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Never Again (Older! Damian Wayne x Reader)

@eblades: “Could you do a Damian x reader where the reader has self harm cuts on her wrists and she hides them from everyone and makes everyone think they are ok when they aren’t at all but Damian notices that something is wrong when he grabs her wrist and she flinches but she keeps acting like everything is fine”

Schninner: Hey squad, this got really dark somewhere along the lines, and I just wanted to tell you guys, if you are ever in this position, I just want to let you know that you have people out there that love you, and I know it doesn’t mean much, but I’m always here if you ever need to talk to someone. (Also, this turned out really bad(?) so sorry in advance.)

(Reader is a girl)

Warning: Mentions of self-harm, some serious dark stuff

Word Count: 1146

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“You’re okay, you’re okay, everything is just fine.”

Words were mumbled under your breathe, words meant to reassure, to comfort, only to aimlessly leave your lips. Your hands tugged at the base of your sleeves, pulling them well past the base of the palm of your hand. The rough fabric irritated the already red and swollen skin on your wrists, causing you to wince.

It hurt, it always did, but it was nothing compared to the internal turmoil that you felt on a daily basis.

“[L/N]!” A familiar voice called from behind you causing you to form the smile that was your disguise.

“They must never know.”

“Hey Dami!” Your voice dripping with cheerful and a smile stretched across your face.

He can closer to you eyeing your smile warily, matching concern in his eyes. “[L/N], is everything okay?”

You involuntarily tugged harder at your sleeves, your hands balled into fists clutching the fabric of your long sleeves. “What do you mean?” Your voice was forced into a false curiosity as you cocked your head to the side ever so slightly.

Damian’s eyebrows furrowed, you tried to hide it, but there was no way of hiding the slight quiver that trembled through your voice.

“Please, [F/N], talk to me, tell me what’s wrong.”

You pretended to check the time on your phone, “Look, I have to go, I’m going to be late,” You forced the urgency into your voice, and began to hastily walk away. You needed to go, now. Before you broke down in front of him, before you showed him how much of a mess you truly were.

“[L/N] Wait!” He grabbed your wrist, causing you to breathe in sharply from the pain and winced.

Of course, he noticed it, he was the Son of Batman after all, you would have been worried if he hadn’t. Realization flashed in his eyes as he loosened his grip on your wrist and placed a gently hand on your shoulder, guiding your trembling body toward your nearby apartment. You didn’t fight it, what would be the point of fighting it? He knew, after all this time of trying to hide it, he knew.

And you knew what was going to happen next, the unavoidable pity talk.

Where he’ll tell you that it was just a faze, that your jut some hormonal girl who was just doing this for attention, then proceed to tell you that you have no reason for doing this, for hurting yourself. It was the same conversation, same talk that you always had, but with different people. This was the reason for keeping it a secret for so long, you didn’t want to see the look of disappointment and disgust on his face, not Damian’s.

You were both silent as the elevator doors opened to your floor, and the silence remained as you walked closer to your apartment door. Damian opened the door for you, unlocking it with the key that you always kept underneath the door mat. You walked in, looking at the floor the entire time.

He shut the door, locking it behind him, then turned to you, his expression unreadable. You opened your mouth to say something, but before you could speak, his arms were wrapped around your body, his head burrowed into the crook of your neck.

You stood there for a moment, not sure how to respond to his embrace, you eventually returned his embrace, managing to wrap your smaller arms around his torso.

“When?” He simply asked, his head remaining where it was.

“For about four years now.” Your voice coming out as small and helpless.

There was silence as you both continued embracing each other.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He inquired, nearly whispering into your [H/C] hair

Tears began streaming down your face, this was… different. There was no shouting, no judgment, just concern. Pure undefiled concern for your wellbeing.

“I-I didn’t want you to th-think less of me,” You stuttered through your tears, hugging him even closer to you.

“I- I thought that if I showed you how, just, messed up, I am,” You sobs interrupted your sentence, Damian remained silent, letting you cry into his shoulder. You attempted to catch your breath before continuing, “I-if I showed you how broken I really was, y-you would leave me.”

