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What about RFA + Saeran and V reaction to Male!MC who has a little sister who fights over his big bro atention?


  • the type to laugh it all 
  • and understand MC’s sister’s adoration 
  • however at times he will take it upon himself to drag MC away 
  • they need their own time to just be together 
  • he will never object to his sister coming along with them to the movies 
  • or something of th e like


  •  they are RIVALS
  • he needs MC’s attention damnit
  • he and the sister play th e game of 
  • who can get his attention more 
  • more then anything he’ll be tolerant at the very least 
  • ifallelsefailshegetsseventohelphimout


  • this is an issue, is how he sees it 
  • probably gets the little sister distracted with something
  • then drags MC away 
  • he’s not very good at sharing
  • probably hands the little sister a new game or something
  • and then poof ! 
  • he and MC are gone


  • slightly less happy puppy 
  • doesn’t voice any concerns or complaints 
  • and goes along with the little sister a lot 
  • but he can live with it 
  • as long as the sister is around 100% of the time 
  • he ends up liking the little sister if she enjoys games though 
  • then all three game like a big happy family 


  • she is used to dealing with people like MC’s little sister 
  • probably very efficiently distracts the little sister for agood while 
  • so that she and he can run the cafe or have a small dat e
  • or she gets the little sister to help with the cafe 
  • on the excuse that she should impress MC
  • she’s very efficient with the little sister 


  • he is a little irritable 
  • because he can’t get his cuddles after a hard day of working 
  • probably the most likely to sulk a bit 
  • surprisingly childish and ends up begrudgingly allowing MC’s sister to use one of his computers 
  • just so they can leave him and MC alone 
  • he probably drags a reluctant Saeran babysitter into the mess


  • this boy needs all the attention 
  • very dramatic 
  • second most likely to sulk if all else fails 
  • but is actually surprisingly good with his sister 
  • probably manages to simply ask politely to allow him and MC a date alone without her 

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hey! sorry if this a dumb question, but i'm brazilian: if someone in the usa find my work, and not the source, are they also free to use it? do i need to answear that survey too? sorry, i get worried...

I’m honestly not sure how international copyright stuff works, I’m sorry! From what I’ve seen in the past, I think it’s definitely possible.

So about that tag list...

So I’m not totally convinced that the google doc has totally worked since Tumblr’s tagging system has been wonky recently, SO

The link to the google docs will remain in my masterlist so people can always edit or add where they’d like to be

I will be adding my current tag list people to the google docs so everyone stays on

If at any point you want to be removed either ask me to do it or simply remove yourself from the google doc (but be careful not to delete anyone else’s), please don’t feel bad about taking yourself off

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