my support. “Bellamy’s right. If we wait any longer, that might be the last we hear from them.”

We all looked towards Clarke, who looked like she was pondering a decision. After a few moments, she shook out of her daze, agreeing with our arguments.

“First, we need an inside man,” she suggested, looking at Bellamy as she said those words. I followed her gaze with the rest of the group, now sitting back to watch how this would play out between the two leaders. Holding my breath, I listened intently as she continued.

Keep reading