“Tt, [F/N] that’s ridiculous,” You gently pulled away from the embrace, gingerly placing his fingers under your chin, lifting your face to his, “I could never, and would never leave you.”

He looked deeply into you [E/C] eyes with you staring right back into his. His hands slightly shaking underneath your chin, “[F/N], I-“ he hesitated his mouth forming into a slight scowl as he turned his head away from yours.

“I love you.” He finally blurted out causing your eyes to go wide in shock.

“I love you too much to see you do this to yourself,” he continued, once again coming into eye contact with you, his hand moved to your cheek, and the other on your opposite cheek, his thumbs wiping away the tears from your puffy red eyes.

“Please,” he started, his voice cracking with emotion, “please stop this.” The tears that sprang from his own eyes caused you to stare at him in disbelief.

“Promise me that you’ll never do this, never again.” His voice filled with remorse and care caused your heart to leap out to him, all you wanted to do was to stop those beautiful eyes of his from crying anymore, you wanted, needed, to see him smile, to hear his laugh; but you also needed to be realistic.

“I’m sorry Damian, but I don’t know if I can,” you replied, you glanced downward at your feet, not able to look at him in the eye.

The silence was und=bearable. You were expecting him to leave, to slam the door in your face, and leave you to cry to yourself.

But he stayed right there.

With his hands placed on either side of your face, his green eyes staring intensely at you as tears continued to stream down.

“We’ll make a deal then,” He stated, clearing his throat from any potential sob, “Anytime you feel like your going to cut, or harm yourself, you call me.”

You directed your eyes back to his, seeing the earnest and genuine compassion in them.

“It doesn’t matter when or where, I will be here.” He let go of your face and stuck a hand out for you to shake. “Deal?”

You looked at his face, then to his outstretched hand. In one fluid and sudden motion, you had nearly leapt into his arms, hugging tightly as new joyful tears came tumbling down your cheeks. You held his close to you, a small smile forming on your lips.

“Deal.” You whispered into his broad chest as he hugged you back.

“Thank you.”


You didn’t insult the pasta, Papyrus!

Also> I AM SO SORRY, I SUCK AT INVENTING PUNS, since english isn’t my native language T_T It’s possible I even heard the spaghetti one somewhere on the web, so I apologize in advance if someone already made it and crossed paths with me. I just keep things stored in my head, pulling them out later…and then I ain’t really sure what the source of it was.

Skelebros for the win though, there’s just…NOTHING that can’t be loved about these two.

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Hi! idk if someone already asked this, so sorry if that's the case! I just got the time to catch up on Hidoku Shinaide and I'm wondering, when did Maya and Nemugasa got rings for each other? I feel like I missed something :/ (thanks in advance!!) (also if you got this twice, I'm sorry! I don't know if it sent the first time D:)

Hi! Someone already did, but it was a while ago so let me just copy my answer. Sorry for being lazy xD

The moment when Maya gave the ring to Nemu has never been shown. Apparently it was more of a practical thing than a romantic gesture.

Volume 5 Ch. 1

This is where they’re talking about the rings for the first time.
I remember when I saw spoilers from the raws back then. I completely lost it xD I was hoping for a romantic scene too, but… welp… apparently not what Sensei had in mind for them ^^ But they still look like a married couple, so it’s fine I guess ^^

But I think Maya doesn’t only think of the ring as a thing to keep Nemu from being hit on ^_^
Also, he’s wearing his ring quite often :3


Meaty message-

“Hey man, I thought perhaps you might be able to shed some light on something;

Where does one start with getting into your world? illustration? Animation? General fine art? I’m 28 and looking at rebooting my life by advancing my favourite lifelong hobby into (hopefully) a better job, but to risk 3 years of my life and upwards of £30k, I don’t want to go in the wrong direction right at the start.

I know you’re USA and I’m UK, but what course did you do? What’s your origin story, and your advice to someone who wants to follow a similar path?

