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  • Jay: if you need me, I'll be in the hospital bar
  • Mini: uh you know there isn't a hospital bar, Jay
  • Jay: well this is why people hate hospitals
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I was watching Star Wars and I realize that Obi Wan never knew why Anakin change to the Dark Side.

Obi Wan tell to Luke that Vader was seduced for the Dark Side which means,Obi Wan thought that Anakin was all about the power, but the true is all Anakin wanted was save Padme´s  life. yes in the process got lost in the darkness but his intention were good he just wanted too save the ones he loved from dying

Thats why Obi Wan does not belive in Padme or Luke when they said to him that there is still good in Anakin/Vader. He just saw Anakin/Vader as someone who betrays them for power.

GOT7 Reaction: You are a Foreign Artist he is Attracted to but he Finds Out You’re Dorky and Tomboy-ish

Request: Hi ! I really liked your Got7’s reaction, so I wanted to request you too, if you don’t mind. Would you be okay doing a Got7 reaction, in which you are a foreign artist. They find you physically attractive but upon befriending you they realize that you are quite a dork and a tomboy. So not at all what they pictured, haha. Sorry for all the details lolol

I tried to do my best on this request, but I wasn’t really sure how I was going to add the artist part into this reaction so I wrote whatever I could, whether you two saw each other on the street in SK or whatever country you’re from or met at a music festival - I just hope this was request was good and made enough sense (:


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He noticed you at a coffee shop. A few people were swarming around a girl who didn’t seem to be from South Korea, so he was a little curious as to who you were. Jaebum was looking at you with interest. While he was fiddling with the cup of his drink, he noticed how pretty your smile was when a fan tried to tell you how amazing your music was and how gorgeous you looked in person.

I think Jaebum would be a little troubled on how to approach you since he might have have difficulty speaking to you in a way that the both of you would be able to understand each other, but he gathered up the courage and stood up from his table in the corner of the shop, strutting towards your table once you were alone.

He was a bit nervous, but he didn’t show it. Tapping your shoulder, you turned around with a kind smile on your face, leaning your head to the side as Jaebum then made hand gestures trying to think of how to greet you. “Hello,” he breathes, pointing a finger at himself, “I am Jaebum.”

You laugh softly at the way he tries to talk to you and you introduce yourself the same way he did. “Hello, I am ______.” you held your hand out for him to shake and he immediately took it, a relieved smile on his face.

“Are you.. famous?” he stumbles over his words just the slightest, but you still understand, and nod as an answer. You cross your legs and fix your hair while you tell him that you’re a singer, and that you’re in Seoul for a concert that you’re going to perform.

You tell him to sit down across from you so that he is more comfortable in talking to you and he obliges willingly, marveling at the way you look while tucking a piece of hair behind your ear. He tries to ask you common questions like what your hobbies are and such.

He was surprised to learn what you were interested in that he originally thought he didn’t think you would be into, so he was completely caught off guard. He responded with a drawn out ‘ohh’ of interest, resting his chin in the palm of his hand on the table with an adoring smile on his face, listening to you talk more about your hobbies.


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Mark was in L.A. when he saw you chilling at a table outside of a cafe. He recognized you immediately since it didn’t seem like you were trying to hide your identity. You were wearing sunglasses, slumping in your chair as you enjoyed sipping on your cold drink.

You wore a summer dress that was suitable for the weather, and a snapback to help shield your face from the sun. Mark was enthralled by how good you looked in the dress and how well the sunglasses framed your face.

I think he would have approached you confidently considering he knew English. He walked up to you with a bright smile, giving you a bow when he sees that you notice him. You struggle to sit up properly since slumping in a chair felt much more relaxing, but you did it for the sake of being polite. “Hello,” he greets you, pulling out the chair across from you all the while asking if he could sit with you. You tell him yes and he finally plops into the seat with a comfortable sigh.

“It’s nice to meet you.” he smiles shyly, holding out his hand for you to shake. He held your hand firmly and shook it, his arms getting goosebumps when his fingertips just barely brush over the inside of your wrist.

Mark seemed to be at ease when you told him that you knew who he was and how you loved his work. He responded the same way and went straight into asking you what your hobbies were and all that. You weren’t a person who would question things people do so you eagerly told him all about what you like, what you enjoy doing, and all that. You even mentioned that you normally don’t dress the way you are right now, but because of the weather, you kind of had to if you didn’t want to have a heatstroke.

