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people have been asking me so i’m trying to make a /really/ in depth drarry fanfic rec list soon ! being someone who still reads drarry in 2017 i’ll be able to offer up some good new unseen fics at least ! 

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Relationship status: In a relationship. 4 year anniversary in august whatup
Favorite color: Mint green! 
Lipstick or Chapstick: I need chapstick to wear lipstick soo both? 

Last song I listened to: Nothing But Thieves - Amsterdam
Last movie I watched: I watched all the Shrek movies in one day and i’m not even sorry

Top 3 fictional characters: Chandler from Friends, Schmidt from New Girl aaand i’m also gonna say Finnick Odair from Hunger Games bc IM STILL NOT OVER HIS DEATH
Top 3 ships:  Chandler and Monica from Friends and thats it bc they’re my otp
Books I’m currently reading: I’m reading this norwegian book called Kjære, but I only ever read when I’m on vacations, long car drives/train or when the power is out TBH

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I got the honor to participate in @jojofanzine (which is an awesome project btw thanks for having me!) a while back so I drew as many best girls as possible from Jojo which is hard bc all the girls are best girls.

god, do i miss homestuck. 

 and i KNOW that’s standard fare, i know most of us are over it, but i still can’t wrap my head around the fact that it’s been a year already? because homestuck had been such a big part of my life for so long, and suddenly- it’s gone.

homestuck redefined fandom for me, and i know that there won’t ever be something quite like it again- the way we came together, the upd8 culture and the cons and the panels, the lyricstucks, the fansongs and animations and meetups and the way we were a family, of sorts, united by our love for this dumb webcomic that brought us together- there’s never going to be anything like that. homestuck was a cultural masterpiece, a revolution in and of itself, and i honestly don’t think anything can top it in terms of impact. 

 homestuck was just so big, so much, for so long, and it’s hard to believe that- it’s not anymore. and it’s hard to believe that everyone’s moved on from something that we loved so much, that shaped us so much, that brought us together like nothing else before. 

 and maybe there will be no more spin the faygo games at cons. maybe there will be no more lyricstucks or fansongs, no more bucket full of homestuck-style panels, no more rush to make upd8 art and cosplay new characters and update shipping charts with all new quadrants. maybe it really is over. but we’re all still here, whether we like it or not. 

we’d use to joke that “the ride never ends.” and it doesn’t, not really. because homestuck is something that sticks with you no matter what. so this is a love letter to my favorite story, the story that made me who i am. happy 4/13, everybody. thanks for eight fantastic years.

Trying to get back into the groove of this doujin. Every time I draw Sesshomaru it’s so stressful cuz it feels like: ‘My God if I don’t draw him absolutely flawless they’ll never forgive me’. Anway, have a preview of one of the newer pages I’ve sketched this week. This one is page 61 (I am only at 68 atm. By my calculations I have about 20 more to sketch)

Also hey look! Flashback to Obon!Kagome from Chapt. 07!

E.E Cummings- i carry your heart

(tagging @akai-ayleid because i see you and your new chapter hey here’s to more genyatta contents n stuff *raises cup*) 

there’s a lot going on here. i see black cats in our shadows. i’m sorry about the ladder i left out. i think i’m asking for trouble. at least then i have an excuse.

it gets dark before it should now. all my lighters were stolen last week, and last night i forgot i can’t see past unmarked tombstones. last night i tried to put out the flames. i don’t think we’ll ever be the same.

i’m gutting myself. i mean im unbuilding. i mean if you see my radio in a new car somewhere it will still be singing your name and that’s fucked up.

the river in our city used to be my favourite place. now it just makes my hands shake. you see, this is where you loved me once. you see, this is where i realized it. i still feel your lips on my cheek here. i’m just way too good at keeping promises, don’t you see?

there’s an empty that fills. there’s a lot of graves that never get dug. you and i are a boat that we’re pretending hasn’t sunk.

here is a joke: i love you and the sky comes undone and when i say “it’s falling” you say “so don’t look up”

here is the punchline: the train still killed me even though i saw it coming. i still find tracks in my teeth.

i want mornings i don’t pick gravel out of sore places. i want mornings that don’t feel like death sentences. i want mornings that feel like open books.

i’ve had the same bruise on my leg for four weeks now. i think you’ve been calling me in your sleep. i think i’ve been running to you in my dreams.

so here’s the question: how do i stop falling?

—  collab between the wonderful @inkskinned and i.

I honestly dont understand why people send hate to the wonderful authors we have on this place like? They dont work for you so when the they say request are closed. REQUEST ARE CLOSED YOU AINT SPECIAL. Another thing, I havent talked to all of them but the ones i have are the sweetest people in the world. They dont deserve the hate. And if you’re gonna send hate, which im gonna not so kindly suggest you fucking dont, at least have the tiniest bit of idk was gonna say courage but anyone who sends shit to bring people down isnt courageous so idk..decency to do it publicly not anonymously. I mean why are you hiding??? What are you scared people are gonna send YOU hate??? Like show people who you really are. I try not to wish bad things on people who are douche bags bc its against my religion but you are really tempting me. Im gonna tag some of the WONDERFUL people who are authors down below. Sorry for any grammar mistakes Im typing this on my phone and its hard to proof read on this. Im tryna remember authors off the top of my head and I follow 88 amazing people…im obviously forgetting some soooo if you do take the time to read my rant please tag other ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL authors too. Also idk if everyone down below is getting hate I just tagged people who’s writing is just so good. I literally just binge read the stuff they write. Please check out the people below they write awesome stuff. 🤗🤗🤗
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Here’s my take on Dante and Ari, when they first met, and then, as they slowly grew into young men.