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It was world book day yesterday, and not only did I get to see some sweet little children in their costumes, it also gave me this cute idea for another dad newt imagine.

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“dad, dad, come on wake up.’ Newt was awoken by his son prodding at his freckled cheek, he cracked his eyes open a fraction, a slight smile playing at his lips. Before swinging his long legs out of the warm inviting bed, and into the cool morning air, ‘alright, alright I’m up, little beastie.’ Newt mumbled, feigning a groggy voice, before scooping the five year old under his arm and carrying him, squealing into the kitchen.

Where his mother sat at the table, a steaming cup of tea in her hands, a fond smile on her cheeks as her boys greeted her. Newt placed a quick kiss to the top of her head, hair still wonderfully messy from sleep.

“you didn’t finish until late, last night mister.’ She scolded lightly, though newt could hear the concern in her voice, ‘I know, sorry love. The mooncalfs were going loopy with the full moon.’ Newt explained as he added a spoonful of sugar to his own tea.

“sweetheart, why don’t you go and get ready? Do you want some help?’ y/n offered her son, who newt had sat in his usual seat at the small round table. He nodded excitedly before hurrying off to his bedroom, to change out of his hippogriff pyjamas. Newt gave his wife a perplexed look, over his tea cup. His costume had been weeks in the making, and newt was yet to see it, something he was a little hurt by, to tell the truth. Usually he and his son were close, so whenever he came across the child and his mother working on the costume together, he would feel a twinge in his heart, when they would stuff whatever fabric that they happened to be working on, under a pillow or behind their backs.

he had even asked y/n, only to be told with a cheeky smile that it was a secret and he would find out soon enough.

Before long the five year old stepped out of his bedroom, he was wearing what seemed to tiny versions of newts own clothes, right down to the bright blue coat, he even had a bowtie tied like a gift around his neck, a handcrafted Pickett sticking out of the breast pocket of his coat.

Newts heart had never felt fuller, as he made his way over to his son, and crouched down in front of him, fixing his bowtie, the brightest smile at his lips, tears pricking at his sea green eyes.

“one more thing’ he murmured as he pulled the worn hufflepuff scarf from around his neck, winding it gently around the boys, ‘you look wonderful’ before he pulled the child into a tight embrace, placing a kiss to the top of his untameable curls.

Newt could feel the pride radiating from him, as they stepped out of the door hand in hand.


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