Cheers bro, really appreciate the time you take to read this meaty message.”

First off, sorry for the late reply. I let messages build up and answer when I can. I wonder if you’ve already made some decisions about your direction toward comics and this response is way too late! But regardless, I’ll answer anyway! I’m up in the middle of the night unable to sleep, so you get my long winded reply.
If you want to get into comics, I wouldn’t recommend college. I know, parents hate hearing that. (And probably colleges too) But accruing that kind of debt for schooling that you could learn on your own might not be the best start for your comics career. And really, if you don’t already have a talent in drawing, schooling won’t help you much. Ask anyone that went to an art school, you will see plenty of students that lack talent and took school to make them better. And guess what, it didn’t work. But then there are those that were already talented that took schooling and they used that time and the assignments to get even better. Well, you can do this on your own. There isn’t tons of secrets to good drawing. It’s talent plus skill. And skill can be learned by doing.

My path went a little something like this. Drawing comics was a dream job since I was 15 and I always drew and practiced, and after a few years I heard about Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art but couldn’t afford it. I forget how old I was (maybe 20?) but I did a correspondence course from them, they sent me a book which I drew in and did assignments and then they’d do corrections over them, (much cheaper than going to the school! About 200-300 I think?) But it was very helpful since I couldn’t find many books on sequential art. But at the same time it made me realize that I didn’t need to spend thousands for schooling. I think a big reason I wanted School was to be around other artists like me, since I knew zero artists. But the learning part, I can do that one on my own with all the art books around. So I schooled myself with large doses of Burne Hogarth, George Bridgeman, and later Andrew Loomis. (All great artists with an emphasis on anatomy, not comics) Sure I didn’t get that correspondence like I got with Joe Kubert courses, but after a while I found online forums and got feedback there, more on that in a second! Now I always drew but I did it slowly, I gave up the dream of comics due to low confidence and even lower confidence after submitting to a few companies and was rejected. I still drew but slowly and with less intent. But after being fired at the age of 26 from a warehouse job I decided to try again. This time I tried harder. I was hungry for work and to learn. My personal schooling was back to anatomy books, but also, I did free short stories with writers for anthologies and webcomics. I figured studying anatomy was good but I needed to do actual sequential storytelling. I didn’t worry about getting paid, these anthologies and things didn’t make any money anyway. I looked at this free work like it was my schooling! I basically pretended I got a scholarship and was doing school for FREE! I had a great time! I did inking for a couple comics because I thought maybe my pencilling wasn’t good enough. But the online forums were huge for me, I got that correspondence that is invaluable by posting art. Other artists commented on the posts and let me know what they felt was off or on about it. My confidence went up because the reaction from other artists was that I am good enough. (, But at the same time my bank account was looking terrible haha! I was three years married to my very supportive wife Erin who always told me to not worry about money and keep pushing for my dream job, even when we had to move into her Moms basement. It was nice getting help so I could concentrate fully on my “schooling”! But very difficult battling others advice of getting a job and stopping what I’m doing. And battling my own worries if what I was doing was worth it or not. It was quite the struggle for sure. I was pretty sure I could get work I just needed to keep pushing. And then Robert Kirkman contacted me on a private message on forums asking if I wanted to work with him. I was 28. Thats when I started Invincible. And that’s really when most of the learning started. By reading Invincible you can see my growth in the last ten years. And I’m still learning and growing and evolving.
So my suggestion for getting into comics? Work for it, find your own way in. You might have to write for yourself, give yourself assignments. Fill up sketchbooks. Study artists, draw from life, collaborate on forums. It might be a hobby for a long while. So getting a job in the meantime will probably be necessary. You don’t need to follow my way or anyone’s way to get into comics. Do it your way. I was always told that the only way to get into comics was by submitting. I stumbled upon a different way, many artists have. And now mail submissions are a thing of the past. It doesn’t happen. Go online. Go to cons. Make friends. Enjoy it, dammit. Hopefully my middle of the night rambling was coherent enough to understand. Thank you.


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