sorry im really gay for photos

rusame taglist hell

alfred is thirsty af - pls keep your dick in tact, alfred 

america: annoyed - america being done with russia

au rusame - people are imaginative tbh

babies being badass - (or badasses but it really sounded weird to me lmao)

blame the vodka - one or both of them got drunk

bromantic - them being bros (kinda)

canonlike rusame - those damn artists and their art looking like canon (thank u)

capitalist piggy back ride yay - it’s a pun but yeah russia carrying america

communist piggy back ride ey - it’s like the former but america carrying russia 

competitive gays - they really need to prove who’s better huh

creepy rusame - their yandere faces

cold war - there’s angst here i think. but mostly related to the cold war.

domestic daddies - normal human things that nations don’t do usually

fluffy fuckers - all the fluff and cute

guilty pleasure - one was caught redhanded

hot damn - cold war gays being hot gays

how to flirt - a guide by ivan braginsky and alfred f. jones

hs rusame - highschool au rusame

i hate you but i love you? - aggressive flirting

language barrier - alfred: ivan, a ladybug is not a cow

missile launch - nsfw rusame (im sorry for the dick joke lmao)

my ideas for rusame - self explanatory

real life retrace - real photos retraced into rusame ahh yes

red phone - their professional conversations

rusame and friends - bonding with friends yay! (sometimes with face fam)

rusame and holidays - christmas, valentines, etc.

rusame textposts - umbrella tag for fanfics, headcanons, aus, etc.

russia: annoyed - russia being done with america

russia is big country - this is a dick joke. i repeat. this is a dick joke. (height difference can also apply but yeah)

sass nations - them outsassing each other

scarf hug - russia and his sentient scarf

smoking gays - for some reason, the fandom decided they need to smoke

space race - the gays talking about/in space

such romantic gestures - just them getting physical (by punching each other to show affection)

superpower dorks - blatantly showing who they are. dorks.

the condom incident, the gums bleeding incident, the safeword incident - those episodes

they really hate each other - lmao jokes on u they’re making out 

tmfu rusame - the man from uncle rusame ohoho

awkwardspacekid  asked:

I had to take a swim team group photo so like 150 kids were on these metal bleacher things and there was just empty space behind it and I was on the 2nd to top row. The girl behind me were grabbing my shoulders and leaned down and said "I'm really sorry but IM GONNA FALL OFF AND DIE" and I smelled her hair & it was all in my face and she like hugged me from behind and I am very gay