sorry im psycho

Latest Mob Psycho chapter

Tome: im tired

Mob: It’s OK 👌💪I can carry you😁👐 because while you guys were 🙅🕒busy🕒🙅 playing 😂📵💻 I was working on my 💯✔Grind✔💯 with the👏squad👏 at the 🙏🏋🏃Body Improvement Club 🏃🏋🙏 These 💪MUSCLES💪 didnt make themselves😤 and soon 💗Tsubomi-chan💗 will notice them too👫💑 Takenaka whom? 🤔🎾🙅


The Witch and the Demon

*slips another au over the counter*

 An AU where teru and mob are partners and novices of an organization that deals with supernatural beings that have gone out of control. but a witch and a demon?? what a peculiar pair. 


so, on the subject of fish

I dont fuckign know guys