Mark was interested in hearing this because he didn’t see you as the type of person who wore baggy t-shirts or knee length shorts. He also definitely did not see you as the type of girl to like Pokemon, or watch different mystery/adventure shows. He was so intrigued with the fact that you were different from the way you dressed, and so he stayed outside with you longer; eager to listen more about who you are.


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You two meet each other at the MAMA Awards actually. You were just a guest that was watching the awards. By chance, you and Jackson were seated near each other. He was sitting at a circular table while you were on one of the front seats behind the tables.

He noticed you first, noticing the gorgeous outfit you were wearing and also seeing how nonchalantly you rock it. Jackson was definitely impressed. He turned around in his seat and began talking to you in English, sensing how you only knew a few words of Korean. You were only able to come to South Korea because one of your friends understood and spoke the language, so you came along with them to watch the awards.

You brushed a few loose strands of hair away from your face and leaned closer to him so that you could hear more clearly what he was saying. Jackson introduced himself to you, since it seemed like you had no idea who he was (of course you knew him, he looks too good to not be well known).

Happily, you held your hand out for him to shake as you introduced yourself. He looked at you in surprise and gasped as he took your hand in both of his, smiling brightly. “You’re ____? You look so pretty in person!” he claims and uses his compliment as an excuse to have his gaze roam all over your face, admiring every feature while you take the time to reply.

Blushing, you shake your head and wrinkle your nose. He asks why you’re saying no and you explain to him how you don’t normally look like this. You’re usually wearing sweats or sports clothes since they’re more comfortable than other clothing. You don’t normally wear makeup since you don’t understand how it really works, and you definitely aren’t like the image you have as an artist and celebrity.

Jackson is listening to you intently with amazement and holds his chin in both of his palms as he listens intently to you rambling on and on about how much better and comfortable it is to just be yourself instead of pretending to be what you have to be for contract purposes.


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I don’t think Youngjae would approach right away once your aura and style attracted him. He noticed that you were a foreigner and famous even, when he saw that people were walking up to you and asking for selfies and autographs; the like. You were just hanging out at a local field where you played soccer with one of your Korean-Canadian born friends.

He was going to play soccer by himself at the same place, but it seemed that you already took a part of the field for yourself and your friend. He frowned at this and sat at the side to watch you play since you had to take a big part of the field just for your enjoyment.

Once he saw you play, he was immediately impressed. He wanted to talk to you, but he wasn’t very sure because his English was a bit weak.

He went up to your friend though and greeted them with a loud call of their name (you were like?? you didn’t know your friend knew this boi), bowing in your direction once you see him come up to you and your friend. You introduce yourself with one hand on your chest, trying to catch your breath from dribbling the soccer ball so much.

Youngjae greets you with his broken english and smiles the best he can, greeting your friend in Korean while you say hello. He was quite astonished when you spoke to him in your own broken Korean and he grinned in satisfaction, even though you yourself didn’t really know what you were saying.

Your friend properly introduced you to Youngjae and he nodded, looking at you with a soft smile.

Eventually, Youngjae warmed up to you because you were so kind to him even though both of you didn’t really know each other’s language. Thankfully your friend was there to translate. When you thought your friend and Youngjae were having a normal conversation, it suddenly felt like your friend was telling embarrassing things about you to Youngjae.

You glanced at their direction and saw him have different kinds of surprise and interest on his face as his gaze spaces out on you while your friend continues talking. In his head, Youngjae can’t believe you’re dorkier than you let on. Hearing your hobbies and what you like to do when you (think) are alone. He laughs along at stories your friend tells him and you’re just wondering about what they’re talking about, a lost look in your eyes and Youngjae continues to laugh.


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I have no clue how Jinyoung  even managed to get to you. You had a gig at a club, and it just seemed that he was at that very club to have a drink or two with some of his other members.

The club was crowded that night because you were performing a gig. When Jinyoung saw you singing the most beautiful song he’s ever heard, he couldn’t help but basically fall in love with you at first sight (hearing??). You even did some cute gestures between measures of your music while the people in club cheered for you and got closer to the podium you were on.

A kind, warm smile was on your face despite the fact that you were practically sweating buckets. Reaching out to the people who were holding theirs hands out for you to touch, you kept on singing passionately, your eyelids eventually falling shut when you immerse yourself into the song.

Jinyoung stares at you adoringly, his lips slightly parted. A few moments you were acting cute and now you were acting like a true singer - one who sings their emotions. He starts to sway along to the lyrics you let out from your mouth and closes his eyes as the sweet melody of your voice goes through his ears.

He opens his eyes once he realizes you’ve left the podium, his gaze trails after you until you enter the dressing room. Jinyoung stands up from the stool he was sitting on and sneakily enters the room you entered after knocking and you telling the person to come in. You were surprised when you saw him, but he just gave you a smile and proceeded to compliment you and your voice and how breathtaking you looked when you sang your heart out.

You cooed at him, responding with a gentle kamsamnida. Even though you didn’t know much Korean, he was still satisfied with how many words you knew. You didn’t find it that weird that Jinyoung was in your dressing room, you enjoyed the company and you knew him as a fellow celebrity and so you two talked about a lot of things. You shared a lot of stories about yourself and even threw in a few lame jokes here and there.

Your jokes caught him off guard - they were even so bad that he laughed at your jokes for being so bad. He shared a few better jokes with you, and laughed twice as hard as you did when you opened your mouth to share another bad joke, sometimes sighing in despair when the joke is especially bad. He seems to enjoy your bad jokes and cute gestures though, so it is okay.


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You had a fansigning at the mall and it so happened to be that Bam Bam was at the mall when you were singing a part of one of your songs all the while signing a fan’s album and photobook. Your voice was filling the whole place since you had a microphone that was hooked up to two large amps.

You voiced a few Korean phrases, giggling happily when your fans cheered or said ‘gwiyeowoyo’.

Bam Bam was walking down the escalator to see who was doing a fansigning at the mall today and when he saw you, he had to do a double take. His mouth fell open just a little while he watched you run your fingers through your hair. You held the microphone to a fan that was letting you sign their album. She tried her best to sing your song even though she stumbled a few times over the words.

Grinning at her, you lightly squeezed your hand before she went and continued to sing along to your song while signing photobooks and albums, receiving a few plushies and cute headbands in the process.

Bam Bam immediately went to go meet you. He didn’t have anything for you to sign so instead he held out his phone case for you to write on. He wasn’t sure if you were allowed to sign things other than your merchandise. He was relieved when you signed it anyway and kneeled in front of your table for a little longer, hoping that they wouldn’t force him to keep going.

They did force him, but you held onto his hand once you recognized him, giving the guards a double chin frown when they keep telling Bam Bam to go. He giggles behind his other hand and you do the same, looking at him with a wide smile. “I know you! Wanna hang out after my fansigning?”

He quickly nodded and you two shared memes with each other after you met at the food court. He absolutely adored you already, even if you just showed him two memes. (What can he say, they were really good.)


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Yugyeom actually met you at the Duet Song Festival. Everyone at the festival thought you were just a normal foreigner who enjoyed singing music in your spare time.

No one had an actual clue that you already established yourself as a singer in your home country before moving to South Korea where you thought you could have a career in the industry here too. You weren’t as well known in SK as you are at home, but at least a few people recognized you.

You had to practice a song with Yugyeom before it was you guys’ turn to sing on stage.

Yugyeom was quite shy around you at first since he thought you were just a normal girl with an extraordinary voice. You two hung out a lot whether it was practicing for the festival or you two just wanted to chill and get to know each other more.

He found you quite funny because you had really good jokes and he was content of the fact that you were semi-fluent in his language. He struggled a bit with English (or your native language) and all, but you both spoke in Korean most of the time so he didn’t have to embarrass himself with his broken English.

He was attracted to you, no lie, but he didn’t know how to approach you with that fact at the back of his head. He was still shy around you, but was much more comfortable once you two got to know each other much more. He was surprised at how boy-ish you dressed when you were either outside or inside and was happy at the fact that you knew how to play the piano and ate very well.

When he found out that you were actually a well known celebrity outside of SK after the festival was over, he squawked in surprise and asked you to show him your songs.

fu*k it if they try and get to us

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this fic but from even and isak’s pov

also yes i most definitely had to google what the gay version of a cougar is. 

Isak and Even are the odd ones out at the Red Hook school dance, and not for only one reason.

To start, they’re not American, something that is very obvious the minute they open their mouths and speak in heavily accented English. Second, kids have done some online stalking, and know that Even randomly switched schools a while back.

Third, they’re gay, and in a small town. While they haven’t gotten any hate or rude comments, people are slightly wary of them.

They’re different, and it’s incredibly obvious.

Even doesn’t seem to mind the attention they’re getting for any of those things; he’s gotten quite good at accepting the questionable parts of himself. He isn’t ashamed to be foreign, he isn’t ashamed of his past, and he definitely isn’t ashamed to be here with Isak.

It’s Isak who is a bundle of nerves. He isn’t ashamed, either, but it’s a bit off-putting.

Still, if he had to be in a situation like this, there’s no one he’d rather be with other than Even. Only Even faces moments like these with complete and total bravery.

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